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All the titles changed hands at Bound for Glory. Bully Ray got the shot to take his World title back. Would he succeed?

The show kicked off with highlights from Bound for Glory. I’ve gotten mixed reactions from the fans about the show. Kurt Angle declined to accept his place in the Hall of Fame. Kurt then ended up losing to Bobby Roode. A.J. Styles overcame all the odds to take the World Title. Even Dixie Carter got involved. Dixie tripped out when Styles captured the gold. Dixie immediately made the rematch, for tonight.

Welcome to Salt Lake City. It’s a beautiful place. Went through there, twice, during a trip back to Texas, a couple years back.

Dixie came out to a huge round of boos. She had the ring set up with all kinds of stuff for A.J. Styles. There were posters and shirts and such. It looked like the concession stand had moved to mid-ring. Dixie admitted making “a little bitty mistake”. She was ready to make things right. She really went over the top in praising A.J. Styles. “We Want Hogan!” rang out. She ignored it and brought out A.J. Styles. He got a monster pop from the Utah crowd. Dixie had all kinds of gifts for Styles. A fancy watch was first. Styles noticed it was just like the one she gave Hogan. She made the catty remark that the Hogan one was a used rip-off that she got off Craig’s List. She then brought out a fancy black convertible. He explained to her that “this redneck” was a truck guy. (Amen. I got 2 trucks out in our driveway). Dixie said all her actions were to help motivate Styles. Baloney. She even wanted to give Styles a fancy dressing room, which he declined. Styles said he wanted to be with “The Boys” who helped build the company. Dixie wanted Styles to join “Team Dixie”. Styles wasn’t buying any of it. Styles said his comments about “Making her pay”, had nothing to do with material things. Styles said Dixie bet against him…and lost. Dixie felt bad about losing her temper, just a bit, on Sunday. She offered to cancel the rematch against Bully Ray.

That brought out Bully Ray and Brooke. Taz was having a major fit about Bully not getting his rematch. Impact went to break before Bully spoke. Seriously? A promo bridges a commercial break? Where’s the wrestling?

Back in the ring, Bully Ray wanted to clarify what Dixie just said. Ray got a shot in on the town. Styles told Ray to shut up and listen. Styles told Dixie that he wasn’t about to get on the private jet and go to Dixieland. Styles reminded Dixie that he wasn’t under contract. Styles did come to Salt Lake to defend his title. Dixie tried to call off the fight. Ray reminded Styles who he was fighting. Ray said Styles got lucky, on Sunday. Ray knew a kid like Styles could never beat a guy like him. Ray put the blame on Earl Hebner for a bad call. Ray swore he kicked out of the Spiral Tap. Ray said “I’m going to beat the p*ss out of you and then I’m going to beat you.” Ray called himself a “God”. Ray took shots at Styles’ family. A.J. turned it around and said Ray should worry about his own family. Styles asked Ray “Do You Know Who I Am?” Ray with a sucker punch to Styles’ ribs. Ray then destroyed the set and nailed Styles with the metal easel that the poster had been on. Ray then threw al the stuff off the table. The lights went out!

Suddenly, Mr. Anderson returned! Ken ran down and got up in Bully Ray’s face. Ken and Ray threw down, big time. Ken went wild on Ray. None of the other Aces and Eights guys came out to help. Taz was screaming about how ungrateful Anderson is.

Ken was still in the ring and someone gave him a microphone. Oh, come on. A quarter of the show is over and there hasn’t been a single match? Jeez. Ken said he missed the fans and they responded in kind. Ken said he also really missed Bully Ray. Ken wondered if Ray missed him. Ken rolled his head around to show his neck was feeling. Ken noticed what Ray has been doing. Ken knew that The Boys, The Agents and the Fans were getting sick and tired of Bully Ray’s actions. Dixie came back out with security and cops. Dixie said Ken was not authorized to be in her ring. She ordered the cops to handcuff ken. Ken said he liked to get arrested. Ken was ready for a fight. He laid out the two cops, easily. The security guys tried to take him away. Ken allowed them to handcuff him. Taz wanted Ken to go to the “Pokey”. “Dixie Sucks!” rang out. Dixie told Ken to get out.

Taz and Tenay tried to restore order after that drawn out segment. I saw someone wearing one of my favorite t-shirt, Micro Championship Wrestling. I have one of those black and green shirts hanging in my closet.

TNA looked at the Knockout Triple Threat Match. Lei’d Tapa took out both Brooke and ODB to help Gail Kim regain the Knockout Title. Gail said Lei’d Tapa was now an ally.

Finally! A Wrestling Match on a wrestling show! It only took 35 minutes to get to the introductions, plus a couple minutes of commercials before the first actually in-ring action.

