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A.J. Styles was ready to vent his years of frustration on Dixie Carter and TNA. Plus, a surprise attack would shock just about everyone.

Eric Young was trying to psych up his bride, ODB, for her upcoming Knockout Title Match. Mickie James walked in and berated the tattooed princess for daring to think of herself in the same league with the Knockout Champion.

Magnus was asked about coming so close to winning the Bound For Glory series match. Robert Roode came up and got in Magnus’ face. Magnus shoved Roode but Daniels and Kazarian rushed in and the fight was on. Al Snow and others rushed in to keep them apart.

TNA then looked at the issues within Aces and Eights. Ken Anderson was brutally destroyed by Bully Ray. Also, A.J. Styles used the Spinal Tap to win the Bound For Glory Series. Styles felt he needed to say what needed to be said. Impact was still in St. Louis, this week.

An angry Magnus walked out in the new Main Event Mafia t-shirt. Magnus talked about all his pains because of the final match of the Bound For Glory Series. Magnus wished A.J. all the best in his fight for the World title. Magnus then talked about E.G.O. getting involved in his match. E.G.O. stands for the “Extraordinary Gentleman’s Organization”. Magnus issued an open challenge to any one of the 3 members of E.G.O. to come out and fight him. Kazarian came out and Magnus exploded on Kaz with punches and kicks. Daniels then ran down and continued the attack. Miscommunications had Kaz hit a Clothesline on Daniels. Roode then rushed down and hit a Clothesline on Magnus. It ended up a Triple Beat Down. Sting and Samoa Joe then rushed down to even the sides. E.G.O. bailed and took off up the ramp. Sting issued a Six-Man tag team match challenge. The Mafia chased E.G.O. to the back.

TNA looked at Styles winning the Bound For Glory Series and then his post-match comments. Styles will go Face-to-Face with Dixie Carter.

Chris Sabin talked with Manik, in the hallway. Chris thought Manik had guts to challenge Jeff Hardy. Chris tried to take credit for Manik’s success. Chris sounded phony in his praise. Chris told Velvet Sky that they should go get a closer look at this match.

Jeff Hardy vs Manik
Non-Title Match

Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky strolled out to watch the match. They took seats at ringside. The bell sounded and the match was on. Side Headlock into a an Arm Wringer by Manik. Jeff with a Kip Up and Reversal. Manik with slips to take Hardy off his feet. The crowd was loving the excitement. Float Over Head Scissors by Hardy. Double Boots by Hardy and a leap from the apron to drop Manik, on the floor. Hardy threw Manik into the ring and hit a Reverse Mule Kick. Manik avoided the Corner Double Foot Dropkick. Drop Toe Hold by Manik. Manik missed a Springboard Dropkick. Whisper in the Wind. 1-2-no.

Manik blocked the Twist of Fate and went for the Mood Stabilizer. Hardy escaped at the last moment. Twist of Fate by Hardy. Swanton!

Your Winner: Jeff Hardy
Impact Score: 3.0 out of a possible 5

Manik and Hardy shook hands, after the match. Sabin then went into the ring. He seemed to be showing respect to the X-Champ. It was a ploy. Chris jumped Manik, from behind and stomped away. Hardy rushed back in to save Manik. Everyone was so shocked by Sabin’s actions.

TNA showed Dixie’s arrival. She said there was a lot going on, including dealing with A.J. Styles.

Chris Sabin was interviewed, in the hallway. Chris said Manik was disrespectful, like a lot of others. Chris said no one would be able to fill his shoes and show him respect. Chris said it was time to earn his respect.

ODB vs Mickie James
Knockout Title Match

Double Leg Trip by Mickie but ODB rolled over nad punched away. Mickie went to the eyes and hit a Snap Mare. Slider Dropkick by Mickie. Mickie with a hard kick and a Whip. Back Elbow by ODB. Mickie yanked ODB off the ropes and stomped her in the face. Mickie choked ODB on the middle rope. Spear by OEB. 1-2- no. Spin Kick and Bicycle Kick into a Flapjack by Mickie. Nice Kip Up by the Champ. Fallaway Slam by ODB. Mickie slid out to the floor and asked for a Time Out. Mickie tripped ODB on the apron and trapped ODB in the ring curtain. ODB with a hard punch and slap. Impact went to break.

Funk Neckbreaker by Mickie for two. Mickie kicked away at the challenger. ODB reversed a Whip but ate a boot. Back Elbow by Mickie into a Head Scissors. ODB converted the move into a Powerslam. The ref began his count. The two exchanged hard punches. Mickie with a kick and machine gun punches. Clothesline and Shoulder Tackle by ODB. Stall Suplex by ODB. 2 count, once again. Double Boots, by Mickie, as ODB went for a Bull Run to the corner. Mickie with the Mick Kick. Mickie wasted too much time watching her challenger. Mickie pulled ODB to the corner. Mickie went up the ropes and wanted the MickieDT. ODBG converted it into the Samoan Drop. 1-2-3!

