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TNA was back with the second half of Destination X. Ok, they didn’t call it Destination X, part 2, but it was filmed at the same time as last week’s show. The aftermath of the World title change would rock TNA to its core. Also, the new X-Division Champion would be crowned.

Destination X was recapped. The Main Event Mafia stepped in to counter Aces and Eights in the World Title Match. Gail Kim challenged Mickie James to a Knockouts title match. Chris Sabin used the Aces and Eights hammer to knock out Bully Ray and take the World title.

The Main Event Mafia strolled from the back. Sting said last week was the Mafia’s best week ever. Sting was thrilled that Sabin won the World title. Sting claimed victory in battle number 1 of the Mafia/A&8 War. Kurt took over and said they were there for a celebration, not a fight. Kurt reminded everyone that the Mafia was there to destroy Aces and Eights and get the World title off Bully Ray. Kurt threw huge respect out to the new World Champion, Chris Sabin. Kurt introduced the new World Champion!

Sabin hugged Kurt and then thanked the Mafia for helping him, last week. Sabin felt like he was living a dream but he knew he was now a target. Sabin wanted to make history, next week, by challenging whoever wins the X-Division Title to a Champion vs Champion match.

Bully Ray came out with some dude in a suit. The guy, who looked like John Carradine and Kevin Nash had a child, was introduced as Ray’s attorney. The lawyer said they had filed suit against TNA over the World Title. The lawyer said the suit would be dropped…if the belt was returned to Bully Ray. The lawyer threatened to crush TNA, if they didn’t do what he wanted. The lawyer really tried to act all cool and came across looking goofy. The lawyer said TNA had until the end of the show to return the title to Bully Ray.

Jeremy Borash was sitting in for Taz, yet again. JB and Tenay ran down the night’s card. Tenay showed how Sonjay Dutt, Manik and Greg Marasciulo qualified for the Ultimate X match. A video of Greg ran. For those who may not have been here, last week, Greg Marasciulo was formerly Trent Barreta in the WWE. Impact took a quick break before Ultimate X.

A profile of Manik ran. T.J. Perkins talked, without the mask, about his tough life. He said Manik was his alter-ego that allowed him to live the life he wants.

Sonjay Dutt vs Manik vs Greg Marasciulo
Ultimate X Match for the X-Division Title, Triple Threat Rules

Buckle up, campers, because this one’s going to be wild. Greg instantly attacked both opponents. Manik flipped Greg to the outside and hit a Springboard Crossbody, to the ramp. Manik pulled Dutt off the ropes and hit a European Uppercut. Dutt flew out of the ring. Baseball Slide Dropkick by Dutt. Dutt started up the structure but stopped to hit a Moonsault, to the flor. Greg laid out Dutt and then took Manik to the ramp. Greg with a hard Forearmand Scoop Slam. Dutt started up the structure but Greg rushed in to pull him down. Modified Universal into a Step Up Hurancanrana by Dutt.

Dutt rushed Greg into the corner and then planted Greg and Manik with Dual DDTs. Dutt started up but had to stop to deal with Manik. Manik with the Flying Neckbreaker. Greg with a Legdrop, in the ropes, on Manik. Greg started across the cables but Manik stopped him. Greg botched a Whip but recovered nicely. Manik got the boot up. Manik ran the ropes for an Arm Drag on Greg and Head Scissors on Dutt, at the same time. Manik then came over the ropes to hit Dropkicks on both opponents, simultaneously. Impact took a quick break.

As the show returned, Greg took out Manik with his Inverted Tombstone Piledriver (on the entrance ramp). The ref checked on the knocked out Manik. Greg hurt his knee on that move. Greg started to climb and hooked on to the cable. Dutt saw Greg getting close so he pulled Greg down. The two men traded various blows. Dutt with a Whip into a Running Boot, in the corner. High Knee by Greg. Wicked Superkick by Dutt. Earl Hebner was out to see if Manik could continue. Manik indicated that he wanted to keep going. Greg and Dutt climbed the steel structure and began to fight a good 20-25 feet off the floor. I hate heights so I would just NOT be up there. Manik was finally starting to move as Greg and Dutt punched and kicked away. Greg teased a Suplex but it didn’t happen. The structure was rocking, badly. Greg slipped through the structure and landed on the cables. Manik made his way across the cables, under Greg. Manik ended upside down as Dutt and Greg fought. Greg was pushed off the cables and Manik unhooked the new and improved X-Division title.

