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Night of Champions was a bust, as far as PPV’s go…with the exception of the main event. The fallout from NoC will rock the WWE to its very core.

Welcome to Cleveland, Ohio.

The show opened with a look back at Night of Champions. Ryback rushed the ring to aid Paul Heyman in the 2-on-1 Elimination Match. Technically, Paul Heyman won the match. HHH said there would be no interference in the WWE title match. Daniel Bryan overcame the odds to take back the WWE title from The Viper, Randy Orton.

Daniel Bryan was introduced to the live crowd and the Ohioans went wild. Daniel went old school by coming out wearing the title belt, not slinging it over his shoulder. Daniel got a deafening ‘Yes1” chant going. Daniel then took the stick to address his legions of fans. Daniel was awe-struck by the reaction of the crowd. He told the crowd that they were awesome. Daniel screamed “Yes!” over and over until the arrival of…

Triple H.

HHH didn’t look too happy. HHH brought up the “fast count” during the match. HHH said the win was tainted and he brought out Scott Armstrong (the ref in charge of the match). HHH played footage of a couple of pin counts, including the final count. Yes< the count was a little quick but not all that ridiculously quick. Scott admitted the count was fast and he understood that he made a mistake. HHH wanted an explanation but Scott stuck with his “I made a mistake.” Answer. HHH kept pushing for a real answer. Scott looked at Daniel and said “They got us.” HHH dismissed Scott and then accused Daniel of going into cahoots with the ref to get a fast count. HHH held up the WWE title. He did not return it to Randy Orton. That was the biggest bunch of crap that I’ve seen since The Rockers got screwed out of the tag belts because the top rope came loose during a title match with the Hart Foundation. Better yet, remember the Montreal Screwjob?

HHH requested that Daniel surrender the WWE title belt. Daniel was not about to give up the title that he won. HHH said “I would have thought that Shawn (Michaels) had taught you better than that.” Randy Orton then came from the back. HHH ordered Randy and Daniel to calm down. HHH told Daniel to be reasonable and give up the belt. Daniel screamed “No!” at HHH. As HHH tried to grab the strap, Orton caught Daniel with an RKO. HHH took the belt and headed to the back. Randy just stood over his downed foe.

Randy came up to HHH and Stephanie McMahon, in the back. Randy went off on “Hunter”. Stephanie ripped into Randy for raising his voice to her hubby. Stephanie said Randy needed to find the Sick B*stard of old before he would get any future title shots.

Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler
Non-Title Match

Collar and Elbow to the corner. Hard shots to Dean’s face and then a Shoulder Tackle. Flying Crossbody and hard punches. K\La Bandera Clothesline sent both men to the floor. Dolph threw Dean back in the ring and slapped on a Sleeper. Dean sent Dolph into the ropes and caught him in his own Sleeper, on the rebound. Dolph used a Jawbreaker to get free. Dolph attacked Dean, in the corner. Whip reversed by Dean/ Dolph went up and over the top rope. He hit the floor as Raw went to break.

Dean with a Short Arm Clothesline into a Leg Lock. Dean wanted the Flying Surfboard but Dolph escaped. Dragon Sleeper by Dean. Dolph got to his feet and punched away. Dean threw Dolph through the ropes and Dolph landed on the apron. Dean ran Dolph into the corner and pulled him up the ropes. Dean shredded Dolph’s back and hit a Superplex. 1-2-no. Keylock by DeanDean moved it into the Shinu Numaki. A Headbutt led to freedom. Dean with a Kneelift to the ribs. Back Elobw and Flying DDT by Dolph. Wow! Dolph with a great Dropkick and Stinger Splash. Corner Mount Punches and a Running Clothesline. Dolph with the Heart Stoppers Elbows. 10 in total. 2 Count. Dean reversed a Whip into a Spinebuster. 2 count, again. Dean stomped on Dolph’s hand and then went for the
Funk Neckbreaker. Dolph reversed it into a Backslide. Dean yanked Dolph off the ropes. Dean went for his Inverted Cutter move but Dolph reversed it into the Zig Zag.

Your Winner: Dolph Ziggler
Raw Ranking: 3.5 out of a possible 5

Big Show was in the office of Brad Maddox. Brad was very nervous as he told Show that HHH and Stephanie were on their way. Break time.

