Posted August 18th, 2013 by Bill Apter

Alberto insisted that ring announcer Lilian Garcia introduce him in Spanish.


The champion is very cocky as he uses several quick moves at the onset however Christian is able to halt that with some good moves of his own.

Outside the ring Del Rio inures Christian, bashing him into the ring barrier injuring Christian’s left arm. Back in the ring he tries for a pin but only gets a “two” count and he continues to work on the left arm.

Del Rio went for a flying move but Christian moved and the champion went through the ropes and onto the floor. Christian jumped off onto him but hurt himself as well.

Back in the ring it’s all Del Rio as he repeatedly stomps on the left arm.

Christian rallies with a dropkick off the ropes and punches in the corner. Christian with a flying bodypress and pin attempt but he only gets a two count.

Christian with a flying elbow off the top ropes and a Frankensteiner but only a two count again.

Christian with a spear but before he can connect Del Rio dropkicks him.

Spear again by Christian but Del Rio gets his submission move “Cross Arm Breaker” on the left shoulder and Christian finally taps out after a few moments in it.

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