Your Winner (and NEW Knockout Champion): ODB
Impact Score: 3.0

Eric Young and Joseph Park rushed out to congratulate the new ladies champ. Suddenly, Robbie E and Jessie G, the BroMans, strolled out to try and figure out what was going on…bro. Robbie insulted Joseph for being a third wheel. Robbie said E.Y, Joseph and ODB was the creepiest three way in history. Park went off on the doofuses for their comments and costumes. Park was ready to teach Robbie a lesson. Eric stepped up and said Park has a suit on but E.Y. didn’t.

Eric Young vs Robbie E

Robbie charged he corner and Eric with the Rollup for the win in seconds.

Your Winner: Eric Young
Impact Score: .5

Robbie whined that he wanted to fight Park, not Young. He called Park a “Fat B*stard” and accused Park of being afraid. Park took off his suit jacket and got ready to fight.

Robbie E vs Joseph Park

Don’t blink or you’d miss this one. Robbie charged the corner, again, and got rolled up, again> Really?

Your Winner: Joseph Park
Impact Score: .25

The BroMans rushed the ring and attacked. They took out Eric with their Double Team finisher. Then they ran Park into the ring post and ring steps. They got back in the ring and continued to beat on Eric. Park was bused open and he went into Abvss Mode. Double Clothesline. Goozle into a Chokeslam on Jessie G. and then the Black Hole Slam on Robbie E. Eric was concerned but Park flipped back into reality. Eric hugged his big buddy.

Impact flashed back to last week’s Aces and Eights Meltdown. Ken Anderson, the Vice-President, was annihilated by Bully Ray. A Piledriver may well have ended Ken’s TNA career. Bully walked with Brooke Tessmacher, backstage. Bully had something to say…next.

Impact showed the finals of the Bound For Glory Series, yet again. Styles won it and then said he needed to talk to Dixie about the biggest mistake of them all.

In the back, Hulk Hogan ran into Dixie Carter. He wanted to help her but she said she would handle it. Odd.

Bully Ray walked out with his crew (now down to 3 guys and Brooke). Bully had Brooke on a chain. Give me a break. Bischoff, Brisco and Knux joined their leader in the ring. Aces and Eights now more resembles the Four Horsemen versus the n.W.o.. Bully joked about where Ken Anderson was. Bully asked if everyone knew who he was. He told everyone just who he is. Bully felt the need to thank someone. Bully said he had to thank someone he had a lot of love for and who always does the right thing…Brooke Tessmacher. The guys took serious exception to the disrespect. Tenay couldn’t believe that Brooke got all the credit. Brisco couldn’t believe Bully was throwing them away for a girl. Wes was told not to look at Brooke. Bischoff stepped up and said the three guys have had his back since day one. Bischoff said Brooke had twisted Bully’s mind. Bully told Bischoff never to stand up to him like that again. Bully threatened both Bischoff and Brisco. Knux then took the microphone and asked if Bully was going to snack him, too. Knux said Bully had a big mouth and maybe he should shut it for Ray. Knux questioned Ray’s leadership. Knuz said Ray forgot about “The Club” and forgot “Bros before Hos”. Brooke took exception to that one, big time. Ray shoved Knux and took the stick. The crowd started chanting “Ho” because Ray said not to. Ray threatened to knock Knux’s head off but then bailed when Knux called his bluff. Taz told Aces and Eights, through the announce microphone, that everyone needed to calm down and get back on the same page.

Sting admitted that Kurt was gone and Rampage was off training. Sting said the three of them had to unite and take the fight to E.G.O..

Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Hernandez came out for the next contest. James Storm and Gunner then followed.

Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez vs Gunner and James Storm
Non-Title Match

Chavo took the microphone and backed out of the match. He was injured and the doctor would not clear him to fight. Seriously? Gunner took the stick and accused Chavo and Hernandez of being scared. Gunner said he would take on Hernandez…so…

Hernandez vs Gunner

Storm said he would sit ringside and drink beer. The Modern Day Viking punched away on Hernandez. Hernandez blasted Gunner. The two traded hard shots. Gunner wanted a Suplex but Hernandez with a Front Drop Suplex to send Gunner onto the top rope. Hernandez ran Gunner into the corner and hit a Knife Edge Chop. Hammer Throw by Super Mex. Torture Breaker by Hernandez. 2 Count. Hernandez went for a Splash but Gunner got the knees up. Gunner pounded on the back and then chest of Hernandez. Pounce/Get Off Me by Hernandez. Gunner crawled to the corner. Hernandez rushed and got flipped onto the apron. Hernandez went up the apron and hit Air Mexico! Hernandez with straight punches. Knife Edge Chops by both men. Kneelift by Hernandez. Blanchard Slingshot Suplex by Gunenr.

