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It was time for The Shield to get tested, by the Rebellion Forces. Also, Miz asked the hard questions on MizTV and got an even harder answer.

The show opened with a really classy tribute to the late Angelo Savoldi. Angelo died, last week, at the age of 99. He was the oldest living professional wrestler. I have had the honor of working with the Savoldi family, in recent months, on a project that I will be talking about soon. I send my most sincere and deepest sympathies out to the Savoldi family. As Vince put it “They don’t make em like they used to”. God Bless and may your rest be a peaceful one. Angelo Savoldi 1914-2013

On a brief side note, I hope the voting group will do the right thing and place Angelo into the WWE Hall of Fame, next year. Please.

Raw then showed how Daniel won the WWE title at Night of Champions. The next night, Triple H held up the title…due to a fast count. Scott Armstrong said “They got us, Daniel”, suggesting that Daniel was in cahoots with the ref for the title change. Daniel didn’t want to surrender the WWE title but an RKO from Randy Orton left it open for HHH to take the strap. Daniel was about to fall victim to a 4-on-1 mugging, until the Rebellion Forces rushed the ring to protect Daniel.

Those 10 men were on the stage, waiting to hear their fate for bucking the system. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were introduced. Stephanie was introduced as the “Owner” of the WWE. Hmmm…does Daddy Vince know about this? The Ultimate Power Couple strolled out to the irng, looking unusually happy.

Triple H and Stephanie welcomed everyone to Raw. Tonight’s show was in Chi-Town…Chicago, Illinois. HHH and Steph got a “Yes!” chant going. Stephanie thanked the 10 men for “finally being men”. HHH said he knew it had nothing to do with Daniel Bryan. RVD stepped up to the microphone and said they were all fighting for Daniel Bryan. RVD accused the McMahons of screwing over Daniel and he knew the McMahons would do the same to all of them, as well. HHH was confused that everyone would fight FOR a champion, not AGAINST one. HHH asked Dolph Ziggler if he agreed. HHH really stirred the pot. Stephanie poked sticks at R-Truth and Zack Ryder to try and cause dissention. HHH said The Shield was the blocker to all the men on the stage. HHH said the Rebellion Forces would have their chance to take their frustration out on The Shield, later tonight. HHH set up an Elimination Tag Team Gauntlet Match against The Shield. Each of the 10 men would team with Daniel Bryan to battle The Shield. This should be interesting. It would be an 11-on-3 Handicap Match. Stephanie then gave the fans the chance to choose either R-Truth, Dolph Ziggler or Rob Van Dam to battle Randy Orton. Fans had to go to the WWE App. HHH broke out the “Best for Business” quote and around the country the Jagermeister Shots went down.

Kofi Kingston vs Alberto Del Rio
Non-Title Match

Raw looked at the attack on RVD, on Smackdown, by Alberto Del Rio. Back to tonight’s show and the bell sounded. Collar and Elbow nad the two went to the corner. The ref forced a break but Del Rio got in a Thrust Kick. Shoulder Tackle by ADR. Universal but ADR put on the brakes. Float Over Head Scissors by Kofi. La Bandera Clotheslien by Kofi. Excellent Tope Con Hilo by Kofi.

Back in the ring, Kofi with the Corner Lock and Punches. European Uppercut by Kofi. Super Kick by Del Rio and a Running Head Stomp. Snap Suplex by ADR. Rear Chin Lock by ADR. Kofi tried to punch free but ADR used Kofi’s dreadlocks to send him to the canvas. Del Rio pulled Kofi to the apron and hit a Running Boot, from the floor. Kofi began to fight back with wild punches. Kofi flipped Del Rio onto the apron and then Dropkicked Del Rio to the floor. Del Rio backed away from the ring as Raw went to break.

