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TNA started off by putting up a Parental Warning, since this was HardCore Justice. I kinda like this Spike Free-per-View format. I hope it lasts.

There was a seriously bloody montage that showcased former HardCord Justice events. They also showed Abyss going through the burning table.

Christy Hemme was as hot as the Vegas sun in a skimpy black leather dress and high boots. She is such a pretty girl.

Austin Aries vs Frankie Kazarian vs A.J. Styles vs Jeff Hardy
Bound for Series Four Way Ladder Match with the winner getting 20 huge points

It was a major Mexican standoff. Kaz rushed out and got a ladder on the ramp. The other three kept Kaz from getting in with it. Aries came out and attacked Kaz. Aries and Kaz fought over the ladder and Aries let it go. Aries with an Ax Bomber to the floor. Hardy attacked Aries. Styles sent Aries to the floor and hit a Plancha. Kaz shoved the ladder into Styles. Kaz got in the ring and set up the ladder. Hardy whipped Kaz into the ropes but Kaz ran the ladder. Aries caught him and pulled him down. Then, Aries shoved Kaz, crotch first, into the rungs of the ladder. Aries and Hardy fought it out. Hardy sent Aries to the outside with a Flying Headscissors. Styles and Hardy then faced off. Hardy Floated over a Suplex. Styles blocked the Twist of Fate and sent Hardy to the outside.

Kaz with the Outside In Springboard DDT on Styles. Aries snapped Kaz’s neck on the ropes and Styles slammed the ladder into Kaz. Aries Back Body Dropped Styles to the floor. Aries set up the ladder and started up. Hardy kept Aries from reaching the top. Aries blasted both Kaz and Styles, on the apron. Aries Corner Stomped Hardy. Kaz then ran Styles into the ring post. Aries then took out Kaz as Kaz tried to get into the ring. Aries kicked Hardy’s thigh and then headed up the ladder. Hardy cracked Aries’ back to bring him down. Hardy wanted a Suplex but Aries battles back. Aries kept Styles and Kaz on the outside. Hardy helped him keep them out. Aries and Hardy fought on the ladder. The ladder went sideways and Hardy and Aries took out themselves, as well as Kaz and Styles. Impact took a break.

It was announced that the Aces and Eights vs Main Event Mafia match was postponed to next week. With Kurt Angle out of action for an extended period, it’s unclear how they are going to reset this match.

As the show returned, Aries was trying to go up the ladder. Kaz stopped him and threw Aries’ face into the ladder. The ladder was pretty much bashed and battered. Kaz was pitched outside. Aries then Dropkicked a 2nd ladder into Kaz. Styles popped Aries and sent him to the corner. Styles with the Springboard Flying Forearm to Aries. Aries flew out of the ring but managed to slide back in and stop Styles from going up the ladder. Kaz blasted all three opponents with a 2nd ladder. Kaz set up the alternate ladder. All four men climbed ladders. They were all reaching for the clipboard with the 20 points. Aries with a Sunset Flip Powerbomb off the ladder. Kaz and Styles fought as “Holy ****” rang out. Kaz wanted the ladder UltraPlex but Styles stopped him. Kaz pushed Styles off the ladder but Styles shoved over the ladder and Kaz hit hard. Aries Dropkicked Styles into a ladder. “This is Awesome!” rang out and I must agree completely. Aries and Hardy fought on the ladder. Styles pulled Aries down. As Styles went for he Styles Clash, Kaz added to the carnage by hitting a modified DDT. Hardy and Kaz fought on the ladder but Aries Dropkicked the ladder and sent everyone flying. Aries started up the ladder but Bobby Roode and Christopher Daniels, the other members of Three Best, came out. Aries and Styles fought on the ladder but Hardy took them both out. Hardy whipped Kaz into the ladder and hit the Twist of Fate. Daniels distracted the ref and Roode went after Hardy. Hardy with the Spinning Mule Kick. Hardy and Kaz got on the ladder. Kaz threw the Appletini in Hardy’s face. Hardy fell off the ladder and Kaz got the paper.

