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The WWE Network may be getting closer to a launch, according to sources we have talked to. The company has spent millions of dollars preparing to launch as they have bought up most of the available libraries and have spent much of the past two years digitizing content and laying the foundation for going on air.

The question remains the format. Will it be a pay network on traditional platforms like DirecTV and cable systems, or will it be exclusively available online. While both options have benefits, the company is believed to be strongly considering the future of the television industry and believes that within the next few years the way we watch television will have drastically changed and the online option may offer the best chance to get a head start on what they believe may be the norm within a few years.

It’s been a bumpy road for WWE as they have been working on the Network idea for several years. It’s a hot topic at every conference call to brief investors on quarterly financial results, and the continued delays have led some to doubt whether the Network would actually ever happen.

The expectation internally, according to our sources, is that final decisions are in the process of being made, and that an announcement could come within the next few months.

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