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The McMahon Family continued to make Daniel Bryan’s life a living Hell. Plus, the C.M. Punk vs Heyman Guys feud moved to the next level. All this and the first matches for Night of Champions were set.

The Shield was standing guard at ringside. After they were introduced, it was made clear why they were there. Triple H came out to his King of Kings theme music. He got a seriously negative reaction from the Phoenix crowd. The announcers discussed how various wrestlers have felt the wrath of the McMahons in recent weeks.

HHH sent it back to video footage of the Screw Over of Daniel Bryan, at SummerSlam. Daniel had defeated John Cena. Triple H then nailed the Pedigree on Daniel, allowing Randy Orton to get the ultra-easy pin. HHH came back and said that was “best for business”. He claimed it wasn’t personal. He then sent it to a video flashback to the closing moments of last week’s Raw. The Shield demolished Daniel and then Orton nailed the RKO. HHH admitted that last week’s attack Was personal. HHH claimed Daniel made it personal by insulting HHH, his wife and his family. HHH wanted to be the bigger man…a business man…with Daniel. HHH said the ratings, last week, were off the charts. Social media also exploded, after Monday Night Raw. HHH gave credit for the increase in business to the new champion, Randy Orton.

HHH congratulated Randy for breathing new life into the WWE and the WWE Title. HHH wanted to reward Randy for what he has done. HHH said the gift he was presenting to Randy was paid for out of HHH’s pocket (not from the company’s assets). HHH brought out a Cadillac Escalade. It was a sharp ride, jet black and shiny as all get out. (I’d prefer a 65 Mustang, but Trip isn’t gifting me). Randy thanked HHH for his new vehicle. HHH told Randy to go look at the car.

Daniel Bryan interrupted the love fest and got a huge round of “Yes!” chants going. Daniel really gushed over the fancy car. The sarcasm just oozed out of every pore of Daniel. Bryan waited for the “Daniel Bryan” chant to subside and then he thanked the entire WWE Universe for their support. He called Orton “Twinkle Toes Orton”. Daniel said the fans’ support meant so much to him. Another round of “Yes!” chants got a “You guys are awesome” from Daniel. Daniel then thanked John Cena for giving him the shot at SummerSlam. Daniel knew people like HHH would have never given him the opportunity. Daniel continued by thanking Triple H for ending the charade and showing his true colors. He called HHH “as Narrow minded and misguided as Vince McMahon”. Daniel mocked HHH as “a Sell Out in a Suit who thumbs his Rather Large Nose at everyone in the WWE Universe.” Randy went off on Daniel for not showing the proper respect. Randy said he was the Face of the WWE. Daniel poked fun at the comment. Daniel said he was going to rearrange Randy’s face at Night of Champions. Daniel said he was also going to rearrange HHH’s vision of the Future of the WWE.

HHH said it was a sweet fantasy. He then horribly warbled out “When you Wish Upon a Star”. HHH said Daniel was not in the same league with Orton. HHH was ready to let Daniel prove himself to the world. HHH put Daniel in a Gauntlet Match against all three members of The Shield, starting with Seth Rollins, then Dean Ambrose and finally Roman Reigns. HHH was ready to give the gift that keeps on giving…the gift of Justice…the gift of The Shield. HHH sarcastically said he did this because he believed in Daniel. He also said this was best for business.

Michael Cole, JBL and Jerry Lawler discussed if this was a personal vendetta or just something good for business. After that discussion, Cole sent it to the video of C.M. Punk annihilating Curtis Axel. Punk with a modified Go To Sleep, dropping Axel on the steel steps. Axel and Punk were set to square off, later on, but the fans got to pick the special stipulation.

1. Paul Heyman Banned from ringside
2. Paul Heyman serves as Special Guest Ref
3. If Punk wins, Paul Heyman MUST get in the ring with Punk.
(Yeah, it’s just SO hard to figure out which way the WWE fans would vote on THIS one).

Cody Rhodes vs Fandango

Damien Sandow was at the announce table. Cole and Lawler joked about Sandow’s Hershey chocolate briefcase.

Fandango worked the arm with a Hammerlock. Cody reversed it into a Front Face Lock. Fanny with a hard series of punches. Cody reversed a Whip and hit a Back Elbow and Front Drop Suplex. Fandango kicked Cody in the face.

