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Welcome to part one of No Surrender. Bully Ray was set to battle the Aces and Eights Vice-President, Ken Anderson. Also, the winner of the Bound for Glory Series came to an end with three fantastic matches. Let’s get started…

The Final Four of the Bound for Glory Series arrived. That led to a highlight reel of the various men who went through Hell to reach this point.

A video also ran about the issues within Aces and Eights. Ken Anderson was ticked that Tito Ortiz and Brooke Tessmacher were brought into the fold. Ken and others were upset that Ray disrespected Devon, after Devon was thrown out of TNA.

Welcome to St. Louis.

Bully Ray came out with Brooke. He just did NOT look happy. Taz said he was also upset with Anderson for his challenge. Ray ordered the music to be silenced. Ray confirmed that he was in a bad mood and he warned everyone not to p*ss him off anymore. Ray said he and his VP weren’t on the same page. “You Suck!” rose from the crowd. Ray said he was willing to forgive Anderson because all of this chaos was because of Hulk Hogan.

Speaking of the Hulkster, the TNA GM strolled out in Impact Blue and White. He mocked Ray’s whining and complaining. Hulk called Ray an idiot. Hulk welcomed everyone to No Surrender and thanked SpikeTV for putting on this show. Hulk promised that we would learn the main event of Bound for Glory before the end of the night. Ray interrupted Hulk and said he knew that Ken would “do the right thing”. Ray asked Ken to come out and tell him face to face that he still wanted to fight.

Ken came out and refused to shake Hulk’s handshake. Ray taunted Hulk with the fact that Ken didn’t shake Hulk’s hand. Ray told Ken that if he would apologize, it would all be forgotten and forgiven. Ken said Ray was right and Ken was out of line. Ken said he wanted to get out of line, tonight. He then laid out Ray with a solid punch. Ken did the “Anderson…Anderson” thing. Hulk then informed both men that the title match would be a “Last Man Standing Match!” Ray shrieked “I trusted you!” at Ken. Taz was beyond irate at Hulk and Anderson.

Austin Aries vs A.J. Styles
Bound For Glory Semi-Finals Match #1

Styles came out to his patchwork theme music. The two hooked up and went to the corner. The crowd was divided in their support. Hammerlock by Aries but Styles reversed it into an Arm Bar. Side Headlock by Aries. Styles with a Push Off into a Universal. Dropkick by Aries to send Styles to the outside. Aries went to the top and hit an Ax Bomber to the floor. Aries threw A.J. back in the ring. Aries missed the Missile Dropkick but Styles connected with a solid Dropkick to send Aries to the outside. Styles used a Slingshot to send himself to the outside. Aries had slid in the ring. Aries then went for a Suicide Dive but took a Forearm to the face.

Back in the ring, both men took turns with Knife Edge Chops and Forearms. Styles with a Fireman’s Carry but Aries reversed it. Styles blocked the Brainbuster. Aries with a jaw-rocking Forearm as Impact took a break.

Aries with a Whip but missed a Corner Splash. Styles with the Fireman’s Carry but Aries escaped. The two jockeyed for position with Suplex attempts. Bionic Elbows by Aries but Styles went wild with shots. Styles reversed a Crucifix Slide into a wicked Backbreaker. That was incredible. The crowd showed their love for this match. Styles called for his finisher but Aries grabbed the ropes to prevent it. Styles with a Slingshot Crossbody to the outside. “TNA!” rang out.

Styles pitched Aries back into the ring. Aries pushed Styles as he went for the Springboard Flying Forearm. Styles smashed his face into the ring apron on the fall. Both men tried to Suplex but each blocked. Aries with a hard Elbow Smash. Ares wanted a Suicide Dive but Styles stopped him, in mid-run, with the Springboard Flying Forearm. Aries hooked his arms together to block a Styles Clash. Aries with a Hurancanrana to send Styles to the corner. Styles got a boot up as Aries went for the Full Tilt Dropkick. Styles blocked the Brainbuster but Aries came back and hit it on the second attempt. Last Chancellory by Aries but Styles refused to tap out.

Aries went to the top but got caught. Elbow Smashes by Aries. Bell Ringer sent Styles falling to the canvas. Aries missed the 450 but landed on his feet. Aries went for a Corner Splash but Styles moved. Aries ended up on the top rope. Pele. Styles with the Styles Clash off the second rope! Damn!

Your Winner: A.J. Styles
Impact Score: 4.75 our of a possible 5

Sting pumped up Magnus as a future World Champ. Magnus said he was sick of being the future…he was ready to be the Now.

They ran a promo for the Knockouts Knockdown PPV. I actually ordered that one and was way beyond pleasantly surprised at how great it was. Lots of past, present and potential future Knockouts in action. It is a well done production with great clips from the past intermingled with a series of qualifying matches that lead to a “Queen of the Ring” Gauntlet Battle Royal. It’s only like $15 plus taxes and fees (prices may vary depending on your cable or satellite provider).

Bobby Roode vs Magnus
Bound For Glory Semi-Finals Match #2

Bobby Roode was screaming as the show returned. Bobby demanded to have Magnus get out to the ring. He didn’t have to wait long. Magnus had new rign gear. Actually, I think it might have been his old stuff.

