Posted October 27th, 2013 by Bill Apter


The champion came to the ring first. Cena enterred to a shower of cheers and jeers of “Let’s Go Cena/Cena Sucks” even before he got to thee ring. He is wearing a brace on his left elbow.

At the onset Del Rio went right after Cena’s left arm … The champion kicked and punched Cena repeatedly … Cena with the lead with a bulldog slam … Del Rio with a dropkick and then kicks Cena out of the ring … He smashes the bad arm into the steel ring steps … Alberto with a suplex and pin attempt.

Cena goes to the ropes as Del Rio works on that arm again … Cena with a dropkick but Del Rio catches him with an elbow and more kicks and then back to work on the arm … Del Rio accidentally slips full force through the ropes as Cena moves out of the way from an attack … Del Rio is stopped by another dropkick and then shoulder blocks and Cena is now ready for “You Can’t See Me” and the five knuckle shuffle. Del Rio meets him with a backstabber and pin attempt.

Cena with a DDT off the ropes and pin attempt … Cena to the top but Del Rio with the Inzuguri kick floors Cena … Del Rio goes into the steel post after diving at Cena who moved … Cena with a flying bodypress and pin attempt.

Del Rio drops Cena to go into the armbreaker but Cena misses it and locks Del Rio into an STF and Del Rio gets to the ropes for the break .. Del Rio gets the armbreaker on now … Cena lifts Del Rio up and gets out of it!

Cena finally uses the “attitude adjustment” and wins the title!

APTER THOUGHT: Cena gets a standing ovation as he holds the belt up. A genuine good guy Cena comes back to secure his place as the WWE’s main focal point.

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