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So, Hulk Hogan quit TNA. Where does Dixie Carter go from here? Into a Spiral? O does she bounce back to make TNA even stronger than before? What else is going to happen at Bound For Glory? All this, plus Bobby Roode gets inducted into his own group’s Hall of Fame.

Before I begin tonight’s recap, I want to share my happy day with one and all. Four years ago, today (October 10th), I married my best friend, Dianna. Spent a wonderful day visiting with family and friends and had an awesome lunch at the best little Mexican food place in Reno. Time for some great wrestling action to put the cherry on my Sundae of a day. Smile.

The flashback segment showed Sting issue a challenge to Magnus. It was meant to push Magnus to the next level. Hulk Hogan QUIT the company. A.J. Styles attacked Bully Ray.

Dixie Carter came out to some of the loudest boos that any crowd has issued. She is so obviously not suited to be on a microphone. Dixie said no one in her company will ever call the former General Manager by his name. Well, that’s about childish. Dixie took shots at Vince, Eric Bischoff, Stephanie Levesque (McMahon), the Jarretts and A.J. Styles. We want Jeff Jarrett back, Please shut her the Hell up. Dixie gave “Carte Blanche” to Bully Ray.

Thankfully, Sting came out to shut the silly woman up. Before she would shut up, she did say Bully Ray could book A.J. Styles into any type match he wanted. Dixie so tried to talk down to Sting. Dixie said Sting was under review because he chose “He Who Shall Not Be Named” to be the General Manager. Dixie was also offended that Sting made the match against Magnus. She threatened his future. If she calls anyone else “Honey”, I swear I am going to hurl day-glo. Dixie put Sting and Magnus into a match against Kaz and Daniels. Dixie said if Sting or Magnus were to lose, tonight, the match between Sting and Magnus, at Bound for Glory, would be cancelled. Dixie also threatened to fire Sting. Dear God, she has to be the worst mic worker in the history of professional wrestling.

Mike Tenay and Taz talked about what just happened. They also discussed the rest of the night’s events. E.G.O. will induct Bobby Roode into their own Hall of Fame. Up next, Austin Aries vs Jeff Hardy. Austin was interviewed. He felt Jeff Hardy was trying to steal Aries’ spotlight. Aries wasn’t happy about he whole Ultimate X thing. Tonight, he would get Hardy in a regular, high-impact match. Aries excused the crew so he could get mentally prepped for the match.

A.J. Styles talked about being let back in the business. He didn’t care about “Bully’s Revenge”. Styles was determined to make Dixie pay. He said it would start when he won the World title at Bound For Glory.

Austin Aries vs Jeff Hardy

Collar and Elbow to open. Hardy took over on Aries’ arm and flipped him to the canvas. Hardy followed up with a Leg Drop to the arm. Side Headlock into a Trip by Aries, followed by a Ride and Elbow Drop. Hardy rallied the crowd. Another Collar and Elbow took them to the corner. Shoulder Thrusts by Hardy. Back Elbow by Aries. Inverted Atomic Drop by Hardy but Aries with Arm Drags. Aries with a Dropkick for a two count. Aries drove his knee into Hardy’s back and then Dropkicked the back. 2 count. Hardy kicked and punched away. Aries reversed a Whip and Bulldogged hardy for two.

Jumping Elbow Drop by Aries. Rear Chin Lock by Aries. Jawbreaker by Hardy. Aries reversed a Whip but Hardy with a Head Scissors that sent Aries to the floor. Hardy with a Dropkick, through the ropes. Crossbody, off the apron, by Hardy. Both men were down so it was time for a break.

