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Crystal Ball: SummerSlam 2013

Jay Shannon draws upon all his predictive skills to try and sort out the winners and losers in another big wrestling event.

Time again for the Summer Classic, SummerSlam. It’s a nice mix, this year. This one may not be as easy to pick as initially it might seem. Let’s take a look…

Dean Ambrose vs Rob Van Dam
Pre-Show battle for the US Title

RVD won a 20-man Battle Royal to get this title shot.

The Shield really need to have a big failure if they want to continue to grow. I think having Dean drop the US title would be the most likely loss/failure. RVD is starting to age, a bit, but he can still go. Unless the other Shield members get involved, I expect Mr. Pay-Per-View to become the new US Champ.

Predicted Winner (and new Champ): RVD
Predicted Grade: 4.0 out of a possible 5

Natalya (possible tagging with Maria Menounos) vs Brie Bella (and a possible partner)

This is a direct tie-in with the new hit, Total Divas. Supposedly, Nattie is going to call on her old friend, Maria, to join her in this battle. The original plan was to have them battle the Bellas. However, Nikki has a shin injury and won’t be able to compete. I’m betting that, if the tag match goes, Brie will enlist Eva Marie (“The Jessica Rabbit Wanna-be” – Nattie).

This one is going to be incredibly painful to suffer through. Eva is a rookie. Maria is a celeb. Brie is passable as a wrestler, but just barely. It’s going to be up to Nattie to carry this one. Since Maria’s team won the last time she got involved, I think the heels are taking this one. Expect some underhanded shenanigans.

Predicted Winner: Brie Bella and Eva Marie
Predicted Grade: .5

Cody Rhodes vs Damien Sandow


Sandow pushed Cody off the ladder at Money in the Bank to win the shot at the World Title. Cody later threw the blue briefcase in the Gulf of Mexico. Damien replaced it with the Hershey Haliburton (chocolate brown colored). They have gone back and forth with taking shots at each other.


This one is a tad complicated, I think. If they were putting Sandow’s Money in the Bank contract on the line, things might be different. I honestly think Damien is gong to somehow win this. In the future, one of two things will happen: 1. Damien will have to battle Cody for the contract, down the road, which Cody will win OR 2. Damien will go to cash in and Cody will cost Damien the World title.

Predicted Winner: Damien Sandow
Predicted Grade: 3.0

Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins (The Shield) vs Big Show and Mark Henry (Big and Strong)
Possible Match for the Tag Team titles


This isn’t an official match, just yet. However, Reigns and Rollins issued an open challenge on Monday Night Raw. During the 20-man Battle Royal, The Shield went to attack RVD and Mark Henry. Big Show made a surprise return and it seemed pretty much a done deal that Big and Strong would face The Shield.


If this happens, I think Reigns and Rollins are going to reach the end their run as tag team champs. I don’t know if Big and Strong can last for very long but they will make a quick and decisive impact on the tag team scene. Again, this is all speculation as the match hasn’t been announced, just yet.

Predicted Winners (and new Tag Champs): Big and Strong (Big Show and Mark Henry)
Predicted Grade: 2.5

Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn vs Big E. Langston and A.J. Lee
Mixed Tag Team Match


Kaitlyn and A.J. were BFFs until the Divas title got in between them. Dolph was doing a Shawn Michaels/Diesel thing with Big E. Dolph ended up dumping both Lee and Big E.


This will be the Popcorn Match (time to grab some fresh popcorn and cold drink of your choice). I have the feeling that Layla is going to somehow get involved in this mess and cost Dolph and Kaitlyn the win.

Predicted Winners: A.J. Lee and Big E. Langston (with an assist to Layla)
Predicted Grade: 1.25

Kane vs Bray Wyatt
Ring of Fire Match


The Wyatt made their debut and immediately set their sights on the Big Red Monster. Bray, the former Husky Harris, has ordered his followers to destroy everyone in sight. This match is going to be similar to the Inferno Match. The main difference is the fire is only there to keep the two battlers in and everyone else out (at least in theory). No one has to be set on fire in this battle.


There is just no way that Kane wins this. I hate that but reality is reality. Bray is much younger than Kane and Bray has his two “family members” to aid him. Forget the silly fire thing, the other Wyatts are going to get involved. This feud is just getting started. Kane will come back, probably at the next PPV, to even the score. The feud may well come to a head at Survivor Series. I could even see Undertaker being brought back, later on. This match, however, will belong to Bray and the Wyatts.

Predicted Winner: Bray Wyatt
Predicted Grade: 2.75

Alberto Del Rio vs Christian
World Title Match


Christian won a Triple Threat match to get this title shot. Del Rio wanted to fight either Ricardo Rodriguez or the Brooklyn Brawler. Del Rio eventually destroyed his former ally/announcer, Rodriguez.


I’m going to go way out on a limb with this one but I think Ricardo just might return and help cost Del Rio the title. I could then see, either at SummerSlam or soon after, Damien Sandow cash in and lose as I described above.

Your Winner (and New World Champion): Christian
Predicted Grade: 3.5

C.M. Punk vs Brock Lesnar


Paul Heyman stabbed Punk in the back and sent Brock after him. Brock has hurt Punk a couple of times, so far. Punk is on a mission to eliminate all of the Heyman Guys, especially Paul, himself.


This match is likely to be bloody and not for children or those with weak stomachs. I expect Curtis Axel and Paul to both get involved. There is a minor rumor going around that Punk may have some help, waiting in the wings, to counter Axel. In the end, I think this will go so ridiculously overboard that the ref will have no choice but to throw it out.

Predicted Winner: Double Disqualification
Predicted Grade: 4.0

John Cena vs Daniel Bryan
Special Guest Ref: Triple H
World Title Match


Brad Maddox gave Cena the option to choose his opponent for SummerSlam. Cena listened to the fans and decided on Daniel Bryan. Vince McMahon does not want Daniel to win this but he also doesn’t want Cena to stay champion.


I hate to type this but I’m almost certain how this one is going to go down. Cena and Daniel will have one Helluva battle. This may well end up Cena’s and Daniel’s best battle in their entire WWE career. In the end, I expect Cena to retain. He won’t get to celebrate for very long. Vince is going to come out with Randy Orton and sick the Raw Money in the Bank winner on Cena. Cena will be exhausted after the epic battle with Daniel and will easily fall to The Viper.

Predicted Winner: John Cena, then Randy Orton
Predicted Grade: 4.95, then 1.0

Maybe I am being overly optimistic, but I think this SummerSlam, for the most part, has the potential to better well above average. I will be closely monitoring this one because it will set the stage for the rest of the year.


–Jay Shannon

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