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It was a night filled with proposals as Raw prepped for the newest PPV, Battleground. Plus, the debut of Los Matadores (along with a special attraction).

C.M. Punk strolled out to open the show. The announcers pointed out the pink rope and graphic on the ramp to support the Susan G. Komen organization. I’m very proud to support this great group. Many female members of my family, including my mother, are Breast Cancer Survivors.

Raw looked at last week’s battle between Punk and Heyman’s forces. Punk talked about enjoying unpredictability. He said he was ok with being jumped by Heyman’s guys. Punk was ready to put Curtis Axel to sleep and then go forward to take the fight to Ryback. After defeating Ryback, Punk will finally go after and get Paul Heyman. Punk was ready to put an end to Heyman. Punk said he wouldn’t leave the ring until he was given a fight. Punk swore to put Heyman out of his misery.

Brad Maddox walked from the back. Punk teased Maddox for not having entrance music. Brad did understand the frustration that Punk was dealing with. Brad was the first to bring out the “Best of Business” catchphrase. (The shots are starting early, this week). Brad would be able to give Punk a fight, if he really wanted one. Punk was cut off by the arrival of Big E. Langston. Langston took the stick and said he would battle Punk. He then jumped the Second City Saint.

C.M. Punk vs Big E. Langston

Langston took the early advantage with hard shots. Brad called for a ref as Langston rushed and hit the ring post. Raw took a quick break.

The battle was in full gear. Langston rushed at Punk, outside the ring, and hit the ring post. Punk with a series of wild kicks. Back in the ring, Langston was dropped by a Punk Top Rope Crossbody. One-Arm Uranage Slam by Langston. 1-2-not quite yet. Langston with a brutal Splash to Punk’s back, but he still only got a 2 count. Single Leg Crab by Langston. Punk escaped and lit up Langston with chops, kicks and punches. Brick Wall by Langston. Langston lifted Punk but Punk went into a Sunset Flip. Close Quarters Belly to Belly Suplex by Langston for a two. Langston punted Punk’s ribs. Punk came back with Forearm shots. Langston caught Punk off the roeps but couldn’t hold him. Crescent Kick by Punk for 2 plus. Punk lifted Langston but couldn’t hold him there. Short Arm Clothesline by Langston for another 2 count. Langston went for another big Splash but Punk rolled out of the way.

Langston charged the corner but Punk wasn’t there. Kicks and a Leg Lariat, by Punk, laid out Langston. Swinging Neckbreaker by Punk. Elevator Knee into the Short Arm Clothesline by Punk. Savage Elbow! Punk told the whole crowd that it was nighty night time. Go To Sleep!

Your Winner: C.M. Punk
Raw Ranking: 2.5 out of a possible 5

Michael Cole brought up the issues with the Rhodes Family vs the McMahons/HHH. Trip fired Cody, several weeks ago. HHH has invited the Rhodes Family to come to Raw to hear a lucrative business proposal. Break Time.

Fandango and Summer Raw (aka Mrs. Fandango) made their entrance. Fandango had his own specialized “Rise Above Cancer” t-shirt.

Fandango vs Kofi Kingston

Raw showed a YouTube Highlight Reel of Kofi’s Trouble in Paradise Finisher. Back to live action. Fandango started with punches and kicks. Kofi sent Fandango to the ropes but got Steam Rolled. Universal into a Flying Back Elbow. Kofi with a Float Over Hurancanrana. Enziguri and wicked Clothesline by Fandango. 2 count. Short Arm Clothesline by Fandango. Snap Suplex Float Over by Fandango. 2 count, yet again. Rear Chin Lock by Fandango. Kofi Elbowed his way free. Kofi with a wild flip into a DDT. Kofi with a Dropkick but then got Snake Eyed into the corner. Kofi caught Fandango on the ropes but Fanny used a Headbutt to get free. Kofi moved back to avoid the Perfect Score Leg Drop. Fandango dropped off the ropes and rushed…only to end up on the wrong end of Trouble in Paradise.

