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The Main Event Mafia had an “offer” for Aces and Eights. Plus, a mystery man would make his debut. In addition, more great Bound for Glory Series matches took place.

Welcome to Wichita Falls, Texas. Things were wilder than the tornadoes that seem drawn to the little west Texas town. Taz was blocked from coming into the arena by security. Hulk Hogan made the decision to prevent Taz from doing his job. Taz was furious about the insult. Taz said he was going to get the security squad fired.

Flashback time. Manik won the X-Division title. The Main Event Mafia is on a mission to eliminate Aces and Eights. Bully Ray tried to force Chris Sabin to relinquish the World title but Hulk Hogan just allowed Ray to have a rematch, in a few weeks, at HardCore Justice. The two will battle inside a steel cage.

Jeremy Borash was sitting in Taz’s spot, yet again. He and Mike Tenay talked about the various Bound For Glory Series matches, including A.J. Styles vs Austin Aries. From there, the announce duo talked about the August 1st Warning. They ran another video from the mystery man. These videos are irritating. I just have to think that this will be such a letdown.

Austin Aries came out, in street clothes. After a false start with the microphone, Aries got an “Austin Aries” chant going. Aries congratulated Chris Sabin for winning the World title. He also had a warning for Sabin. Chris was now a target. Aries was confident that he would win the B4G Series and then come after Sabin. Aries pushed his match against A.J. Styles. Aries knew that everyone has been waiting for that battle. He called himself “The Common Denominator of Greatness”. Aries said Styles carried TNA for a decade. Aries then said he would be carrying it for the next decade.

Bobby Roode came out when Aries asked if anyone doubted his claim. Bobby wanted to talk about nightmares, not dreams. Bobby grumbled about what a “crap year” that he has had. Everyone, including Bobby, has forgotten what Roode can do. Roode ran down his accomplishments. Roode said he was going back to what brought him to the dance, the first time. Bobby said he only cared about getting back the World title. It was time to bring back the phrase and mindset…”It pays to be Roode”. Aries talked about how Bobby kept spitting in his face. Aries hoped that he would get to face Roode, in the Bound For Glory Finals.

Bobby Roode vs Hernandez
Bound For Glory Series Match

Roode attacked Hernandez, on the ramp. Roode threw Hernandez off the entrance ramp as Impact went to a quick break.

Roode was tearing Hernandez up with Knife Edge Chops. During the break, Roode had sent Hernandez into the ring post. Hernandez Brick Walled Roode off a reversed Whip. Roode came off the ropes but took a shot to the ribs. Roode escaped the Torture Breaker and hit the Double R Spinebuster. Roode threw Hernandez out to the floor. Roode went out and whipped Hernandez into the ring steps. Roode then rolled Hernandez back in the ring.

Roode raked the back of Hernandez. Roode with another Knife Edge Chop. He then sent Hernandez to the corner and hit a Clothesline. Hernandez rolled up the turnbuckles and fought Roode. Hernandez flew off the ropes but missed. Roode quickly locked in the Crippler Crossface. Hernandez would not submit. Hernandez powered up and nailed the Back Drop Suplex. Hernandez with a Clothesline and Double Sledge. Hernandez laid out Roode and then went to the apron. Air Mexico! Hernandez called for the Border Toss. Roode fought free and ran into the ref. Low Blow into a Small Package for two. Roode went to the floor and grabbed a couple of steel chairs. He threw them in the ring. The ref warned Roode about using the chairs. While the ref took care of the chairs, Roode found a beer bottle under the ring and cracked Hernandez in the head with it.

Your Winner (+7): Bobby Roode
Impact Score: 2.5 out of a possible 5

The Main Event Mafia were walking. Kurt Angle said they had an offer for Aces and Eights that they would not be able to refuse.

Frankie Kazarian was texting, backstage. TNA showed Bobby Roode’s sneaky win over Hernandez, yet again.

ODB bounced, backstage. She talked with her hubby, Eric Young. E.Y. was dealing with Joseph Park. Eric said he knew that Joseph lost control when he was busted open. Eric had something to counter it…something that Park would be wearing.

Impact looked back at the X-Division match where Manik defeated Sonjay Dutt and Greg Marasciulo (Trent Barreta). Manik and Chris Sabin chatted in the back. Manik said he worked hard for 15 years and it took a rebirth, through Manik, to reach his goal. Sabin showed respect to T.J. Perkins aka Manik. Sabin said he specifically wanted to face Manik in his first match as World Champion. Sabin asked Manik to bring his best.

A white Humvee Limo arrived. Who was inside? We would find out later.

Jay Bradley vs Joseph Park
Bound For Glory Series Match

This was a Chi-Town battle, as both Bradley and Park hail from Chicago. Bradley said he was ready to get some points. Eric came out with Park, carrying a small bag. Park drew a great response from the crowd. Eric opened the bag and brought out an amateur wrestling headgear piece for Park to wear. The should prevent Park getting busted open.