Kofi was on the floor and Del Rio stood on the turnbuckles. Kofi was cradling a hurt arm. Kofi got back in the ring, only to get Snap Mared and blasted with the Yakuza Kick to the back. Arm Bar by Del Rio. Kofi punched with the good arm. Sunset Flip by Kofi but Del Rio escaped and continued to work on Kofi’s bad arm. Kofi got free and hit Shoulder Thrusts in the corner. Kofi put Del Rio on the ropes but Del Rio caught Kofi in the Cross Armbreaker, over the ropes. He had to break on 4. Sliding Roll Up by Kofi for a two. ADR ran Kofi into the corner. Kofi with a Thrust Kick and then a small flurry of offense. Del Rio went to the middle turnbuckle and flew…into a Dropkick. Del Rio sold it even though there was enough space between Kofi’s feet and Del Rio’s jaw to drive a small Volkswagon. Kofi with a Clothesline and Dropkick. Del Rio came back with a wicked kick to Kofi’s bad arm. S.O.S! for a two count. Kofi with a Running Kick and then the Boom Drop. Kofi got ready for Trouble in Paradise. Del Rio caught Kofi and hit a German Suplex. 1-2-no. Double Jumping Stomp to Kofi’s back. Del Rio called for the Cross Armbreaker. Kofi pushed free and hit a Tilt-a-Whirl DDT. 2 count, yet again. Pendulum Kick by Kofi into a Springbaord Crossbody attempt. Kofi missed and Del Rio sent Kofi into the post. Flying Arm Bar into the Cross Armbreaker. Kofi tapped out.

Your Winner: Alberto Del Rio
Raw Ranking: 3.5 out of a possible 5

John Cena pushed his new game on the WWE App. My grandson, Eric, will love this one. It’s a car game where you get to customize your car. Eric sits and plays some of those racing games for hours on end. They give me a headache, big time.

Renee Young talked with The Miz. She is just way too cute. Renee showed the beat down of Miz by Randy Orton. Orton just destroyed Miz, right in front of Miz’s mom and dad. Renee asked Miz for his reaction but Triple H came in before Miz could speak. HHH said he couldn’t let Miz go after Orton. HHH pushed how “Must See” that Miz is. HHH wanted a segment of MizTV. Miz would interview…Big Show.

Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and JBL looked at the issues with the Rhodes family. Cody got fired for losing to Randy Orton. Goldust (Dustin Rhodes) tried to get Cody’s job back, but also fell to Orton. Last week, Dusty Rhodes came to the ring. Stephanie told Dusty to pick which of his sons would get a job with the WWE. When Dusty refused to choose one son over the other, Stephanie brought out Big Show to knock out Dusty.

The Wyatt Family made their entrance. I think they have one of the greatest entrances in wrestling history. It could even be compared all the way back to the entrance of Gorgeous George, as far as crowd reactions. Ok, maybe that is a BIT of a stretch.

Erick Rowan and Luke Harper (Wyatt Family) vs Darren Young and Titus O’Neil (The Prime Time Players)

Luke is the one with the black beard. Erick has the red one and wears the sheep mask. Luke and Darren opened the match. Luke with a weird Headlock but Darren fought back. Big Boot by Luke. Tag to Erick. Erick pulled off the mask and went after Darren with Headbutts and an Elbow Drop. Scoop of Darren. Erick put him on the top turnbuckle and tagged in Luke. Luke clubbed the chest of Darren, over and over. Front Face Lock by Luke. Luke with a Running Elbow. Luke dragged Darren to the corner and tagged in Erick. Kneedrop by Erick. Rowan with solid punches. Darren tried to fight out of the corner but a Kneelfit and Backbreaker stopped Darren cold. Darrren drove Erick into the corner but Luke mad the tag. Luke with a Running Boot. Luke tore at Darren’s face. The lights flashed off and on for no reason. Darren slid under Luke to get to his corner. Darren kicked away and tagged Titus. Titus tore into both men and then barked. Titus wanted the Fallaway Slam but stopped to fight Erick. Darren took out Erick with the La Bandera Clothesline. Luke took full advantage and laid out Titus with the Discus Clothesline.

Your Winners: Luke Harper and Erick Rowan (The Wyatt Family)
Raw Ranking: 3.0

Bray Wyatt hit the ring and attacked Daren Young. Sister Abigail to Darren! ”Follow the Buzzards!”

Thinking about 3-man teams. One of my regulars sent me the following suggestion:

“Since the Rhodes Family is feuding with the McMahons, how about a Six Man match of The Rhodes Family vs The Shield. It would be a lot like when Fritz Von Erich joined his boys to fight the Freebirds. It could be fun if Cody and Dusty did costumes, like Dustin. Put Cody in blue and white and call him Coldust and put Dusty in polka dots and let him be…Oldust.”

