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Hulk Hogan was given a week to consider if he was going to be on “Team Dixie (Carter)” or not. Going into Bound for Glory, what would The Hulkster do?

The Flashback Segment showed how Aces and Eights lost Wes Brisco. He was pinned by the Main Event Mafia and Bully Ray threw Wes out of the once-mighty club. Hulk Hogan tried to get A.J. Styles to sign a new contract but Dixie tore it up. Dixie warned Hogan that he needed to get in line.

Welcome back to Little Rock, Arkansas. Beautiful part of the world. I have a Great Aunt that lives there but haven’t seen her in many, many years.

A.J. Styles came out in street clothes. Styles appreciated that Hogan tried to smooth things over. Styles wasn’t surprised that Dixie missed it up. Styles said he was there to talk about Bully Ray. Styles also mentioned that he didn’t have a contract, so he was “All In”. Styles was cut off by the arrival of Bully and Brooke Tessmacher.

Ray ordered the music to be cut off. Ray noticed that Dixie was really in Styles’ head. Ray pointed out that Styles said he “Hoped” to win the title. Ray felt Styles was doubting himself. Ray warned Styles to worry about him, not Dixie. Ray talked about all the people that he did over. Ray brought up their “Last Man Standing Match” from two years back. Ray said he wanted to take Styles away from the fans. Ray got an “A.J.” chant going. Ray promised that the chants would stop, after October 20th. Styles said Ray and Dixie were just alike. Ray liked that because Dixie is ruthless and a superstar. Ray screamed that he was going to send Styles home to his wife and kids. Styles then brought up that Ray should focus on his match, tonight. Ray said he didn’t have a match. Styles let Ray know that he was going to face Samoa Joe. He did that by saying “Joe is going to Kill ya”.

Taz and Tenay talked about he night’s card. Magnus will run a Gauntlet against the three members of E.G.O..

In the back, Dixie and Styles had a face to face. Dixie reminded Styles that he only had one more responsibility. Dixie tried to throw Styles out of the building but he left, on his own, because he “didn’t want to breathe the same air” as Dixie.

Austin Aries joined Taz and Tenay on commentary for the next match.

Kenny King and Chris Sabin vs Manik and Jeff hardy

Velvet Sky was with her man, Sabin. Manik and Sabin looked to start but Chris tagged out to King. King and Manik took forever to lock up. Manik went after Sabin and King stomped and choked the X-Champ. Sabin also got involved. Sabin took the tag and punched away. Sabin choked Manik on the middle rope. Tag back to King. Whip into a Running Back Elbow by King. Tag back to Sabin. Chris wanted a Powerbomb but Manik countered and sent King flying while holding onto Sabin.

Tag to Hardy after Chris flew out of the ring. King reversed a Whip but ate Double Boots. Hardy with a Splash off the apron. Tag back to Manik. Manik trapped King in a modified Octopus. Manik then rolled forward and almost got the pin. European Uppercut by Manik. King was bleeding, again, from the cut from “last week”. King snapped Manik’s head over the top rope. Chris took the tag and hit the Double Boot Slider Dropkick. Sabin put Manik in the Sullivan Tree of Woe and then stood on Manik’s crotch. 2 count. King tagged back in and hit a Float Over Snap Suplex. King with wild punches to the X-Champ’s masked face.

Chris came back in and punched away. Sabin choked Manik, in the corner. Whip by Sabin but Manik with the boot. Missile Dropkick to the back of Sabin’s head. Ouch. King stopped Manik from tagging but Manik slid under and did it anyway. Hardy with the Spinning Mule Kick on Sabin. Front Drop X-Plex by Hardy, on King. Double Flying Clothesline by Hardy to both opponents. Sabin with an Enziguri to block the Twist of Fate. Northern Lights Suplex by King for 2. King lifted Manik up but Manik slipped free and sent King into Sabin. Mood Stabilizer by Manik. Swanton by Hardy.