Jay jumped Park before the bell. Jay ran Park into the turnbuckle, which had no effect. Jay clubbed Park and tried to take off the headgear. Hip Toss by Park. Back Elbow by Jay into a Flying Knee Drop. 2 count. Eric distracted Jay, but only for a moment. Jay kept trying to take off the headgear. Park with a Roll Up for two, after a missed Broski Boot by Jay. Jay with a Big Boot and Elbow Drops for a two. Jay went right back after the headgear. Park pushed away. Jay clubbed the neck of Park and hit a Flying Knee to the back of the neck. Double Thrust by Park into a Scoop Slam. Park pointed at the corner and went up. Jay with the Goozle. Jay pulled Park down but Park locked in the Boston Crab. Jay barely got to the ropes to force the break. Jay with a boot into an awkward Backbreaker. Jay finally got the headgear off and he threw it at Eric. Jay measured for the Boomstick but ended up on the wrong end of the Samoan Drop!

Your Winner (+7): Joseph Park
Impact Score: 1.75

The Main Event Mafia members were chatting, in their office. Kurt wondered if anyone had any idea about the whole August1Warning. They didn’t. Sting was thrilled that Bully Ray was no longer the World Champ. Sting said it was time for the next stage. Their plan would come with a possible sacrifice. Everyone was ready to risk it all.

Manik vs Chris Sabin
Champion vs Champion

Knuckle Lock into an Arm Wringer by Sabin. Manik tried to roll free but it didn’t happen. Manik spun in so many ways to finally get free. Hammerlock by Sabin into a Forced Mat Pin attempt. 2 only. Monkey Flip Roll Over by Sabin. Manik with a wicked Sunset Flip. Both men Both men ducked kicks. Heel Trip by Sabin. Manik escaped as the crowd exploded with delight. Break time.

Manik sent Sabin to the mat with a Shoulder Block. Tilt-a-Whirl Crossface and La Magistral Cradle by Manik. Headstand by Manik. Enziguri by Sabin. The two ended up on the floor. They got back in the ring and got a two. Sabin choked Manik with the boot. Suplex into a 2 count by Sabin. Rear Chin Lock by Sabin. Surfboard and Yakuza Kick by Sabin. Side Stretch back into the Surfboard by Sabin. Jump Through Mule Kick by Manik. Running Hurancanrana by Manik. Springboard Dropkicks by Manik for a two. “This is Awesome!” rang out. Sabin blocked the Mood Stabilizer and did a Side Slide Roll Up. Powerbomb by Manik for a two. Manik climbed the ropes but got caught. Knife Edge Chop by Sabin. Stall Superplex! That was incredible! 2 count. The two traded European Uppercuts and Forearm Shots. Manik exploded on Sabin but took a Big Boot. Manik escaped Hail Sabin.. Sabin countered the Mood Stabilizer and turned it into a Roll Up for two.

Manik kicked Sabin in the face but a Flying Bulldog and Superkick by Sabin. Hail Sabin!

Your Winner: Chris Sabin
Impact Score: 5.0 (A Perfect Score!)

Bully Ray rushed the ring and blasted Sabin. Ray took his steel chain and threatened Earl Hebner. Ray screamed at Sabin and kicked him in the ribs. Manik tried to help but Ray laid him out. Sabin then went wild on Ray, including dropping the much bigger man with an Enziguri. Ray bailed out. Ray screamed that they would settle it in the cage.

Taz came up to the Humvee Limo. Taz was going to expose who August1 was. Taz opened the door and just cackled. He said “Are you Kidding Me?” Taz had the camera look inside and all that was there was a laptop, running a video.

ODB and Gail Kim headed to do battle.

James Storm was all over Twitter during the 2nd hour of the show. Jeremy Borash announced that Bad Influence would have to face each other in the Bound For Glory Series Match. Kaz and Daniels said it was all a conspiracy. They had a little bit of a breakdown when talking about points. Kaz warned Daniels to be at his best. Kaz then poured out the Appletini.

Gail Kim vs ODB

Gail got right in ODB’s face and talked trash. ODB didn’t back up a step. Pie Face by Gail. It was answered by an ODB Spear. ODB came to the outside and hit a modified La Bandera Clothesline from the outside. Gail escaped a Running Powerbomb. Gail ended up straddling the ropes and ODB blasted her, several times. Gail reversed a Whip but took a boot to the chest. ODB went to the ropes but Gail threw her to the canvas. Gail wasted a ton of time giving the audience Hell. Gail choked ODB ith the boot. Gail popped ODB in the head and then nailed a European Uppercut and Running Uppercut. 1-2-no.

ODB fought from he knees but got taken down with a Flying Clothesline. 2 count. Gail ran ODB into the corner and hit the Drive By. 2 count. ODB ducked a Clothesline and it one of her own. Gail moved ODB into the corner but missed a Corner Splash. ODB started clubbing Gail. Clothesline by ODB, followed by Shoulder Tackles. Fallaway Slam on Gail. Gail with the Bulldog Bounce Running Powerslam for two. Gail with a Head Scissors but ODB sent Gail to the floor. Gail tried for the Post Figure Four but ODB fought out. ODB kicked Gail into the steel railing. ODB went out to get Gail. The two fought around the ring. Gail sent ODB into the ring steps. The ref reached 10 and counted them both out. The crowd was ticked.