Your Winner (+20): Kazarian
Impact Score: 4.25 out of a possible 5

4 members of the Main Event Mafia walked backstage. They had something to say…

Chris Sabin was asked how he prepared for Bully Ray. Sabin said he studied Bully Ray and Ray had better not take him lightly. Sabin was confident that he would beat Ray for the third time.

Dixie Carter mentioned that Kurt Angle was in rehab. I’m shocked that they actually mentioned it. Dixie asked the fans to join her in supporting Kurt. The crowd showed their support. Suddenly, the Aces and Eights strolled from the back. The quintet of rogues got in the ring. Ken said the Main Event Mafia only had one week to find a replacement for Kurt. Ken was ready to end Rampage Jackson’s career before it even started. Ken said they would end Samoa Joe’s career. Ken even considered that hey might end Sting’s lengthy career. Ken said they might even take Magnus out of the Bound for Glory Series and killed the “Future” of the wrestling. Magnus said he was ready to walk up and punch Ken in the mouth. Magnus said the fans thought Ken sucked. Magnus got a pop when he called Norfolk as Mafia Country. Magnus said there might be a Mafia Recruit in the crowd. Magnus. Ken took back the microphone. He said Bully Ray would take back the World Title, tonight, and Aces and Eights would eliminate a Mafia member, next week. The fight broke out and they focused heavily on Rampage. Aces and Eights music rang out as the outlaw group stood tall.

Tito Ortiz arrived, earlier. Mike Tenay wanted to know why he was there. The Knockouts were ready to go wild in a Three-Way Hard Core War.

Mickie James vs Gail Kim vs ODB
Triple Threat Hardcore Knockout Match (non-Title)

ODB with a Shoulder Tackle on Mickie. ODB with a strong Clothesline on Gail. Corner Splashes, by ODB, on both opponents. Dirty Dozens by ODB but Mickie pulled her off the ropes. Mickie brought in a chair but Gail took it away. ODB kicked the chair into Gail’s chest. Mickie with a variation of the Funk Neckbreaker on ODB. The crowd chanted for Mickie. The girls Whipped ODB into the chair and both tried for a pin. Mickie went to roll up Gail but Kim kicked out and the two women started punching away. ODB with hard punches. Gail pulled ODB off the apron and slammed her on the floor. Gail forced ODB back in the ring and went looking for toys. She didn’t find any before Mickie threw her into the ring post. Mickie with a kendo stick as Taz warbled Mickie’s theme music. Mickie got on the ropes and choked ODB with the stick. ODB used the stick to flip Mickie into the ring. ODB waffled both opponents with the stick. ODB pulled out her over-sized bra and used it to Biel Mickie. ODB used it to hang Gail through the ropes. Mickie kicked ODB in the back of the head. Mickie sent ODB into the ring post. Mickie told Tenay “This one’s for you” Gail with the Ring Post Figure Four on ODB. Mickie pulled on ODB’s arm. Gail and Mickie started to fight. ODB sprayed “Liquid Courage” into Mickie’s face. Gail attacked ODB’s ribs with the kendo stick as ODB had Mickie up in a Fireman’s Carry. ODB with a Cutter onto the chair to pin Gail Kim.

Your Winner: Gail Kim
Impact Score: 2.5

Sting said he was going to ask Austin Aries to join their group for next week’s battle. The other Mafia members were not thrilled about the idea.

Sting chatted with Aries in the locker room. Sting reminded Aries how Aces and Eights have made Austin’s life Hell for the last year or so. Sting asked Aries to join the Mafia and help them. Austin was impressed with the offer but he wasn’t sure. Austin didn’t give his answer.

Bobby Roode was asked if his plan was coming together. Roode said he aligned himself with Kaz and Daniels. Roode has a chance, later on, to win 20 points in a Tables match.

The Mafia members were discussing whether Austin would join. Sting came in and said Aries declined them. Rampage and Joe were headed to the ring for another possible solution. Magnus told Sting to sit down and he would bring him up to speed.

Rampage finally got his Mafia suit. Darn thing was butt ugly. Kind of a camo kind of thing.

Impact looked at the events leading up to Chris Sabin winning the World title. Sabin took Bully Ray’s hammer and struck Ray in the skull with it to get the title. Then Sabin joined forces with Kurt Angle to beat Team 3D.