The Power Couple arrived. Brad told Stephanie that Dusty Rhodes was in the house. Brad also said he would make the main event of Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan. Stephanie warned Big Show that he was to stay in the office, unless called for.

The announcers discussed the Punk vs Heyman Guys match. Punk forced Axel to tap out to the Anaconda Vise. Ryback rushed the ring and sent Punk through a table. Ryback then put Heyman on top of Punk, which allowed Heyman to get the win.

Fandango (w/Summer Rae) vs R-Truth

JBL got a shot in on the judge in the Mayweather fight. Truth came out to his annoying rap intro. Raw looked at Dancing with the WWE Superstars thing from Smackdown. Miz, as Mizco Inferno, won the match. Miz and Truth beat up on Fandango and threw him out of the ring.

Fandango did a little dance and Truth did his own. Truth caught Fanny’s foot and popped him in the jaw. Hip Toss by Truth. Truth with a Running Punch and Legdrop. Fanny reversed a Whip but Truth threw Fandango out of the ring. Fandango punched away. Wicked Hammer Throw by Fandango. Fandango with another hard Hammer Throw. Rear Chin Lock by Fandango. Truth punched away and hit a Flying Leg Lariat. Clotheslines and a kick by Truth. FlipStunner by Truth. Truth missed the Ax Kick. Fanny whipped Truth to the corner. Enziguri by Fandango into Air Ballet (Guillotine Legdrop off the top rope).

Your Winner: Fandango
Raw Ranking: 2.75

Dusty Rhodes was talking with “the boys” in the back.

Raw looked at the “firing” of Cody Rhodes. It then showed how Goldust tried to get Cody his job back, only to suffer the same fate as his kid brother.

The American Dream came out to a exceptional pop. Dusty was really starting to show his advancing age. Stephanie McMahon has a “business proposition” for The Dream. Dusty said he was there as Virgil Runnels, a father. Dusty said the McMahons have never had to travel the “bad roads” that his family had to deal with. Dusty said you do what you have to do for you children, no matter what. I can relate. I have two wonderful step-daughters and I do what I can so they don’t have to suffer hardships, if at all possible. Dusty ripped into the “Good/Best of Business” catchphrase. Dusty talked about how proud he is of his two sons. Dang, this is as good as his old “Hard Times” promo from back in the 80s. Dusty said he didn’t call for this meeting, he was called to it. Dusty wanted Cody to get the chance to earn his job back. He ordered Stephanie to “drag them long legs out here and get with it”.

Stephanie applauded Dusty for being there. Her character is such a phony. She shook Dusty’s hand and told Virgil that he was remarkable. Stephanie gave Dusty a gift card for Cody from “Bed, Bath and Beyond”. Dusty pitched it aside and said to cut through the BS. Stephanie claimed she was the daughter of a genius. Stephanie said the WWE was ready to offer either Cody or Dustin a job with the WWE. She wanted Dusty to decide which of his sons would get the spot. Dusty refused to make the choice. Dusty wouldn’t let Stephanie interrupt him, at first. Stephanie accused Dusty of neglecting Dustin, when the kid was growing up. Dusty brought up Stephanie’s kids, which set her off. Dusty wondered if Steph picked a favorite and sent the other two back to bed. Stephanie said Dusty was trying to make this all about him. Dusty then told Stephanie to go straight to Hell.

The Shield came through the crowd. Seriously? Stephanie then brought out the Big Show. Since Dusty couldn’t decide which son he wanted to get a job, she had another choice for Dusty to make. The Dream could get annihilated by The Shield or knocked out by Big Show. Dean, Roman and Seth all went out and got chairs and were ready to destroy Dusty. Big Show eventually popped Dusty with the KO Punch and gently laid the old man down on the canvas. I take severe exception to this whole storyline. The boys are one thing but to risk a 68 year old man for some dumb angle offends me. I’m just saying…

Big Show did tell Dusty that he was sorry before cracking him in the jaw. Dusty was carted out on a stretcher. I want to see The Rhodes Brothers (Dustin and Cody) take on The Shield for the tag team titles. Time to tweet, facebook, and whatever other social media outlet you may access to push WWE for this one.