Gail Kim and Brooke vs ODB and Velvet Sky

ODB flipped Brooke into the ring and took her down, hard. Hammer Throw by ODB into the Bronco Buster. Brooke rolled to the floor. ODB then grabbed Gail by the hair. Brooke yanked ODB to the outside and punched away. Gail took the tag and stomped on ODB. ODB with hard Elbows. Brooke tagged back in and stomped away. Brooke pulled at ODB’s face. Brooke dropped her weight on ODB’s back. Brooke with hard Forerarms. ODB pushed out of the Flying X-Factor. Gail and Velvet got the tag.

Velvet exploded on Gail with Clotheslines and Forearms. Flying Head Scissors by Sky into a Flying Neckbreaker. 2 count. ODB Speared Brooke. Gail distracted the ref as Lei’d Tapa came in and hit a massive Thrust Kick. Gail dropped the chair that she had pretended to want to bring in the ring and took the easy pin.

Your Winners: Gail Kim and Brooke (Tessmacher)
Impact Score: 1.5 out of a possible 5

Ethan Carter III will make his Impact debut, next.

The BroMans were talking in the bathroom. Robbie E made his hair spike up. They were ready for a CeleBROtion. They unleashed the hair spray and blow dryers. Jeez.

The lights went out and the intro for E-C-III aired. Christy Hemme seemed off her game by the ridiculous intro.

Ethan Carter III (EC3) vs Dewey Barnes

Dewey looked as if Bob Backlund and Screech had a child. Ethan grinned at his weakling opponent. Dewey tried to get the crowd going. Lock Up and EC3 took the skinny kid down. Standing Switches by both guys. Ethan took Dewey to the corner and punched away. Ethan with a Knife Edge Chop. Biel by Ethan. Running Boot by Ethan. The kid was so out on his feet. Ethan just pushed the kid down. Dewey came back with a few jabs. Dewey went up top and hit a Missile Dropkick. Not even a One Count. Ethan with the “1%er” (Dean Ambrose’s Finisher).

Your Winner: Ethan Carter III
Impact Score: 1.0

Ethan (the former Derrick Bateman) grabbed the stick and addressed the crowd. He said “The World Needs Us (the Carters)”.

Impact looked at the Sting vs Magnus match. Magnus used the Cloverleaf to force Sting to tap out. Magnus and Sting talked, backstage. Magnus admitted that he didn’t show Sting the amount of respect that he should have. Sting said he was good with that. He wondered if he passed the torch to Magnus or lit a fire under the kid. The two men mended fences by shaking hands.

Impact then looked at the whole Kurt Angle refusal at the Hall of Fame. I saw one of my best buddies, Rick, sitting in the third row. Dude, you get to go to all the good shows. Smile. Kurt then battled with Bobby Roode. Roode defeated Angle. Kurt really seemed to hurt his head and neck during the match.

Kurt Angle then came out to talk to the crowd. Kurt injured his knee during the match with Roode, as well as knocking himself out with the AngleSlam, from the ropes. Kurt admitted that last weekend was a tough one for him. Kurt explained why he couldn’t accept his place in the Hall of Fame until he “Earned It”. Kurt then turned his talk to Bobby Roode. Kurt said it was one of the most grueling matches of his life.

Bobby Roode came out to interrupt Kurt Angle. Taz and Tenay wondered why Roode would come out during Kurt’s time. Bobby got right in Kurt’s face. Bobby asked for a microphone. Roode said the excuses were pathetic. Roode said he felt Kurt declined the Hall of Fame because Kurt knew he couldn’t beat Roode…and didn’t. Roode said it took him two years to get over the failure of losing to Kurt at Bound For Glory 2011. Bobby said it was time for Kurt to feel the failure. Kurt told Bobby that Roode was not better than him. Kurt wanted a rematch, right now. Roode looked ready to fight but he said he couldn’t because Kurt was injured. Bobby said he saw the doctor’s note that would not allow Kurt to compete. Bobby said he simply wasn’t allowed to kick Kurt’s *ss. Kurt said he might not be cleared to wrestle, but he sure could fight. Kurt tore into Bobby until security showed up.

Bully Ray was screaming, backstage. Ray told Bischoff and Knux that Anderson was back to get revenge. Ray ordered his boys to go down to the jail and keep Anderson from getting out.

Dixie was on the phone with her lawyers.

The Bromans (Robbie E and Jessie Godderz) came out to celebrate their win. They had champagne bottles in hand. There was a DJ in the ring. A couple of tables were set up to party. Yawn. Robbie took the microphone and told the DJ to play the music. Robbie asked the crowd if this was a party or what? What. Sunday, according to Robbie, was the biggest night in BroMans History. “You Can’t Wrestle!” rose to a deafening level.