Suddenly, Fandango’s music went off and Miz came out mocking Fandango’s dancing. Cody with the Roll Up. Rosa Mendez danced with Miz.

Your Winner: Cody Rhodes
Raw Ranking: 1.5 out of a possible 5

Damien Sandow and Miz hit the ring and all Hell broke loose. Brad Maddox came out and made a tag team match with the four men involved.

Miz and Cody Rhodes vs Damien Sandow and Fandango

Knee Drop by Sandow to Cody. Tag to Fandango. Rosa and Summer Rae were still at ringside. Hammer Throw by Fandango. Tag to Damien who blasted Cody in the face. 2 count. Arm Bar by Damien. Side Russian Leg Sweep into the Elbow of Distain. 2 count, again. Damien whipped Cody to the corner. Double Clothesline that laid out both men. Tag to Miz when nailed the Ax Bomber and Kneelift nad Big Boot. Full Body Clothesline on Damien and a Boot to Fandango. Slide Under for a two count. Miz kicked Damien’s hamstring and then Dropkicked it. Fandango had walked away. Damien went to the ropes but got tripped Skull Crushing Finale came out of mothballs to bring victory to the team.

Your Winners: The Miz and Cody Rhodes
Raw Ranking: 2.0

The video for Los Matadores aired. I swear those two guys are Primo and Epico.

Josh Mathews interviewed Christian. Josh asked Christian about his thoughts about HHH’s new direction. Christian dodged the question. Randy Orton strolled in and said it appeared that Christian had a problem with how things are going. Orton said he was going to take out Christian with the RKO. Christian called Orton “HHH’s new tool”.

C.M. Punk said he didn’t want to sway the WWE Universe but he really wanted to get his hands on Paul Heyman. Punk said Paul deserved more than the Anaconda Vise.

In the locker room, Paul was unhappy that the fans would decide if Punk got his hands on Paul. Curtis Axel said Punk would never get past him to get to Paul. Axel said Punk couldn’t outwrestle him. It was Better than Perfect.

Curtis Axel vs C.M. Punk
Special Stipulation: If Punk wins, he gets Heyman.

Yep, the fans made it clear that Punk should get to annihilate Heyman. The Option to have Heyman get his butt kicked came in at 81%.

Punk took a Side Headlock. Axel tried to fight out but Punk would not release. Push Off into a Shoulder Tackle and Side Headlock Takeover by Punk. Punk rolled around and almost pinned Axel. Axel bailed out of the ring to avoid the Go To Sleep. Punk came out to the floor and stared at Heyman. Punk ran after Paul but Axel with the save. Axel ran Punk into the ring apron, several times. The two got back in the ring and Axel stomped away and Scoop Slammed Punk. Flying Splash for a two count. Rear Chin Lock by Axel. Elevator Knee by Punk into the Bulldog. 2 count. Axel rolled out of the ring when Punk went to the top turnbuckle. Punk flew to the outside and laid out Axel. Raw took a break.

Punk with Knife Edge Chops to rock Axel. Axel with a Clothesline to the back of Punk’s head. He only got a two count on Punk. Nice Dropkick by Axel. Axel with measured punches to Punk’s face. Axel screamed to Heyman that Punk was nothing. Punk kicked at the thighs. Axel with a Slingshot but Punk landed on the turnbuckles. Kneelift by Axel that rocked Punk, big time. Side Suplex by Axel but only a two count. Axel with another High Impact Side Suplex. Punk dodged the McGillicutter and hit a Spinning Neckbreaker. Punk went up top and nailed the Savage Elbow for 2 plus. Punk made the sign for the GTS. Axel blocked the move and nailed the McGillicutter. He couldn’t get the 3. Punk nailed the GTS, out of nowhere, to take the win!

