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The clock is ticking away towards Bound For Glory. A few final pieces were put into place and all the main players got some air time (directly or indirectly) to push TNA’s biggest show of the year.

The flashback opening showed Kurt Angle’s return. He crashed the EGO Hall of Fame ceremony and challenged Bobby Roode. Dixie Carter continued to cause issues between Sting and Magnus. She also allowed Bully Ray to decide what A.J. Styles would have to endure. After the 2-on-1 Handicap match, Ray Chain Whipped Styles.

Sigh. Dixie sauntered out to the ring with a briefcase and security. Who told this chick she could cut a promo? Dixie said Bound for Glory would be her masterpiece, like Michaelangelo. Whatever. Dixie talked about hoe Bully Ray beat down A.J. Styles. Oh please, Shut the Hell Up, Dixie. Her voice makes nails on the chalkboard sound appealing. Dixie said she was going to evaluate. “We Want Hogan!” began to echo off the walls. Dixie said there would be a contract signing, later tonight. Dixie put a $50,000 bounty on Styles’ head. Dixie said she was ready to create an opportunity for someone else. One of the security guys showed off all the money.

Bully Ray and Brooke strolled from the back. Dixie wasn’t worried about Bully Ray coming to the ring. Ray said he wasn’t on Team Dixie but he was interested in the 50K. It didn’t matter who he would have to face.

Magnus then strolled from the back. Magnus took the stick and wondered if Dixie was really going to throw out all the hard work the men did in the Bound For Glory Series. Magnus knew why the crowd was saying “Dixie Sucks.” Magnus said he was very serious about being forced to listen to Bully Ray. Magnus challenged Bully Ray to a fight…for free. Ray knew the fans liked and believed in Magnus. Ray said he was time to tell the truth. Ray called Magnus a Fraud and All Smoke and Mirrors. Ray said Magnus was a Loser. Ray called Magnus the Biggest Disappointment that he had ever seen. Magnus dropped ray with a single punch. Ray accepted the match.

Kurt Angle walked backstage. He was still ticked off at the members of E.G.O..

Bully Ray talked with his remaining brothers. Ray had his hammer in hand. Ray was so proud of the boys for taking the spotlight. Ray said he would give Knux another shot to shine in a match against one half of the tag champs.

Mike tenay discussed the Pre-Show. Four teams will battle for a shot at the tag belts, on Sunday.

Christopher Daniels vs Robbie E vs Hernandez vs Eric Young\
Four Corners Captains Match

Eric got jumped by Robbie. Whip by Robbie but Eric with the Float Over and Flying Forearm. Eric worked over the arm but Robbie reversed it. Hernandez with a tag and a Springboard Spear. Robbie tagged out to Daniels. Super Mex with a hard kick. Daniels escaped a Powerslam but still got laid out by Hernandez. Scoop Slam by Hernandez. Robbie blasted Hernandez and then Daniels sent Hernandez to the floor. Robbie beat down on Hernandez. Daniels drove the point of his elbow into Hernandez’s eye socket. Whip by Daniels into a Leg Lariat. Hernandez punched away but Robbie got the tag. Snap Mare and Full Mount Punches. Robbie went to the middle rope and hit a Flying Kneedrop. Front Face Lock by Robbie.

Daniels took the tag and tried to double team Hernandez. Super Mex took out both Robbie and Daniels. Tag to Eric. Dual Missile Dropkick to Daniels and Robbie. Jawbreaker by Robbie and STO by Daniels. Robbie prevented the pin. Robbie and Daniels got into it. The winner of this match will get the prime Final Spot in the Gauntlet Match. Hernandez with Air Mexico on Daniels and a Pounce on Robbie. Daniels moved and Hernandez flew over the ropes. Belly to Belly Suplex by Eric. Eric went to the top and hit the Savage Elbow. Robbie E sent Eric out of the ring and took the win.

Your Winner: Robbie E.
Impact Score: 3.0 out of a possible 5
The BroMans will be the final team to enter the Gauntlet Tag Match on Sunday.

A.J. Styles was jumped in the back by Jessie Godderz. Styles beat the crap out of the poser

TNA looked back at Dixie’s “Offer” from the opening segment. There is a bounty of 50K on A.J. Styles’ head.

A.J. Styles made his way out to the ring. He slowly walked to the ring. Taz called Styles “A Walking Dead Man”. Styles accused Dixie of reeking of desperation. Styles was flattered that Dixie was that concerned and scared. Styles was ready to make Dixie pay, when he wins the World title. Styles said he would stand tall and take on anyone who wanted a shot at the bounty.

Aces and Eights music rang out and Bischoff and Knux made their way to the ring. Knux and Bisvhoff Double Teamed Styles. Suddenly, the music of James Storm hit and the tag champs came out from the back. Storm and Gunner cleared the ring. Taz considered taking out Styles. Storm got out of the ring and faced off with Styles. He didn’t do anything. TNA went to break.