They were cut off by the former champs, James Storm and Gunner. The Cowboy and the Viking got in the ring to join the party. Storm ordered the DJ to get the Hell out of the ring. Storm then turned over the DJ equipment. Storm opened one of the champagne bottles and handed a protein bar to Gunner. Storm chugged the alcohol. Storm said the BroMans would have to face Storm and Gunner, next week…

Bad Influence then emerged from the back. Kazarian made fun of all four men in the ring. Kaz said he and Daniels were the best team in the biz-e-ness. Daniels said the BroMans had the wrong alcohol for the party. He called the BroMans “posers”. Daniels started to down an Appletini. Storm took it from him and sipped it. He then handed it to Gunner to throw in Daniels’ face. Joseph Park and Eric Young then rushed the ring. Daniels crashed a champagne bottle on Park’s head. Bad idea. Park was busted open. He saw it and snapped. Park with a Chokeslam on Jessie. Park then went after Daniels and Kazarian. Park even shoved Eric out of the way.

Next week, Bobby Roode and Kurt Angle will have their rematch.

Bully Ray vs A.J. Styles
TNA World Heavyweight Title Match

Bully had his girl, Brooke, at his side. Ray told Taz that he would win this match in less than 10 minutes. A.J. Styles then made his entrance. Jeremy Borash did the Michael Buffer-like introductions. Earl Hebner was the ref for this mach. (Bully can’t be happy about that). Ray grabbed the microphone and ordered JB out of the ring. Ray then introduced himself. Styles stopped him and started nailing Shoulder Thrusts. Styles with Knife Edge Chops and punches. Styles bounced Bully’s head off all the turnbuckles. Styles kept up the pressure. Universal into a wicked Dropkick by Styles. Back Elbow by Bully. Straight Jabs by Bully into the Flip, Flop and Fly attempt. Styles stopped it with the Jumping Enziguri. Styles with hard kicks to the chest and a clubbing blow t the back of the head. Ray with a wicked Back Body Drop. Styles landed on his stomach and was seriously clutching his ribs. Break time.

Styles was down and Ray was wasting tons of time mocking the Hulk Hogan Ear Cup. Styles fought back with wild punches. Kick by Styles and then they both hit Flying Clotheslines. Ray with the Beat Hug. Ray also pounded on the taped up ribs of the champ. Styles with Bell Ringers to break the Bear Hug. Back Body Drop by Styles. Ray circled his downed foe but missed the Elbow Drop. Earl got popped in the face but it was only a minor strike. Ray and Styles traded wild punches. Open Hand Slap to Styles’ chest. Styles with the No Sell and the wild Spin Kick. Ray flipped Styles onto the apron. Springboard Flying Forearm. 1-2-Kickout.

Styles tried to lift Ray but couldn’t. Ray came back with the Samoan Drop. Ray went up on the middle ropes but got caught. Styles went to the top but got pushed off. Ray missed the Backsplash. Styles went to the apron but missed the Springboard 450. Ray got a two count. Ray put Styles on the top turnbuckle and tried to punch. Styles went for the Front Face Lock but Ray shoved Styles into Earl Hebner. Styles cinched in the Calf Killer. Ray tapped out but the ref was out of it. Styles let go of the move. Ray got his steel chain and blasted Styles. Bubba Cutter! 1-2-no! Taz was losing it at the announce table. Ray got his chain for another attack.

Ken Anderson rushed out and snapped Ray’s neck on the top rope. Styles with a Crucifix Backslide to pin and retain! Ray was busted open above his left eye. After the match, Ken and Ray slugged it out. Refs and security tried to break them apart but Ken wasn’t to be denied. Ken still had one handcuff on.

Your Winner: A.J. Styles
Impact Score: 4.5

Dixie Carter yelled that she was on her way out to the ring with a contract. She demanded that no one leave.

Dixie made her way back out to the ring. She had a contract in hand. Dixie reminded A.J. about all the stuff that he turned down, earlier. Dixie said she has been talking with her attorneys, all night. Dixie said the new contract had everything that Styles could possibly want. Dixie said she would give him the car as a “Signing Bonus”. Dixie wanted to put all the bad blood behind them. Dixie said the fatal words “You can trust me”. Styles agreed that it was a tremendous contract…by a horrible human being that uses people to pad their bank accounts. Styles took the contract off the clipboard, wiped his backside with it and threw it down. The crowd loved it. Styles said it wasn’t about the money. Styles said Dixie didn’t respect Styles, the title or the fans. Styles said he was taking the TNA World Title belt and leaving to go be with the fans. Dixie told Styles that the belt did not belong to him. Styles took the keys from Dixie and went out to be with his fans. Styles walked out of the arena and got in his new convertible. He started it up and drove away. The crowd went wild as he held the belt high.

I want to end, this week, by wishing the best of luck to my University of Nevada Wolfpack. They are facing UNLV, on Saturday, for the Fremont Cannon. Let’s keep it blue. While my heart will always belong to the University of North Texas Eagles, the Wolfpack is my adopted team.


–Jay Shannon

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