Your Winner: Kofi Kingston
Raw Ranking: 3.0

Bray Wyatt suddenly made an appearance. Kofi grabbed a steel chair to protect himself. Bray rambled on and on about how life had treated him so badly. Bray now knew what he had to do. He needed to take out everyone. “Follow the Buzzards!”

Dolph Ziggler will battle Damien Sandow at the kickoff of Battleground.

The Bellas were talking as Randy Orton came up. Randy congratulated Brie for getting engaged to Daniel Bryan. Randy wanted to know when “the Big Day” was. He warned Brie to plan the wedding before Battleground. Randy said Daniel might not be able to walk after Sunday’s PPV>

Renee Young interviewed Paul Heyman. Paul talked about C.M. Punk’s descent into madness. Paul said Punk was a nobody who will never be able to bully Paul in the future. Renee suggested that Heyman might be setting a trap for Punk. Paul admitted that every breath he takes is a trap in waiting for Punk. Paul said he had a huge night planned, front and center. Paul dared Punk to try and wreck his evening plans.

And now…it is time…para Los Matadores!

Heath Slater and Jindar Mahal vs Diego y Fernando (con El Torito)

I thought the Snake Charmer gimmick, on last week’s Smackdown, was bad. Los Matadores (obviously Epico and Primo) took goofiness to all new levels. They came out with a Mexican Midget in a bull suit, complete with a mask with a nose ring and horns. I first thought Hornswoggle was getting to do double duty but several people informed me that El Torito was a lot thinner and a tad taller than Hornswoggle. Well, at least El Torito made my wife, Dianna, giggle. El Torito bounced up and over the ropes while Diego and Fernando did their thing. Fernando is slightly taller than Diego.

Diego opened up against Jindar. Go Behind into a Standing Switch. Deep Arm Drag by Diego. Diego with a Slide Under into a Hurancanrana. Diego sent Jindar into the corner. Monkey Flip with a tag to Fernando. Heath also tagged in. Nice Leg Sweep into a Flying Head Scissors by Hernando. Tag to Diego. Fun Spinning Double Whip into a Double Back Drop. Jindar took the tag and nailed a Flying Knee Strike. Suplex by Jindar but only a one count. Jindar with repeated Kneedrops, off the ropes. Tag to Heath. Jindar with a Scoop Slam and Heath with a Kneedrop. Heath with a Scoop Slam. Inverted Big Swing Leg Scissors by Fernando. Tag to Diego. Diego with Spinning Forearm to rock Heath. Modified Buff Buster to heath. The two men came in to finish off Heath with the “Estocada” (the Spanish term for the Death Blow in bullfighting).

Your Winners/Los Ganadores: Los Matadores
Raw Ranking: 3.0

After Los Matadores and El Torito partied in the ring, the announcers switched to talking about the Rhodes family. The Family Summit is up next.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon came to the ring. Stephanie is still being called “The Owner” of the WWE. I’m wondering if the WWE is planning to have Vince McMahon vs The Authority (the new term for HHH and Steph).

The Power Couple then invited Dusty, Dustin (Goldust) and Cody to join them in the ring. They came out to Dusty’s music. All three Rhodeses were dressed up in suits. Dustin came out in face paint. The trio made their way into the ring as the crowd went wild. Stephanie welcome the men to Raw. Stephanie congratulated Cody for getting married, recently. He married Kaitlyn, by the way. HHH didn’t understand why there was so much hostility there was from Dusty and his kids. HHH ran down the event leading up to this moment. HHH took shots about Dusty never being able to make it past Florida, even with the Polka Dots. HHH got right up in Cody’s face before making Opportunity Four. Stephanie discussed how Dusty ran the training center down in Florida. Stephanie said they would give Cody and Dustin the chance to gain their jobs back…if they could beat Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns at Battleground. However, if they were to lose…Dusty would lose his trainer position in Florida and his boys would NEVER work in the WWE, again. Dusty said he would take the match but only if he could be at ringside for his boys. Dusty went nose to nose with HHH and HHH warned the “Old Man” not to cross the line. Stephanie said The Dream seemed might be itching for a fight and he just might get it. As HHH and Stephanie left the ring, the Rhodes Family was attacked by The Shield. All three members of the Rhodes family were laid out, starting with Goldust getting Speared by Roman. They then destroyed Cody. Dusty got a chair but they did a Triple Stomp as Dusty slid in the ring. They went back after Cody and put him down with the Sword of Justice Triple Powerbomb. The Shield stood over the broken bodies of two generations of Rhodes men.

