Posted October 28th, 2013 by Bill Apter

Tonight on RAW Sandow attacked WWE champion with the MITB briefcase, bashing it repeatedly on the left elbow (the injured one) of Cena. Sandow then called for a referee and the match was on. It wasn’t as easy as Sandow had hoped as nearly a dozen pin attempts only yeilded a two count.

Cena fought back — amazingly — throughout the match, making Sandow work so hard for the title shot. Cena even used a one armed-STF!

Sandow is showing that he is indeed main event quality in this match.

Sandow locked Cena in the STF but Cena powered out! A “you’re welcome” by Sandow and he gets a two count on Cena!

Fans are chanting “this is awesome!”

Cena off the turnbuckles and Sandow ducks. Sandow goes for a piledriver but Cena turns it into an attitude adjustment to pin Sandow and retain the title!

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