Knux vs Gunner

The two took their time to get started. Bischoff got Gunner by the ankle, which gave Knux an advantage. Knux ran Gunner into the corner and choked him on the ropes. Gunner came back and dropped the Aces and Eights member. Knux pulled Gunner into the corner. Gunner with a kick and hard Forearm Shots. Big Boot and Clothesline by Knux. 2 count. Headbutt by Knux. Knux then nailed another Big Boot. Gunner pounded away. Knux with a Bear Hug and then Shoulder Thrusts. Kneedrop by Knux into a choke. Rear Chin Lock by Knux. Gunner reminds me of a young Randy Savage. Knux with a Kneelift. Sunset Flip attempt by Gunner failed but Gunner did dodge the Legdrop.

Bischoff got in Storm’s face and got a face full of liquid, spat by the tag champ. Gunner with a Clothesline into a huge Fallaway Slam. Knux blocked the Gun Rack and hit a huge Crossbody. 2 count. Spear by Gunner as Knux called for Bully Ray.

Your Winner: Gunner
Impact Score: 2.0

Chris Sabin was asked about the Bounty. Sabin said he would collect it and then get Velvet Sky something nice. She tied to stop him but it wasn’t happening.

Knux and Bischoff of Aces and Eights were having a chat in the back. Bischoff was ticked that Bully Ray didn’t come out to aid them. Knux said when Bully needs their help, next time, things “might get interesting”.

Lei’d Tapa’s attack on Velvet Sky and ODB, from last week, was showcased. In the back, Brooke was taking a picture of her bubble butt. Gail Kim came in to talk with her about the match, on Sunday. Gail brought up Lei’d Tapa. Gail said her and Brooke should form an alliance, in case Lei’d Tapa showed up. Brooke said it was every Knockout for herself.

A preview of the All Start Ultimate X Division Match aired.

Chris Sabin was stalking A.J. Styles. Samoa Joe ran into Sabin. Joe accused Sabin of being in the wrong side of town. Joe said Sabin needed to get his priorities straight, before Sunday. Joe will fight Sabin, next.

The confrontation between Magnus and Bully Ray aired, yet again. Magnus warmed up, in the back.

Chris Sabin (w/Velvet Sky) vs Samoa Joe

Joe was definitely the Fan Favorite in this contest. The two danced around and then locked up. Joe took Chris to the corner. Sabin went to the eyes and then punched away. Joe dodged the charging Sabin and exploded with machine gun punches. Whip into the Jumping Enziguri by Joe. Chris crawled to the corner but Joe with the Boot Wash. Chris slid out of the ring as Joe went to bounce off the ropes. Kneelift by Joe as Sabin returned to the ring. Sabin got a huge number of punches in…but none of them had any effect. Sabin bailed out and he and Velvet started towards the back. Sabin used Velvet as a shield. Chris hit a DDT, on the ramp. Joe dived back into the ring, just before 10.

Chris with hard punches, in the corner. Sabin with a Whip into the Flying Forearm. Chris spat on his hand and rubbed it into Joe’s face. Whip by Sabin but this time, Joe with the Single Arm Enziguri Slam. Inverted Atomic Drop into the Big Boot and Backsplash Senton by the big Samoan. Joe put Sabin on the ropes and tried for the Muscle Buster. Sabin bit the head to escape. Savin flew off with a Springboard Tornado DDT. Standing Switch by Sabin but Joe rolled into the Kokina Clutch. Tap Out at Warp Speed,

Your Winner: Samoa Joe
Impact Score: 2.5

Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy rushed down to the ring. Hardy hit a Twist of Fate and then got a ladder. Hardy set it up in the corner and climbed it. Sabin pulled Hardy down but took a Spinning Back Mule Kick. Manik came down, went to the top and flew off onto Aries and Sabin. The Ultimate X Match is so going to steal the show, this Sunday.

In the back, Daniels and Kazarian were attacking Styles. Styles fought back and took out both members of Bad Influence. He then sprayed a fire extinguisher to mask his escape.

Ethan Carter III, aka EC3, did a photo shoot. He is supposedly the nephew of Dixie Carter. In reality, he used to be known as Derrick Bateman in the WWE Developmental System.

Magnus vs Bully Ray
Non-Title Match

Ray backed out of a Collar and Elbow tie up. He yelled at the ref to shut the crowd up. Then they went into the Collar and Elbow. The two went back and forth and Ray broke free. Side Headlock by Ray. Magnus sent Ray into the ropes. Shoulder Tackle and Brody Yell. Scoop Slam by Ray. The two locked up and Magnus took the Side Headlock. Ray tried to power out but Magnus wasn’t having any part of it. Ray sent Magnus into the ropes and then collided. Neither moved but Ray laid out Magnus with a Clothesline.