Ray was talking with someone on the phone about their “relationship”. Next week will be about “Them”. He said they would tell the world the truth, next week. He told “Brooke” that he loved her. I smell a swerve coming.

Rampage Jackson and Samoa Joe strolled out to the ring. Taz was certain that the Mafia wouldn’t be able to find a fifth member to fight Aces and Eights. Rampage said everyone knows that he is new and MMA fans called him a Sell-Out. Rampage talked about wrestling since high school. Rampage said the Mafia was his family. Rampage asked Tito Ortiz to come out and join their fight. Taz was seriously tripping out as Tito walked out to the ring. Rampage said everyone knew that he and Tito were going to battle in MMA, in November. Jackson wanted to put that aside and work together. Rampage asked Tito to help them to eliminate Aces and Eights. Tito confirmed what Rampage wanted. Tito said he came to TNA to make headlines.

Before Tito could answer, Bully Ray walked from the back. Ray was grinning like a ‘possum. Ray said he would come into the ring and beat the p*ss out of Tito and Rampage, if he didn’t have to win back his World title. Ray threatened to make Tito into Ray’s “Huntington Beach B*tch”. Tito flipped out and Rampage and Joe had to hold Tito back. Ken Anderson walked out. He is in the next Fatal Four Way Match…a Tables Match for 20 points.

Mr. (Ken) Anderson vs Bobby Roode vs Samoa Joe vs Magnus
Bound for Glory Fatal Four Way Tables Match for 20 points

Magnus jumped Roode on the ramp as the bell sounded. Magnus punched Roode down the ramp towards the ring. Anderson and Joe fought on the other side. In the ring, Magnus with punches and a Knife Edge Chop. Joe ran Ken into the barrier. Roode with Double Boots to Magnus. Bobby then attacked Ken and Joe, on the floor. Roode slid the first table into the ring. Roode stomped on Magnus and then set the table in the corner. Roode went for a Whip but Joe blocked the Whip. Snap Powerslam by Joe. Ken then jumped Joe and punched away. Ken went for the Green Bay Plunge but Magnus with the Big Boot. Magnus with a wicked Clothesline on Ken. Roode jumped Magnus. Roode set up the table and he and Magnus threw bombs. The Mafia Members did their old Double Team on Roode. Ken and Bobby almost got Powerbombed through he table but both blocked the Powerbombs.

Everyone, except Ken, went to the floor. Bobby set up a table, on the floor, as Ken finally left the ring. Joe with a vicious Knife Edge Chop on Bobby. Magnus blasted away on Ken. Joe put the ring bell on Bobby’s crotch and Rang the Bell! Ouchie!

Magnus went for a Piledriver, on the ramp, but Ken used a Low Blow to block it. Joe and Bobby went back and forth with hard chops and punches. Ken ran Magnus’ face into a table. It didn’t break. Joe with a nasty Headbutt on Ken. Joe bracketed Ken in the barricade pieces and then kicked Ken into the steel. Magnus went for the Running Slam into the table but Bobby slid out and hit the Double R Spinebuster. Ken went to Joe’s eyes, outside. Inside, Bobby kicked away at Magnus. Ken rolled Joe back in the ring and Bobby got into it with Ken. Bobby got laid out with a Clothesline off a Double Whip. Joe with a Suicide Dive to take out Roode. Ken went for a Crossbody but it turned into a Magnus Powerslam. Magnus put the table where he wanted it. Mic Check by Ken.

Joe with a Knife Edge Chop and Joe hit the Muscle Buster. Roode had moved the table, just in time. Bobby threw Joe to the outside and then put Magnus on the table. Roode punched Magnus and started up the ropes. Joe tripped him and punched away.

Kazarian rushed out and attacked Joe. Daniels also came out and threw an Appletini into Magnus’s eyes. Bobby then PowerBombed Magnus through the table

Your Winner (+20): Bobby Roode
Impact Score: 3.25

The steel cage was being set up. Backstage, Sting was asked about his gut feelings about Tito Ortiz. Sting wasn’t quite sure where Tito was at. Sting said Tito would join them and be a great asset to the Mafia.

TNA promoted the next Free-Per-View…No Surrender. On September 12th, the Bound for Glory Series would end and the number one contender would be determined.

