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Impact presented part two of HardCore Justice. Aces and Eights went into the main event with a man advantage against the Main Event Mafia…or did they?

The show began by recapping part one of this former Pay-per-View gone Free-per-View. Bully Ray won back the World title and Tito Ortiz turned his back on Rampage Jackson and the fans. Bobby Roode aligned himself with Kazarian and Christopher Daniels. The Main Event Mafia was looking for a fifth member, since Kurt Angle is in rehab (which was announced on the show). Bully liked Tito because they were both bullies.

Bully Ray was on the phone with “Brooke”. Tito was at Ray’s side. Ray wanted to know if his Brookie was ready. Ken Anderson walked up and confronted Bully Ray about not returning calls or texts. Ray wanted to know when Ken got so sensitive. Ray said Tito was with the club. Ray told Ken to be more concerned about earning his stripes and protecting the club’s interests. Yep, I smell a Aces and Eights split in the near future.

Bobby Roode, Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels walked out as a unified unit. Taz and Tenay talked about the impact (pun only slightly intentional) that they have already made. Bobby took the stick and congratulated Bully Ray for winning the World title. Bobby reminded Bully Ray that he now had the target back on him and Three Best were all gunning for him. Bobby said he set the tables, literally, to earn 20 points. Kaz then took the stick and said he also gained the 20 points. Daniels took the mike and said Extraordinary Gentleman’s Organization (I guess that’s their name now). Daniels said he would complete the Trifecta for the EGO. He said he had the “Rear that makes the girls cheer”. Puh-lease.. Bobby took back the talking duties and invited Austin Aries to join their group.

James Storm and Gunner strolled from the back. Storm questioned Bobby about the choice of the word “Trust”. Storm said he trusted Bobby for 4 years. Storm said Bobby will eventually turn on Daniels and Kaz. Storm had no sympathy for them, when it happens. Bobby accused Storm of being jealous of him. Storm told Bobby just what he was going to do. Storm invited Bobby and Kaz to face him in a fight. Storm got prepped for the battle. He did just what he said he was going to do…take a drink of beer and then punch Bobby in the face. That led to…

The Gunslingers (James Storm and Gunner) vs EGO (Bobby Roode and Kazarian)
Non-Title Street Fight

All Hell broke loose and everyone ended up on the floor, except Gunner. Gunner also took out Daniels. Storm pulled Kaz in the ring and slammed his face into the corner. The tag champs with a Side Russian Leg Sweep/ Flying Clothesline as Impact went to break.

Bobby ran Gunner into a couple of corner as the show returned. Knife Edge Chops but Gunner came back with hard punches. Back Elbow by Bobby. Kaaz came in and popped Gunner in the face. Flying Leg Lariat, by Kaz, for a two. Tag to Bobby. Snap Mare into the Perfect Neck Snap. Suplex by Bobby into a Flying Knee Drop. 2 count. Kaz with the tag and the duo double teamed Gunner. Leg Drop by Kaz for a two. Gunner started punching away but Kaz went to the eyes. Uranage Backbreaker by Gunner. Tag to Storm and also to Bobby. Storm with a Flying Forearm and Inverted Atomic Drop. He also Hip Tossed Kaz. Powerslam on Bobby and Enziguri to Kaz. Savage Elbow by Storm but Kaz made the save. Storm blocked the Fisherman’s Suplex and connected with the Closing Time (Code Breaker). Storm took out Kaz with the Last Call Superkick. Bobby with a Low Blow and Roll up (with a handful of jeans) to take the win.

Your Winners: Kazarian and Bobby Roode
Impact Score: 3.0 out of a possible 5

Austin Aries talked about the Main Event Mafia wanting him and now Bobby Roode wants him to join them. Aries said you had to trust those around you. He would have an answer for Roode, Kaz and Daniels before the end of the night.

TNA looked at the end of the World title match. There would be an update on Chris Sabin, later on.

Sonjay Dutt vs Manik
X-Division Non-Title Match

Manik flipped Dutt into the ring . Manik dove off the top. Tilt-a-Whirl into the Octopus. Manik rolled forward to try and pin Dutt. Hulk Hogan said the Triple Threat format for X-Division title matches was no longer in effect. Now, the title matches will go back to 1-on-1 matches. Cool concept tossed right out the window. Jeez.

Deep Arm Drag by Manik into an Extended Arm Bar. Dutt with the Push Off. Head Scissors by Dutt for a two count. Sunset Flip but Dutt Rolled through and hit a Standing Moonsault for a two. Dutt with his version of an Octopus. School Boy by Dutt but only a two. Cross Tie Arm Bar by Dutt. Dutt with a Whip but Manik with the Float Over. Dutt charged but ended up on the floor. Springboard Dropkick, to the floor, by Manik. Back in the ring, Springboard Missile Dropkick by the Champ. Dutt fought out of Manik’s finisher but Manik hit a Sit Out Powerbomb. Dutt with a boot to Manik and the Running Knee. Exploder Suplex by Dutt. 2 count.

