Posted October 27th, 2013 by Bill Apter


Punk came to the ring first, then Ryback. Heyman made his entrance on a open moving stock vehicle (similar to a cherry picker) and it was hoisted above the cage! Heyman walked off the vehicle onto the top of the cage proclaiming he owns CM Punk. Heyman walked on the roof as Punk battled Ryback. As Jerry Lawler said, “Heyman was supposed to be in the cell but he’s on top of the cell.”

Punk beat Ryback with a kendo stick. Ryback came back and smashed Punk’s back into the cage repeatedly and then his head. Next Ryback beat Punk with the Kendo stick.

Back in the ring Ryback continues to punish Punk but can’t get a pin as Heyman looks down from above … Punk with a dive off the ropes and then a kick to Ryback’s left knee grounds Ryback.

Ryback is back in charge after a powerslam … Punk gets the kendo stick again and beats Ryback with it … Punk with a elbow off the ropes and a pin attempt but only two … Punk brutalized Ryback with the kendo stick and then brings a table into the ring! … As he is setting it up Ryback grabs him and drops him onto the table side (on his crotch).

Ryback with a clothesline and pin attempt … Low blow by Punk and Ryback is on the table. Punk goes to the top and a flying elbow off and Ryback goes through the table (and so does Punk)!

Punk with the GTS and pins Ryback! Now Punk needs to get to Heyman. Punk puts a kendo stick in the back of his trunks and climbs the cage! Unreal! He is beggin for mercy as both oare on the top of the cage. Punk kisses Paul on his head and then beats him repeatedly with the stick! Next Punk picks him up and gives him the GTS on top of the cage!

APTER THOUGHT: Good hardcore style match but the payoff with Punk vs. Heyman was excellently executed!

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