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Aces and Eights experienced more problems as the Main Event Mafia was ready to send another member of the collapsing group into exile. Plus, Chris Sabin continued to spiral out of control.

The show opened with a look back at Magnus running afoul of E.G.O.. That led to a six-man tag between the Main Event Mafia and E.G.O.. Bully Ray slapped his “Brothers” in the face when he gave Brooke Tessmacher credit for his success. A.J. Styles went off on Dixie Carter for not knowing anything about wrestling. He said he was going to make Dixie beg for him to stay in TNA and to pay, big time. Dixie did a Stephanie McMahon and talked aobut how TNA belonged to her, not Styles.

Sting came up to talk with Dixie. Sting wanted to know what was up with Dixie’s attitude and actions towards A.J. Styles. Dixie told Sting not to worry about her. She then walked off.

Mike Tenay ran down the night’s card. Hulk Hogan will be in the house for a reaction.

The World Champ, Bully Ray, and his girl, Brooke, strolled down to the ring. Taz pushed how great Ray was/is. Ray said he was shocked by the behavior of Dixie Carter. He was happy that Dixie put Styles in his place. Ray said he didn’t have to worry about Styles anymore. Dixie had Styles’ head all messed up. Ray thought Styles should kiss the ground that Dixie walked on. Ray gave Dixie credit for Styles’ persona and success.

Bully was interrupted by the other three wrestling members of Aces and Eights. Knux wasn’t happy that Bully was dealing with “Bully Business” not “Club Business”. Knux called Brooke “Your Ho”. He accused Ray of putting the Ho before the Bros. Ray really tore into Knux for the insult to his girl. That started a huge “Ho!” chant. Knux said Bully would not be part of the match against the Main Event Mafia. Ray said he ruled the Aces and Eights, not them. He felt that he made the rules. Ray talked about what he did to Devon, D’Lo and Anderson. He warned them to “Fall in Line”. Ray said if the trio were to lose, the person who lost would be OUT of Aces and Eights. Ray then left while screaming “Get the job done or it’s Lights Out for one of you”. Taz tried to justify Bully Ray’s attitude. Taz felt Ray had a plan for the match.

Impact showed ODB winning the Knockout Championship from Mickie James. ODB will join her hubby, Eric Young, and Joseph Park to fight the Bromans and Gail Kim. In the locker room, Park was shaving and singing Neil Diamond. Eric said if Park were to cut himself, he would turn into The Monster. Eric said Park wasn’t allowed to shave on the day of a match. ODB told Eric not to even consider losing his beard.

Gail Kim, Jessie G and Robbie E (The Bromans) vs ODB, Eric Young and Joseph Park
Inter-Gender Six-Person Tag Team Match

Impact looked back at how the Bromans attacked Joseph Park, last week. They set off “The Monster” when they busted him open.

Back to this week. The girls faced off but Gail taggd out. ODB was ready to battle Robbie E but the ref forced the tag to Park. Robbie shoved Park, who shoved back. Robbie went for a Crossbody but Park stood solid. Robbie wanted a Scoop Slam but couldn’t get Park up. Park then nailed a Scoop Slam. Robbie went to the eyes. Big Boot by Park. Park also nailed Jessie.

Jessie took the tag and talked trash. Double Whip to the corner. Jessie choked Park on the middle turnbuckle. Dropkick by Jessie. Jessie went for the Sunset Flip but Park blocked it. Park missed the Butt Drop. Robbie with the tag and Flying Clothesline. Flying Foreaem, off the ropes, by Robbie. Full Mount Punches by Robbie. Robbie screamed at park but Park nailed a Samoan Drop. (Why does Tenay keep calling it a Fallaway Slam?) There was a tag but the ref was distracted and didn’t let it happen. Park got Triple Teamed. Gail attacked Park, who wouldn’t strike back. In this match, the genders could fight each other. Park with a huge Clothesline on both guys. Tag to Eric.

Double Crossbody off the top to nail both BroMans members. Belly to Belly Suplex on Jessie but Gail made the save. ODB thew Gail out of the ring. Robbie got in ODB’s face. ODB rammed Robbie’s face into her abundant cleavage. Spicoli Driver by Eric. Park with a big Splash off one corner. Eric followed up with a Savage Elbow off the opposite one. ODB made the pin after hitting her own Splash.

Your Winners: ODB, Eric Young and Joseph Park
Impact Score: 2.0 out of a possible 5

Austin Aries was asked what his plans were now. Aries said he would tell everyone, after the break.

Hulk Hogan walked backstage. He was asked about what happened between Styles and Dixie. Hulk said he was there to settle things.

