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The 12 men involved in the Bound For Glory got one last shot to earn 20 points. The person who got the points would not only assure they ended up in the top four (except for Jay Bradley and Hernandez). Plus, Sting challenged Bully Ray and a member of Aces and Eights stepped up to let Bully Ray know that he wanted to be the person to challenge him at No Surrender.

The Flashback video showed Bully Ray “patching in” Tito Ortiz. The other members of Aces and Eights objected but Bully Ray pulled rank on them. A.J. Styles said he wanted to be the “go to guy” for TNA. Hulk Hogan announced that the 12 men of the B4G Series could enter a “Gauntlet/Rumble” match for a final 20 points.

Welcome back to Cleveland, Ohio. The various guys talked about how important the Gauntlet (Rumble) match is. Jay Bradley suggested that he was promised a lot of money if he ruined someone’s chance at the 20 points.

The Aces and Eights crew made their way out to the ring. Bully Ray had Brooke Tessmacher and Tito Ortiz flanking him. The rest of the gang drew up the rear. Bully ordered the music to be shut off. Ray said Aces and Eights were still in total of control. Ray said he wouldn’t be anything without “his boys”. Ray went around hugging the various guys. Ken Anderson looked frustrated as Bully Ray smooched up to Tito Ortiz. Ray said he cared more for Ken than he did for his brother, Devon. Ray said Knux would destroy Chris Sabin. Later, Brisco and Bischoff would upset Gunner and Storm. Ray was confident that Ken Anderson would win the Gauntlet. Ray said he would finish the night by beating Sting. Ray and Brooke decided to stay at ringside to watch Knuxie beat the daylights out of Chris Sabin.

Chris Sabin vs Knux

Sabin was distracted by Bully Ray. Sabin ducked under Knux and locked in a Side Headlock. Push Off into a Shoulder Tackle by Kunz. Sabin kicked Knux’s knee, several times. It was like chopping down the big oak. Sabin twisted Knux’s leg in the ropes. Half Crab by Sabin but Knux wasn’t about to give up. Flying Body Block by Knux for a two count. A pair of Short Arm Clotheslines rocked Sabin. Sabin attacked the ribs but Knux with a Big Boot. Fireman’s Carry by Knux, who then dropped Sabin over the top rope. Knux sat on Sabin, driving Chris into the bottom rope. Slingshot by Knux. Sabin punched Knux’s knee, who had Chris in a Neck Wrench. Back Drop Suplex by Knux. Knux went to the middle rope and hit a Flying Legdrop. 1-2-no.

Knux choked Sabin on the middle rope. Ray came around to talk trash. Knux missed a kick and Sabin caught Knux with a Dragon Screw, in the ropes. Missile Dropkick by Sabin. Ray gave Knux a hammer but Sabin Dropkicked the knee. Sabin took the hammer and cracked Knux with it. The ref saw it and disqualified Sabin.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Knux
Impact Score: 2.0 out of a possible 5

In the back, Velvet Sky tried to calm Chris Sabin down. He was beyond irate. Sky couldn’t calm her man down and he ranted on and on about the BS with the hammer. Sabin eventually went into his locker room and Velvet tried to figure out what to do next.

Mickie James came out. She was happy to be in the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She showed off her little trophy, a MJA (Mickie James Award). She whined about not being invited or nominated for a Video Music Award. (serious?) She even thought she would be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, someday. (so, how many times was she dropped on her head before this promo?)

Thankfully, ODB came out to shut Mickie the Hell up. ODB couldn’t believe Mickie was talking about Miley Cyrus in Cleveland. ODB said she was going to take the Knocked Out title. Mickie attacked ODB, from behind, with her silly little trophy. ODB fought back and ripped Mickie’s over shirt off (and my “brother”, Rick, just had a coronary). Mickie used the Knockout Title to cover her chest.

Jeremy Borash showed the Bound for Glory Series standings. Jay Bradley and Hernandez were brought in. Neither of them could possibly win. Jay said he was willing to work together with Hernandez to upset the apple cart, so to speak.

Impact showed Sting’s arrival, earlier in the day. Sting will battle Bully Ray in the main event.

Bound For Glory Gauntlet Battle Royal for the final 20 points.

Hernandez and Jay Bradley came out to start the battle. Jay has “UNLV” across the back of his tights. Jay asked Hernandez is he thought about the offer, he discussed earlier. Jay offered Hernandez part of the money, if he would help him. Hernandez answered him with chops and kicks. Flying Spear by Hernandez. Back. Body Drop. Joseph Park (with Eric Young) came out as the third entrant. Jay went right after Park. Jay with a Whip but Park with a Shoulder Tackle. Back Elbow by Jay. Jay tried to push Park over the top and to the floor. He got him over the top but Park stayed on the apron. Pounce by Hernandez on Jay. Hernandez tried to pitch Jay out but Bradley twined his legs in the ropes. Mr. Anderson was the 4th man to join the fight. The order of entry was determined by the points people had, going into this match. Impact took a break.