Bobby exploded with kicks and punches and then ran Magnus to the corner. Magnus came back with punches and a European Uppercut. Roode rolled outside to avoid the Cloverleaf. Magnus came out to get Roode and got blasted with a Clothesline. Bobby ran Magnus into the ring steps. Bobby with a Kneelift before sending Magnus back into the ring. Running Kneelifts by Bobby. Back Drop Suplex by Roode for two. Bobby with a good Suplex but only a two count. Magnus with a series of punches. Bobby reversed a Whip and hit a Mr Wrestling II Kneelift and Clothesline. Rear Chin Lock by Bobby. Magnus seemed to be fading but he would not quit.

Roode with a Knife Edge Chop and a kick off a Whip Reversal. Magnus blocked a Roll UP and hit a hard Clothesline. Bobby with a hard boot. Magnus caught and Slammed Roode as the announcers talked about how Harley Race helped train Bobby. Double R Spinebuster by Roode. Roode put Magnus up on the top rope and wanted the Superplex. Instead, Magnus with the Front Drop Superplex and the Savage Elbow. Bobby escaped a slam and rolled up Magnus for two. Crippler Crossface by Roode never quite connected. Magnus slapped on the Cloverleaf. Magnus pulled Roode to center ring but he would not submit. Roode tried to inch his way to the ropes nad did finally grab the rope. Bobby kicked the ropes into Magnus’ crotch. Bobby wanted the Fisherman’s Suplex but Magnus blocked it and used the Jackknife pin on “The It Factor”. Magnus got the 3 and moved on to the finals.

Your Winner: Magnus
Impact Score: 4.0

Bobby Roode was having a serious meltdown the back. Roode screamed at the others in E.G.O.. Roode told Kaz and Daniels that they should trash the finals to make sure no one goes to the Bound For Glory.

Hulk Hogan talked with Manik. Manik asked for a chance to battle Jeff Hardy. Dixie Carter came in and said Rampage Jackson and Tito Ortiz have been pulled by Bellator, for now. Hogan said the two would go after each other, after the November show.

Elsewhere, Bully Ray grumbled about how things have been going. Ray wondered what Brisco, Bischoff and Knux were thinking. Ray was being so paranoid about how Anderson seemed to be lining up a coup. Ray told his men that they didn’t want Anderson as the World Champ. He suggested that they take care of business, tonight. Ray wandered off to prepare to battle Kenny Anderson.

After a recap of the first hour, it was time for the World Title Match.

I profile of Ken Anderson’s rise in Aces and Eights was profiled. He took D’Lo Brown’s position as Vice-President. The tension began to rise as Bully Ray lost the World Title. It got worse when Tito Ortiz was given a “Cut”. The last straw was when Anderson refused to give the infamous hammer to Bully Ray in his match with Sting.

Bully Ray vs Mr. (Ken) Anderson
Last Man Standing Match for the World Title

Both men came out to the Aces and Eights theme music. Bully had Brooke at his side. The fight got started on the ramp. Both guys were throwing Haymakers like crazy. Ken pitched Ray over the top rope and into the ring. Ken with a hard right and a Hammer Throw. Ken with Full Mount Punches. Ken threw Ray out of the ring and then went out after him. Ken taunted Taz and then smashed Ray’s face into the announce table. Ray hid behind Christy Hemme to break Ken’s momentum. Ken chased Ray around ringside. Ken caught Ray and threw a wild series of rights. Ken slammed Ray’s face into the apron. Ray went to Ken’s eyes.

Ray with an Overhand Right and then sent Ken into the ring steps. Ray ordered Brooke to bring him a steel chair. Short Arm Clothesline by Ray. Ray then followed up with measured shots to the head of Anderson. Ken kicked Ray in the ribs as Ray brandished the chair. Ken retrieved the chair and threatened to take out Taz. Ken then waffled Ray’s back and punched away. Clubbing blows to the back of Ray’s neck. Man this is brutal. Back Elbow by Ray as both men got in the ring. Ray got caught on the middle rope and fell victim to a Green Bay Plunge! Ken went to the outside to get a table. The crowd exploded at the site of the lumber. Big Boot by Ray as Ken got in the ring. The ref almost got hit with a chair but it ended up on Anderson. Ray sat the table in the corner as Impact took a break.

As the show returned, Ken was still down. Ray blasted Ken’s back with the steel chair. Ray got in Earl Hebner’s face, big time. Being a jerk to Earl backfired as the old man tore Ray a new one. Ray shoved Earl into the corner and the ref was down. Ray went for the Big Boot but Ken ducked and planted Ray onto the steel chair with the Mic Check. There was no ref to count Ray down. I think Earl lost this Last Man Standing Battle. The crowd chanted but that didn’t mean squat.

