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There was a big shakeup at the announce booth, this week. The show was packed with tons of Bound for Glory Series matches. Plus, things were put in place for next week’s “HardCore Justice” show.

Taz, Bully Ray and Ken Anderson cornered Mike Tenay. They forced him to take the night off from commentary. That sucks. Tenay is the best in the business.

The recap video showed Sabin vs Manik. Bully Ray rushed out and attacked Sabin, after the match. The Main Event Mafia issued a challenge for a Career on the Line match. During the segment, Tito Ortiz showed up as the mysterious August1Warning guy.

Taz, Ken and Ray strolled from the back. Ray got in the ring while the other two went to the announce desk. Taz went off on Jeremy Borash for being in his chair and at his desk. Ray took over and said he was not in a good mood. Ray talked about he arrival of Tito Ortiz. Ray wasn’t impressed with the debut of the MMA Legend. Ray threatened to slap Tito (or as he called him, Chico) in the face. Ray then announced that Team 3D would face Chris Sabin and a member of the Main Event Mafia. Ray warned Sabin that he (Ray) would regain the World title, next week, at HardCore Justice. Ray then ordered Sabin to get out there so they could make the match official.

Chris Sabin came out with the World title wrapped around his chest like an old western movie Mexican gun belt. Ray thought the title looked awful on Sabin. Ray thought Sabin looked scared. Sabin said he was mistaken. Sabin said Ray was so full of crap “your eyes are brown and your breath smells like feces”. Sabin then told Ray that no one gave him a chance of winning but he never gave up. Sabin was confident that he would be able to beat Ray, inside the steel cage. Ray then ordered Hogan to bring out the contract.

He didn’t get Hulk, he got Brooke. Hogan had flown over to Dallas to take care of some business. Hulk was reviewing the World title contract and Bully Ray’s TNA contract. Hulk sent an e-mail that talked about the special contract stipulation that would be enforced. If Bully Ray doesn’t win the title, he will never get a World Title Match…ever again. Ray was seriously ticked off and refused to be bullied by Sabin or the Hogans. Brooke got in the ring and ripped into him with a shot at Ray’s manhood. Ray grabbed the clipboard and signed the contract. Sabin then signed off on the contract. Ken Anderson, on commentary, suggested that Ray would destroy Sabin’s knees, next week. Ken and Taz were abusive to JB as he reviewed the stipulation. Ken wondered if JB had something to do with messing with Bully Ray.

Jeff Hardy vs Samoa Joe
Bound for Glory Series Match

Anderson was still at ringside to watch this match. Ken and Taz joked about Hardy’s look. Taz didn’t like it that Ortiz showed up. Ken noticed that Tito didn’t show up on a Harley.

Joe stared daggers at Anderson. Collar and Elbow and Joe began working on Hardy’s arm. Jeff got to the ropes to force the break. Joe with hard punches, in the corner. Float Over Head Scissors and Flying Clothesline by Hardy. Joe went to the floor. Slingshot Dropkick and Flying Clothesline, off the ropes, to lay out Joe. Hardy rolled Joe back in the ring. Joe reversed a Whip into a set of Forearms. Joe with the Jumping Enziguri, in the corner. Hardy rolled out to the floor. Joe with a Suicide Dive Forearm Smash. Impact took a quick break.

Hardy punched away but Joe with the Inverted Atomic Drop and Backsplash Senton for a two. Snap Mare into a Rear Chin Lock by Joe. Hardy battled free but Joe pulled Hardy down by the hair. Joe picked up Hardy and tried to run him into the corner. Hardy punched and kicked away. Joe went to Hardy’s eyes. Joe with several hard jabs. Hardy punched and kicked away. Powerbomb by Joe for a two. Joe went into an STF. Hardy and Joe countered and re-countered for several near falls. Joe with a Knife Edge Chop and Whip. Double Boots by Hardy. Clothesline and Back Elbow by Hardy. Joe reversed a Whip but took a Flying Forearm and a botched Inverted Atomic Drop. Double Leg Drop into a Basement Dropkick by Hardy. Joe came back with a hard punch. Whisper in the Wind by Hardy for a two. Joe blasted Hardy and then went for the Muscle Buster. Hardy flipped free and went for the Twist of Fate. Joe countered it into the beginning of the Kokina Clutch. Jawbreaker by Hardy. Ken Anderson stood up and distracted Joe. Hardy took advantage and used a Double Heel Trip to pin Joe.

Your Winner (+7): Jeff Hardy
Impact Scoring: 2.5 out of a possible 5

Christopher Daniels grumbled, backstage, about how selfish Kazarian was being. They were set to battle and Daniels thought Kaz should allow him to win to move to 4-0.

