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The fan’s “yes” chants were deafening — he is so “over” with them. The sea of arms is just amazing lol!

After both enterred, Triple H came to the ring (before the cage was lowered) and wished both competitors well. Orton shook Triple H’s hand when offered by Bryan refused.

The match started at 10:30 EST.

When the bell rang both attacked with punches … Bryan went to the top ropes and dropkicked Orton. Then as he trapped him in the corner continued to kick him … Orton also used a dropkick to stop Bryan as the fans booed.

Several times Orton dropped Bryan’s body on the top ropes … Outside the ring he tossed Bryan into the steel steps then picking the steps up and smashing them into Bryan’s arm… Bryan winds up reversing things and smashing Orton into the cell and steps … Back in the ring a series of kicks by Bryan as Orton is hanging upside down on the corner post.

With Orton outside the ring Bryan dives at him several times but misses one and crashes into the cage. Orton posts him in the corner and then delivers a back breaker…With Bryan locked in the corner Orton uses a series of headbutts to stun him…Bryan powerbombs Orton off the ropes.

They trade uppercuts and Bryan with a clothesline off the ropes stuns Orton … Bryan with a series of dropkicks and regular kicks … A “frankensteiner” off the ropes by Bryan and then he mounts the ropes with a flying headbutt and pin attempt … Bryan with more kicks adn then the “Yes-lock!” Orton reaches the ring apron and slides out and it attacked by Bryan who smashes him into the mesh and then dropkicks him!

Bryan gets a chair and uses it on Orton’s mid-section and back several times. Bryan starts to toss chairs into the ring — as many as he can find under the ring! … He beats Randy with a chair again and then rolls him into the ring and goes in after him. Then he picks up a chair to use but Orton face-rakes him and uses a chair on Bryan and tries a pin.

Orton continues to punish Bryan with chair shots but can’t pin him. After a few more attempts Orton goes up top with Bryan and is about to Superplex him onto the chairs! He gets it and Bryan comes down on a few chairs. Orton goes for the pin but still can’t get it.

Triple H comes to the ring as Orton and Shawn seem to be at odds. Triple H asks Shawn what he is doing — he’s not doing his job. In the meantime Orton has Bryan pinned but Triple H is still arguing with Shawn. Orton comes down to the ring — and argues with Shawn. Inside the ring now with Shawn there Orton uses a DDT on Bryan.

Orton shoved into Shawn by accident as Orton tried an RKO. Shawn is now out cold. Triple H orders the cage opened. Bryan has Orton pinned by no referee. Bryan tries to wake up Shawn but is pulled off of him by Triple H. Bryan gives a flying knee to Triple H and then Shawn superkicks Bryan! Randy Orton covers Bryan for the pin and wins the title!

APTER THOUGHT: I thought Bryan had this in the bag as it would be “best for the fans.”

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