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AAA Executive Vice President Dorian Roldan officially announced yesterday that AJ Styles would be defending his TNA World Heavyweight Title against El Mesias this sunday at their TV taping in Tonala. This furthers the gimmick where Styles is defending his title around the world without TNA’s approval.

The legendary Arena Coliseo de Acapulco will be demolished soon for a new basketball arena after being around for 60 years. There hasn’t been any regular lucha shows in the building in quite a while due to the horrible shape the building was in which has meant that most of the bigger names don’t come around anymore which during the heyday of the building was a regular stop every Wednesday night for the big names.


EMLL 10/28 – Arena Puebla
1. Guerrero Espacial & Zayco beat Black Tiger & Paris
2. Camorra/Espiritu Maligno/Guerrero Negro Jr. defeated Bengala/Millenium/Oro Jr.
3. Amapola/Dalys la Caribena/Tiffany beat Estrellita/Luna Magica/Marcela when Dalys pinned Marcela and challenged her for a shot at her CMLL Femenil Title afterwards.
4. Namajague/Sangre Azteca/Virus defeated Pegasso/Stigma/Stuka Jr.
5. La Maquina de la Destruccion (Damian el Terrible/Tama Tonga/Vangelis) beat Maximo/Rush/Titan
6. Atlantis & La Sombra defeated Ultimo Guerrero & Volador Jr. by DQ when Volador ripped off Sombra’s mask and they will have a singles match next week.

EMLL 10/29 – Arena Coliseo de Guadalajara
1. Metatron & Virgo beat Magnum & Rafaga
2. Disturbio/Mr. Trueno/Rey Trueno defeated Camaleon/Magnus/Sky Kid
3. El Gallo/Smaker/Triton beat La Dinastia Casas (Felino/Puma King/Tiger)
4. Angel de Oro/Rey Cometa/Stuka Jr. defeated Misterioso II/Namajague/Shigeo Okumura
5. Blue Panther/Rush/Titan beat La Maquina de la Destruccion (Damain el Terrible/Tama Tonga/Vangelis) by DQ due to excessive violence including Tama assaulting the referee.

EMLL 10/29 – Arena Mexico
1. Leono & Robin beat Apocalipsis & Ramstein
2. Aereo/Bam Bam/Ultimo Dragoncito defeated Nitrito/Pequeno Olimpico/Pequeno Warrior
3. Fuego/Pegasso/Sagrado beat Sangre Azteca/Virus/Bobby Zavala by DQ when Virus fouled Pegasso.
4. Lightning Match: Amapola defeated Estrellita using the ropes.
5. Los Reyes de la Atlantida (Atlantis/Delta/Guerrero Maya Jr.) beat Los Revolucionarios del Terror (Dragon Rojo/Polvora/Rey Escorpion)
6. Brazo de Plata/Mascara Dorada/La Sombra defeated Mr. Aguila/Morphosis/Volador Jr.

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