Your Winners: Manik and Jeff Hardy
Impact Score: 3.75 out of a possible 5

Chris Sabin went to attack, post-match. Austin Aries got involved and challenged Jeff Hardy, Manik and Sabin to a Fatal Four Way match. Hardy upped the ante by saying he wanted to do something he had never done…An Ultimate X Match. Manik nodded that he would put up the X-Championship in that wild match. Wow! That is going to so steal the show…make book on that.

Sting chatted with Hulk Hogan. They talked about Eric Bischoff and Dixie Carter. Hulk knew Dixie was worse than Bischoff. Hulk said he had a tough decision to make. Sting said he would have Hogan’s back, no matter what. A girl brought in a gift from Dixie. It was the same watch that Dixie gave Sting, last year…as a retirement gift. Hulk joked that Bischoff never gave him anything.

Taz and Tenay looked back at the attack by E.G.O. on Magnus, last week. After the show, Sting and Magnus had a conversation. Magnus said he wanted to fight all three men, alone, that attacked him. Magnus had tweaked his knee, during the attack. Magnus refused to let Sting talk sense to him.

Magnus vs E.G.O
Gauntlet Match

Match #1: vs Christopher Daniels

Daniels looked like an extra from Metropolis with his odd goggles. The two hooked up and went to the corner. Elbow Drops by Daniels but Magnus with a Clothesline and hard punches. European Uppercut and Flying Back Elbow by Magnus. Daniels tried for a kick but Magnus caught the boot. Magnus rushed the corner but Daniels moved. Flying Clothesline by Daniels. Knife Edge Chop and Snap Mare by Daniels. Daniels choked Magnus with the tape on his wrist. The ref was shadowed out. Daniels with a weird Bulldog, into the ropes. Daniels choked Magnus, on the ropes. Daniels with a Rear Chin Lock. Daniels wanted the Angel’s Wings but Magnus broke free. Clothesline and Big Boot. Daniels flipped out of a Suplex. Standing Switch. Magnus with a Running Clothesline. Magus went up the ropes but Daniels pulled him down. Close Quarters Face Plant into a Seated Octopus. Magnus got the ropes to force the break. Daniels pointed to the corner and went fr the BME. Magnus got the boot up and hit the Magnus Driver.

Your Winner: Magnus

Match #2: Vs Kazarian

Kaz stopped to talk to Daniels. Magnus went out and got Kaz. Magnus pitched Kaz up over the top rope. Impact took a quick break.

Kaz escaped a Gorilla Press and ate a Bicycle Kick. Front Face Lock by Kaz but Magnus got to his feet and placed Kaz on the top rope. Kaz jumped off the turnbuckle and hit a Running Dropkick. 2 count. Kaz with Forearms and Knife Edge Chops. Snap Mare/Yakuza Kick by Kaz. Magnus shoved Kaz back and punched away. Kaz flew off the ropes and got planted with a Plexslam. Magnus went to the top and nailed the Savage Elbow. 2 count because Kaz got his foot on the bottom rope. Kaz shoved Magnus into the corner but took an Elbow. Pump Kick by Kaz. Magnus countered the Fade To Black into the Cloverleaf! Kaz tried to fight out but was in the center of the ring. He tapped out.

Your Winner: Magnus

Match #3: Vs Bobby Roode

I still like Roode’s robe. Takes me back to “the day” when men like Ric Flair and Greg Valentine wore that kind of stuff. Kaz clipped the knee of Magmus as Roode made his entrance. Roode stomped away on the ankle and leg as Impact took a break.

Magnus was still down as the show came back. Rodoe stomped away. During the break, Roode slammed the knee into the ring post. Roode with the Spinning Toe Hold and Fallback to snap the hamstring. Magnus tried to punch away but got laid out with a Running Clothesline. Roode stomped the left ankle. Knife Edge Chop by Roode. Roode put the leg around the middle rope and kicked the hamstring. Chop Block to Magnus’ bad leg and knee.