Aries was on his back, but not for long. Hardy picked him up and Snap Mared him over. Another Dropkick to the back of A-Double. Hardy missed a Corner Splash. Jumping Knee Drop by Aries. Hardy punched away but Aries with a Bell Ringer and Elbow Drop. Hardy punched and kicked away. Aries threw Hardy under the bottom rope. Hardy struck the announce desk and sent the table back several inches. The ref began to count. Hardy was clutching his back. Aries flew off the top with a Double Sledge. Interesting, Aries was wearing his old Austin Starr trunks. Aries flew off the top, again, to nail a second Double Sledge. Aries threw Hardy back in the ring. Aries went up top, yet again. Aries missed the Missile Dropkick. Hardy with punches and kicks but Aries reversed a Whip. Flying Forearm, Inverted Atomic Drop, Double Legdrop and Dropkick by Hardy. 2 count. Aries reversed a Whip and blocked the follow up move. Funk Neckbreaker, in the ropes, by Aries. Aries went up top and connected with the Missile Dropkick that he wanted a few moments before. Aries rushed the corner and took Double Boots. Reverse Piledriver Throw by Hardy. Aries blocked the Twist of Fate. Whisper in the Wind. Hardy went back up top but Aries Dropkicked the ropes. Aries with a Super Brainbuster off the ropes!

Your Winner: Austin Aries
Impact Score: 4.25 out of a possible 5

Samoa Joe came out, in Mafia Suit. He talked directly with Aries. He congratulated Austin for his win. Joe said he was impressed that Austin and Jeff set up the X-Division and Ultimate X stipulation. Joe said he was putting himself in the Ultimate X Match. Why? So now it will be: Samoa Joe vs Austin Aries vs Jeff Hardy vs Chris Sabin vs Manik in a 5-way Ultimate X Match for the X-Division Title.

BroMans talked about the loss to ODB, recently. Robbie and Jessie talked about ODB not being a woman. I so disagree. Jessie said Dixie wants people to “Step Up”. Jessie had a plan.

Joseph Park and Eric Young were about to drive 1500 miles to San Diego. E.Y was driving. Be afraid…be VERY afraid. They started to leave but waited to watch ODB’s match.

Jessie and Robbie were in the ring. Jessie talked about ODB trying to embarrass him. Jessie said he and Robbie were ready to embarrass ODB. She came out with her bubby, Eric. Eric spanked his spouse, as she stood next to the ropes..

ODB vs Jessie G.

He got right in her face and talked trash. ODB with Open Hand Slaps and a smother in the cleavage. Robbie got one, as well. Eric jumped up and begged for the same. ODB rolled out of the way and rolled up Jessie for a two. Drop Toe Hold by ODB. Robbie tripped ODB and Eric kicked his backside, big time. They fought up the ramp. Back in the ring, ODB was ready to take some Liquid Courage. Before she could, Lei’d Tapa came out. ODB wasn’t ready to step back. Tackle by Tapa. Tapa rammed ODB’s head into the canvas, over and over. Tapa threw ODB in the corner and laid her out with a Big Boot.

Your Winner: No Contest
Impact Score: N/A

Tapa with the Fireman’s Carry into the Stunner. Tapa picked up the Knockout Title and pulled ODB to center ring. I guess she wants the strap.

Bully tried to explain about the Revenge Match. He decided to just talk about it, in the ring.

Bully talked with Knux and Bischoff. Bischoff was ticked that they were down to 3 members. Knux blamed Bully. Ray tried to spin it back on Ken Anderson. Ray said everyone was supposed to protect him. Ray said it was Ken who rocked the foundation by challenging for the World title. Ray wanted Bischoff and Knux to take out A.J. Styles, tonight. Knux and Bisch agreed to do what was asked of them.

Magnus said he appreciated Sting giving him the kick in the butt that he needed. Sting pushed how great Bound for Glory is. Sting wanted to prove it was still Showtime. Magnus knew they had to put their match on hold to focus on Kaz and Daniels.

Kaz and Daniels were then asked about the E.G.O. Hall of Fame ceremony. They dismissed the whole conversation so they could get ready to do what needed to be done.

Kaz and Daniels came out in Orange and powder blue suits. Dumb and Dumber lives again. The Orange one’s not back but he should have a black shirt, not an orange one. Daniels said it was Throwback Thursday and that’s why they were wearing the Dumb and Dumber outfits. Kaaz said there were so many fake Hall of Fames, including the TNA Hall of Fame. Kaz then brought out Bobby Roode. Kaz started to sound like the great Joel Gertner in his introduction.