MizTV: Special Guest – The Big Show

Miz discussed how p*ssed off he was. He talked about being embarrassed in front of his friends and family. Miz warned Randy that this was not over and payback would be Awesome. Miz then brought up the attack on Dusty Rhodes. Miz called for Big Show to join him in the ring. “Grumpy Bear” strolled down to the ring. The video of Big Show knocking out Dusty aired again. I am so sick of seeing this crap. Miz said he respects Big Show but he needed to know how Show could possibly do that to The Dream. Big Show would not answer. Miz tried to explain to Show that the McMahons were trying to break the biggest guy in the locker room. Miz told Show to “step up” and join the Rebellion. Miz called Stephanie a “Castrating Witch”, which brought Stephanie out to the ring. This can’t be good. Stephanie said she wanted to let some of what Miz said slide. Stephanie accused Miz of Slandering Big Show and the McMahons. Miz told her to shove her threats up her…She stopped him and began to insult Miz for his failures. Stephanie said Miz was no longer a major player. She called him a “Utility Player”. Stephanie said Miz was the guy that gets to do the low-level personal appearances. Stephanie suggested that Miz’s Mom was disappointed in her son. Moooo. (What a cow!). Stephanie said that since Miz can’t learn his lesson, she would have Big Show knock him out. Show didn’t hesitate, at all, before nailing Miz with the K.O. Punch.

Randy Orton vs ?

The fans voted for who would battle The Viper. The votes were counted and it ended up being…

Randy Orton vs Rob Van Dam

Lawler made it official. The fans voted for RVD with a 57% share of the vote. RVD came out with Ricardo Rodriguez. Orton didn’t really seem to even notice who was coming to the ring. The bell sounded and the two men circled each other. RVD did his Thumb ting. Randy with a kick and hard punches. He also hit a Headbutt nad corner punches. Randy with a Whip into the RVD Roll. Randy dodged the Heel Kick and went to the floor. RVD blocked a kick and dropped Randy with one of his own. Kicks nad Shoulder Thrusts, in the corner, by RVD. Rolling Corner Kick by RVD. Randy was frustrated as he went to the floor. Slider Dropkick by RVD, through the ropes. RVD hopped over the ropes but The Viper pulled RVD down. Raw went to break.

Randy and RVD were back in the ring. Randy stomped on RVD’s face. Randy went for a pin but only got two. Rear Chin Lock by the former WWE champ. RVD punched his way free and then threw in a few kicks to drop Randy. Clotheslines by RVD. Super Kick led to Rolling Thunder! 1—2—Kick Out! Randy scooted to the corner. Shoudler Thrusts by RVD. Randy reversed a Whip but RVD got the boot up. RVD missed the Split Legged Moonsault. Rope Assisted DDT! Randy walked around and soaked in the hate from the fans. He then slid into his Special Place. RVD used a Crescent Kick to avoid the RKO. Rolling Leg Scissors to get a two count. RVD with punches nad a Whip. Randy dodged the Monkey Flip but fell to the Springboard Thrust Kick. RVD went up top but Randy got up. Senton Cannonball! RVD went to another corner but Randy kicked the ropes. RVD was crotched on the top rope. Ouch. Randy knocked RVD off the top rope and to the flor. Randy went out to get RVD. Orton slammed RVD into the announce tabele and then threw RVD into the barricade. Randy ripped open the barricade as the ref reached the 10 count.

Your Winner: Double Count Out
Raw Ranking: 3.5

Orton with a Belly to Back Suplex to send RVD’s spine into the steel of the barricade. He then threw RVD into the ring steps. Randy punched away on RVD’s face. Randy then lifted RVD and dragged him around. Randy pitched RVD into another set of ring steps. The “RVD” cahnt seemed to irritate Orton, who threw RVD over the announce table. Randy took RVD back into the ring and walked around. Randy smiled as he lifted RVD and carried him to the corner. He placed RVD on the top turnbuckle. He hit a Top Rope Assisted DDT. He cackled like Margaret Hamilton did, nearly 85 years ago, as he drove RVD into the mat.

Another promo for Los Matadores ran. The guys in the Tito Santana Traje de Luz suits will debut…next week.

Michael Cole said that, during the break, Alberto Del Rio rushed the ring. Del Rio attacked RVD and slapped on the Cross Armbreaker, twice.

The announcers pushed 2K14. That is on my personal Christmas List…along with a PS3. Smile. I was playing WWE 2011, just last night. So much fan.