Rhodes was loaded into an ambulance. Show rode with Dusty to the hospital.

Brie Bella, Naomi and Cameron vs Aksana, Alicia Fox and Layla
Six-Diva Tag Team Match

A.J. Lee and Natalya were at ringside. Nattie’s headset didn’t work for the majority of this match. Naomi and Layla to start. Kneelift and Hair Toss by Naomi. Kip Up and Rear View by Naomi. Tag to Cameron. Senton by Cameron into a Big Boot. Spin Kick on a distracted Cameron. Layla threw Cameron down and then tagged out to Aksana. Aksana used her boot to choke Cameron. Tag to Alicia. Whip top the corner and tag to Layla. Layla with the Boot Choke and tag to Aksana. A.J. rambled on about how all the other women have turned on her. Snap Mare into a Rear Chin Lock by Alicia. Lawler gave his headset to Nattie. She reminded A.J. that she made Lee tap out, previously. Brie tagged in and slapped the taste out of Aksana’s mouth. X-Factor by Brie to get the win.

Your Winners; Brie Bella, Naomi and Cameron
Raw Ranking: 1.0

Miz and Brad Maddox chatted in the backstage area.

They showed Big Show knocking out Dusty, again.

Damien Sandow vs Rob Van Dam (w/Ricardo Rodriguez)

Raw showed still photos of how RVD reached the ropes in the World title match, only to have Alberto Del Rio refuse to release the hold. RVD did end up hitting a Van Terminator on Del Rio.

Damien rushed RVD into the corner and kicked away. RVD reversed a whip but dodged the Monkey Flip. Damien punched away on RVD’s forehead. Shoulder Thrusts by Damien. RVD came back with hard punches. Elbow of Distain by Sandow into a Rear Chin Lock. Ricardo had his arm in a sling. RVD tried to fight out but Damien sent RVD into the corner. Hurancanrana into a Flying Crossbody by RVD. 2 count.

Rolling Thunder but Damien go the knees up. Windmill Kick by RVD. Springboard Thrust Kick that led to the Five Star Frog Splash!

Your Winner: Rob Van Dam
Raw Ranking: 2.5

Damien grabbed the microphone and said he was still the Money in the Bank holder and the next World title holder.

It was announced that The Miz would be fighting Randy Orton…next.

Triple H was in his office. Scott Armstrong came in to talk with “Da Boss”. HHH said everything was out of control over the Daniel Bryan/Randy Orton thing. HHH said the WWE Officials must be above reproach. Armstrong offered Scott a good severance package and then let him go. HHH said he would take care of Scott. That was a crappy thing to do.

Randy Orton vs The Miz

Randy was seething as he slowly walked to the ring. The crowd exploded for their home town hero, Miz. Miz’s dad and mom were in the front row. Randy jumped Miz nad threw him into the ring steps. Randy pounded away on Miz unti the ref pulled him off. Raw went to break as the Mizanins looked at their son, down and out.

After the break, Miz demanded to continue the battle. Miz was holding his wrist. H e had a hurt shoulder. Double Leg Trip with wild punches by Miz Orton with a kick and a series of Headbutts. Clotheslines by Randy. Orton with corner punches and the Rope Assisted DDT attempt. Miz got free and snapped Orton’s arm on the top rope. The two went to the floor and Miz tore Randy a new one. Randy threw Miz into the ring post. The ref called for the bell. Double Countout. Randy threw Miz over the announce table. Randy stomped away on Miz’s chest and arm. Miz had a horrid red mark on his shoulder. Randy punched away to Miz’s face. Randy got in Miz’s dad’s face. That lit a fire under Miz who sent Randy sailing. Randy slammed Miz into the top of the ring barrier. Randy punched Miz in the face, right in front of Miz’s parents. Randy with the Barrier Assisted DDT. Randy lifted Miz and threw him into the ring. Randy grabbed a steel chair and headed back to the ring. JBL said Daniel Bryan was to blame for all this. He sounded like the scientist in the early segment of Dawn of the Dead (the original). Randy slide the chair around Miz’s head and stepped back. Flying Kneedrop to drive the steel into Miz’s head and neck.

Your Winner: Double Countout
Raw Ranking: 2.0

Medics and refs rushed out to protect Miz.