Your Winner (and NEW X-Division Champ): Manik
Impact Ranking: 3.75 out of a possible 5

In the back, Bully Ray crowed about having Hulk Hogan at a disadvantage. Ray said he was proud to have Kenny Anderson as the VP and would have voted for him, were he to have voted. Ray told Ken to go out there and get the job done in the Bound for Glory Series.

Mr. Anderson vs Hernandez
Bound For Glory Series Match

The two circled each other and then went into the Collar and Elbow. They broke and Hernandez talked trash. He told Ken to rush him. Ken decided to throw a few bombs. Stone Wall by Hernandez into the Flying Shoulder Block. Ken went out to the apron. Ken with a Shoulder Block. Hernandez blocked a Suplex and brought Ken back in the ring with a Suplex of his own. Whip by Ken into a Corner Splash. Hernandez rolled up the ropes but Ken with the Rocket Launcher. 2 count.

Ken with vicious Crossfaces and a Keylock. Hernandez rolled under to lessen the pressure. Hernandez Elbowed free but Ken sent Hernandez to the ropes and dropped him. Hernandez reversed a Whip but ended up on the apron. Outside In Shoulder Block by Hernandez. Clothesline and Double Sledges by Hernandez. Torture Breaker by Hernandez. Ken wanted the Green Bay Plunge but Hernandez countered with The Pounce. Hernandez went to the ramp and flew. He missed Air Mexico and Ken nailed the Mic Check.

Your Winner (+7): Mr. Anderson
Impact Ranking: 2.5

Dixie Carter was asked about the Bully Ray situation. She dodged the question.

Elsewhere, Joseph Park and Eric Young were looking at what seemed to be racy videos. Eric then showed Park how Joseph ended up at –10 points. Eric wanted to help Joseph deal with is issues with blood and “snapping”.

Velvet Sky waltzed from the back. Such a beautiful girl. She asked for the microphone. Velvet said she did make a mistake. It wasn’t wrestling with an injury, it was letting Mickie know that she (Velvet) was injured. Velvet said she would be sitting ringside to watch the Knockout title match.

Mickie James vs Gail Kim
Knockout Title Match

The two women locked up and Gail with a Double Arm Drag. They didn’t release. Mickie came back and did the same move as Gail. ODB broke the women apart. Not sure why. Mickie rushed Gail into the corner. Shoulder Thrusts by Mickie. Gail went to Mickie’s eyes and started to kick away. ODB made her back off. Mickie then went to the eyes. Gail with a hard kick and Arm Wringer. Cartwheel by Mickie but Gail pulled her down, by the hair. Side Headlock by Gail. Mickie tried to get free but Gail blasted her. Slider Dropkick by Mickie. 1-2-no. Side Headlock by Gail. Mickie rolled over and took one of her own. Mickie with a Shoulder Tackle and Cartwheel. Gail pushed away a Dropkick. Mickie tried to use the ropes for a pin but got caught. Mickie started to punch and kick away. Gail reversed a Whip and hit a Forearm.

Drive By by Gail. Mickie with the Mick Kick, through the ropes. Gail fell to the arena floor. ODB began to count but Gail got up and snapped Mickie over the top rope. Gail wanted the Post Figure Four but Mickie kicked out. Mickie went out nad threw Gail back in. Flying Neckbreaker by Gail for a two. Gail escaped the MickieDT. Mickie got out of Eat Da Feet and hit a Flapjack. Mickie went to the top and jumped off. Gail wasn’t there. Gail went for the Octopus but Mickie wsa in the ropes. Mickie went for her new Deathlock variation but hey were in the ropes. Gail pitched Mickie into the ropes but Mickie with the boots. Gail with a Powerbomb but got caught with her feet on the ropes. Gail got in ODB’s face. Mickie got thrown out to Velvet’s feet. Gail slapped ODB. Mickie with a School Girl. And ODB counted the pin (correctly).

Your Winner: Mickie James
Impact Ranking: 1.5

ODB and Gail got into it, after the match. Brooke Hogan came out and reminded Gail that ODB is still an active Knockout. Brooke decided that Ms. Kim needed to learn a lesson by facing ODB! Yeah! ODB tore off her top shirt and was ready to fight. Gail bailed out, warp speed.

A video package of the Chris Sabin/Bully Ray conflict ran. Hulk Hogan talked with Dixie about how Bully has manipulated so many people. They were really torn as to what they should do. Dixie seemed to think that TNA should knuckle under to the pressure of the lawyer. Hulk apologized and said he understood procedure and politics. Hulk would have a decision, shortly.

