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The Bound For Glory Series was winding down, this week. There was also trouble in paradise for Aces and Eights. And would A.J. Styles join the Main Event Mafia?

Brooke Tessmacher strutted up to “her man” and asked how bad could things be when he had her and the World title belt. Bully Ray said they needed to go to the ring.

The flashback opener looked at Austin Aries turn down the invitation to join Bobby Roode, Kazarian and Christopher Daniels. Devon ended up losing his spot in TNA, thanks to A.J. Styles’ help.

Tenay is calling this Must Win Thursday. These would be the final one-on-one Bound For Glory Matches.

Bully Ray brought out the entire Aces and Eights group. Taz admitted losing Devon put a chink in the A&8 armor. Ray said he was in a really bad mood. Ray acknowledged that his brother, Devon, was not with them. Ray wanted answers, now, from Aces and Eights. Bischoff told Ray he was just as upset as Ray about this. Knux said he was on the floor dealing with Rampage Jackson. Brisco didn’t know what went wrong. Ray then asked Anderson what happened to his brother. Ken didn’t say a word, at first. Ken didn’t know what happened but Devon knew what he was risking. Ray said this was a huge disappointment. Ray then turned it on Devon, calling him a loser and a disappointment. Brisco was really upset to hear this. Ray said Tito Ortiz was the only guy he needed. Ken lost it when Ray said he was going to give Tito his own “Cut”. Ray told Ken to get in line before I put him in line. Ray then ordered “Hot Brooke” to come to the ring. She was carrying Tito’s Cut. Taz wasn’t happy that Tito was getting a spot in the group. Ken got back in Ray’s face. Ray pushed him back and told him to stay put. The Cut was actually Devon’s old Cut. He ripped Devon’s name off it. Ray said if anyone had a problem with what he did, then get out. Ray said he was going to wait to see who wins the Bound For Glory Series. Ray then brought up Hulk Hogan being in the building. Ray said he wanted to show Hulk the “only Brooke that ever mattered”.

Taz and Tenay ran down the card for the rest of the evening.

As this will post on Friday morning, I want to send a very special birthday out to my sister, Bev. She’s back home in Waxahachie, Texas (yes, it does exist) with her three great girls and her hubby, as well as our mom. Hope the day is a good one, kiddo.

Jeff Hardy discussed beating Samoa Joe, last year, to reach the Final Four. Hardy said he had to beat Kazarian to enter the Final Four.

Hulk Hogan was shown entering the building. Hulk had something to say, later in the night.

Jeff Hardy vs Kazarian
Bound For Glory Series Match

The other E.G.O. members were not allowed to interfere, or they would lose their spot. Collar and Elbow. Roll Ups by both. Leg Sweep and pin attempt by Hardy (1). Kaz with several hard punches and a Whip. Head Scissors sent Kaz to the floor. Hardy went out to continue the fight. Kaz reversed the Twist of Fate. Kaz dropped Hardy on the top rope and blasted him. Flying Leg Lariat by Kaz. Hardy fought free but Kaz pulled him down by the hair. Jumping Leg Drop for a two. Hardy blocked the Suplex and hit an X-Factor.

Hardy exploded on Kaz with a Flying Forearm, Inverted Atomic Drop and the Double Leg Drop. Hardy with the Figure Four! Kaz rolled over to reverse the move. He also reached the ropes. Kaz shook out his leg. Kaz turned the Twist of Fate into a Backslide. Bicycle Kick by Kaz. 1-2-no. Hardy reversed the whip but ate a boot. Kaz flew off the ropes but took a kick and a Twist of Fate. Swanton!

Your Winner (+7): Jeff Hardy
Impact Score: 3.5 out of a possible 5

In the back, the various members of Aces and Eights grumbled about what was happening with Aces and Eights. I smell a coup, in the works. Ken said no one man is bigger than The Club. Ken suggested an upcoming vote that Bully Ray would not like.

Impact showed how A.J. Styles sent Devon out of TNA.

Gail Kim vs ODB
2-out-of-3 Falls to determine the Number One Contender to the Knockout Title

First Fall:

Go Behind into a Double Leg Trip. Jackknife Pin by Gail for 1. Shoulder Tackle by ODB. 1 count. Sunset Flip attempt by Gail that failed. ODB threw Gail into the corner and then nailed a Stall Suplex. 2 count. Gail blocked a Head Scissors and injured ODB’s knee on the drop. Gail kicked at the bad leg. Roll Up by ODB for two. Back Heel Trip into the Leg DDT by Gail.. Gail dragged ODB over and rammed her leg into the ring apron. ODB tried to fight back but Gail with a modified Sharpshooter. ODB tried to reach the ropes but she was too far away. Gail sat down to really put the pressure on. ODB had to tap out.

