Posted October 6th, 2013 by Bill Apter

RVD (the challenger) vs. ALBERTO DEL RIO (the champion).

RVD was accompanied by Rodrigo Rodriguez. This match was fought under Hardcore Rules …
“Tonight the rules are like pinatas, made to be broken”–Jerry Lawler quoting Alberto Del Rio.

Quick highlights:

A chair comes into play early and RVD with a spectacular flying move sending Del Rio into the chair … Del Rio makes a quick comeback wit hthe chair smashing it over RVD’s back … Powerful kicks by Del Rio keep RVD grounded … RVD comes back with some kicks and a kneedrop on the ring apron … Ricardo points RVD to a ladder (the fans are chanting “ECW, ECW”) … He whips the champ into the ladder and Del Rio goes flying out of the ring.

RVD trys a Rolling Thunder on the ladder but Del Rio moves and gets him with an “inziguri” kick … Del Rio repeatedly bashes RVD with a garbage can … He tries to jump him from the top rope with the garbage can by RVD dropkicks it into Del Rib cage.

With Del Rio on the ladder RVD uses a split leg moonsault on him and tries for a pin but only gets a two count … He tries a “rolling thunder” and Del Rio moves and RVD is in trouble … Del Rio uses his arm breaker and Rodriguez comes in and hits him in the head with a bucket … RVD is tossed out of the ring … Ricardo and Del Rio are face to face … Del Rio and Ricardo battle and Ricardo winds up being beaten up and tossed out … RVD now dropkicks the ladder into the champion.

With Del Rio on the floor and the ladder on top of him, RVD comes off the ring with a dive — hurting both of them … In the ring RVD tries a pin and again only a two count … RVD gets a chair and goes to the top ropes … He comes off with a dropkick and the chair but Del Rio moved out of the way! RVD is hurt

Del Rio gets the chair and Van Dam gets smashed into it face first … The chair is around RVD’s left arm and the champ gets the armbreaker on him and RVD taps out!

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