Randy Orton came up to the Bellas. He warned Brie that he was going to take out Daniel. That would give Brie the chance to “Upgrade” to a “Real Man”. Randy said Daniel would never be the face of the WWE.

Raw showed clips of the wedding between HHH (Paul Levesque) and Stephanie McMahon. It’s all on the new Triple H video. I’ve been married twice. The first ceremony was at a Bingo Hall in Thackerville, OK, in front of 750 wild bingo players. The second marriage was performed in the garden area of my now-Brother-in-law, David’s home. Nothing quite as fancy as the huge cathedral where Paul and Stephanie tied the knot.

A.J. Lee strolled in as Stephanie was watching the video. Stephanie gave Lee a copy of the video so she could see what a “real wedding” looked like. Lee complained about having to deal with the Total Divas. She didn’t want to participate in the tag team match. Stephanie got up in Lees face (and space). Stephanie said Lee would compete in the 10-Diva tag match or she just might not be champ for much longer.

Fandango (w/Summer Rae) vs Santino Marella

Santino kind of looks like the Mirror Universe Spock with his new beard thing. Santino Power Walked around the ring. Santino is part of 2K14’s Roster (or as Santino called it…Rooster).

Both men did a little dance. Santino looked like he took a page out of Honky Tonk Man’s book. Santino missed a Flying Crossbody as he came out of a Whip. Fanny with a Stomp and Kitchen Sink Knee. Fanny stomped and danced. Hammer Throw by Fandango for a two count. Snap Mare by Fandango into a Leg Scissors. Fandango modified the move into a Seated Abdominal Stretch. School Boy by Santino. Clothesline by Fandango. Kneelift by Fandango into a standard Abdominal Stretch. Fandango smacked Santino’s ribs. Santion attacked Fandango’s knee and hit the Side Suplex. Splitz into the Hip Toss. Flying Headbutt by Santino. Santino danced as he brought out the Cobra sock. Summer got on the apron and distracted Santino. Suplex by Fandango led to…the Perfect Score aka Air Fandango Guillotine Leg Drop. Santino had tried to pull Fandango off the apron but got laid out.

Your Winner: Fandango
Raw Ranking: 2.0

C.M. Punk was up next to discuss his feud with the Heyman Guys. Raw showed how Ryback cost Punk his match against Paul Heyman. Ryback drove Punk through a table and then placed Heyman on Punk for the pin. Punk’s music hit and Chi-Town went wild for its “Second City Saint”. Punk came out in a Blackhawks jersey. I

The crowd was going wild for their home town hero. Punk let the fans know that they had cheered him up. Punk said he hasn’t smiled in 8 days but the Chicago fans forced him to grin. Punk said he wanted to bring the Stanley Cup to the show, but it was in Canada, getting inscribed. Punk said he felt that he has been letting the fans down, recently. The fans showed their support for Punk. Punk apologized for letting everyone down by losing to Paul Heyman. Paul said he wasn’t smart enough to stay down but this loss really bummed him out. Punk questioned whether he should continue in the business. Punk didn’t even know if he was worthy of saying he was from Chicago. That all changed when he heard his friends and fans cheer for him. He also thought about how the Chicago Blackhawks came back from a 3-1 hole to win 3 in a row. Punk said people from Chicago pick themselves up by their bootstraps and win the Sum B*tch.

Paul Heyman rolled out on his little scooter, warbling the worst version of “New York, New York” since the last time I was at Karaoke Night about 3 in the morning and the guy singing had way too much beer. Punk said Heyman picked the wrong time to come out. He knew he had 18,000 people that would bail his *ss out of jail when he got arrested for beating the crap out of Paul E. Paul didn’t want to be reminded of the beating he took in Detroit. Paul said Punk’s action put him in his little motorized wheel chair. Paul poked a big stick at Punk by reminding Punk that Paul had the win in the history books. Paul took shots at Chicago, the Second City. He said the city was second class, all around. Paul called Punk “The SECOND Best in the World”. Paul showed a still shot of Paul covering Punk at Night of Champions.

