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Because you have been a loyal fan of Ring Warriors from the start, we’d like you to join us on Sunday, August 11th in Pompano Beach for a special 2 p.m. start time and be part of our very first set of TV Tapings!

Since our success will be based on the support of fans like you, that is why we are making tickets available for this event at ONLY $5 EACH! That’s half the price of a movie ticket!! Where else can you get this much entertainment for so little?

Although the facility can hold quite a number of people, seating for this particular event is Limited and is Available on a First-Come, First-Serve basis. We encourage you to buy your tickets in advance to ensure seating.

All of your favorite Ring Warriors performers will be on hand and there will also be some very familiar faces that have been seen locally on other shows performing under a different name who are either returning or making their Ring Warriors debut. In all there will be more than 40 wrestling superstars performing.

Set to Appear are:
“The Marquee” Bruce Santee (Ring Warriors Grand Champion)
Scoot Andrews & Billy Fives (Ring Warriors Global Tag Team Champions)
La Rosa Negra (Battling Bombshells Ladies Champion)
“The Dark Child” Chance Prophet (Ring Warriors Bahamas Champion)
Tyson Tomko (Former WWE & TNA Star)
“Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce (Former Five-Time NWA World Champion)
“The King of Old School” Steve Corino (Former ECW & NWA Champion)
“The Original Gangsta” New Jack (Former ECW star)
Q.T. Marshall (ROH standout)
Mosh of the Headbangers (Former WWE & NWA Tag Team Champion)
“The Dog of War” Jesse Neal (Former TNA star)
Kory Chavis (Former World Tag Team Champion)
Vordell Walker (Former Florida Champion)
and Introducing The Slambinos (Former ECW & WWE Star Big Vito LoGrasso, “The King of Florida” Francisco Ciatso and A.J. Jannazzo)
Also Scheduled to Appear are:
Sean Allen
Leva Bates
“The Bahamian Bad Boy” BoBo Brazzell
Rico Casanova
Alex Chamberlain
“The Lounge Lizard” Maxwell Chicago
“The Real Deal” Mike Cruz
“Team Lucha” Los Ben Dejos (Eddie Rios and Jay Cruz)
El Fantástico, The American Luchadore
Brodie Hollister
Deathrow Jethro
Former Florida Champion Steve “Moose” Madison
JD Maverick
“El Protagonista” Adrian Morales
Michael Patrick
Alex Pourteau
Shawn Prime
“Siberian Fighting Spirit” Victor Romanoff
Michael Sain
Matt Schaller
Biff Slater
“The Black Stallion” Frank Stone
Shooter Storm
Mike Sullivan
Jonny Vandal
Mia Yim

Once again Tickets for this Great Event are only $5!
You Can Buy Your Tickets Through PayPal
or Buy Your Tickets Through TicketFly

Got a Question? Call the Ring Warriors Hotline at 954-828-2162.

About Ring Warriors TV

People have asked where and when will they be able to see Ring Warriors TV. This answer is simple. Everywhere and Anytime they want.

While Ring Warriors TV will be seen on various stations internationally through traditional means such as terestrial stations, cable or Satellite networks in the late Fall, in the U.S. and Canada it will initially be delivered via the Internet starting September 1st on RingWarriors.Net, YouTube, Facebook and other Social Media platforms. The cost to watch our episodic weekly program will be 100% FREE and it will be available to 24/7/365, so even if you miss an episode, you will be able to easily catch up.

Always remember, Ring Warriors is dedicated to bringing our fans the very finest professional wrestling action suitable for the entire family. Be sure to connect with us online at Facebook/ringwarriors!

We appreciate your continued support and we’ll See You at the Matches on Sunday, August 11th!

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