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TNA IMPACT Wrestling Wrestlers of the Week 9.26.13
By Neil Borenstein

Each week here at, I will select three of the top wrestlers from TNA’s IMPACT Wrestling and present them to you in inverse order as the show’s Wrestlers of the Week. In choosing the show’s top three superstars, performances from that week’s IMPACT Wrestling and any relevant preceding programming – such as Pay-Per-Views – will be taken into consideration.

TNA IMPACT Wrestling Wrestlers of the Week for September 26, 2013

3. Eric Young, Joseph Park and ODB — for combining in a victory over Robbie E., Jesse Godderz and Gail Kim:

ODB winning the Knockouts Championship against Mickie James a week ago was monumental for the longtime member of the TNA roster. It is her fourth Knockouts Title reign and first in almost three years. Yet, the celebration of that championship win was almost ruined by The Bro Mans — Robbie E. and Jesse Godderz, who subsequently lost matches to Eric Young and then suffered further punishment from Park.

That led to a match being booked for this week that partnered ODB, Young and Park up against The Bro Mans and seemingly the next in line for a Knockouts Title opportunity, Gail Kim. The end result was a team effort for the combination of ODB, Young and Park.

When Young almost had the match put away with a cover on Godderz, Kim came in to break the count at two. ODB sent Kim to the ramp as a result, and she turned around to find Robbie E. standing behind her, threatening to drill her with a right hand. Instead, ODB grabbed Robbie E.’s face and smashed it in her bosom, and then Park ran in to closeline him to the floor.

Inside the ring, Young lifted Godderz up for a driver before heading up top. After directing Park to deliver a splash off the second turnbuckles, Young followed with a long flying elbow drop. He tagged in ODB, who hit a splash of her own before transitioning into a cover for a three-count.

This was an incredibly happy trio after the match, and rightfully so. They put up a nice team effort in this win and gained a bit of momentum should this feud of sorts continue.

2. Manik — for retaining the X-Division Championship despite Chris Sabin’s repeated underhanded tactics:

Last week was supposed to be a big night for Manik. The X-Division Champion was granted a match against a man he greatly looked up, Jeff Hardy, and put on a hell of a performance against the Charismatic Enigma. After the match, however, he was attacked by Chris Sabin, who got in his face a bit prior to the match, and Hardy had to make a save for the man he just defeated.

Taking immediate advantage of this newfound tension, Sabin was gifted an X-Division Title Match this week against Manik. Prior to the match, Sabin made another “friend” when he decided to get in Austin Aries’ face and that would lead to something later on.

First, the title match was at hand and it was clear Sabin would seek to get the win through any underhanded tactics he needed to pull out. From faking a knee injury to using his girlfriend, Velvet Sky, as a shield, Sabin continued to show his true colors. It still would not be enough to defeat Manik and recapture the X-Division gold.

When Manik had Sabin in a submission toward the end of the match, Sabin crawled to the ropes and grabbed a hold of Sky’s hands. Against her wishes, he held strong and dragged her into the ring when Manik pulled Sabin away from the ropes. When Manik let go, Sabin grabbed Sky and hid behind her in the corner.

As the referee tried to break that up, Sabin waited for the right moment to push past Sky and catch Manik with a rollup, which Manik still managed to quickly reverse for a cover of his own that went for a three-count.

Sky and Sabin were taken aback by what transpired — each for different reasons, though. Upset at taking the loss, Sabin attacked Manik from behind after the bell, stomping on the champion until Aries ran down to the ring for the save.

Manik isn’t doing so well in these postmatch beatdowns, but he’s performed well in the ring during his actual matches. A loss to Hardy might have been tough, but he rebounded nicely with a win against a former X-Division Champion in Sabin, and that momentum should hold as he continues to defend the title.

1. Austin Aries — for shutting Kenny King up by winning an impromptu match after being interrupted by the arrogant X-Division standout:

Austin Aries’ role on Thursday night was not solely to step in the way of Chris Sabin delivering further punishment toward Manik. Instead, he was looking to once again shake things up in TNA a bit … when he was suddenly interrupted by Kenny King.

King was still annoyed over Aries’ antics back in June when he dressed up as Suicide and “stole” the X-Division Championship. This confrontation led to much bickering and a call from Aries to just go ahead and fight. King originally declined, but that was just to work in a sneak attack. Aries recovered to fight back and get King out of the ring, but Aries got on the mic and called for a match anyway. A referee came out and whether he wanted it or not, King was forced to take part.

King was bleeding right out of the gate — to the point of having a pretty healthy crimson mask going. At times, that seemed to fuel him just a little bit more in his attack against Aries. Still, it was not enough to win the match and back up his talk from moments before.

He almost had it when he met Aries up top and connected on a big suplex off the middle turnbuckle to get Aries back down to the mat for a pin attempt. Only a two-count followed, and King tried to stay on Aries with running knees in the corner. Aries moved and King went into the turnbuckles instead. Aries then hit the running dropkick in the corner before pulling King in for a brainbuster. He covered and collected the three-count to take the win.

This was a nice match and hopefully something TNA doesn’t just toss aside as a one-bout deal, as Aries and King could have a hell of rivalry. Still, Aries’ involvement with Chris Sabin might muck that up a bit. Either way, Aries seems to be in good control of what he’s doing and remains as ready to have an impact as he always does.

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