Ray with an Open Hand Slap but Magnus came back with Forearms and A European Uppercut. Back Body Drop by the Brit into a Running Clothesline. Magnus went to the top but Ray hit the ropes. Magnus fell onto the top turnbuckle. It was break time.

Ray Whipped Magnus into the corner. Magnus collapsed as Ray stuck the 8 fingers in the air. Ray clubbed away on Magnus and then stomped on Magnus’ hand. Ray got a smooch from Brooke. Ray then threw Magnus into the corner and asked Magnus to hit him. Magnus responded with a series of hard shots to the jaw. Ray went to the eyes. Ray took his time for the Running Elbow Drop. That was costly, as his missed by a mile. The two traded punches, back and forth. Magnus got he best of the war until Ray hit a Kneelift. Running Clothesline by Magnus. Back Drop Suplex by Magnus, followed by the Big Boot. Magnus went to the Penthouse and connected with the Savage Elbow! 2 count.

Magnus ran into Earl Hebner, who went down had. Ray got his steel chain. Sting rushed out to stop Ray. Sting held on to the arm. Earl Hebner stepped up and told Sting to back off. In all the confusion, Ray nailed a Low Blow and pinned Magnus.

Your Winner: Bully Ray
Impact Score: 2.5

Sting and Magnus had a major disagreement that started in the ring and continued in the back. Samoa Joe stepped in to try and keep the peace.

Taz and Tenay ran down the updated card. Shortly after posting this recap, I’ll be putting up my Crystal Ball Predictions Column. I’ll also have the honor of bringing you all the winners and losers on Sunday’s huge show.

Kurt Angle emerged from the back in his Mafia suit. Kurt wanted to discuss Bobby Roode. He admitted that Roode reminded him of Kurt, five years ago. Kurt was offended that Roode wanted to spoil his Hall of Fame induction. Kurt said Bobby made it personal. Kurt said to Bobby “You’ve dug your own grave”. He told Bobby that he would never be Kurt Angle.

Out came Bobby Roode. Roode admitted that Kurt was right that he (Bobby) would not be Kurt Angle. Bobby said he was actually ok with that. He didn’t want to be Kurt Angle. 2 years ago…Maybe. 5 years ago…yeah. 10 years ago…absolutely. Roode said Kurt used to be the be all end all but now Roode was. Rodoe said Kurt ruined His Hall of Fame Induction. Roode said Kurt hasn’t done anything for the last couple of years. Roode said the biggest thing he has done, recently, was to beat Bobby…2 years ago at Bound for Glory. Roode reminded Kurt that Bobby was the longest reigning and most dominant World Champ. Roode said he was going to be Bobby Roode, on Sunday. Roode was certain he could beat Kurt, on Sunday. Kurt told Bobby that Roode would be the one who was tapping out. Roode said Kurt was wrong on that. Roode then attacked Kurt and pounced away.

Kurt began to fight back and caught Roode in the AngleLock. Daniels and Kazarian rushed down and jumped the Olympian. They threw Kurt into the ring post, shoulder first. Roode called off his partners and said he had this. He put Kurt in the Crippler Crossface. Kurt tapped but there was no one to force Bobby to stop. Roode released the hold and told Kurt that he was going to force Kurt Angle to tap out.

Jeremy Borash was in the ring with Dixie Carter and her security guys. JB then invited Bully Ray to come out and join them for the Contract Signing. JB then brought out A.J. Styles. Apparently, he had survived all the attempts to collect the bounty. Bully Ray quickly signed the contract and then talked trash to his opponent. He suggested that when Styles loses, he might also lose his wife and kids. Ray said Styles didn’t have what was necessary to beat him for the title. Ray brought up how Ric Flair took out Dusty Rhodes, 30 years ago. That led into an extended version of he Hard Times speech. Ray talked about all the people that he had run over: Jeff Hardy, Chris Sabin, Sting and Hulk Hogan. Ray said he was about to unleash Hard Times on Styles. Ray said he was also going to put the fans on Hard Times. Ray poked at Triple H, a little, by calling himself the “Darth Vader of Wrestling”. Paul Levesque had made a comment about how Darth Vader is just a character as a reference that HHH is also a character that he plays.

Styles appreciated the story but he knew Ray was no Ric Flair and he was no Dusty Rhodes. Styles was ready to tell the world that Ray was a “Big Dumb B*tch”. Styles said he had to win on Sunday. He wanted Ray to lose and Dixie to beg. Styles said he was the most dangerous, intense and desperate man that Ray would ever get in the ring with. Styles swore he’d win the title. He then signed the contract.

Ray said he decided not to but the title on the line, Sunday. What he was going to do was collect the 50Gs of bounty. Ray pushed the podium into Styles. Styles came back and cracked Styles with the briefcase. Styles took the briefcase, opened it, and threw it at Dixie Carter. They scrambled to get the cash back. Styles and Ray screamed at each other as Impact went to black.


–Jay Shannon

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