Austin Aries strolled out to address the crowd. Aries was happy with the welcome that he got. People have been asking Aries what his plans are, post Bound for Glory Series. Aries started to talk about how he was going to be part of the main event scene at Bound For Glory when out walked…

Kenny King. King was out to speak his mind. King said Aries was getting on his nerves. Aries invited King to join him in the ring. King bragged about how great 2012 into 2013 was for him. He accused Chris Sabin of stealing his title and then Aries doing the Manik costume thing to steal his title. King did acknowledge that Aries’ plan was brilliant but King still owed Aries. King suggested that Aries was washed up as the best. Aries but King off and mocked King’s “Pretty Boy Pitbull” nickname. Aries challenged King to fight him. Aries started to undress for a battle. King refused to fight. When Aries looked away, King with the Pearl Harbor. Bad move, Skippy. Aries blasted King. King tried to run away but Aries called for a ref and demanded a battle. Brian Hebner forced King back towards the ring. Aries flew off the top rope and cracked King. Aries finished getting undressed and the battle was ready to go…after a few commercials.

Austin Aries vs Kenny King

As the show returned, King was in deep trouble. The bell sounded to make it official. Aries choked King with King’s shirt. During the break, Aries had sent King into the ring steps. King was bleeding like crazy. Aries with hard punches. Aries wiped King’s blood across his (Aries’) chest. The two went to the floor and King ran Aries into the apron. King choked Aries with the boot. Snap Mare/Yakuza Kick. Full Mount Punches by King. Hard Whip into a Backsplash, into the corner. King missed the Springboard Twisting Legdrop. Aries with wild Open Hand Slaps. Hammer Throw by Aries into an Inverted Atomic Drop. King flipped Aries to the apron. Aries rolled over the back of King. Uranage Gutbuster by Aries. Pendulum Elbow Dro by Aries. King blocked the Brainbuster and hit a Discus Haymaker. The two traded hard shots but King avoided the Roaring Elbow. Jumping Spin Kick by King. Aries snapped King’s neck on the top rope. King hit the ropes to trip Aries. Enziguri. T-Bone Superplex by King but he only got a two.

King missed a Full Spring Dropkick but Aries didn’t. Brainbuster!

Your Winner: Austin Aries
Impact Score: 4.0

A promo piece for Lei’d Tapa ran. She did so well on the Knockout Knockdown PPV.

Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky ran into Austin Aries. Sabin really tooted his own horn about how he built the X-Division…all by himself. Sabin was ready to become the 7-time X-Champ. Sabin went too far when he said he would become “Greater than the greatest man who ever lived”. Aries wanted to test the theory.

Impact looked back at Bully Ray threatening his remaining three lieutenants in Aces and Eights. If one of them loses, tonight, they are gone from Aces nad Eights.

In the locker room, Magnus was having a problem dealing with his recent losses. Sting told Magnus to stop and listen to Samoa Joe. Sting told Magnus that he was better than Aces and Eights and their mind games.

Hulk Hogan was on deck to discuss the Dixie Carter situation.

TNA looked at A.J. Styles’ rant from last week. It then showed how Dixie turned Diva/Princess and ripped Styles a new one large enough to drive an 18-wheeler through. Dixie got all grumpy and ended the show. Waaahhhh. Get her some cheese to go with that whine.

Hulk Hogan came out. I love it. Someone in the crowd was wearing a “Daniel Bryan – Respect the Beard” shirt and that let it be shown on screen. Taz and Tenay disagreed about what Hogan was going to say and do. The crowd was beyond electric for the Hulkster. Hogan talked about being in TNA for almost 4 years, 2 years of which he has been the General Manager. Hogan said he has seen a lot in 35 years but he did not agree with airing dirty laundry in public. Hogan asked the fans if they wanted Styles to stay in the company. The crowd was pretty solid in supporting that idea. Hogan asked the fans to share their love of A.J. Styles. The crowd erupted. Hulk said he was going to find a solution for this situation…tonight. Also noticed one of those Tweety Bird yellow C.M. Punk “GTS” shirts. The announcers discussed the World Title match at Bound For Glory.

Kurt Angle will be returning at Bound for Glory. Glad that he has his personal issues dealt with.
A new promo for “ETHAN” ran. Curious who “ETHAN” might be. I’ve heard my share of rumors but we’ll just have to wait and see.

A.J. Styles said he would listen to what Hulk Hogan had to say.

Chris Sabin vs Manik
X-Division Championship Match

Sabin had Velvet Sky at his side. Manik went right after Sabin but the ref held him back. I’d swear that it’s Aries in the match. Manik went right after Sabin. Sabin threw Manik into the ropes. Springboard Crossbody and punches by Manik. Sabin wanted a Flip but had to settle for a Float Over. Sabin collapsed and seemed to have injured his knee. Sabin slid out of the ring to get the feeling back. Manik came out to check on his opponent. Sabin tried to limp around the ring. Velvet tried to help Sabin walk. Manik came outside and Sabin sent Velvet into Manik. It was a ruse. Sabin attacked, on the outside.

Back in the ring, the two went back and forth. Modified Sharpshooter by Manik. Sabin with a cheap shot and a series of Elbow Drops. Sabin also nailed a Legdrop. Front Drop Suplex, by Manik, off the ropes. Missile Dropkick by Manik. European Uppercut and a flurry of strikes from the X-Champ. Cannonball Senton by Manik. Sabin reversed a Whip but Manik with a Drop Toe Hold. Inside Out Dropkick. Velvet distracted Manik and Sabin almost got the three with a Cradle. Double Trip into a Slingshot by Manik. Manik went back to the modified Sharpshooter. Velvet called for her man to reach the ropes. Velvet grabbed his hands but Manik pulled her in the ring. School Boy by Manik but the champ rolled around and pinned Sabin.