Your Winner: C.M. Punk
Raw Ranking: 4.0

Paul Heyman was in disbelief. JBL kept telling Heyman to run away. Paul tried to leave but several refs came out to force Paul to get to the ring. Paul stopped short. Punk came out to get Heyman and Paul waddled to the back. He didn’t stay gone long as Security forced him back out. Paul begged for mercy and said it was all Brock’s idea. Punk threw Paul in the ring and got ready to destroy Heyman. A Low Blow from Axel stopped the massacre. Axel asked Heyman for something…handcuffs. Punk’s hands were cuffed behind his back. Paul wanted to see Punk’s face. Axel held him as Paul repeatedly slapped Punk. Paul said he was going to unleash his wrath on Punk. Punk got up and kicked Axel in the face. A Leg Sweep sent Paul to his backside. As Punk started to go after The Walrus, Axel attacked with a chair. Axel then went out to find something else. He brought a kendo stick into the ring. Axel screamed at Punk that Punk was nothing. Axel then handed the stick to Heyman. Paul spun the kendo stick around, several times, and then cracked it across Punk’s back. Axel picked up Punk and blasted Punk in the chest and head, five vicious times. All the time, Paul was screamed at Punk about what he did for Punk. Axel brought Punk to the outside and ran him into the announce table. Paul came out and continued to wallop Punk (and the announce table) until the stick came apart. The fans started a “Boring” Chant. Paul sat and cried at what he had to do.

Jojo, from Total Divas, was in the ring to do the announcing…

Natalya (w/Funkadactyls) vs Brie Bella (w/Nikki Bella and Eva Marie)

The Bella Twins were in their home state of Arizona. Arizona, specifically Phoenix, happens to be where all three of my grandsons (Eric, Dave and Timm) were born.

Nattie lifted Brie and ran her to the corner. Rapid kicks by Nattie. Brie dodged Nattie and sent her into the corner. Brie used the knee to push Nattie into the corner. Brie stepped on Nattie’s back. Seated Abdominal Stretch by Brie. Nattie lifted her up and spun her into a slam. Sharpshooter! Nikki pulled Brie to the outside. Brie with an X-Factor when she got back into the ring.

Your Winner: Brie Bella
Raw Ranking: .75

A.J. Lee strolled out to look at the Divas. Lee talked about the insanity of Total Divas. Lee poked fun at Tyson Kidd. Why the Hell is she out there? Lee said the women in the ring were cheap and expendable. She said the girls weren’t talented enough to be actresses or champions. Even the Bellas were ready to stomp her skinny butt. God, this was a boring segment.

A video package of Ricardo Rodriguez joining forces with Rob Van Dam was presented. I still think that RVD really is going backwards to have Ricardo with him. Nothing against Ricardo but let the guy get in the ring or join the Spanish Announce Team. Heck, let him introduce Sin Cara, Los Matadores or Rey Mysterio. Having him intro RVD, in Spanish, is a bit odd.

Ricardo came out and introduced Rob Van Dam, in Spanglish.

Rob Van Dam vs Alberto Del Rio
Non-Title Match

RVD exploded with kicks and Shoulder Thrusts. Rolling Monkey Flip on ADR. RVD with a ton of kicks and punches as ADR was on the top rope. A Springboard Thrust Kick sent RVD to the floor. Raw went to break.

Rear Chin Lock by ADR. During the break, ADR threw RVD into the retaining wall of the Bullpen. Headbutts by ADR. Rolling Kick by RVD> If RVD wins this match, he will get a title shot at Night of Champions. ADR with a Bridging German Suplex for a two. ADR stomped and punched RVD. ADR jumped on the small of RVD’s back. ADR went to the top rope and waited. RVD with a Thrust Kick as Del Rio landed. The two men traded hard ounches. Clotheslines by RVD and a wicked Thrust Kick. Rolling Thunder! 2 count only. Del Rio with a flurry of offense but RVD kicked Del Rio in the face. Split Legged Moonsault. 1—2—no. ADR reversed a Ship. Springboard Thrust Kick by RVD. RVD hopped up top and waited a tiny bit too long. Del Rio with the Step Up Enziguri for a two plus. ADR wanted the Cross Armbreaker but Ricardo got on the announce table to distract. Rolling Leg Scissors for the pin.

Your Winner: Rob Van Dam
Raw Ranking: 3.75

RVD will now face ADR for the World Title at Night of Champions!

Michael Cole took it back to John Cena’s announcement that he had to leave the WWE for 4 to 6 months for surgery on his elbow and the follow-up rehab. Cena didn’t leave before showing massive respect to Daniel Bryan.

Josh tried to interview Ryback. Ryback did the bully thing to Josh. So much for the anti-Bullying campaign. Josh really played up the fear thing.

Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman went to leave. Renee stopped them and asked Paul if he was worried about what could have happened. Paul and Axel said Punk got what he deserved. Paul said Punk deserved repeated punishment. Paul said he felt like a man who put his “prodigal son” in place. Paul said Punk will learn that Heyman was the last person that Punk should come up against. They got in a car and took off.

Christian vs Randy Orton
Non-Title Match

Collar and Elbow into a Roll Up by Christian. Only a 1 count. Another Collar and Elbow saw the guys going round and round the ropes. Side Headlock by Orton but he was sent to the ropes. Shoulder Tackle by Randy. Randy with a kick and Headbutts. European Uppercut by Randy . Christian tried the flip over the ropes and hit the Uppercut but Randy blocked it. Randy wanted the Rope Assisted DDT but Christian sent Randy up and over the ropes. They went to the floor and got back in. Slop Drop by Christian. Christian went to the top but didn’t connect. Randy with a sweet Dropkick. Full Mount Punches by Orton. Orton choked Christian on the bottom rope. Orton dropped Christian over the top rope and then used a Kneelift to send Christian to the floor. Orton struck the “Big O” pose that his grandfather used. Orton Stomp as Christian got back in the ring. Flying Knee Drop by Orton for a two. Rear Chin Lock by The Viper. The two went back and forth with punches. Randy fought out of another Slop Drop and cracked Christian in the face. Crossfaces by Orton. Rear Chin Lock by Orton.

Christian punched free and rocked Randy. The two threw hard bombs and then Randy pushed Christian off the top rope. Raw took another break.

Orton cranked on a Rear Chin Lock. Christian twisted around to get to his feet. Orton pushed Christian to the corner but Christian with Double Boots. The two fought on the ropes. Headbutts by Randy, three in total. European Uppercut by The Viper. Superplex by Randy. Christian with a Surprise Roll Up for two. Clotheslines by Randy. Christian dodged the RKO and went to the corner. Full Corner Mount Punches by Christian. Orton exploded off a Whip to hit a Clothesline. Christian snapped Randy’s neck on the top rope. Top Rope Crossbody to get Christian a two count. Christian went for a Missile Dropkick but Randy caught him . They went aback and forth on pin attempts. Christian countered the Rope Assisted DDT but Randy blocked the KillSwitch. Tornado DDT, by Chrisitna, saw Randy land badly. Randy with the Rope Assisted DDT that he wanted, moments earlier. Randy went into the Special Place. Christian blocked the RKO. Christian wanted The Spear. Randy Leap Frogged the first attempt but got nailed by the rebound Spear. 1-2-Are You Kidding Me? Kickout. Randy pushed Christina into the corner. Christian blocked the Rko. Randy with a thumb to the eye which led to the RKO.

Your Winner: Randy Orton
Raw Ranking: 3.75

Daniel Bryan came on the TitanTron. He congratulated Randy for such a great match. Daniel said Randy deserved the pretty gift for a pretty man. Daniel then asked what would happen if Daniel were to win. That led to Daniel showing the words “Yes” spray painted, in bright Taz Orange” all over the new car. Orton was absolutely livid at the graffiti. Cole said Orton now drives a “Yes-calade”.

Brad Maddox, Randy Orton and Triple H looked at the painted up car. Brad said the crowd and the locker room were all laughing at Daniel’s stunt. HHH said the car and the title were HHH’s personal property. HHH ordered Brad to bring every superstar and Diva to come to the ramp to watch the slaughter of Daniel Bryan. He said if anyone gets involved, they would get personally fired by HHH. HHH said he would laugh as he fired people. Randy said Daniel would pay for this.

Titus O’Neil (w/Darren Young) vs Jack Swagger (w/Antonio Cesaro and Zeb Colter)

Zeb trash talked the Prime Time Players. Zeb said “If you can’t feed em, don’t breed em”. I won’t comment on that statement. Oh jeez, shut up and wrestle, will ya?

Collar and Elbow led to repeated Swagger Kneelifts. Short Arm Clothesline by Swagger but only for a one count. European Uppercuts by Titus. Kitchen Sink Knee by Swagger. Leg DDT by Jack. Jack choked Titus on the middle rope. Back Drop Suplex by Jack but only a two count. Neck Wrench by jack but Titus fought to his feet. Titus with punches. They seemed to botch a few moves but recovered. Titus with the Fallaway Slam and barking. Jack ducked a Big Boot and Chop Blocked the knee. Patriot Lock but Titus kicked out. Jack tried to use the ropes to score the pin but Darren pushed the feet off. In all the chaos, Titus took out Jack with a massive Powerbomb.

