Posted August 18th, 2013 by Bill Apter

Both enter the ring totally intense. Paul Heyman is at ringside.

Highlights: This is a no DQ match…

Brock comes out with a lift-up and rammiing his body into Punk’s in the corner. Lesnar is brutalizing Punk in the first moments and Heyman is so very happy.

Punk comes back briefly but Lesnar tosses him through the air and then traps him in the corner again.

Punk catches Lesnar with a knee and Lesnar goes flying out of the ring and Punk is on the attack now. Punk gets the steps to smash into Lesnar but is thwarted as Lesnar kicks them into him. Punk comeback and bashes Lesnar into the ring post and then an ax-handle from the top turnbuckle.

Punk with a flying elbow from the announcer’s table and then goes after Paul Heyman who is rescued by the now recovered Lesnar who tosses Punk over and into the Spanish Announcer’s table!

He puts the metal part of the table on Punk’s back and then jumps on it and next suplexes Punk on the floor.

They are back in the ring and Lesnar continues to assault Punk as Heyman yells to Punk “stay down” each time Lesnar hurts him.

Punk is in a bearhug but uses a few elbowsmashes to power out. Punk to the top rope, flying bodypress but caught by Lesnar who tosses him across the ring effortlessly.

Lesnar with a few backbreakers and tries for a pin but only gets a “two” count.

Punk now biting the ear of Lesnar (is Mike Tyson training him)? Now he’s in charge! Punk off the ropes with knees to Lesnar’s face. Lesnar is stunned.

More knees by Punk as Lesnar is in the corner. Punk with a kick to Lesnar’s head and goes up top coming off with the elbowsmash. He tries for a pin but only “two!”

Punk calls for his “GTS.” Lesnar tries for an F5. Punk ties again but Lesnar grabs Punk’s left afrm and tries for the arm breaker. Punk reverses it! Punk has to GTS on but Lesnar picks him up and slams him but he’s still locked it! Brock with a running powerbomb and they are both on the mat!

Lesnar gets a chair from the outside but Punk jumps him but Lesnar makes him takethe chair’s impact. Punk has the chair (they are outside the ring) and beats Lesnar across the back. Lesnar rolls into the ring and Punk iis right behind him. He gets the chair and is about to smash it onto Punk — who hits him in the groin (no DQ’s). With Lesnar down Punk goes up to the top with the chair and comes off full force with it and tries for the pin but only a “two” count again.

Punk tries the hit him with the chair but Paul Heyman tries to interfere. Finally Punk with the GTS and goes for the pin but Heyman runs in. Punk chases him and Brock grabs him for the F5 but Punk reverses it into a DDT and locks in his submission . Heyman comes in with a chair but Punk puts his foot on it. Punk grabs Heyman and punches him and puts his submission on Pual who taps out. In the meantime Lesnar smashes Punk with the chair three times, and it’s an F5 on the chair and pin.

Amazing, brutal match!

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