Paul chuckled as the crowd called Heyman a “Walrus”. Paul said he pinned the biggest Shark in the city of Chicago. Punk wanted Paul to ask himself a question. He wanted to know if Paul’s “two goons” could get to Punk before Punk could reach Paul. Punk said he only needed 2 seconds to ip Paul’s face off. Paul got all cocky by saying he beat Punk with both hands tied behind his back. Paul started to leave but his scooter was out of power. Punk grinned and started to leave the ring. Punk rushed up and got Paul. Ryback and Curtis Axel with the Double Team on Punk. Ryback held Punk so Axel could blast the ribs. The Heyman Guys insulted Punk with Paint Brushes. Ryback then struck the ribs. Punk began to fight back. Punk threw Ryback off the stage but Axel jumped Punk. Axel went to whip Punk into the Light Screen but Punk reversed it. Punk then flew off the stage to punch away on Ryback. He ran Ryback into the lower section of the stage. Punk laid out Axel but Ryback came back and tore at Punk’s jersey. He threw Punk around like a rag doll. Ryback with a Gorilla Press Slam through a table, off an equipment crate. Paul jumped off the stage and strolled over to the knocked out Punk. He gave Ryback the stick. “This is what happens to bullies!” They checked on Punk as Raw took another break.

Punk was being attended to as the announcers looked back at the last segment. Punk did get to his feet and walked to the back.

Nikki and Brie Bella, Natalya, Naomi and Cameron (The Cast of Total Divas) vs A.J. Lee, Alicia Fox, Layla, Tamina Snuka and Aksana

Eva Marie was on the outside, in the “Good Girls/Total Divas” corner. Natalya and Alicia started this match. Nattie quickly went for the Sharpshooter but couldn’t lock it in. Knee Strikes, in the corner, by Fox. Big Boot by Fox. Fox with a Rear Chin Lock. Nattie Elbowed free, almost. Fox pulled Nattie down by the hair but missed a Senton. Brie took the tag and hit a series of Dropkicks. Running Knee Strike by Brie and Fox went to the floor. A.J. Rushed in and threw Brie into the ring post. Brie caught A.J.’s foot and hit the X-Factor. Why the Hell did they make this a 10 Diva match when only 4 women participated?

Your Winners: The Total Divas Cast
Raw Ranking: .10

The announcers sent it to a video, from YouTube, showing 30 different RKOs from Randy Orton. Cool video.

Renee talked with the members of The Shield. Dean said they made have been thrown to the wolves or they might be the hounds that devour the wolves. Dean pulled out the “Best for Business” quote. Seth said when they were backed to the wall, they came out fighting. Dean said The Shield was filled with studs and winners.

Raw looked back at Daniel Bryan beating Randy Orton for the WWE Title…through a fast count. HHH then held up the title, due to that fast count. Scott said “They got us, Daniel.”. Again, Randy Orton used an RKO to knock out Daniel so HHH could retrieve the title belt.

Daniel Bryan came out for this weird Tag Team Gauntlet Elimination Thing. The Chi-Towners really cut loose for Daniel. Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton will fight for the WEW Championship at Battleground, the newest WWE Pay Per View. Daniel took the stick and got ready to speak. He stopped when the crowd cut loose with a “Daniel Bryan” chant. Daniel told the crowd that they were awesome. Daniel talked about being stripped of the WWE Title because Daniel was accused of conspiring with the ref, Scott Armstrong. Daniel said there was no need to fast count a man who was already knocked out. Daniel felt HHH and Randy Orton were working together. HHH also gave Scott Armstrong a lot of money on his severance package. Hmmm… Daniel didn’t care which version of Randy Orton was coming to Battleground…Daniel was taking back HIS WWE Title. Daniel said there would be no excuses and no hiding. Daniel said all the plans to screw over Daniel would fall apart. Daniel said the entire crowd would be chanting “Yes!” when Daniel won the title and that word would haunt Randy Orton for the rest of his life.

The Shield came out before any partners came out to help Daniel. Suddenly, Goldust and Cody Rhodes rushed out to attack The Shield. Cody and Goldy were forced out by security. The Shield looked stunned. I want to see Rollins and Reigns defend against the Rhodes Brothers! Make it happen, WWE! Raw went to break.

Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan, Rob Van Dam, Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, Dolph Ziggler, Zack Ryder, Justin Gabriel, Kofi Kingston, Titus O’Neil, Darren Young and R-Truth.