Scoop Drop by Dutt. Dutt went for the Warrior’s way but it didn’t happen. Manik blocked the Running Hurancanrana and hit a modified Go To Sleep. Mood Stablizer!

Your Winner: Manik
Impact Score: 3.75

Ken talked with Devon. Ken said the guys needed to focus on the Main Event Mafia. The Aces and Eights were confident that it would be 5-on-4 and someone in the Mafia was going home, permanently.

In the back, the Main Event Mafia plotted strategy to go up against Aces and Eights.

Christopher Daniels vs Jay Bradley vs Hernandez vs Joseph Park
Four Way Street Fight in the Bound For Glory Series. The winner to get 20 points.

Eric Young was at Joseph Park’s side. Taz grumbled about Park being in “his world”. All four men attacked as the bell ran. Hernandez with a Corner Splash and Over Head Throw to Daniels. Jay missed his own Splash and Park went wild on him. Back Elbow by Jay to stop Park. Jay then punched Hernandez. Hernandez came back with a Steam Roller. Daniels with Roll Ups on Hernandez but couldn’t hold him down. Torture Breaker by Hernandez on Daniels. Jay waffled Hernandez with a chair to prevent the pin. Jay put the chair around Hernandez’s neck and ran Super Mex into the corner. Jay hit Hernandez with the chair. Hernandez whipped Jay into a Park Back Elbow. Pounce by Hernandez to Jay. Hip Toss and Slam by Park. Double Team on Daniels. Park whipped Hernandez into both Daniels and Jay. Park then hit his own Corner Splash onto the two men. Impact took a quick break.

Kazarian and Bobby Roode walked from the back. Could this swing the momentum to Daniels’ favor? More after the break.

Hernandez blocked a Daniels kendo stick attack. Hernandez then blasted Daniels with the Singapore cane. Back Body Drop by Daniels, on the ramp. Jay with a Corner Splash to Park. Jay missed a Running Boot and Park took him down. Jay went to the eyes and then went to hit Park with a chair. Park cinched in the Boston Crab but Bobby distracted him. Bobby and Kaz attacked both Park and E Y. In the ring, Jay with a huge Biel. Jay with a Low Kick. I’ve felt one of those and it’s not a fun thing to deal with (thanks Vinny Poochanelli).

Jay hit Daniels with the steel chair and then Side Slammed him on the chair. Kaz tripped Jay and pulled him to the outside. Roode and Kaz blasted Jay as Hernandez hit Air Mexico on Daniels. Hernandez with all kinds of brutal moves, including a Corner Splash. Pounce by Hernandez. Hernandez wanted the Border Toss but he dropped Daniels. Austin Aries got in and attacked Hernandez. He then laid ot Daniels with the Brainbuster. Kaz and Roode chased Aries to the back. Jay popped Park with brass knuckles. Park saw his blood and freaked out. Park tore into everyone in sight. Black Hole Slam on Bradley to get the win and the 20 points.

Your Winner (+20): Joseph Park (Finally, he’s out of the negative zone!)
Impact Score: 3.0

Eric Young cautiously got in the ring to calm down his buddy, Park. Park came back to reality.

The Main Event Mafia members were trying to figure out what they were going to do. Sting was having a fit. Magnus didn’t care if they were a man down, they would just have to step it up. Joe agreed with his former tag partner.

A video package of the relationship between Brooke Hogan and Bully Ray aired. That led to Bully Ray coming out with Tito Ortiz. Ray introduced Tito and then started talking about his relationship with Brooke. He then brought out Brooke…Tessmacher! They played some serious tonsil hockey in mid-ring. Bully said he now has the “Hot Brooke”. She literally sucked the wedding ring off Ray’s finger and spat it out. Disgusting but effective segment.

Gail Kim vs ODB

The two women circled each other and went into a Collar and Elbow. ODB pushed Gail down. Gail tried the Collar and Elbow and got the same result. Go Behind by ODB. Butt Push by ODB. Gail slid out of the ring to avoid a Corner Splash but ODB sent her into the ring post. . Corner Splash into the Bronco Buster by ODB. 2 count. Gail went for a Float Over but got caught. Fallaway Slam by ODB. Gail rolled out of the ring.

They rushed around the outside and Gail hit a Flying Arm Bar when they got back in the ring. Gail dropped her weight on ODB’s arm. Gail ran ODB into the corner. Gail dropped her weight to send ODB’s arm into the middle rope. ODB kicked and punched away. Gail blocked the Dirty Dozens and took ODB off the turnbuckles for a bad Shoulder Breaker. Hammerlock by Gail, on the mat. Gail kicked ODB I n the chest. ODB with a Low Blow, on the apron. ODB flipped Gail into the ring and tore into her with a Clothesline and Back Elbow. ODB with the Dirty Dozens. Thesz Press off the ropes for a two. Gail kicked the hurt arm of ODB. Gail went up the ropes but ODB hit the ropes. ODB fought her way up the ropes. Superplex! ODB tried for the pin but couldn’t hold Gail down. ODB tried to lift ODB but the shoulder gave out. Gail with a Crucifix Backslide to take the iwn.

