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Crystal Ball: Bound for Glory 2013

Jay Shannon draws upon all his predictive powers to determine the winners and losers of an upcoming major wrestling event.

Well, it’s that time, again. TNA rolls out their equivalent of Wrestlemania. This year’s show is headlined by A.J. Styles going after Bully Ray. There is a lot of backstory and insider stuff going on with that one. I’ll get to that, in a bit. The other matches range from decent to questionable. Let’s take a look at what Total Non-Stop Action is bringing to the fans, this Sunday.

Pre-Show Match:

Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels and Kazarian vs Joseph Park and Eric Young vs BroMans (Robbie E and Jessie Godderz) vs Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

Four Team Gauntlet Match to determine the Number One Contender to the Tag Team Titles

Predictions: The winner of this match will get a shot at James Storm and Gunner, later in the night. I just can’t see the BroMans getting to battle the GunSlingers in the biggest show of the year, even though they have the advantage of coming in last for this battle. Joseph Park and Eric Young just feel like cannon fodder and will likely go out first. Chavo recently got all cocky while chatting with the tag champs. Since they have a bit of a build up, I think Chavo and Hernandez are going to take this one. All four teams will have shining moments, but the Texicans will shine just a tad brighter.

Predicted Winners: Los Texicans (Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez)
Predicted Score: 3.0 out of a possible 5

ODB vs Gail Kim vs Brooke
Triple Threat Knockouts Title Match

Predictions: This is going to be a battle of three multiple time Knockout Champions. If this was being done, say six months ago, I’d almost bet the farm that Brooke (as a part of Aces and Eights) would take the gold. Now, I’m not so sure. Brooke has basically been Arm Candy for Bully Ray for the last several weeks. She’s barely stepped into the ring to fight. Unless TNA is going for the Power Couple angle, I think it will come down to ODB and Gail. This will be a tough call. Both women are fantastic at what they do. Maybe it’s because I’ve had the honor of working with ODB, or maybe it’s just the size difference, but I’m going with the champ to retain.

Predicted Winner: ODB
Predicted Score: 2.5

James Storm and Gunner (The GunSlingers) vs Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez (see above)
Tag Team Championship Match

Predictions: As I mentioned above, I do think Chavo and Hernandez are the ones who will get the shot at the tag belts. I’m sensing a Heel Turn for Los Texicans. This is going to be a hard fought battle but, in the end, I have the sneaking suspicion that Chavo just might bring back the old “We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal” motto to help himself and Hernandez get back the tag belts.

Predicted Winners (and New Champions): Los Texicans (Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez)
Predicted Score: 3.5

Bobby Roode vs Kurt Angle
Special Challenge Match

Predictions: Roode and his crew in EGO were mocking Kurt Angle’s induction into the Hall of Fame. It backfired because Kurt showed up and challenged Roode to fight him at Bound for Glory. This is likely going to be a decent match but there is no way in Heaven or Hell that Roode will defeat Kurt Angle. The best that Bobby can hope for would be for Daniels and Kazarian to rush in and draw the disqualification. Personally, I think Kurt will AngleSlam Roode and then clamp on the AngleLock to force Bobby to tap out.

Predicted Winner: Kurt Angle
Predicted Score: 4.0

Austin Aries vs Manik vs Chris Sabin vs Jeff Hardy vs Samoa Joe
Ultimate X Five Way Match for the X-Division Championship

Predictions: My first question is a simple one. Why the Hell is Samoa Joe in this match? I appreciated when TNA adjusted the X-Division to make it exclusive for the smaller guys. Guess that whole concept is out the window. This one is very difficult to call, for me. Logic says to always go with the champion. I don’t think so, this time. I’m not a Jeff Hardy fan so I’m tempted to eliminate him from an emotional point. That’s not really fair. Hardy is a decent worker. It all comes down to the Ultimate X Structure. I really think it’s going to end up as Aries vs Sabin. It’s a serious Coin Toss between these two. They are both two of the best in the business. With Sabin going through the recent Semi-Heel Turn, I think he’s going to pull off the win and regain the X-Title.

Predicted Winner (and New X-Division Champion): Chris Sabin
Predicted Score: 4.5

Sting vs Magnus

Predictions: I’ve gone back and forth on this one. Initially, I had Magnus picked to take this one. He was going to do a full Heel Turn on Sting and win the match. I don’t think TNA is going to go that directly into a Heel Turn. I do think Sting and Magnus are going to have an excellent match. In the end, Magnus’ inexperience will be his downfall. Sting will beat Magnus, after Magnus makes a “Rookie Mistake”. I know he’s not a Rookie but they will push how much more ring time that Sting has had. Magnus will seethe and fume and will finally walk away from the Main Event Mafia and will eventually feud with them.

Predicted Winner: Sting
Predicted Score: 3.75

Bully Ray vs A.J. Styles
World Title Match

This one has so darn many variables that it is
almost impossible to pick a winner. Boss Lady,
Dixie Carter, is determined that Styles won’t
take the belt. She even put a $50,000 bounty on
his head. Styles is determined to take the belt,
both to embarrass Dixie and Bully Ray and to
make Dixie pay, through the nose, to keep him
around. Add to the mix the fact that Bully Ray
is having major internal issues in his Aces and
Eights group and things get so blurry. Bully
ticked off Knux and Bischoff, his last remaining
guys, when he didn’t come to their aid on
Impact. There is also a Huge rumor that Ken
Anderson is lurking in the shadows, just waiting
to get his revenge on Bully Ray. Dixie is likely
going to send “The Troops” after Styles before
the match gets started. Styles may well have to
fight, backstage, all night long. When it comes
down to the match, itself, I think there is going
to be so many people involved. Ray is going to
have Knux and Bischoff at ringside (since they
really don’t have anything else to do on the
PPV). Near the end of the match, Ken Anderson
is going to stroll out with Wes Brisco and
maybe a few other guys. Ray is going to yell at
Bischoff and Knux to go take care of Anderson
and any other guys that might be with him.
Knux and Bischoff are going to walk up the
ramp and then turn on Bully Ray, joining
Anderson’s version of Aces and Eights. In all
the chaos and confusion, Styles is going to nail
the Pele and the Styles Clash and become the
new World Champion. That leaves Styles
available to be challenged by a stream of Dixie
picked guys. Bully Ray will move into a Power
Struggle feud with Ken Anderson over Aces and

Predicted Winner (and New World Champ): A.J.
Predicted Score: 4.75

Final Thoughts: Multiple sources are claiming
that TNA is in deep trouble. Whether that is true
or not is still open for debate. Regardless,
TNA really has to pull out all the stops on this PPV. Going in, TNA seems to have a mixed bag of fantastic matches and mediocre battles. The Powers That Be need to take everyone in the back and have a big meeting. They need to let everyone involved know that this is a “Make it or Break It” kind of event. I’m a bit worried that if TNA does put on a Five Star Show, this year, there just might not be a Bound For Glory 2014.


–Jay Shannon

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