Your Winner: Double Count-Out
Impact Score: 2.0

The two kept fighting on the floor.

A.J. Styles discussed the dream match between himself and Austin Aries. Styles felt Dream Matches were “B.S.”. Styles said he wasn’t the wide-eyed naïve kid he used to be. Styles said there was no place for dreams or heroes in wrestling.

Tenay threw a Shout Out to King Mo. Mo won the Summer Tourney and gets a future title shot.

Bully Ray could not believe that the Mafia were going all Godfather on them with the Offer. Ray said he was going to destroy Chris Sabin’s knees. Ray put Mr. Anderson in charge and started to leave. Brooke Hogan came in and made it clear to her “hubby” that if he wanted the contract to be more in his favor, maybe he should get on her good side.

Tenay and JB ran down next week’s epic card. Three fantastic Bound for Glory Series matches. It was now time for the main event of the evening.

Austin Aries vs A.J. Styles
Bound For Glory Series Match

The two circled each other and went into the Collar and Elbow. They went around the ropes. The ref forced the break. Side Headelock by Styles. Push Off into an RVD Roll. Arm Drag by Styles. Universal but they ended up crashing into each other. Styles worked the arm but Aries reversed it into a Fireman’s Carry. Aries missed a Dropkick after getting out of the Head Scissors. Aries blocked the Calf Killer. Go Behind by Styles. Standing Switch into a Roll Up. Styles kicked out at two. Styles went for the Slider Dropkick but Aries dodged it. Aries rushed up the ropes and hit a variation of the Ax Bomber, to the floor.

Aries climbed the ropes but Styles with a Dropkick. Slingshot Crossbody by Styles, to the floor. Impact went to break.

Styles dropped Aries as the show returned. Aries started to punch back. Wicked Dropkick by Styles. Snap Mare into the Yakuza Kick by Styles. Styles clubbed the neck of Aries, who fought right back. Full Nelson by Styles. Styles flipped Aries over with the Full Nelson German Suplex. Nice. Aries bailed out to the floor. Styles went to get Aries and threw him back in the ring. Styles with a version of a Rear Chin Lock but Aries fought out. Whip by Styles. Aries with the Back Elbow. Discus Forearm and Clothesline by Aries.. Backslide by Aries. Styles sent Aries over the ropes. Funk Neckbreaker, in the ropes, by Aries. Aries went to the Penthouse and nailed the perfect Missile Dropkick. Hesitation Dropkick by Aries. Styles blocked a couple of Suplex attempts. Aries put Styles on the top and climbed up to fight. Styles fought out of the Superplex. Styles converted the move into a Flying Neckbreaker, off the ropes.

Styles missed the Springboard 450. Aries went for the Last Chancellory. Styles went to Aries’ eyes to break the hold. Knee Strikes but Styles with the Calf Killer. Aries with a Brainbuster after escaping. 1-2-no. “This is Awesome!” broke out, yet again. Aries went up top but took too long. 450 into Styles’ knees. Styles with a brutal Clothesline. Styles went for a Springboard move but Aries hit the ropes. Styles landed badly. Styles with a Front Drop Suplex…on the ramp. Styles wanted the Styles Clash but Aries converted it into a Back Body Drop. Styles hit hard on the landing. Aries ordered the ref to start counting. Aries went for a Suicide Dive but Styles side stepped it and sent Aries into the ring steps.

The men just barely made it back i. The two exchanged wild blows. Aries went for eh Discus Clithesline but Styles went wild. Aries with the Roaring Elbow. Styles with the Pele. Both men fell in center ring. Aries had his arm across Styles. Aries raised his shoulder at the last second.

Your Winner (+7): Austin Aries
Impact Score: 4.95

The Main Event Mafia cam e out to make their Godfather Offer. Sting explained why the Mafia was put back together. They had already helped take the World title off Bully Ray. Now they were ready to get the fight that they want. Kurt took over to explain “The Offer”. Before he could speak, Aces and Eights strolled from the back. Ken mocked the Mafia for not getting the fight they wanted. Ken called the Mafia “Cheaters”. Ken said they could also fight dirty. Ken said they would not back down. Kurt suggested a 5-on-5 match at HardCore Justice (August 15th). Whichever wrestler gets pinned…has to leave TNA…FOR GOOD! Kurt said this was the first step for Aces and Eights elimination. The fight then broke out. The Mafia tore through Aces and Eights and sent them scurrying. Ken accepted the match…

Suddenly, the lights went out. August1Warning then strolled out and it was…Tito Ortiz! Why? What the Hell is HE doing there? Everyone seemed stunned. I was disappointed. I was expecting a WWE Castoff or a return. Instead, we get ANOTHER MMA guy. Ortiz didn’t say a thing but Rampage Jackson looked ticked off.


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