Your Winner: Gail Kim
Impact Score: 2.0

A video profile of Jeff Hardy ran. Jeff talked about how tough the Bound For Glory Series is. Jeff discussed how good the people were in the B4G Series. Jeff explained he was doing this for his little daughter. They showed his kid and she was just too cute. Reminds me of my niece, Stephanie, who is now in her early 20s. (God, I’m getting old.)

Austin Aries was interviewed. He was asked about he Double Cross. Aries said he was asked a question and he gave them his answer. He knows how to play mind games with the best of them. Aries said he didn’t need anyone’s help. All he needed was his God-Given Ability.

Mike Tenay said Hulk Hogan would return, next week. Taz said he smelled a rat. Tenay then sent it to a replay of Chris Sabin losing the World title. Sabin did a promo where .Sabin discussed the loss and his plans to return and regain the title. Sabin said something had to seriously change, inside him, when he goes after Bully, next time. Sabin said he would be back.

Aces and Eights (Knux, Garret Buschoff, Wes Brisco, Devon and Ken Anderson) vs The Main Event Mafia (Sting, Magnus, Samoa Joe and Rampage Jackson)
Career on the Line, 10 (or 9) man tag team match

Bully Ray and his new little gang came out on the stage to watch. Ken took the microphone and gave the Main Event Mafia the option to have one of them lay down and get eliminated. Sting said no way and if the Mafia was going to fall, it would go down fighting.

Suddenly, A.J. Styles’ music hit and he came out on the ramp. He got down about halfway and stopped. His music changed and the OLD music hit! Styles had shaved and was wearing his old ring gear. He jumped in the ring and went after Aces and Eights. Yes…it’s true! It was now…

Sting, Magnus, Samoa Joe, Rampage Jackson AND A.J. Styles vs Knux, Bischoff, Brisco, Anderson and Devon!

All 10 men tore into each other. The guys went all around the ringside area, fighting. Styles really tore into Anderson. Taz was shocked at what he saw. Devon blasted Magnus with a bottle of water. In the ring, Styles connected with a wicked Dropkick to Anderson. Magnus with the Magnus-Driver on Brisco. Tg to Joe. Joe unloaded with rapid fire punches on Brisco. Joe with an Irish Whip and the Corner Assault that included the Jumping Enziguri. 2 count only. Brisco fought back and brought Bischoff into the match. Tag to Styles. Bischoff tried to fight back but Styles with a Fireman’s Carry Backbreaker. Tag to Joe as Impact went to commercial.

Magnus was in the ring and getting his British backside handed to him. Bischoff punched away and then tagged in Knux. Knux reminds me of a young Jim Neidhart. Knux ran over Magnus and got a two count. Back Drop Suplex by Knux and tag to Devon. Devon stomped on Magnus and then choked the Brit on the middle rope. Measured punch by Devon and tag to Bischoff. Magnus began to fight back. Flapjack by Bischoff for two. Brisco tagged in and they double teamed Magnus, including a Whip into Clothesline. Joe made the save.

Anderson finally got in and tried for a pin. He got two. Magnus reversed a Whip and then caught Anderson. Ken went to the eyes to avoid the Magnus Driver. Tag to Devon. Snap Mare by Devon. Hogan-esque Leg Drop. Devon mocked Hulk with the Ear Cup. Neck Vise by Devon to Magnus. The Mafioso would not surrender. Magnus punched free but got nailed with the Amazing Grace Back Elbow. Spin-a-Rooni shout out to his old buddy, Booker T, by Devon. Knux tagged in and hit the Guillotine Leg Drop for a two. Magnus blocked a Suplex and hit the Lawn Dart DDT. Sting got the tag. Dropkick to send Knux to the corner. 2 Stinger Splashes. Sting went for the Scorpion Death Lock but all the guys got involved. The fight went to the floor. Rampage took out everyone in a leather best. Knux hit Rampage from behind. Sting put Knux in the Scorpion Death Lock but Devon made the save. Devon put Knux on Sting but Sting had enough left to kick out. Devon took the tag and just beat Sting senseless. Scoop Slam by Devon. Devon flew off the middle ropes but missed the Flying Headbutt. Styles got the tag. Springboard Flying Forearm. Styles took out the other Aces and Eights guys. Jumping Enziguri to Styles. 2 count plus. Taz was having a hard time staying in his seat. It all broke down, yet again. Styles wanted the Styles Clash but had to take out Anderson with the Pele. Power Spin Spear by Devon. Float Over by Styles into the Styles Clash. 1-2-3! Devon is gone!

Your Winners: Sting, A.J. Styles, Samoa Joe, Magnus and Rampage Jackson
Impact Score: 3.75

Taz was losing it. The Mafia guys actually took time to check on Devon, likely saying something nice to him. Bully Ray was losing his mind, as was Taz. I did think it was cool that Devon not only did the Spin-a-Rooni but also the D-X Crotch Chop to send out respect to others in the business.


–Jay Shannon

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