R-Truth vs Curtis Axel
Non-Title Match

Paul Heyman was at Axel’s side. This match came about because Stephanie has been taunting Truth about not holding gold or even being in a title match for a very long time. Paul clutched the white I-C belt like a child.

Collar and Elbow into a Throw by Axel. Truth did a little dance thing and got the crowd going. Axel talked trash and Pie Faced Truth. Truth came back and clocked Axel in the jaw. Another Collar and Elbow and they ended up in the ropes. Truth kicked Axel’s leg and he flipped like his dad, Mr. Perfect, used to do. Truth with the Corner Mount Punches. Axel dropped Truth over the top rope. Punt by Axel. The two went back and forth with punches, with Truth getting the advantage. That advantage would disappear when Axel nailed a sharp Dropkick. Rear Chin Lock by Axel. Big Boot by Truth into a European Uppercut and series of Clotheslines. Flip Stunner by Truth for a two count.

Truth went for a Dropkick but Axel held onto the ropes. C.M. Punk’s music went off and Axel was distracted. Truth snuck up and planted Axel with his “Facing the Truth” finisher.

Your Winner: R-Truth
Raw Ranking: 2.75

Punk, by the way, didn’t come out during the match.

The Bellas walked backstage. Brie will be fighting, next.

A promo video ran for C.M. Punk.

The announcers made it official that Trish Stratus gave birth to her son…Maximus…on Monday. Congratulations to the new mom. The announcers then sent it to a package about the engagement of Brie Bella and Bryan Danielson (pka Daniel Bryan). I wish for the happy couple many years of peace and happiness.

Alicia Fox vs Brie Bella

JBL joked that Brie was marrying Hagrid. Jerry Lawler so didn’t get the reference. It’s Harry Potter…King. Raw looked back at Randy Orton’s threat from earlier in the night.

Collar and Elbow and Fox took over on the arm. Brie flipped over and hit a Fireman’s Carry Takeover. Fox took Brie to the ropes and offered a handshake. It was a ploy as Fox kicked Brie to the outside. Fox choked Brie on the rope. A.J. Lee and Tamina watched the match, form the back. Suplex by Fox. Fox slammed Brie’s face into the canvas and tried for a pin. She only got two. Head Scissors by Fox but Brie arched around to get free. JBL talked about how Kevin Von Erich used to do that. Leg-Plex Faceplant by Fox. Rear Chin Lock by Fox. Brie fought free and hit a Flying Crossbody and Dropkicks. Running Knee by Brie. Fox went to the outside and then kicked Brie up in the head. Clothesline (sloppy) to the back of Brie’s head. Hard Slap into the X-Factor.

Your Winner: Brie Bella
Raw Ranking: 1.5

Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman were talking in the locker room. Paul was trying to calm Axel down. Paul thought Punk was playing right into their hands. Ryback came in and said they should give Punk what he wants, a call out. Paul asked Ryback to go grab a snack so he could talk to Axel. Paul talked about how much better life was since Ryback saved him. Paul said “I am going out to the ring and I’m going to PROPOSE to Ryback”. Seriously? Billy and Chuck are reborn?

Raw looked at how Big Show was ordered to knock out Miz, last week. On Smackdown, HHH really stabbed the stick at the Angry Giant. Show said everyone tells him to do “the right thing” but that’s not always easy when your neck is on the line. Show said he had to do what was right, by his family. Show said there was only so much that he could take. Show stated that he couldn’t and wouldn’t take it anymore. Show said he was going to find HHH and show HHH exactly how he feels…by knocking Triple H Out! Show stumbled off, looking for “The Boss”.