Your Winner: Manik
Impact Score: 3.0

Sabin attacked Manik, after the match. Suddenly, Austin Aries rushed down. Sabin used Velvet as a shield to get out of the ring. Ok, obviously that was T.J. Perkins, not Austin Aries under the mask.

The members of Aces and Eights talked in the back. All three knew that they couldn’t lose another member/brother.

The three members of E.G.O. talked backstage. They couldn’t believe that Kurt Angle was going into the Hall of Fame. Christopher Daniels really went off on the Main Event Mafia. The trio hinted that they might help Magnus…lose.

Wes Brisco, Knux and Garett Bischoff vs Sting, Samoa Joe and Magnus
Career Threatening Match

It was another Aces and Eights vs the Main Event Mafia battles. Oddly enough, I’m sitting here in a “Joe Knows Pain” (Samoa Joe” T-Shirt. Magnus went to town on Knux. Magnus with wild Haymakers and European Uppercuts. Magnus threw punches and kicks until Brisco took the tag. Magnus-Driver. Bischoff tagged in and got Clotheslined. Bischoff with a boot but Magnus with a wicked Side Slam. It broke down into a Mosh Pit, inside and outside the ring. Aces and Eights were getting the worst of it. Daniels, Kazarian and Roode rushed the ring and jumped Magnus. Magnus seemed to have an injured knee.

Back in the ring, it was 3-on-1 on Sting. Joe tried to help but the ref sent him to the corner. Bischoff kept stomping away as Impact went ot break.

Aces and Eights continued to beat on Sting. Impact went back to commercial world.

Biscoff came in and continued the assault on Sting. Magnus was still down, on the outside. Knux got in and punched away. Big Boot by Knux. Knux attacked Joe. Knux then choked Sting. 2 count. Brisco came in and threw wild punches and a Running Corner Clothesline for a two. Rear Chin Lock by Brisco. Sting Elbowed his way free. Kneelift by Brisco. Wes choked Sting on the middle ropes. Sting kept kicking out of pin attempts. Sting held the ropes to avoid a Dropkick> Running Clothesline by Sting.

Joe finally got the tag and he took the fight to all three opponents. Backsplash Senton to Brisco. 2 count. Snap Powerslam by Joe but Bischoff made the save. Knux was sent into Brisco. Stinger Splashes on all three, 2 in one corner. Joe clamped on the Kokina Clutch. Wes Brisco tapped out!

Your Winner: Sting, Magnus and Samoa Joe
Impact Score: 2.5

Wes Brisco is gone from Aces and Eights!

Bully Ray and Brooke Tessmacher walked from the back. He was so ticked off. Ray asked for the microphone. Ray reminded Wes that he tapped out and was a disgrace. Ray ordered Wes to hand over his cut. Bischoff and Knux got in the ring. Wes refused to take off his vest. Ray demanded the cut, again. Wes stood up to Ray and said no. Ray couldn’t believe that Wes would refuse. Ray ordered Knux and Bischoff to remove the cut. Ray screamed in Bischoff’s face. Garett and Knux thought about it. They refused. Ray hit a huge Clothesline on Wes. Ray asked the two men where there b*lls were. Ray with a Piledriver on Brisco. Ray threatened to hit another Piledriver unless Knux and Bischoff took the cut. Ray shrieked at Knux to do as he was ordered. Knux slammed the cut into Ray’s chest.

Break Time.

Hulk Hogan was back in the ring to talk with A.J. Styles. Styles came out in the “Dark Styles” gear. The music did the morph from new back to original music. Hogan was so impressed that Styles won the shot at the TNA title. Hogan had a contract for A.J. Styles to sign to stay with TNA> Hogan said that Styles had to be under contract. Hogan got the crowd solidly behind Styles. Styles signed the new contract and said “I’m Yours!”.

Dixie Carter came out and got in the ring. “Dixie Sucks!” chant started. Dixie was happy about what Hulk had done for TNA. Dixie reminded Hulk that Hogan was just as employee. Dixie mocked Styles’ comments from last week. Dixie took the new contract and tore it up. Hulk was mega-ticked off. Styles told Dixie that she just made the biggest mistake of her life. She ordered Styles to get out of her ring. Hogan tried to talk sense to Dixie but she wasn’t listening. Dixie said the people just couldn’t understand. She is the worst actress I’ve EVER seen in wrestling. Mind you, I’ve seen guys crying over their kidnapped pigs. “Boring!” was such an appropriate chant for Dixie blathering. Dixie couldn’t understand why Hogan didn’t run Styles’ new contract past her. God, shut that silly woman up! Dixie asked Hogan if he was going to get in line with Team Dixie. Dixie gave Hulk a week to think over his answer.


–Jay Shannon

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