Ken Anderson was hot about losing. Ken asked Bully Ray if he thought if Ray could win. Ray reminded Ken it was him (Anderson) that introduced the hammer into the match. Bully Ray wasn’t certain that he could beat Sabin. Ken said they weren’t Ray’s enemies. Ray looked at Ken and said “You sure as Hell don’t feel like my allies”. Taz, at the announce booth, tried to smooth things over.

Chris Sabin vs Bully Ray
Steel Cage Match for the TNA World Title

After an extended introduction segment (which crossed a commercial break), it was time for the title match. Taz called Sabin a “One Trick Pony”. Brian Hebner was the Zebra in Charge. Ray got right in Sabin’s face during the intros. Sabin gave up over 50 pounds to Ray.

The fans were really chanting for Bully Ray. Scoop Slam by Ray. Sabin pushed Ray and told him to bring it. Scoop Slam, again, by Ray. Ray got in Sabin’s face. Sabin shoved his challenger. Collar and Elbow and Ray with a third Scoop Slam. This time he launched Sabin across the ring. Sabin dodged Ray and used Deep Arm Drags and a Dropkick to rock Ray. Flying Forearms, by Sabin, sent Ray to his butt. Hesitation Dropkick by Sabin. Ray threw Sabin into the cage but Sabin started to climb. He changed his mind and hit a Crossbody to get a 2 count. Sabin tried to Fireman Carry Ray but couldn’t lift him. Sabin with a Dropkick to Ray’s leg and knee. Ray popped the ropes as Sabin started to climb. Open Hand Slap to Sabin’s chest. Ray used his boot to smash Sabin’s head into the mesh wall. Stall Gorilla Press Throw into the cage wall. Taz compared Ray to Jeep Swenson and Ted Arcidi. Break time.

Ray was fully in control as the show returned. Ray lifted Sabin and again threw him into the cage wall. Ray chatted with Taz, through the cage. Ray told Sabin to keep hitting him. Ray stopped Sabin with a Headbutt.

Ray with a Flying Elbow Drop to Sabin’s chest. 1-2-no. Crossfaces by Ray. Sabin tried to fight out of the corner. Ray told Chris to hit him in the face, which he did. Ray blocked a Bodyslam. Sabin put Ray into a Backslide for 2. Clothesline by Ray that nearly took Chris’ head off. Ray blasted Sabin in the ear, over and over. Ray then clamped on a Bear Hug. Sabin tried to Elbow his way free and finally managed to break the hold. Back Body Drop by Ray. Ray screamed at Sabin to get up. Ray said he was ready to finish off Sabin. Sabin fought out of a Powerbomb nad cinched in a Sleeperhold. Ray rushed backwards to the corner to get free. Tornado DDT by Sabin. Both men were down.

The two men exchanged hard shots. Enziguri by Sabin. Sabin ripped Ray’s vest off and hit a Michinoku Driver on Ray! Sabin shipped Ray with the “Cut”. Leather does sting, I guess. Ray with a Running Big Boot for 2. Samoan Drop by Ray for another 2. Ray started to climb out of the ring but Sabin stopped him. They fought on the top rope. Sabin with wild Haymakers and a series of kicks. Ray partially blocked a Hurancanrana. Ray seriously hurt his shoulder on the landing. Sabin called for the finish. Ray blocked Hail Sabin and hit a Suplex. Ray told the ref to open the door. Ray started out but Sabin caught him. Sabin slid between Ray’s legs and almost escaped. Ray went for the Scoop Slam but the Reg got laid out. Brian also got sandwiched into the cage. Sabin Dropkicked Ray into the cage wall. Missile Dropkick by Sabin but no ref to make the count. Sabin decided to get out of the cage. Just as Chris started out the cage, Mr. Anderson swung the cage door into Sabin. Ken held the door shut. He screamed “You shall not pass. Rampage shoved Ken away. Tito blasted Rampage with the Aces and Eights Hammer. Powerbomb by Bully Ray. 1-2-3.

Your Winner (and New TNA World Champion): Bully Ray
Impact Score: 4.0

Taz took the World title and presented it to Bully Ray. That was a serious WTF moment.

Fade out.


–Jay Shannon

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