Brad Maddox was talking with R-Truth. Big Show came in and slammed Brad up against the wall, demanding to know where Triple H was. Show ordered Brad to find HHH and bring him to the office. Brad scampered away.

Zack Ryder vs Alberto Del Rio
Non-Title Match

Del Rio will have to battle Rob Van Dam, at Battleground, under Hardcore Rules. The bell rang and the two locked up. They went to the corner. Zack sent Del Rio to the ropes but got run over. Universal into a Hip Toss by Ryder. Zack clubbed away at the World Champ. ADR reversed a Whip but missed a Splash. Flapjack by Zack. Ryder sent Del Rio sailing out of the ring. Zack flew over the top rope but missed his target. Del Rio stomped away and then flexed his pecs. Del Rio threw Zack back in the ring and tried for a pin. When he only got two, Del Rio moved to a variation of the Camel Clutch. Sunset Flip by Ryder for two. Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker by Del Rio. ADR went back to the modified Camel Clutch. Zack punched his way almost free. Kneelift by ADR. Zack with a Flying Face Plant. Double Knees by Zack. Missile Dropkick sent ADR to the corner. Flying Forearm, into the corner, followed by the Broski Boot! 1-2-not quite yet. Zack set his sights on the Rough Ryder but Del Rio avoided it and hit a wicked German Suplex. Del Rio nailed the Cross Armbreaker, in the ropes, and then applied it again, in center ring. Tap Out.

Your Winner: Alberto Del Rio
Raw Ranking: 2.75

Raw showed respect to Breast Cancer Survivors, as well as to members of the Susan G. Komen organization.

Ryback came out with Paul Heyman. Paul had mentioned earlier that he had a proposal for Ryback. Paul really pushed the segment to make it sound like a “Wedding Proposal”. It was a major swerve. The Proposal was to have Ryback become a “Heyman Guy”. Paul even got down on one knee to “propose”. What the heck ever. I try very hard not to judge people on their lifestyle choices. If a person is happy, who am I to tell them they are wrong? That being said, this segment was an insult to all forms of marriage that I am familiar with.

C.M. Punk’s music hit and Punk came through the crowd. He seemed to seriously injure his leg when he jumped the barricade. Punk really played it up to the hilt. The ring doctor was worried until Punk whispered into his ear. Punk then went under the ring to find…a kendo stick. He first struck Paul and then took out both Ryback and Curtis Axel with it. Punk completed the first part of his goal by nailing Curtis Axel with the Go To Sleep, after splintering the kendo stick all over Axel. Punk’s music then went off, again.

Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns (The Shield) vs Dolph Ziggler and Jimmy and Jey Uso

Dean started against Dolph. Collar and Elbow took them to the corner. Dean with a series of punches and then ran Dolph’s face on the top rope. Universal into a wicked Dropkick by Dolph. Crossbody and punches by Dolph. Kneelift by Dean and tag to Seth. Dolph with a Hip Toss and tag Jimmy Uso. Scoop Slam and Diving Headbutt. Jey took the tag and laid out Seth with a Crossbody. Arm Bar by Jey. Seth with a solid punch and tag to Dean. Dean with a Palm Strike and Headbutt. Snap Mare by Dean. Tag to Seth. Seth with a Measure Punch and kicks to Jey’s back. Dean tagged back in and they sent Jey to the ropes. Jimmy made the blind tag and the Usos took The Shield apart. Dolph sent Roman to the outside. The Usos threw Dean and Seth out of the ring and hit Stereo Suicide Dives. Break Time.

Seth with a Rear Chin Lock on Jimmy Uso. Jimmy blocked a Suplex and hit one of his own. Both men were stunned. Dean made the tag and cut off the path to the corner for Jimmy. Crossfaces by Dean. Sleeper by Dean. He so reminds me of Buddy Jack Roberts. Dean dropped Jimmy and tagged to Roman. Roman stomped on Jimmy’s chest. Jumping Elbow Drop by Roman to mock Dolph. Rear Chin Lock by Roman. Jimmy Elbowed and Punched free but Roman with a Spinning Side Suplex. 2 count. European Uppercut and Low Bridge by Jimmy. Roman tumbled to the floor. Roman got in and took a Superkick to the face. The fans chanted for Jimmy to reach his corner. Seth tagged in and Dropkicked Jey off the apron.