Mr. (Ken) Anderson vs Magnus
Bound For Glory Series Match

The two danced around and Ken refused to lock up. They traded a series of wild Haymakers. Shoulder Tackle by Ken. Magnus with a Running Back Elbow. Whip by Magnus. Ken was laid out with a Clothesline. Magnus flipped Ken over the ropes and to the floor. The two ended up fighting on the floor. Ken sent Magnus into the ring steps. Ken ran Magnus’ back into the ring apron. They got back in the ring and punched away. Ken twisted Magnus’ arm in the ropes. Ken worked over the shoulder and then slapped on the Knuckle Lock. Magnus punched away and sent Ken to the corner. Ken kicked away and hit the Shoulder Tackle. Ken with a Keylock.

Magnus finally got to his feet and punched Ken’s ribs. Magnus blocked Suplex attempts and hit one on Ken. Flying Arm Bar by Ken for a two. The two went back to trading blows. Ken with an Arm Wringer and stomp to the hand. Back Drop Suplex by Magnus. Running Clotheslines by Magnus. Ken flew into Magnus’ arm. Magnus with the Brutus Driver. Magnus took too long and got caught by Ken. They fought on the ropes. Magnus with a huge right. Magnus went up top but missed the Savage Elbow. Ken waited for Magnus to get up. Bobby Roode got in the ring and blasted Ken. The ref called for the disqualification on Magnus.

Your Winner (by disqualification): Mr Anderson
Magnus was penalized 10 points for the disqualification.
Impact Scoring: 3.0

Bobby Roode explained that he was changing the game. Roode said it was time to be selfish. He felt he was a genius. Roode said there was more to come. The ref was asked about he call. Magnus came up and told Brian that he had to do what he had to do. He understood it was a tough call. Magnus said he would get he 10 points back.

Elsewhere, the BroMans talked about kicking Tara to the curb. Mickie James came in to interrupt the “Broment”. Mickie wanted to work with them to take out ODB, James Storm and Gunner. Robbie E dismissed Mickie.

A video about the whole August1Warning/Tito Ortiz thing ran.

The Main Event Mafia chatted with Chris Sabin. Sabin thanked Sting and Kurt for watching his back. Sabin felt Aces and Eights were on their way out. Sabin said he had a plan but it required trust. They left to chat.

Jeremy Borash was in the ring. He introduced Tito Ortiz. JB asked Tito why he was in TNA> Tito went to say why he was there but he was confronted by Kurt Angle. Kurt got right in Tito’s face. Kurt acknowledged who Tito is. Kurt warned Tito that this was Kurt’s World and Ring. Kurt said he would respect Tito’s space but Ortiz had better respect his. Suddenly, Bully Ray came out to join the party. Ray said he didn’t respect Tito or Kurt. Ray told Tito that he would smack him if he got in his face. Ray then headed to the back. Well, that whole segment was totally useless.

Robbie E and Jessie G (The BroMans) and Mickie James vs Gunner and James Storm (The Gunslingers) and ODB
Six Person Mixed Tag Team Match

Storm and Robbie locked up. Shoulder Tackle by Storm. Universal into a Storm Hip Toss. Robbie flipped Storm over the ropes but took an Enziguri and Flying Neckbreaker. Jessie rushed in to attack Storm. Robbie stomped away. Jessie tagged in and hit a European Uppercut. Double team by the Bro Mans. Storm with a DDT to Jessie. Storm kicked Jessie in the face. Jessie rushed Storm to the corner and hti Corner Shoulders and Mud Hole Stomps. Robbie tagged back in and they double teamed the champ. Back Cracker (Stabber) by Storm. Storm kicked free and brought Gunner in. Gunner exploded on both men and laid out Robbie with a Backbraker. Mickie jumped on Gunner and ODB took her out wit a Shoulder Tackle. Gun Rack by Gunner but Jessie rushed in. Thank you, JB, for taking the name I created. Storm laid out Robbie and the duo laid out Jessie with the Pull the Trigger double team.

Your Winners: James Storm, Gunner and ODB
Impact Scoring: 2.5

Gail Kim rushed the ring and jumped ODB, after the match. Mickie James also got a shot in on ODB. Mickie tried to thank Gail for the help but Gail ignored her.

In the back, Kaz was asked for his thoughts. Kaz said Daniels has forgotten who Kaz is. Kaz said it was about him tonight, not Bad Influence.

Bully Ray and Devon chatted, backstage. They couldn’t believe Sabin would make them wait to find out who Sabin’s partner was. There was a little friction between the two “brothers” but it seemed to be smoothed over.

Frankie Kazarian vs Christopher Daniels
Bound For Glory Series Match

The two locked up and kept pushing off. Fireamn’s Carry by Kaz. The two went back and forth. Daniels with an Arm Drag into an Arm Bar. Daniels with another Arm Drag but Kaz with a Head Scissors and Drop Toe Hold into a Rear Chin Lock. Push Off into a Roll UP by Kaz. 2 cont. Side Headlock Takedown by Kaz but Daniels rolled over to try and pin his Bad Influence partner.