Ken lifted Ray up but Ray with a Diamond Cutter/RKO. Bischoff, Brisco and Knux made their way down to the ring. Who would they be there to help? Brooke with an evil Low Blow on Ken. She then kissed her man, which seemed to bring him back to life. Triple Powerbomb aka the Kiss of Death by Knux, Bischoff and Brisco. Earl began to count Ken down. Ken was fighting to his feet. He made it before 10. Ray couldn’t believe it and told Ken to stay down. Ken walloped Ray with wild shots. Ray with a Decapitation Clothesline. Ray brought a chain into play and wrapped it around his fist. Ray with a shot to Ken’s forehead. Ray ordered Earl to begin the count. Ken got up at 9. Ken was bleeding, badly, from the forehead. Ray Speared Ken through the table propped in the corner. Earl reached 10.

Your Winner: Bully Ray
Impact Score: 3.75

Earl called for medical help for Ken Anderson. The medicos put a neck brace on Ken and slid him onto a backboard. Honestly, those guys would have killed a regular guy with their horrible pulling on the victim. Bully Ray stopped the medics from taking Ken to the back. Ray said he was the last guy that Ken would see. He tipped over the stretcher and then tore the neck brace off. He then stripped Ken of his Cut ad shipped him with it. Ray then hit the Piledriver, on the stage, to Ken Anderson. Well, I guess Ken Anderson is out of Aces and Eights. Ray held his World Title high as Impact went to commercial.

You know, Ray better recruit a few new members soon or there won’t be anyone in Aces and Eights but him. A&8 have lost: DOC, Devon, D’Lo Brown, Tito Ortiz, and now Anderson. They are left with Taz, Brisco, Bischoff and Knux. Yes, they do have Brooke but she’s just arm candy.

Gunner and James Storm walked out. They had something to say. Before they spoke, it was announced that ODB will face Mickie James, next week, for the Knockout Title. ODB talked about how she has changed. ODB was ready to regain the Knockout title.

Back in the ring, the tag champs were ready to chat. Storm had the microphone. Storm stated he was drunk as Hell and he knew there were other drinkers in the house. Storm said they needed a fight for Bound for Glory. Storm said he didn’t care who they would be fighting. Chavo and Hernandez came out to discuss the situation. Chavo said only a team with him as a member could be considered the best. Chavo said Hernandez was the strongest guy in TNA. Chavo brought up the GunSlingers losing streak. Chavo said he and Hernandez were the better team. Gunner took the stick and acknowledged the challenge. Gunner said if Chavo and Hernandez could beat Gunner and Storm, next week, they MIGHT get a title shot. That should be a good battle.

Impact looked back at the destruction of Mr. Anderson. Taz admitted that Bully Ray may have gone a bit too far with the Piledriver.

Magnus vs A.J.Styles
Bound For Glory Series FINALS

Jeremy Borash did the official introductions. Collar and Elbow and Magnus with a push off. Another Collar and Elbow took the men to the corner. Clean break. GO Behind by Styles into a Side Headlock. Magnus wanted a Back Drop Suplex but Styles would not release and took Magnus over. Styles blocked the Push Off. Styles ran the ropes for a nice Takeover. Magnus used his strength to hit the Back Drop Suplex. Styles with hard punches but Magnus came back with a Back Body Drop. Magnus sent Styles to the corner. Drop Toe Hold by Styles. Snap Mare into a Yakuza Kick. Styles with hard Forearms and Shoulder Thrusts. Styles reversed a Whip but took a kick. Another Snap Mare by Styles. Styles missed the Flying Knee Drop. Small Package, b Styles, for two. Daniels and Kaz rushed the ring and beat on both men. Roode then came in and hit a Double R Spinebuster on Magnus. Daniel with the Angel’s Wings on Styles. E.G.O kept beating on both men, even as several refs came out to force them to the back. Impact went to break.

Both competitors had partially recovered and the match continued. The two slugged it out in the middle of the ring. Styles with a wild kick that sent Magnus sprawling. Double Clotheslines laid out both guys. The ref, Brian Hebner, began the count. Styles and Magnus got up and Styles with punches and a Clothesline. Styles flew off the top rope and Magnus hit a European Uppercut as Styles came down. 2 count. Magnus tried to lock in the Kinds Cross Cloverleaf but Styles reversed it into a Gogoplata (Hell’s Gate). Styles rolled through a Powerbomb attempt. Pele! Magnus charged and ended up in the Calf Killer. Magnus crawled towards the ropes and almost tapped out. A lunge helped Magnus reach the ropes.

Stinger Splash by Styles. Magnus blocked a Spin Kick and hit a wild Powerbomb for two. Magnus put Styles on the top rope but Styles fought back. Forearm by Magnus. Styles with a trio of Forearms. Magnus with a straight punch to the face. Styles fought out of the Superplex and went machine gun on Magnus with Forearms. SPINAL TAP! 1—2—3!

Your Winner (and Bound For Glory Series Champion): A.J. Styles
Impact Score: 4.5

Styles showed respect to Magnus, Tenay and Taz, the boys in the back and the fans for helping him get to where he now finds himself. Styles then changed gears and said he had something to say to Dixie Carter, next week. Styles said he was about to “bust the biggest one (mistake)” right to Dixie’s face. Styles said this was Dixie’s “Wake Up Call”. Hmmm…


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