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Huntington Park-Mex Pro at the Dome:  Carnage pinned CJ KurzBorn Stars defeated Robby Lucha MachineMikey defeated B BoyTito Escondido in a 3-Way Dance…Carnage defeated JD Horror in a Death Match…Luke Hawx pinned Eric WattsThe Messiah pinned Famous B to become the news MEXPRO Heavyweight Champion.  (9/29/13)


Berwyn-All-American Wrestling at the Berwyn Eagles Club:  Colt Cabana & Juntai Miller defeated Dan LawrenceMarkus CraneACH pinned Christian RoseKung Fu Manch (Marion Fontaine & Louis Lyndon) defeated Zero GravityEddie Kingston pinned Jimmy JacobsMonster Mafia (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) defeated Team Ambition (Kyle O’Reilly & Davey Richards)..Heidi Lovelace pinned Jordan McIntyreSilas Young pinned Eddie EdwardsMichael Elgin pinned Keith WalkerShane Hollister pinned Arik Cannon.  (9/27/13)

Chicago-Chicago Style Wrestling at the Miraj Restaurant:  Sunny Ago pinned Rick the JanitorBrad Kevins defeated Colin CambridgeCarlos Rivera in a Triple Threat Match…The Arc Angel Nicki Sixx defeated Ex.Celetor PrismElite Paine Vs. If Looks Could Kill went to a Time-Limit Draw…Ruff Crossing pinned Nick BrubakerDa Soul Touchaz (Willie Richardson & Acid Jazz) defeated The Midwest Minute (Colin Smith & Chris Miller)Marshe Rockett pinned Sean MulliganNick Cutler pinned Steve Boz.  (9/27/13)

Bourdonnais-Chicago Style Wrestling Southland at the Legends Sportsplex:  Brad Kevins pinned Deuce TrayHunter Paine won an Over-The-Top-Rope Battle Royal…December pinned The AngelScott Spade pinned Sean MulliganThe Soul Touchaz (Acid Jazz & Willie Richardson) defeated Colin CambridgeCarlos Rivera and Chris MillerColin Smith in a Triple Threat Tag Team Tornado Match…Ace Martino pinned Nick BrubakerBrawn the Lumberjack defeated The Lunatic in a No DQ Hardcore Fans Bring The Weapons Match…Steve Boz pinned Hunter PaineNick Cutler pinned Diego CorleoneThe Polish Crippler pinned DTAMarshe Rockett pinned Marco AnthonyAce Martino pinned Steve Boz to become the first CSW Southland Champion…Hunter Paine pinned Ace Martino to become the new CSW Southland Champion.  (9/28/13)

Chicago-Division 3 Wrestling at the Schurz High School:  D’Angelo Steel pinned Dakota ProdigyKendra K.O. pinned EKWRicky the Janitor Vs. Sunny Ago ended in a Double countout…Bazooka pinned Rey FuegoJust A Mazing pinned Dante DVSXavier King defeated Cyrus PhoenixIceman to become the new Hardcore Champion.  (9/28/13)

Villa Park-GALLI Lucha Libre at the GALLI Arena:  Matt Knicks pinned Marcus ConradEl DestructorEl TraidorEl Emerador Azteca defeated D’Angelo SteeleGolden Dragon AtomicoPunisher 747 pinned Acid JazzThe Syndicate (Barry Ryte, Mason Conrad & Mike Matthews) Vs.  El Rebelde NoriegaChris CastroBryce Benjamin went to a No-Contest…Marshe Rockett defeated Will MoahMatt Creed in a Handicap Match…DiscoveryEl Kuni Silencio defeated El RosarioMike AnthonyMojo McQueenOvirload defeated Mark AndrewsPete Dunne.  (9/29/13)


Williamsburg-Pro Wrestling Freedom at the Williamsburg National Guard Armory: Ryan Dookie pinned Shane AndrewsKerry Awful pinned Jacob BlackBrian Beech pinned Kaden SadeNick Iggy pinned Jeremiah PlunkettTeam IOU (Nick Iggy and Kerry Awful) defeated Jacob Black &Jeremiah PlunkettJason Kincaid vs. Jordan Kage went to a 45-Minute Draw.   (9/21/13)


Escanaba-UPW at the Delft Theater:  Kaz Karter pinned Judge JesseJohnathan Smash pinned Brock HallBrett Powers defeated Shaun HughesDarkchildDamon VendettaMichael Wayne in an Elimination Match…Tyler Jackson defeated Jordy Lee in a Hair Vs. Beard Match…Seth Gambino pinned Slick RickInkJET Xpress defeated Bryan SkylineDevan Drake to become the new UPW Tag Team Champions…Nathan Gust defeated Peter Schwanz in a I Quit Match.  (9/7/13)