Raw showed stills of how Ryback helped Paul Heyman beat C.M. Punk.

Ryback came out. Curtis Axel then wheeled Paul Heyman out in a wheelchair. Paul E has apparently found his razor, as he didn’t look quite so fuzzy. Paul introduced himself as “The Best in the World”. Oh, come on. Paul understood the envy that the crowd felt. He took shots at the people of Cleveland. Paul bragged about pinning C.M. Punk. That started a “C.M. Punk” chant. Paul was thrilled that the record books would show that Paul Heyman defeated C.M. Punk in their first confrontation. Paul said he didn’t have a master plan. The “Boring” chant rose to deafening levels. Heyman admitted that Punk was beating him senseless, until Ryback arrived on the scene. Paul really went overboard on praising Ryback. Paul said he would continue to torment Punk and the fans, thanks to Ryback (whom he called a big, beautiful man). Paul said he owed his life to Ryback.

Ryback took the stick and said he couldn’t stand bullies. Ryback said Punk was being a bully to Paul. Ryback admitted he didn’t like Punk. Ryback said he was there to stop Punk. Ryback promised Paul that he would never have to worry again. Paul actually kissed Ryback on the cheek. Are you serious? That was just creepy as Hell.

Time to push Los Matadores, again. Just bring them out already.

Tons of Funk (Brodus Clay and Tensai) vs Real Americans (Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger) vs the Usos.
Triple Team Elimination Match

Jack and Clay to open the match. Go Behind into clubbing blows by Jack. Clutch Exploder by Clay. Stinger Splash by Clay. Jack went to the floor. Jack tagged out to Jimmy Uso. Collar and Elbow and Clay pushed Jimmy down. Knife Edge Chop by Uso. Thrust Kick by Jimmy into a Flying Fist into the corner. Clay caught Uso and slammed him hard, twice. Backbreaker by Clay, followed by an Elbow Drop. Antonio tagged himself in and sent Uso to the ropes. Rolling Back Elbow on the fly. Jey Uso took the tag and hit a Flying Crossbpdy. Jimmy tagged back in and popped Antonio in the face. Antonio with a kick and European Uppercut. Snap Suplex by Antonio but Tensai got the tag. Stall Butterfly Suplex. Tensai with a measuredd punch. One of the Usos got the tag and then got blasted. Tensai ran over the Uso after using a La Bandera on Antonio. Tensai Bomb but Tensai didn’t see Antonio tag in. La Magistral Cradle to eliminate Tons of Funk.

Brodus Clay and Tensai – Eliminated

Antonio looked at his foe and Dropkicked him to the outside. TI was Jey, on the floor. The chest tattoo was the dead ringer. Raw went to break.

Butterfly Lock by Jack as the show came back. Jey tried to break free. During the break, Antonio did the Giant Swing. JBL said Antonio went around 28 times. Cesaro with a cheap shot on Jey. Swagger Bomb into the Leap Frog Warrior’s Way. The crowd chanted for Jerry Lawler. Scoop Slam by Antonio into an Elbow Drop. Rear Chin Lock by Antonio. Jey fought out of the corner and tried to dive for his brother. Jey went for a Sunset Flip but couldn’t bring Antonio over. Jimmy and Jack both tagged. Huge Clotheslines by Jimmy. Samoan Drop into the Rikishi Run for two. Antonio made the save. The Usos with the Double Tope Con Hilos. They call it Double Trouble. Swagger went for the Patriot Lock but Uso would not quit. Thrust Kick to level Swagger. Jack ran the ropes and hit a Throw. Jey had made the tag and nailed the Superfly Splash for three.

Your Winners: The Usos
Raw Ranking: 3.0

Michael Cole updated Miz’s condition. He has a damaged thorax but not a broken neck. Lawler said Dusty was going to be kept overnight for evaluation.

WWE showcased their partnership with Walmart to push reading. As a former English teacher, I know the importance of being able to read. My daughter and grandson both have learning disabilities that make reading difficult. They have both worked so hard to learn. I’m so proud of my Teresa and Dave.

Another spooky Wyatt Family video ran. It sounded like something out of a George Romero movie. He ended up talking to his Sister Abigail about putting them All down.

Raw showed the attack on Dusty Rhodes, for the umpteenth time.