Samoa Joe came out during the insert break in commercials.

Back to the chaos and no one had been tossed, just yet. The 6th entrant came out and it was A.J. Styles. He hit Joseph Park with the Flying Forearm and eliminated Joseph Park (and darn near himself).

Joseph Park – Eliminated

Styles through Hernandez into Anderson and then turned to attack Jay Bradley. Joe put Anderson on the apron. Ken pulled Joe into the ropes. Hernandez with a wicked Back Body Drop on Styles. Ken ran Joe into the ropes as the countdown started. Next out…Kazarian. Kaz went right after Styles. Styles rolled over the top rope and then back into the ring. Joe exploded with chops and a Headbutt to Anderson. Joe wanted the Muscle Buster but Ken fought back. Joe with a Jumping Enziguri that sent Ken tumbling into the ring barrier.

Mr (Ken) Anderson – Eliminated

Kaz with a Corner Splash on Hernandez. Styles with the Back Drop Suplex on Kaz. Countdown time again. Next to play…Christopher Daniels. Daniels went after everyone, except Kaz. He especially set his sights on Samoa Joe. Bad Influence with the double team on Joe. Styles was taking it to Hernandez. Joe took out both Kaz and Daniels with Clotheslines. Kaz and Daniels worked together to avoid elimination. Who’s our next contestant, Johnny? Jeff Hardy. Just prior to Hardy coming out, Hernandez was sent over the top.

Hernandez – Eliminated

As we return, Bobby Roode joined the fight. Bobby went right after Hardy. Bobby stomped away on Hardy and then watched Jay throw Styles over the ropes. Styles with a modified Suplex to send Jay Bradley to the showers.

Jay Bradley – Eliminated

The members of EGO worked together to try and destroy the good guys of Styles, Hardy and Joe. It was time for someone new to enter. This time…Austin Aries. Aries flew into the ring and took out Kaz and Daniels, at the same time. Bad Influence had Aries upside down and backwards, pretty much helpless. Roode was determined to get rid of Hardy. Daniels with a sharp Dropkick on Joe as Magnus rounded out the dozen. Magnus exploded on EGO. Magnus Driver on Daniels. Kaz held Daniels to keep him from getting eliminated. Joe pulled Magnus out of harm’s way and went to town on both Daniels and Kaz. Roode and Kaz worked together to pitch Joe to the outside.

Samoa Joe — Eliminated

Hardy almost eliminated Kaz. Roode rushed up and dumped Hardy.

Jeff Hardy – Eliminated

Kaz went after Styles Magnus tore into Roode. Kaz was talking trash to Styles when A.J. used a modified Monkey Flip to send Kaz to the outside. Within seconds, Daniels saved Roode and eliminated Magnus.

Kazarian – Eliminated
Magnus – Eliminated

It was down to the final four: Styles, Aries, Daniels and Roode. EGO with the Double Team on Styles. They tried the same on Aries but it backfired. In a shocking move, Styles laid out Aries, who was on the apron, with a Flying Forearm. Styles then quickly Low Bridged to send Bobby Roode to the back.

Austin Aries – Eliminated
Bobby Roode – Eliminated

Styles exploded on Daniels but Styles ended on the apron. Springboard Flying Forearm and Kip Up. Fireman’s Backbreaker by Styles. Styles tried for the Styles Clash but Daniels blocked it. Pele! La Bandera Clothesline!

Christopher Daniels – Eliminated

Your Winner (+20): A.J. Styles
Impact Score: 4.0

So the final standing for the 2013 Bound For Glory Series were:

A.J. Styles –- 49 points
Magnus —— 39 points
Austin Aries – 35 points
Bobby Roode 34 points

Nice mix of talent. Good to see Magnus as the “new kid on the block” for this one. My predictions, from some months back, were (of course) completely wrong. I got parts correct but I expected Anderson to come out on top to pull a coup on Aces and Eights Prez, Bully Ray. Hmm…

Bully Ray, in the back, read the riot act to Mr. Anderson for daring to lose. Ray said Ken hasn’t done anything for Ray or Aces and Eights in recent weeks. Ray reminded Ken that Ray was above Anderson and he might just oust Anderson for being a loser. He warned Ken to fall in line and don’t disappoint him again.

A.J. talked about winning the top spot on the Bound for Glory Series. Styles was confident that he would win the whole B4G Series and then take out Bully Ray for the World title.

Rampage Jackson and Sting discussed how Sting could never go after the World title, again. Sting said he had won enough titles. He actually thanked Bully Ray for turning on the light bulb that Sting needed to reset his family. Sting said this might be his last chance to take out Bully Ray. Sting said he was ready to go on his own “Rampage” tonight. Jackson and Sting chuckled.