Your Winner: Titus O’Neil
Raw Ranking: 2.0

The announcers discussed the Wyatt Family’s destruction of Kane. Bray Wyatt had comments…next.

Bray with a bizarre rant about “Her” teaching them. I guess “Her” is gone, now. Bray said “They” chose him. It was all about Sister Abigail, which is the name of his finisher.

Brad Maddox was in the office, dealing with C.M. Punk. Punk had refused medical attention. Punk wanted a match against Paul Heyman where Paul couldn’t escape. Brad said he would make a Handicap Elimination Match: Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman vs C.M. Punk. If Paul backs out of the match, he would be ousted, for good, from the WWE.

The stars of WWE were brought out onto the stage.

Another promo for Los Matadores ran. If I heard the video right, Los Matadores will be bringing a BULL to the ring with them. Seriously? Ok, there is such a column idea forming in my mind.

Daniel Bryan vs …
Gauntlet Match

Match #1: vs Seth Rollins

Renee tried to interview Big Show, Dolph Ziggler and The Miz. None of them would risk saying anything. All three Shield members came down for this ridiculousness.

Collar and Elbow and Daniel with wild punches and kicks. Drop Toe Hold into the Flying Surfboard. I’ve been in that move and it hurts like 19 kinds of Hell. Daniel turned it into a variation of a Dragon Sleeper Surfboard. Daniel released it and nailed the Kitchen Sink. La Bandera Clothesline sent them both to the floor. Dean and Roman strolled around the sides of the ring to confront Daniel. Seth ran Daniel’s back into the ring barrier.

Back in the ring, Seth got a two count. Seth with measured shots to the skull. Seth then followed up with hard kicks. Daniel fought back with his own punches. Seth with a Knife Edge Chop. Daniel ran the ropes and hit the Flying Clothesline. Chest Kicks by Daniel. Seth rolled to the apron. Seth then snapped Daniel’s neck on the top ropes. Seth went for his Springboard Knee Strike but Daniel rolled through and put on a Half Crab. Seth reached the ropes. Suicide Dive to send Seth flipping backwards over the announce table. That was incredible. Break time.

Seth with a Seated Shinu Numaki. Seth was thrown aside as the Superstars watched on. Seth slapped Daniel in the face, over and over. Seth with a Flying Forearm in the corner. Daniel psyched himself up. Seth hit another Flying Forearm. Seth told Daniel to stay down. He slapped Daniel in the face, so many times. Seth rant othe opposite corner but didn’t realize that Daniel was following him. Running Dropkick by Daniel. The two traded huge bombs and kicks. Daniel blocked a Sunset Flip. They went back and forth with pin attempts. Enziguri and Side Cutter Slam by Seth. Daniel still kicked out. Seth ran Daniel into the corner and punched away. Seth put Daniel on the top rope and slapped the chest. Headbutt by Seth that seemed to stun Seth. Daniel slid out of the Superplex and pushed Seth off the ropes. German Superplex! Holy Crap! B+, my dimpled derriere. Knockout Knee by Daniel!

Your Winner: Daniel Bryan
Raw Ranking: 4.5

Match #2: vs Dean Ambrose

Dean immediately hit the ring and stomped and punched away. Daniel quickly slapped on the Yes Lock. Roman rushed in and attacked.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Daniel Bryan
Raw Rankng: 1.0

Match #3: vs Roman Reigns

Roman just pounded on Daniel like chopped meat. Daniel put Roman in the Yes Lock and then Dean jumped on Daniel. Seth joined the fray.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Daniel Bryan
Raw Ranking: .5

The Shield kept beating down on Daniel until Triple H strolled out. He had a stare down with Big Show and Dolph Ziggler. Sword Of Justice Triple Powerbomb on Daniel. Randy Orton then joined HHH on the stage. Randy went down to the ring and got into Daniel’s face. RKO! Randy then left the ring and strolled towards the mass of muscle on stage. Orton and HHH then walked to the back as Raw called it a night.


–Jay Shannon

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