Gunner punched the ribs of Super Mex, over nad over. Clotheslines and Back Elbow by Gunner. Headbutt by Gunner. Corner Splash into a Fallaway Slam by Gunner. That was impressive. Uranage Backbreaker by Gunner.

Your Winner: Gunner
Impact Score: 2.75

Sting, Samoa Joe and Magnus (Main Event Mafia) vs Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels and Kazariain (E.G.O.)
Six Man Tag Team Match

This was the wrestling main event for this week. Sting has his black bat in hand. The ref confiscated the Louisville Slugger. Daniels and Joe to open. Kaz distracted Joe, which allowed Daniels to go with punches and Knife Edge Chops. Daniels rushed the corner and ended up on the wrong end of the Uranage Chokeslam. Knee Strikes and Boot Washes by Joe Joe wanted the Broski Boot but Daniels bailed out.

Joe flipped Ka zinto the ring and blasted him with Knife Edge Chops. Magnus with a shot, from the apron, and then a tag. Double Team on Kaz, including the Backsplash Senton by Joe. Magnus with a European Uppercut. Sting then got the tag and hit a Dropkick. They ende dup on the floor. Sting threw Kaz into the ring steps, from two different directions. Sting then rolled Kaz back in the ring.

Sting with hard kicks and a Whip. Inverted Atomic Drop by Sting. Sting popped both Bobby and Daniels. Daniels tripped Sting and Kaz hit a Leg Drop. It began to break down so, of course, Impact went to break.

Bobby had tagged in and lifted Sting off his feet with a hard Kneelift. Clotheslien by Bobby. Tag to Kaz. Kaz worked over Sting’s ribs and chest. Daniels and Bobby put up the boots so Sting could be slammed into them. Modified Rear Chin Lock by Daniels. Sting turned to get to his feet but Daniels forced him back down. Sting finally blasted his way free. Bear Hug into a Snap Mare by Daniels. Over the Top Rope Leg Drop by Kaz. Kaz with a Front Face Lock. Bobby rushed in to distract the ref. The ref didn’t see the tag. Triple Team on Sting. Kaz choked Sting with the boot. Daniels and Roode double teamed Sting, as the ref was distracted. Bobby with a Suplex. Bobby yelled at Magnus and Kaz with the illegal switch. Kaz with a hard Forearm. Kaz knocked Joe off the apron. Kaz accidentally nailed Daniels. Bobby with a tag and then one to Magnus. Clotheslines by the big Brit. Magnus dropped Roode and hit the Magnus-Driver but Daniels with the save. Joe exploded on Daniels. Then Sting went after Daniels. Double Team on Sting backfired. Roode with a DDT on Sting. Joe and Magnus hit their old tag team finisher. Daniels with the save. Joe exploded on Kaz and Daniels. Kaz got Headbutted to the outside. Joe with a Suicide Dive to annihilate Kaz. Daniels then wanted one but Sting caught him with a Back Body Drop and Stinger Splash. Scorpion Death Lock by Sting. Magnus covered Sting to prevent a shot from the baseball bat, brandished by Bobby Roode. Roode pinned Magnus.

Your Winner: E.G.O. (Roode, Daniels and Kazarian)
Impact Score: 2.5

A.J. Styles came out in street clothes for this big talk. Taz and Tenay weren’t sure what was on Styles’ mind. The crowd cheered wildly for Styles. He talked about being in TNA since day one to give the fans an alternative to watch. Styles complained that Dixie Carter’s daddy bought her a wrestling company. He said that she broke up TNA’s chemistry because she knew nothing about wrestling. Styles brought up Jerry Lynn, Low Ki and others that were thrown under the bus for MMA stars and others that just wanted a 2-year vacation. Styles ran down several other names of great stars that were unused for these fly-by-night guys. Styles was seriously p*ssed off. He said Styles was her biggest mistake. Styles explained he didn’t have a contract with TNA and none of the contracted guys have any respect for her. Styles promised to win the World Title for himself, the “Band of Brothers” and the fans. Styles said he was going to make Dixie beg and then pay for him.

Out strolled Dixie Carter. She got booed, big time. “Dixie Sucks!” rang out. Styles told her to say something. Dixie said she knew him for a long time and she knew Styles meant what he was saying. She apologized to him. Dixie said she was ready to be accountable to the fans and the investors and to Styles. She apologized…for letting Styles think he was better than he was. She said she created the illusion of Styles’s phenomenalism. She accused him of being sub-par, as of late. Dixie said she was glad to be able to answer to all the crap that she has heard. Dixie said without her daddy’s money there would not be a TNA. Dixie made it clear that this was Dixie’s House…not A.J.’s. Styles told Dixie to put the microphone where it belonged. Dixie ordered the lights to go out and the microphones to be cut. She forced the show off the air.


–Jay Shannon

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