Gunner and James Storm vs Bischoff and Brisco (Aces and Eights)
Non-Title Match

B & B jumped the tag champs on the ramp. Storm pitched Bischoff into the ring and Storm and Brisco into the ring post. The four guys went wild, on the floor. Storm pulled out a beer and drenched Bischoff, then took a big swig. Back in the ring, the champs with the double team on Bischoff. Storm whipped Gunner into the corner and then Faceplanted Bischoff. Scoop Slam and Flying Knee Drop by Storm. Brisco rushed in to attack Storm. That led to a brief double team. Shoulder Thrusts by Bischoff. Double team by the Aces and Eights guys. Brisco was now the legal man. He ran Storm into the corner and punched away. Illegal attack on Storm. Brisco with the Cross Armbreaker, in the ropes, on Storm. Taz used the Japanese name, the Juji Katame (my apologies if I misspelled that).

Storm with Double Knees on Brisco. Wes tried to keep Storm from tagging but it didn’t work. Gunner and then Bischoff got tags. Gunner went nuts on Bischoff with the Uranage Backbreaker. Wes made the save. Enziguri by Storm on Brisco. Catapult DDT Double Team by the tag champs but only a two count. Brisco stopped the champs’ finisher. Brisco got one of the tag belts and he fought over it with the ref. Brisco was knocked out. Bischoff clocked Gunner with a steel chain, as the ref was distracted.

Your Winners: Garret Bischoff and Wes Brisco
Impact Score: 3.0

The Bound For Glory Final Four (A.J. Styles, Bobby Roode, Austin Aries and Magnus made their way to the ring. Jeremy Borash introduced the four men. Next week, at No Surrender, the winner of the Bound for Glory Series would be determined. JB asked Styles who he wanted in the first round. It looked like he was going after Roode but he decided to face the one man he didn’t want to lose to (though he did). Styles said he wanted to right that wrong, next week. Aries showed some real class when he said the winner of their match would be…the fans. He wished Styles “Good Luck”. Roode snatched the microphone and said his plan was coming together. Roode said he worked with EGO to get in the final four and he had the “weakest link”, next week. Roode was certain he would win both matches, next week, and be ready to go after the World title at Bound for Glory. Magnus asked for the microphone. Magnus said he didn’t need “a couple of Muppets like Waldorf and Stadler (Daniels and Kazarian) to help him”. Magnus said he would go through all the men in the ring to get his first shot at the World title.

Bully Ray vs Sting
Non-Title Match

Bully Ray, Tito Ortiz, Brooke Tessmacher and Ken Anderson came out. Ken was a definite several paces behind. Sting then walked out, alone. Jeremy Borash did the official intros. Ray took the microphone and said that he had something to say. Ray reminded everyone that this was a non-title match, thanks to the stipulation at Slammiversary which keeps Sting from every going after the World title. Ray said “Screw you (to Sting) and screw your buddy, Hulk Hogan”. That brought the GM out. He asked Ray “Do you know who I am?” Hogan said it was time for a receipt. He banned Tito Ortiz from ringside. Ray had a fit about it. Hogan then changed the match to a No-Disqualification Match. Sting with a Stinger Splash and Hammer Throw. Ray was sent to the floor. Sting went out to get him. Sting ran Ray into some chairs as TNA went to their final break.

Sting was still beating the bejesus out of Bully Ray, on the floor. The chair shots were beyond brutal. Taz screamed for Sting to drop the chair. Ray with a Low Blow. Ray put the chair on Sting’s face and hit a Big Splash. 1-2-no. Ray threatened Earl Hebner and then took the steel chair to Sting. Ray with the Scoop Slam, putting Sting’s back right onto the chair. Ray came around and looked at Ken. Taz handed Ray a box cutter. Ray cut the ring roping to reveal the under structure. Very few people get to see what a wrestling ring really looks like, under the canvas. I’ve put up my share of rings so I do know. Sting caught Ray in the Scorpion Death Lock. Bischoss, Brisco and Knux hit the ring and attacked Sting. Magnus, Samoa Joe and Rampage Jackson rushed out to even things up. Soon, it was back to Ray and Sting. Sting missed the Stinger Splash. Bully wanted the Piledriver but Sting reversed it into the Back Body Drop. Ray missed a Corner Splash. Sting waned the Scorpion Death Drop but Ray clutched the top rope. Sting dodged the Big Boot. Sting with the Scorpion Death Lock. Ken pulled out the hammer and held it just out of Ray’s reach. Ken then dropped the hammer as Bully Ray Tapped Out!

Your Winner (by submission): Sting
Impact Score: 2.5

Ken then got on the stick and mocked Bully Ray for losing to Sting. Ken then asked Bully Ray if he knew who Mr Anderson was. Ken then explained that he was taking the shot at Bully Ray’s World Title, Next Week. Ken got an instant Face Turn as he went back to his old intro style and his old music.

That match is going to be a real barn burner.

Well, time to put the new kitty to bed and turn on TCM for TCM Underground. They are running “Escape From New York” which has a brief appearance by the legendary Ox Baker. I had the honor of speaking to Mr. Baker, a few weeks ago, and he was kind enough to send me a fantastic autographed photo. It’s going right up on the wall, in my office, between Abdullah the Butcher and the Iron Sheik. :I love this business.


–Jay Shannon

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