Kaz with a Whip but Daniels converted it into a Backslide. Jackknife Pin by Kaz. Standing Switches into a Kaz Back Elbow and Shoulder Tackle. Daniels and Kaz got into a shoving match and face to face argument. Kaz shoved Daniels down. The two looked ready to beat each other down. Instead, they stepped out of the ring. They told the ref to start the count.

Your Winner: Double Countout (+2 each)
Impact Scoring: 1.0

Bobby Roode then came out with the steel chair. Roode dropped the chair and walked past both men. Roode ordered Daniels and Kaz to get in the ring with him. Roode said he, Daniels and Kazarian have been ignored, in recent months. Roode said there was strength in numbers. Roode said they were a new force in pro wrestling. Roode said one of the three of them would be the next World Champion. Kaz suggested the name of Three Best (in the Business).

Tito said he would have answers at HardCore Justice. JB and Taz ran down the lineup for HardCore Justice. Just added was a Fatal Four Way between Jeff Hardy vs Frankie Kazarian vs Austin Aries vs A.J. Styles. The winner will get 20 points!

A video package about Aces and Eights vs Main Event Mafia. It is still unclear if Kurt Angle will be able to be at HardCore Justice. Kurt got into some legal trouble in Texas.

Bully Ray and Devon vs Chris Sabin and Sting

Taz totally freaked out at the announce table. Kurt Angle jumped in and started fighting so it was really…

Team 3D vs Chris Sabin and Kurt Angle

Sabin kicked Ray’s back, over and over. On the outside, Kurt took out Devon. Sabin kept kicking, chipping and punching Ray. Devon and Ray were whipped into each other. Sabin with a Bulldog on Ray. Kurt pounded on Devon and hit a Snap Suplex. 1-2-no. Devon begged off but then went to the eyes Ray tagged in. They locked up and went to the corner. Arm Drag by Kurt as the fans chanted for tables.

Sabin took the tag and hit an Ax Bomber to Ray’s arm. Sabin focused on Ray’s arm. The left arm was nearly useless. Kurt took the tag and stayed on the arm and then kicked Ray’s knee. The two threw head shots, back and forth. Hammer Throw by Kurt. Ray with an Ankle Pick to drop Kurt. Devon tagged in and dropped a Forearm to Kurt’s face. Kurt came back with a Clothesline. Tag to Sabin. The two threw bombs and Ray tagged in. Boot to Sabin’s chest. Ray went after Sabin’s legs. Scoop Slam by Ray into Wazzup!. Break time.

Devon pounded on Sabin as the show returned. Slider Forearm Smash by Devon to get a two count. Sabin fought out of a Cravat but Devon threw the World Champ down. Thrust by Devon into a Scoop Slam. Leg Drop by Devon. Devon then mocked Hulk Hogan. Tag to Ray. Ray with the Double Sledge. Ray told Sabin he would do worse in the cage. Crossfaces, over and over, by Bully Ray. Open Hand Slap by Ray. Whip by Ray but Sabin with the Sunset Flip. Ray went to punch the Champ but Sabin moved. Ray dodged the Enziguri and drove Sabin’s knee into the mat. Sabin tried to chop away but Ray pounded away and tagged in Devon. Devon dropped his weight on Sabin’s knee.

Devon sent up the ropes and flew into a boot to the face. Ray and Kurt got tags. Kurt exploded with Clotheslines on both men. Back Elbow by Devon but Kurt with a Belly to Belly to Devon. German to Ray for a two count. Flying Forearm to Devon. AngleSlam to Ray for a two count. Devon attacked from the blind side and went Kurt to the ropes. Kurt with a Clothesline. Uranage Slam by Ray for a two. Kurt blocked the BuhBuh Bomb and slapped on the Angle Lock. German to Devon. Big Boot by Ray. Sabin with the Blind Tag and Missile Dropkick to Ray. Sabin then took out Devon and Ray with Corner Rushes. Miscommunication saw Ray run into Devon. Enziguri got Sabin a two. Devon made the save. Kurt attacked Devon. Ray Hip Tossed Sabin to the ramp. 3D on Kurt! Ray told Devon to “Get the Tables!” Ray pulled Sabin into the ring as the brothers set the table in the corner. Devon punched Sabin. Ray charged and Sain moved. Ray crashed through the table. Sabin with the Low Bridge to send Devon to the floor. Top Rope Crossbody by Sabin to get the pin!

Your Winners: Chris Sabin and Kurt Angle
Impact Scoring: 4.0


–Jay Shannon

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