11-on-3 Elimination Tag Team Match

Jimmy Uso started against Seth Rollins. Seth with wild shots but Jimmy came back and decked Seth with an Uppercut. Dolph with a Hard Whip to the corner. Seth with Shoulder Thrusts and a tag to Dean. Dean ran Dolph into the corner and punched away. Tag to Roman. Roman punished Dolph with hard punches. Seth tagged in and hit a hard kick. Dolph tried to scoot under Seth to reach his corner. He didn’t make it. Dean tagged back in and went for a Short Arm Clothesline Dolph ducked it and hit a Dropkick. Tag to RVD.

RVD started to go for Rolling Thunder but changed gears. Thrust Kick to Dean. Dean sent RVD into the post. Ambrose nailed his wicked Inverted DDT finisher.

RVD – Eliminated

Kofi was in the ring, fighting away. He had Seth caught with a Bicep Cutter. Backbreaker by Seth. Tag to Dean. Dean went right after Kofi’s hurt arm and ribs. Measured punches by Dean. Inverted Cross Armbreaker by Dean. Hammerlock by Dean, on the mat. Kneelift by Dean and a series of Punches. Dean with a Whip but Kofi with a Step Up Crossbody, off the ropes. Kofi wanted a tag but couldn’t quite get it. Dean held the bad arm to prevent the tag. Dean with his finsisher, again.

Kofi Kingston – Eliminated

Titus with a huge Biel. Steam Roller by Titus into the Barking Thing. Tag to Roman. The two huge men stared each other down. Collar and Elbow took Titus to the enemy corner. Seth took the tag and pounded from above. Quick tags back and forth to keep Titus off his game. Titus punched out of the corner but missed the Big Boot. Spear by Roman.

Titus O’Neil – Eliminated

Justin Gabriel with a series of kicks but Roman with a quick Spear.

Justin Gabriel – Eliminated.

Zack Ryber came in and went wild. Missile Dropkick into an attempt at the Broski Boot. Spear!

Zack Ryder – Eliminated

Daniel Bryan came in and went to work on Roman. He ran the ropes and hit the Flying Clothesline. Hesitation Dropkicks to the corner. Jimmy and then Jey tagged in. Jey with the Superfly Splash! 1-2-3.

Roman Reigns – Eliminated

Darren had tagged in and was going wild on Seth. Seth dropped Seth over the top turnbuckle. Dean made the tag and hit a Dropkick with Darren on the ropes. Dean with the Full Mount Punches. Dean with a few more punches before tagging in Seth. Snap Mare/Yakuza Kick by Seth. Rear Chin Lock by Seth. Darren rushed into the enemy corner. That allowed Dean to tag in. Sleeper by Dean. Dean Elbowed his way free and hit a Headbutt. Kick by Dean. Double Underhook Throw by Darren. Corner Clothesline into the Bridging Northern Lights Suplex. 2 count. Seth with a blind tag. Flying Knee by Seth.

Darren Young – Eliminated

Dolph went after Seth with wild punches and kicks. The ref kept trying to keep Dolph back. Faceplant into the corner by Seth. Dena tagged in and tried for a pin. He only got 2. Dean whipped Dolph into the corner. Dena blocked a punch and continued to punish Dolph. Zig Zag!

Dean Ambrose – Eliminated

Seth jumped on Dolph and pounded away. Seth noticed his dire situation and pulled Dolph to his corner and stomped away. Scoop Slam and Pin Attempt by Seth. 2 count, yet again. Rear Chin Lock by Seth. Daniel rallied the crowd. Seth whipped Dolph to the corner. Dolph then hit the Sky High DDT! Tag to R-Truth. Clotheslines by Truth. Lie Detector by Truth. Huge X-Factor by Truth for a two count. Truth missed the Ax Kick. Seth with the Flying Stomp to send Truth to the back.

R-Truth – Eliminated

Daniel sent Dolph and the Usos to surround the ring. All four men hit the ring and beat the stuffing out of Seth Rollins. Dean rushed back in but Dolph took him out with a La Bandera Clothesline. The Usos with a Stereo Superkicks on Roman and then hit a Double Tope Con Hilo to take out Dean and Roman. Daniel then took on Seth, one on one. Seth blind sided Daniel and put him on the top rope. Daniel fought out and shoved Seth to the canvas. Air Goat (Benoit Diving Headbutt). Daniel got he crowd into high gear and nailed the Flying Knee to finish off The Shield.

Your Winners: Daniel Bryan, The Usos and Dolph Ziggler
Raw Ranking: 4.0


–Jay Shannon

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