Your Winner: Gail Kim

Second Fall:

The two tore into each other as TNA bridged the commercial break with an insert clip.

ODB was limping badly. Gail twisted the knee around the middle rope. She then dropped her weight on the leg. Leg Breaker, over the shoulder, by Gail. Gail went for the Leglock Impossible, again, but ODB with a Small Package to even it up.

Your Winner: ODB

Third and Deciding Fall:

Gail immediately attacked the knee. Gail then did the Post Figure Four. The ref forced her to break the hold. Gail slapped ODB, several times. ODB threw Gail into the corner. ODB with a shot to Gail’s chest. Short Arm Clothesline that just had to make Jake Roberts smile. 2 count. Fireman’s Carry but ODB’s knee gave way. Gail with ODB’s leg wrapped around Gail’s neck. Nice submission. ODB escaped Eat Da Feet. Texas Cloverleaf by ODB! Gail Kim Tapped Out!

Your Winner: ODB
Impact Score: 3.0

Velvet Sky was asked about her thoughts. She felt ODB could beat Mickie James. She also pushed the Knockout PPV. Velvet said she had stuff at home to deal with. Velvet admitted being in a relationship with Chris Sabin.

Daniels said Hulk was putting the screws to EGO. Roode said he was going to be able to solidify his spot in the finals and Daniels could do the same by ousting Austin Aries. Impact looked at Aries putting Daniels in the Brainbuster, last week. JB was asked about joining EGO. Austin said he was a solo player. Aries said he only counted on himself. Aries said he wanted to face A.J. Styles, in the finals. Daniels came in and got in Aries’ face. Daniels said he was going to knock Aries “flatter than Miley Cyrus’ *ss”. Interesting.

Hulk was asked about Bully Ray. Hogan said he had a huge announcement, later, that would cover it all.

The issues between Aces and Eights and the Main Event Mafia were focused upon. A.J. Styles came out to even the sides. Styles, in fact, was the one who eliminated Devon with the Styles Clash. That led to the arrival of the Main Event Mafia. Kurt was still not with them. Magnus was also not there, due to unspecified unforeseen circumstances.

Rampage took the stick and said he was going to beat down Tito Ortiz, any chance that he gets. Rampage said he would stomp a mudhole in Tito’s *ss. Joe took the stick and drank in the chants for him. Joe said the Mafia runs this town (Cleveland) tonight. Joe said they were outnumbered and out-manned, last week. He mentioned how “The Boys” cowered when the call went out for help. Joe talked about the one man who did step up. A.J. Styles. Sting sent one of his special screams out to Styles. Sting wanted Styles to be a part of their “Family”. Sting asked Styles to join them in the ring so they could thank him.

Styles came out to the patchwork themes. Taz was grumbling about Styles, all through the entrance. The crowd chanted for Styles, big time. Styles said he needed to do this, by himself. The trio of Mafia members exited the ring. Styles said he had answers to the questions. Styles showed respect to the Main Event Mafia but he declined to join. He said the suit and tie thing just wasn’t for him. Styles said he also has some trust issues. Styles brought up all the stuff that happened over the past year or so. A.J. Styles said the only guy he could trust was Allen Jones (A.J.’s real name). Styles said the fans’ perception of him may have changed because his perception of the business has changed. He took a sideways shot at C.M. Punk by saying his was better than The Best. Styles said Wrestling has now become a job that sucks. God, he was getting so whiny. Styles screamed at Tenay and Dixie that he deserved better than what he has dealt with for the past 11 years. Styles said he was there to bail out the company when it failed with its “new direction”. The crowd began to turn on Styles. Styles wanted to be fried, so he didn’t have to quit. “Boring” began to rise from the crowd. Styles admitted that he liked being the guy who could send the fans home happy. Styles said it was time to go back to being the “Go-To” guy who could carry the weight of the company on his shoulder. Styles said he was determined to win Bound for Glory and then the World title.

A.J. Styles vs Bobby Roode
Bound For Glory Series Match

Collar and Elbow and Bobby pushed free. Hammerlock by Bobby. Styles went for the Calf Killer but they were too close to the ropes. Bobby with a hard kick and Elbow. Bobby ran Styles into the corner and Knife Edge Chopped him. Universal but Bobby held the ropes. Knife Edge by Styles into a had whip. Superb Dropkick, by Styles, to send Bobby to the floor. Moonsault, to the floor, by Styles. Styles threw Bobby back in the ring and hit a Side Backbreaker. Camel Clutch by Styles. Roode back ran Styles to the corner. Bobby countered the Tornado DDT into a version of the Double R Spinebuster. 1 count only.

