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Big Vito’s Wrestling Academy Grand Opening
By Zachary Williams-Cooper

On August 31st, 2013, Big Vito J. LoGrasso began a new chapter in his life. The grand opening of the “Big Vito Wrestling Academy” was a success. The event featured a lot of excited fans, a live podcast crew, and the man himself, Big Vito. Vito’s opening featured the 20×20 ring, some snacks for his guests, giveaways and a lot of fun. The event began with Big Vito walking through the door, up the wooden steps to the ring’s edge. He wiped off his shoes, looked around and got into the ring. Before he even spoke into the microphone, the fans had already begun to cheer. Lying in the ring before him, were his three championship belts (The two Tag Team titles and the Hardcore Title) from his time in World Championship Wrestling. “These are my replica belts from WCW. This is the first time I ever took a picture holding them. I keep them in my sacred box at home. I never take out my wrestling things. For this day I did”, Vito said.
It certainly was an emotional day for Big Vito, who has always portrayed the “tough guy”. He began the day by saying, “Thank you to everyone who has made this day possible. To the ones who swept with the broom, to the media, to the sponsors. But most importantly, to my family and friends who have stuck by me through this whole adventure.” He explained how he broke into the business and was mentored by Johnny Rodz. Briefly, he paused and began to tear up, talking about how he knew wrestling wouldn’t be there forever and how he loves it with an extreme passion. That sure came across while he was speaking.
Then it was time for a little Q&A session with Vito. It took a moment, but the first question was from Steven Myers. He asked, “Vito, what made you want to get into the wrestling business?” Vito answered back, “I was a fan. And I remember sitting at home watching the legends and thinking I was and could be better than them someday. I started training with Johnny Rodz and he helped me break into the business. His methods; still affective today. I still teach them myself, 23 years later. I’m doing everything he still taught me to do.”

After answering, he proceeded to give away some awesome prizes that consisted of wrestling DVD’s, action figures and some wine baskets for the women of the audience. There were even some gift cards, tickets to a boxing event and more. Vito exited the ring to meet with a few fans and potential students, while signing autographs and posing pictures. He took a lot of time talking with the kids, who really wanted to meet him. He successfully signed up two new students, as well. Those two students will be announced at a later date.
He ended the day as he started; “I want to thank each and every person for standing behind me and believing in me. To all the people who helped put this together; from the guy who swept the broom to the sponsors; to the web and media people, but most of all family and friends. Of course all the fans, thank you from the bottom of my heart.” It was an incredible event and one that will be remembered.
If you want to contact Big Vito and be his next student, you may contact him at www.bigvito.com.

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