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I am so shocked and sad. Shocked, that a man 99-years-old has died? Yes, because in my earliest fan days when I was a kid there was always some sense of Angelo Savoldi (real name Angelo Fornini) in my world.

He was the opponent of every major star I saw and he was always kind enough to make sure they “got over” so well. From young Bruno Sammartino, Pedro Morales, and hundreds of other “good-guys” what Angelo did was perfect art in the ring.

Although that is how I recalled him from my young fan days, his list of achievements — the titles he held — were so numerous. He was the Jr. Heavyweight champion of the world on 5 different occasions. He proudly worked for Vince McMahon Senior in the office of then Capitol Wrestling and even held a small share of the company.

I did many audio interviews with Angelo throughout the 70′s. He was always cordial — a pleasure to deal with. In his later years, when I became close with he and his sons Mario and Tommy, I would see him at the IWCCW shows they promoted. My wife and kids were with me (the shows were held at Kutcher’s Hotel in the New York Catskill Mountains) and he was so wonderful to all of us.

Even in his 90′s Angelo was present at so many of the Savoldi Family’s “Wrestling On Fire” shows in and around New Jersey. He never lost that glow in his eyes — that sparkle — for the business.

That’s me in the back in the late 60′s posing with Angelo (front left,) announcer Johnny Addie, and Arnold Skoaland.

A few months ago Mario told me, when I asked about his father’s secret to long life was, he told me that Mrs. Fornini, who is just a few years younger than Angelo, cooked him three meals a day — every day — even at their ripe old age. They never changed their lifestyle. They were happy together with the love of themselves and being surrounded regularly by loving family.

It’s 1:22 AM on Saturday morning and the words are hard to find. Later this week look for a video from me talking about Angelo Savoldi.

My deepest sympathy goes out to the family and friends of Angelo.

With love — Bill Apter/9/21/13

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