Wyandotte-Metro Pro Wrestling at the Rookies’ Bar:  Anthony Rivera pinned Invader #9Bry Sullivan defeated Alexander the GreatDonovan Danger in a Handicapped Match…Josh Movado defeated Willie WattsMark Gjoka pinned Paul BowserChristopher McGinnisAustin Manix defeated Trey MiguelAndrew Lee and Action JacksonMike Marvel to become the new MPW Tag Team Champions…Caleb Stills pinned Aiden PrinceDBA Eddie Venom defeated Legion.  (9/21/13)

Saginaw—Univeral Wrestling Alliance at The Knights of Columbus:   Nick Zero pinned T. BoneAdam Sniper pinned MitchEvan Brothers defeated The Pain KillersMad Dragon pinned Senator Bill John to become the new UWA U.S. Champion…Rude Boy defeated Terror Khan in a Grudge Match…Gideon Malice Vs. Alcatraz 187 with to a No Contest.  (9/22/13)

Clinton Township-XICW at the Imperial House:  Mad Dragon pinned Austin ManixChaz Montana pinned Caleb StillsMovado pinned Owen TraverseTroy Alexander Mike Marvel in a Gauntlet Match…Mark Gjoka pinned Paul BoswerPetey Williams pinned Andy MuscatDickie Bronson pinned Willie WattsSonnyVinnie Scarboni defeated The Fun Lovin’ Criminals (Zach Gowen & Jaime Coxxx) and The Painkillers in a Three Way Tag Match…Eddie Vemon pinned Carlito….DBA defeated Sabu in a Steel Cage Match.  (9/28/13)


Paulsboro-Monster Factory Pro Wrestling at the Monster Factory:  Bilvis Wesley pinned Anthony BennettMajor McClendon pinned James Coller… Marc Cruz Pinned. Shaheem AliThe Blue Meanie pinned Michael Burke”Good News” Hughes pinned Mike SpanosTeam Flex AppealShaheem Ali defeated Marc CruzJoe Gibson“Good News” Hughes in a Six-Man Tag Team Match.  (9/6/13)


Nashville-AIWF EDGE Wrestling at the Nashville National Guard Armory:  Jordan Flyght pinned Chris EscobarRG Moore pinned AlphaBobby Briscoe pinned James AnthonyNemesis pinned Broderick G. McQueenDamage Inc. defeated SGT. SmallErik EllisTony Platinum defeated Scotty Matthews by DQ…J. Swagg pinned Rex SterlingViper pinned Raymond King to become the new AIWF EDGE Heavyweight Champion.  (9/28/13)

Raleigh-GOUGE at the Rebus Works:  Ulrich Von Vorse defeated Trailer Part Heat by Submission…El Chaco defeated Alas De AngelGuerilla Ninja in a 3-Way Match…Otto Schwanz pinned KFC to become the new Raleigh Champion…Seymour Snott pinned Gluteus MaximusShawn Alexander pinned Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. to become the new North Carolina Champion.  (9/28/13)


Toledo-NWA Championship International Wrestling at The International Boxing Club:  Will Studd pinned Mitch JohnsonThe Lords of Kaos defeated D-Ray 3000 Sean CaseyLegion defeated Grizzly House JonesBuzz Manson by Countout…Sons of Michigan defeated Tre MiguelAndrew LeeGlass City Saints defeated H.U.R.TThe Great Akuma won a 20-Man Battle Royal…Sons of Michigan defeated Glass City SaintsSabastian Rosepinned Kris KorvisThe Lords of Kaos defeated Sons of MichiganLegion to become the First NWA Midwest Tag Team Champions…Nitro pinnedDamien Wayne to become the new NWA National Heavyweight Champion.  (9/15/13)

Cincinnati-Northern Wrestling Federation at Bone Krushers:  Nasty Russ pinned Miguel SanchezAngelBig Rig defeated The House of HorrorsDirty South defeated T-MoneyAaron ExtremeKyron defeated Danny Todd by DQ…Dustin LillardJohnny Robinson defeated Jason MontorossBrody CormickSean Harddrive pinned Pompano JoeThe Revolution defeated Matt StevensAnthony Bryant. (9/29/13)


Dunlap-International Wrestling Federation of Tennessee at the Southend Fire Department:  Gunner pinned BinkRegulator Bart pinned XLord Stevenspinned DexterBig Heavy pinned T.J. StarrRegulator Chris pinned Jay ImpactKilawaya pinned RedRedBinkR.J. StarJay ImpactX defeatedBig HeavyThe RegulatorsHouse of the Lord (Gunner & Kilawaya). (9/27/13)

Union City-Pro Wrestling Elite at the PWE Arena:   State of Shock defeated Black INCChris Hayes pinned Big Boy LeroyErik Hayes pinned VIPAmericos pinned Greg AnthonyJon Michael pinned Seth Knight.  (9/27/13)


El Paso-Xtreme Cruces Wrestling at It’s Your Party Hall:  Prince Kimo pinned Ryan DeanEl Illegal pinned Super ChaosAwesome Andy & LuchaStardefeated Dom VitalliNathan SinShadow Fox pinned Danny Gee to become the new Super Junior Champion…Hurricane Hector pinned Aydan Colt.  (9/28/13)

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