Roode went for a Figure Four but Magnus kicke dout and Roode hit the corner. Roode went straight back to work on the bad leg. Magnus Driver, out of nowhere. 1—2—-no. Magnus went back for the Cloverleaf. Roode refused to tap out. Roode bashed the hurt ankle to get free. European Uppercut by Magnus. Magnus went to the top. Magnus pushed Roode off the ropes but missed the Savage Elbow. Roode clamped on the Crippler Crossface. Magnus didn’t want ot tap out and he tried to crawl to the ropes. Just before he made it, Roode changed to an Ankle Lock. Roode Grapevinded the leg and Magnus had no choice but to tap out.

Your Winner: Bobby Roode
Complete Gauntlet Score: 4.0

Taz actually praised Magnus for his heart and ability. Odd, since Aces and Eights have been feuding with Magnus and the Main Event Mafia. The crowd showed their respect to Magnus, who looked so down. Magnus threw a chair into the ring steps out of frustration. Sting strolled out to talk to his M.E.M. teammate. Sting wanted to chat with Magnus but the Brit was so disappointed in himself that he didn’t want to talk. Sting said he wanted to talk but if Magnus wanted they could do this in public. He asked Magnus to talk in the back. Magnus refused to go to the back. Magnus said “I’ve had enough.”. Magnus got back in the ring and said everyone “sees it in me” but Magnus didn’t feel that he had it in himself. Magnus said all the others took it but he always comes up short. Magnus asked Sting not to try and give him another pep talk. Magnus said wrestling is “results driven” and he wasn’t performing at where he should be. Sting said he had to take the chance from Ric Flair, it wasn’t just handed to him. Magnus said he had nothing in Bound For Glory. Magnus said Sting had Flair to put him on the map but who did he have? Sting said he would face Magnus at Bound For Glory. It will be two Mafia members going at each other. Interesting.

Austin Aries brought some Vegan vitamins for Hulk Hogan. Aries admitted that they had a Love/Hate Relationship but he did respect Hulk and appreciated the opportunities that Hulk gave him. Aries talked about the two sides of Hogan: Red and Yellow and Black and White (Hollywood). Aries suggested that Hulk might consider his darker side. Hogan thanked Aries.

A profile of Hulk’s time in TNA ran. Hulk has had a monster run in TNA. Three years have helped to elevate TNA to levels never expected. Hulk has been a Face and a Heel. He’s been involved in so many of the top stories, both directly and indirectly.

Chris Sabin was asked if he was going out with Velvet Sky. Sabin said he had to worry about himself. He was going to have a diet soda and do some Tai-Chi and Yoga and then meditate. Sabin is really struggling to be a heel.

Impact looked, again, at Magnus’ Gauntlet Matches.

E.G.O. celebrated their collective win over Magnus. Daniels and Kaz highly praised Roode for finishing off Magnus for the team. Daniels na Kaz had a surprise set for next week. They said Bobby Roode was going into the Hall of Fame…the E.G.O. Hall of Fame. This was kind of silly. They started singing and I tried to do my best to ignore the caterwalling.

Brooke (Tessmacher) vs Velvet Sky
Number One Contender Match

Velvet shook and shimmied her way into the ring. The dangly thing form her belly button is such a risk in a wrestling match. Even if the opponent doesn’t grab it, it could get caught on something. My students would have NEVER been allowed in the ring with such a thing. Before the match could get started, Lei’d Tapa came out to the ring. Velvet rushed her and Sky got laid out. Brooke bailed out of the ring. Big Boot by Tapa. She even freaked out the ref. Tapa stomped at Sky’s back and stomach. Tapa threw the ref down. Tapa with a Samoan Drop on Sky. Tapa kept shrieking at the crowd.