Daniel Bryan walked backstage. Brie hugged her man. The other guys showed their support as Daniel walked on to fight Roman Reigns.

They ran the promo for the new Triple H video. I have an older one, as well as two D-X video packages. Can’t imagine what else they can release.

Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan

The crowd were beyond loud for the 2-time WWE Champ. Daniel got the arms going up for the “Yes!” chant. Randy Orton came out to watch the match. The bell sounded and Daniel surveyed the situation. Orton talked with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, on the floor. Roman took Daniel to the corner but missed a big punch. Daniel opened up with punches and kicks. Daniel ran Roman into the corner and kicked away. Slide Under and punches and kicks from Daniel. Dragon Screw Leg Whip by Daniel. Daniel dropped his knee on Roman’s hurt leg. Rear Chin Lock by Roman. Leg Spin by Daniel into an Ankle Pull. Roman used his free leg to try and kick free. Roman eventually sent Daniel flying. Daniel with more kicks. Headbutts by Roman. Daniel blocked a Corner Run and hit kicks and punches. Daniel with another Dragon Screw Leg Whip. Indian Death Lock by Daniel. Daniel ripped into Roman and then sent him…no where. Roman reversed a Whip and Daniel’s chest nearly imploded on the impact.

Roman threw Daniel down and tried for a pin. 2 count. Rear Chin Lock by Roman. Roman rolled backwards and tweaked Daniel’s neck, big time. Daniel sent Roman to the ropes but got Stem Rolled. Universal into the Kitchen Sink. Yakuza Kicks to Roman’s back and legs. Huge Kneelift by Roman. Daniel twisted Roman’s left leg in an odd direction. Roman with more Headbutts. Roman punched away and hit another Headbutt. Corner Clothesline by Roman. Snap Suplex by Roman. Daniel kicked out, easily. Roman with another Suplex. Again, the ref couldn’t reach three. Roman went back to the Rear Chin Lock. Daniel got up and Double Sledged away. Roman with a Hammer Throw but Daniel came back with a Drop Toe Hold and huge kick. Daniel then climbed the ropes as Orton rose. Double Boots Missile Dropkick. Daniel flew out of the ring but Roman tossed Daniel around like a rag doll. Break time.

Daniel slid out of a Full Nelson and rolled up Roman for a two plus. Roman blasted Daniel. Shoulder Thrusts by Roman. Uppercut by Roman, as Daniel sat on the top turnbuckle. Daniel fought out of a Superplex attempt. Daniel used a Headbutt to send Roman flying. Daniel got to the tippy top and flew. He missed the Benoit Flying Headbutt. Roman tried for a pin but only got a two. Headbutt by Roman. Roman kicked away at Daniel and talked major trash. He shoved Daniel around, which seemed to bring Daniel to life. Huge kick into the Crossbody. Roman caught him and hit a modified Black Hole Slam. Roman with the Rear Chin Lock, again.

Daniel got up to his feet and fought free. Roman with another Headbutt and a Whip. Daniel ran the ropes and hit he Flying Clothesline. Daniel Hulked Up. Daniel with repeated kicks to Roman’s chest. Roman with a huge Samoan Drop. 1—2—no. Full Mount Punches by Roman. Roman called for the Powerbomb but Daniel turned it into the Sunset Flip for two. Vicious kick to Roman’s face. 2 count, yet again. Seth helped Roman to the outside. Daniel took out Seth by Dropkicking him into the announce table. Dang. Hesitation Dropkicks by Daniel. Roman with a Flying Clothesline. Daniel put Roman in the Yes Lock. Randy rushed the ring to attack. He found himself in the same move! The others hit the ring for a 4-on-1 mugging. Eventually, the locker room emptied to run off the Shield and Orton.

Your Winner (by disqualification): Daniel Bryan
Raw Ranking: 3.5

Randy had wanted to do the chair thing to Daniel before the troops rushed down. Have to wonder how The Regime is going to react to this. RVD, Dolph, R-Truth, The Usos, Justin Gabriel, Kofi, Zack Ryder, and the Prime Time Players made short work of the quartet as Daniel led the Yes chant. Flying Knee, by Daniel, to take out Seth. Daniel was held aloft by Titus and Darren.


–Jay Shannon
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