Suplex by Bobby into a 2 count. Bobby with the Bow and Arrow. Styles got to his feet and broke the hold. Bobby exploded with a wild flurry of moves that laid out Bobby. Flying Forearm into the corner. Styles came off the top and hit his own Spinebuster. Springboard Moonsault. Styles didn’t take the pin. Pele. Styles wanted the 10 points for a submission. Styles wanted the Styles Clash but Bobby went down to his knees. Styles was sent to the outside. Styles went for the Springboard but Bobby caught him in the Crippler Crossface. Styles got to the ropes. Bobby pulled Styles back and went for the move again. Styles got free and slapped on the Calf Killer. Roode reached the ropes, just barely. Bobby kicked out of the Calf Killer and went for the Fisherman’s Suplex. Styles countered it into a Roll Up.

Your Winner (+7): A.J. Styles
Impact Score: 3.75

Styles ended up just below the cut off line for the Bound for Glory Top Four. Daniels would have to get disqualified and lose points to put Styles in the top.

JB was in the back. He said Hogan would be talking after the next Bound for Glory Series match.

Austin Aries vs Christopher Daniels
Bound for Glory Series Match

Collar and Elbow into the corner. Shoulders by Daniels into a Side Headlock. Shoulder Tackle by Daniels into the Cartwheel and Scoop Slam. Aries raked the back and chest. Aries with an amateur Ride and Knee Strikes. Universal into a Deep Arm Drag by Aries. Head Scissors by Daniels but Aries powered out and hit a Dropkick. The two ended up on the floor and Daniels ran Aries into the ring apron. Daniels went for a Springboard Moonsault but Aries wasn’t there. Daniels landed on his feet and nailed an Enziguri as Aries went for a Suicide Dive. Impact went to break.

Daniels was choking Aries, as Impact returned. Springboard Moonsault for a two. Daniels with an Arm Extender Crossface. Knee by Aries and Elbows to escape. Daniels reversed a Whip and slapped on the Abdominal Stretch. Aries reversed the move and used the ropes for extra help. Uranae countered into an Aries Arm Drag. Both men flew into each other, mid ring. Daniels clobbered Aries with hard punches but Aries came back with a Shot Gun Slap and Knife Edge Chop. Aries with a Running Back Elbow and Uranage Slam. Pendulum Elbow by Aries for a two count. Daniels rushed the corner. Aries pitched Daniels out of the ring with the Hip Toss. Suicide Dive! The fans really appreciated this match (so did I).

Spinning Powerbomb y Daniels for a two for Daniels. Daniels placed Aries on the top rope and tried to flip him into the ring. Bell Ringer and Elbows by Aries. Awesome Missile Dropkick by Aries. Full Speed Dropkick by Aries. Daniels countered the Brainbuster into a variation of the CrossRhodes. The two traded Elbow Smashes. Big Boot by Daniels into an Uppercut Palm Thrust. Brainbuster!

Your Winner (+7): Austin Aries
Impact Score: 4.25

As it stands, right now, the top four are:

Magnus: 39 points
Austin Aries: 35 Points
Bobby Roode: 34 Points
Jeff Hardy: 31 Points

Bully Ray talked with Tito about destroying Hulk Hogan’s family. Ray said Hogan was now in Ray’s back pocket. Ray asked Tito to keep an eye on Ken Anderson and keep him in line. Ray and Brooke took off.

Hulk Hogan came out to a respectable pop. Hulk said it sounded like the fans missed him. Hulk said he has been taking care of business. He did a Foley Pop for Cleveland. Hulk asked for the Leaderboard of the Bound For Glory Series to be pulled up on the Tron. Hulk said he changed the game, a little. He said there would be one more match, next week. There would be a Gauntlet Match for 20 points. Wow. Anyone could end up in the top four. Hulk was about to go on to his next bit of business when…

Bully Ray and Brooke Tessmacher strolled to the ring. Ray mocked Hulk’s return. Ray said he got the belt back and he put it right in Hulk’s face. Ray said he was really waiting to introduce Tessmacher to Hulk. Hogan told him to shut it down because she couldn’t “bum a rush” off him. Hulk gave Ray his divorce papers from Brooke Hogan. The marriage is over and done, whether Ray liked it or not. Ray didn’t care about divorce papers or Brooke Hogan. Ray said he never cared about Brooke. Ray admitted that he used Brooke to get the World title. He also used Hulk, Sting and the fans. Ray said he was now on Cruise Control until Bound for Glory. Hulk asked “Do you know who I am?” to Ray. Hulk reminded Ray that he ran the show, not Ray. Hulk said he was going to tear apart Aces and Eights, at the seams. Ray will defend his title, in two weeks, against a member of Aces and Eights. Ray refused to take the match. Hulk said Ray would defend, right now, against Sting.

Bully Ray vs Sting

Sting and Ray tore into each other. Sting with a Clothesline that sent Bully Ray to the floor. Impact went off the air. Not sure if this match will open next week’s show or what.


–Jay Shannon

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