Roode came out in a regulation black suit. Roode had to fight back the laughs, as he saw his E.G.O. teammates. Roode was led to his throne. There was a huge poster of Roode on an easel. Kaz talked about all the great accomplishments of Bobby Roode and then sent it to a Highlight Reel video. It was so silly. They did so much audio re-syncing, I felt like I was at a Milli Vanilli concert. The crowd booed the daylights out of the trio. Daniels said Sting didn’t deserve to be in the Hall of Fame. Daniels asked the crowd to stand for Bobby Roode.

Roode came to the podium and thanked his fans. Roode thanked Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels. He said without them…break down into emotion. Roode faked crying. This was the Hour Turner Segment? He gave credit to them for creating E.G.O.. Roode also needed to thank one other person…himself. Roode then went rambling about how Kurt Angle shouldn’t be in the Hall of Fame. Roode blames the fans for putting Kurt into the Hall of Fame. Roode then went on about how great he was as the World Champion. Roode went off on Kurt Angle for being gone…

Suddenly, the music hit and the Olympian walked from the back. Kurt stared daggers at Roode. Kurt took off his jacket and shirt. Kurt was ripped like never before. Kurt told Bobby to shut his mouth. Kurt made fun of Daniels and Kaz. Belly to Belly to Daniels. German to Kaz. Kurt went for the AngleLock on Roode but Bobby bailed out. Kurt warned Bobby that he just made a huge mistake. Kurt challenged Bobby to fight him at Bound for Glory. Hell, yeah!

Brooke (Tessmacher) walked backstage. She will fight Velvet Sky, next. The winner would move on to meeting ODB, for the Knockout Title, at Bound for Glory.

Bobby Roode was seething, backstage. Roode felt that Kurt made a huge mistake by wrecking his Hall of Fame ceremony. Roode said Kurt was going to get his…at Bound for Glory

Velvet Sky vs Brooke
Number One Contender Match

Velvet was dealing with hurt ribs. Sabin was over-protective of his girl. Side Headlock by Velvet. Brooke went after the ribs. Shoulder Tackle by Velvet. Sabin gave some brutal advice to his girl. Brooke took Velvet to the corner but got stomped by Sky. Sky ran Brooke into the corner and then Whipped her to the opposite side. Sky missed a Splash. Brooke took the bandage off Sky’s ribs. Side Russian Leg Sweep by Sky. Brooke threw Sky into the middle ropes. Butterfly Lock in the ropes. Brooke beat on the bad ribs of Sky. Brooke threw Sky to the outside. Brooke went to the outside and ran Sky’s ribs into the apron. Brooke then did the Pigeon Dance to mock Sky. Sky with a kick and series of Clotheslines. She added a Back Elbow, as well. Kick by Sky into a Flying Bulldog. 2 count. Sky with a flurry of kicks and Flying Neckbreaker. Sky seemed to hurt her ribs on the landing. 2 count, again. Sabin was giving advice when Brooke rolled her up for the pin. Brooke now joins the 3-Way against ODB and Gail Kim.

Your Winner: Brooke
Impact Score: 1.0

Sting and Magnus vs Kazarian and Christopher Daniels

If Sting and Magnus lose this match, their battle at Bound For Glory will be cancelled. Also, the person who gets pinned or submits may not have a job. Magnus and Daniels opened the contest. Daniels with hard Forearms. Magnus battled back with hard punches. Magnus sent Daniels into the ropes. Fallaway Suplex by Magnus. Sting got a shot in on Daniels. Tag to The Icon. Double Whip into a pair of Back Elbows by the Mafia Men. Sting kicked away. Daniels with a sharp punch and tag to Kaz. Sting with a hip Toss and punches. Tag to Magnus. Sting and Magnus nearly ran into each other. Kaz beat on Magnus. Daniels beat on Sting, on the outside. Impact took a quick break.