Dolph got the tag and ripped into Dean, who had also tagged in. Heart Stopper Elbows by Dolph. He Dropkicked Seth, who was flying into the ring. Famouser by Dolph but Roman made the save. Jey threw Roman out and went after Roman. Dean stopped him. Seth with a brilliant Enziguri. Dolph with the Zig Zag. Roman, who had tagged in, nailed the Spear on Dolph.

Your Winners: The Shield
Raw Ranking: 3.75

Big Show was still waiting. He took off his jacket and tie and got ready to blast HHH. Triple H kept well hidden. Raw went to break

Cops came in to arrest Big Show for threatening a WWE Superstar. Stephanie McMahon came in to keep Show from going to jail. Stephanie ended up taking shots at Big Show with talk of mortgage payments and less than adequate interpersonal relationships between Show and his wife. Show waited for everyone to leave and then punched a major hole in the wall, right through the HHH Poster.

Renee Young talked with Rob Van Dam. RVD sent it to a Top 10 Extreme RVD video on YouTube. Wow! RVD knew Del Rio was sadistic and brutal but RVD felt ADR had no clue about Hardcore. RVD said Hardcore = Rob Van Dam.

It was announced the Big Show will face all three members of The Shield, this Friday, on Smackdown.

In the ring, Zeb Colter called Mississippi a “Third World Country”. Zeb said the Real Americans only wanted Real Americans chanting along with them.

Antonio Cesaro vs Santino Marella

Great Khali and Hornswoggle joined Santino at ringside. Raw looked back at the Cesaro Swing of Titus O’Neil, on Smackdown. Unbelievable.

Santino took a Side Headlock. Antonio tried to push off but Santino wouldn’t let go. Arm Drag by Santino but Antonio with a huge European Uppercut. Antonio with a Whip and Running European Uppercut, into the corner. Double Stomp by Antonio for a two. Santino tried for a Float Over but got caught. Santino fought out of the Cesaro Swign nad hit the Santino Splitz and Hip Toss. Falling Headbutt led to the appearance of the Cobra. Cesaro Swing. Dang, that made ME dizzy. Santino tried to get up but fell back down. Santino with a weird Arm Bard Rolling Pin.

Your Winner: Santino Marella
Raw Ranking: 2.0

Jerry Lawler was in the ring. He brought out both Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton. Before he brought out Daniel, Lawler showed a few photos of the Happy Couple. Lawler asked both men to hold off on the physicality, until Sunday. Lawler talked about the title being stripped. Randy admitted that he was very upset at the initial decision not to give the belt back to him. Randy said HHH inspired and motivated him to become his true self. Randy told Daniel that he would beat Daniel because he was genetically superior to a weak, B-Player, Goat Faced Troll like Daniel. Daniel said Randy was a good talker, other than being a bit monotone. Daniel said HHH needed to inspire Randy because he wanted to make money or because Randy couldn’t reach his true potential without HHH’s help. Daniel screamed that he never needed anyone’s help to reach his full potential. Daniel got a “Yes!” chant going, which set off Orton. He did a series of “No” chants. Randy brought up how wrong Brie had to be to settle for Daniel. Randy really pushed the limit and then too far when he said Brie would someday realize she was sleeping with a Barnyard Animal. Daniel went wild on Randy until Randy threw Daniel into the ring steps. Randy threw Daniel into the ring post, twice. Randy grabbed both arms and pulled Daniel into the post. Front Drop Suplex sent Daniel over the barricade. Randy punched away. Randy with an Apron Assisted DDT. He did pause long enough to let Brie rush down to beg for mercy. Randy took apart the announce table as Brie screamed at Randy to stop. That just urged him on to do more punishment. Randy slammed Daniel into the top of the table. Randy then climbed up top and put Daniel through the table with an RKO. Refs rushed out and got Randy to move away. Brie rushed over to check on her fallen fiancé.


–Jay Shannon

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