Posted October 6th, 2013 by Bill Apter

All three members of the Shield come to the ring through the audience. Dean Ambrose stands at ringside as Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns enter the ring showing of the WWE tag tam belts.

The crowd goes wild as Dusty, Cody, and Goldust come into view.

Early in the match Ambrose nearly came to blows with Dusty but Cody and Goldust joined him at ringside as did Reigns and Rollins for Ambrose.

The match goes back and forth early on with both teams having the advantage but Shield doing a lot of double teaming on Cody … Cody wiht a moonsault on Rollins … Goldust gets the tag and is in total charge … Goldust with a flying bodypress and tries to pin Reigns but he kicks out … Goldust tries a dive and sails outside the ring near Ambrose … Rollins in charge of Goldust and now he is being double-teamed … Reigns tags in and punishes Goldust with a chinlock.

Reigns with a solid clothesline and pin attempt … Rollins in and continues to punish Goldust … Cody is tagged in … He dropkicks Rollins, kicks him low on the ropes and a head spin and almost a pin … All four are in the ring … Rhodes with a Disaster kick on Reigns .. Ambrose and Dust get into it and Dusty uses his Bionic Elbow on Ambrose and in the ring Cody uses a Cross Rhodes to pin Rollins!

Dusty cries joyful tears as he enters the ring to hug his sons! As they get up the ramp many stars of NXT, RAW, and Smackdown come out and embrace them!

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