Kaz tagged back in and clubbed Magnus’ back. Kaz choked Magnus with the knee. Running Dropkick by Kaz for a two. “We Want Sting!” rang out. Kaz ran Magnus into the corner. Daniels took the tag and hit a Reversed Warrior’s Way. Impressive. 2 count. Magnus would not give up. Rear Chin Lock by daniels. Magnus elbowed free but Daniels with a Shoulder and Snap Mare. Springboard Legdrop by Kaz, off the tag.

Kaz mocked Sting, which allowed the illegal switch. Daniels threw Magnus into the corner and then out of the ring. Kaz attacked Magnus, on the floor, ramming him into the apron. Daniels tried to use the ropes for the pin but got caught. Quarter Nelson by Daniels. Magnus and Daniels traded hard punches. Jawbreaker by Daniels. Running Clothesline by Magnus. Sting begged for the tag. He got it, as did Kaz. Dropkicks and Clothesline by Sting. Faceplant by Sting. Daniels rushed in and then got thrown out. Tag back to Magnus. Savage Elbow. Magnus didn’t go for the pin. He slapped on the Cloverleaf. Daniels attacked from behind. Sting got the tag and hit the Stinger Splash. Scorpion Death Drop!

Your Winners: Sting and Magnus
Impact Score: 3.0

Magnus looked a bit ticked off that Sting took the win for their team. Sting was trying to get he crowd going but Magnus walked away.

Dixie walked up and talked with A.J. Styles. Dixie said Styles didn’t have to do tonight’s match or the Bound for Glory match. She offered him a huge check to back out. She wanted Styles to retire. Styles tore the check up and told Dixie that she couldn’t buy him. She grumbled that she didn’t sign the check, anyway. God, she sounds like a teenage girl who didn’t get asked to the Big Dance by the boy she was sweet on. “Didn’t really want him, anyway.”. Get her a better writer…PLEASE!

A.J. Styles vs Knux and Bischoff
Handicap Match

Bully Ray and Brooke led his troops to the ring. Ray told Tenay to get up and head to the back. Ray was going to take over the announcing duties. Ray changed his mind and told Tenay to go sit down over with Jeremy Borash. Ray put on the headset. As Ray was getting settled in, A.J. Styles mad ehis entrance.

Styles quickly began beating on the Aces and Eights forces. Knux was sent to the outside. Styles then went wild on Bischoff. Styles sent Bisvhoff crashing into the corner. Forearm Splash by Styles. Styles with a Jumping Fistdrop. Styles threw Bischoff into the corner and punched away. Elbow Drops by Styles. Styles stomped away on Bischoff’s chest. Bischoff with a Double Thrust but Styles shrugged it off. Knux got the blind tag and began to pounded away. Knux lifted Styles onto the shoulders and dropped Styles on the top rope. Slingshot sent Styles up into the middle rope. Bischoff tagged back in and choked Styles on the middle rope. Styles started to punch away but Bischoff with a Kneelift. Butterfly Suplex by Bischoff. 2 count.

Tag to Knux. Knux kicked at Styles’ chest. Knux went to the middle rope but missed a big Legdrop. Tag to Bischoff. Styles went off on both opponent. Spin Kick to Bischoff. Solid punch by Styles. Bischoff put Styles on the apron. Springboard to nail Knux. Miscommunication and Knux nailed Bischoff. Pele to Knux. Roll Up by Styles to get the win.

Your Winner: A.J. Styles
Impact Score: 1.5

After the match, Ray got in the ring to go after Styles. He ordered Knux and Bischoff to stay back. Ray had his steel chain in hand. Ray whipped Styles with the steel chain. This was just ridiculous. Ray screamed at Knux and Bischoff to stay back. Ray threw down the chain and put up the hand sign for Aces and Eights. Ray flipped Styles over the ropes. Styles landed hard on the ramp. The dysfunctional group headed to the back, after Bully Ray screamed in Styles’ face.


–Jay Shannon

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