Your Winner: Match Never Started
Impact Score: N/A

Some guy was getting out of his car. They never showed his face. It was a promo for “ETHAN”.

Impact showed how the GunSlingers (James Storm and Gunner) won the tag belts back at Slammiversary. James Storm talked about how great Gunner is. Gunner said Storm knew he (Gunner) was hungry. Storm said it was a Sinner (Storm) meets Saint (Gunner) situation. Storm said Gunner was a dangerous man. Gunner was certain that he and Storm would retain at Bound For Glory.

Taz and Tenay ran down the updated Bound for Glory card.

A promotional video for Kurt Angle aired.

Samoa Joe vs Bully Ray
Non-Title Match

The two circled each other before going into a Collar and Elbow. Joe worked over Ray’s arm. Ray reversed it into a Side Headlock. Joe sent Ray into the ropes. The two collided and no one moved. Ray talked trash and Joe just stared at him. Ray with a Back Elbow as Joe came off the ropes. Ray pushed Joe, who pushed back. Ray flew across the ring and cowered in the corner. Go Behind by Ray. Ray clubbed Joe’s neck. That ignited Joe’s temper and The Samoan Submission Machine toe into Ray with a flurry of offensive moves, ending in the Jumping Enziguri. Joe missed a Kneedrop but came back to slap on the Sleeper. Brooke cheered for her man. Ray sent Joe into the corner. Ray picked up his chain. The ref, Earl Hebner, took it away. When Earl put it in the corner, Ray nailed a Low Blow. It was time for a quick break.

During the inser bideo, Ray nailed a Short Arm Clothesline.Ray shouted at his foe.

Ray pulled Joe out nad hit a Clothesline. Ray missed the Jumping Elbow Drop. Ray and Joe traded hard punches. Joe was getting the better of it, until Ray hit a Kneelift. Joe exploded on Ray with Clothesline, an Inverted Atomic Drop, Clothesline and Backsplash Senton. Joe went for a Whip but it was reversed. Joe went up to the middle ropes and flew into Ray. Ray stumbled to the corner. Back Elbow to a charging Joe. Ray sent Joe into Earl. Joe dodged a Big Boot. Joe with a variation of the Kokina Clutch. Joe let him go and Ray got his chain. Ray flew off the ropes and blasted Joe in the face. Earl just happened to se it (First time in his professional life). Earl called for the bell.

Your Winner (by disqualification): Samoa Joe.
Impact Score: 2.5

Ray threw down Earl hebner and then pitched Joe out to the floor. Ray ran Joe into the announce table. Ray said he was going to Piledrive Joe on the concrete floor. A.J. Styles jumped the barrier and flew off the steps to take down Ray. Security, looking like the Keystone Kops, chased after him. Styles jumped into the crowd to party it up.

Dixie strolled out with a new graphic and updated music. Stephanie McMahon is just isn’t. The crowd really booed her, especially after she tried to cut the promo. Her way of “talking down” to the crowd is amateurish and boring. Dixie asked Hulk to join her in the ring and take care of business. Hulk strolled out to the n.W.o. theme music. Taz said hulk Hogan didn’t have any other options but to follow after Dixie. Dixie wanted to know if Hogan was ready to take his career to another level. Dixie talked about the watch, from Tiffany’s. Yawn. She wanted to know if he wanted to ride on the Dixie Train. There are SO many tacky jokes that I could make…but won’t. Hulk took the stick and thanked Dixie for the watch. Hulk said he thought over his 35 years in the business and how he wanted to be part of a Power Couple. Hulk told Dixie it was a great offer…for someone else. Hulk Hogan then proceeded to QUIT TNA! Hogan started to walk away and Dixie fell to her knees and clutched Hogan’s leg like a little kid not wanting Daddy to leave for work. Dixie then got all catty and FIRED Hulk. Dixie said she didn’t want him, anyway.

And TNA sinks a little lower towards oblivion.


–Jay Shannon

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