Posted August 18th, 2013 by Bill Apter

Referee Triple H used a Pedigree on Daniel Bryan and then proceeded to make the count as Orton pinned the unconscious Bryan!



  1. By dale, posted

    I know it is wrestling, but I am getting tired of seeing swerve after swerve at the end of every pay per view here in WWE. Sadly, I called this at the beginning of the match. Now we get to call the Marine coward a champion… Bryan Danielson deserves better!

  2. By william, posted

    Hes a his vinnie macs son in law who didnt know this doing this to keep the family happy

  3. By dj, posted

    Ugh. This is why guys like the beard need to go to TNA. Not saying TNA has it together but at least hard working ‘smaller’ guys get respect. I feel bad for the guy he’s been bitchslapped by the powers that be 2X now. First the 18 second stomping by Sheamus and now this fiasco. Seriously are they that bloody protective of Cena that he might loose one minute ounce of fake permashine if he takes a pinfall loss to Randy Orton so instead he gives a clean win to Bryan who gets raped in the process.. Seriously this reeks of politics. Sadly the best match all night was from a wrestler turned real life MMA champion back to wrestler and a former road warrior indy guy whos fought the fight with Daniel Bryan to make it in the business as a smaller guy. To me Im still shocked Punk was allowed the keep the title this long afterall he doesnt fit Vinny Macs prototypical champion which is 250+ 6’3″+ with questionable testosterone ratios. On second thought I cant figure out who Vince has screwed more lately Daniel Bryan or Ryback afterall Ryback fits Vinny’s psuedo-freak roidlike beast champ mold.

  4. By Bill, posted

    I wouldn’t call it all that shocking. Orton has been coming out the last couple of weeks every time Bryan and Cena were in the ring. It was expected.

  5. By dave, posted

    daniel bryan and the sheep who call themselves his fans got what they deserved. those stupid
    yes chants have to stop

  6. By Eric, posted

    This isn’t good for the wwe by keep changing champions right after someone just wins it no continuity let brian danileson run with the belt u build him up then this happends typical wwe thats why people are starting to watch roh or tna

  7. By shawn, posted

    Sadder part would have been for Daniel Bryan to hold on to the strap for an extended period of time. Cena needs surgery, needed a storyline to cash in money in bank. Daniel Bryan was just a pawn used to make it all work out. He now has lost twice at PPV’s in under 20 seconds!!!

  8. By Dani, posted

    We knew Orton would be involved in some way. He didn’t have a match and there is no way they would have put together a PPV without Orton in there somewhere.

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