JB and Tenay talked about next week’s show (and the following week) being taped in Wichita Falls, TX. (the tornado capital of the Universe, I think). Want to bring up to everyone that I will not be here next Thursday or the following Monday (for Raw). I’m heading to the New York area for Rivalry Championship Wrestling’s “Commotion by the Ocean” event, at Jones Beach, on August 5th. I’ll be spending the weekend of the 3rd through the 5th just walking around Jones Beach. If you happen to be in the Jones Beach area, please be sure to come up and say hi. General Admission to the event is Free!

Back to the action…

Christopher Daniels vs Samoa Joe
Bound For Glory Series Match

Daniels has never beaten Joe in one-on-one competition. “Joe is gonna kill ya!” rang out. Deep Arm Drag by Joe into a series of punches. Kick by Daniels but Joe just laid him out. Joe went back to the machine gun strikes. Joe with a Whip into the Jumping Enziguri. Joe with the Boot Wash. Broski Boot by Joe. Flying Clotheslien by Daniels. Daniels stomped Joe’s chest, over and over. Joe with several brutal Knife Edge Chops. Double Thrust by Daniels. Horizontal Head Scissors, in the ropes, by Daniels. Forearms, Chops and Thrusts by Daniels. Shinu Numaki Sleeper by Daniels. Joe rolled around to get to his feet. Joe Elbowed free. Quick Release Bell to Belly Overhead Suplex. Inverted Atomic Drop into the Big Boot and Backsplash Senton. 2 count. Snap Powerslam by Joe for another two.

Daniels with several strikes that had no effect. Joe popped Daniels, who crumbled. Daniels dodged the Corner Rush. Uranage Corner Slam by Joe. Joe wanted to finish off Daniels with the Muscle Buster but Ken Anderson came out to distract. Daniels nailed 2 BMEs (Best Moonsault Ever) to take the win.

Your Winner (+7): Christopher Daniels
Impact Ranking: 2.75

Sting and Kurt Angle talked. Sting wanted to be sure that everyone was on the same page. Sting didn’t think Bully Ray had a leg to stand on. Kurt wanted to know what to do if Ray won. Sting calmed Kurt down and said they were still on task to take out Aces and Eights.

A.J. Styles vs Jeff Hardy
Bound For Glory Series Match

The two hooked up and Styles with the Side Headlock. Jeff with a Push Off but Styles slid under and took another Side Headlock. Hardy sent Styles to the ropes and Styles with a Shoulder Block. Hardy barely moved and then blasted Styles. Hardy ran Styles into the corner. Float Over into a Back Drop Suplex attempt by Styles. Hardy flipped out and hit the Mule Kick and then the Corner Swinging Kick. Impact went to break as Styles hit the floor.

Hardy was on the floor. Baseball Slide Dropkick sent Hardy crashing into the announce table. Styles threw Hardy back into the ring. Snap Mare into the Yakuza Kick by Styles. Rear Chin Lock with a Knee Wedge by Styles. Styles threw Hardy under the bottom rope and to the floor. Hardy snapped Styles’ neck over the top rope. Styles came back and laid out Hardy. Styles went back to the Rear Chin Lock. Styles went for the Tornado DDT but Hardy blocked it. Inverted Powerbomb Throw by Hardy.

Clothesline and Back Elbow by Hardy. Flying Forearm off the Whip into the Double Trip. Inverted Atomic Drop into the Dropkick. Universal into a Styles Dropkick. Styles missed the Corner Splash. Front Drop Slam by Hardy. Hardy with a Splash from the middle ropes for two. Hardy wanted a Whip but Styles blocked him. Styles Suplexed Hardy into the turnbuckles. Hard landing for Hardy. Styles with a Corner Whip. Hardy came back with Whisper in the Wind for a two plus. Styles blocked the Twist of Fate and nailed the Pele. Styles struggled to get up. Calf Killer! Tap Out

Your Winner (+10): A.J. Styles
Impact Ranking: 3.25

Hardy tried to shake hands with Styles, after the match. Styles looked at him and then just walked away.

Hulk Hogan said he and Dixie were on the same page. Hulk had made his decision, not that he liked it.

Bully Ray came out to the ring.. Ray complained about how he was wronged. He actually had the nerve to whine about being hit with a hammer. I believe that is how Ray won the title to begin with. Ray said he would sue Sabin and the whole company if he didn’t get his title back. Ray demanded that Sabin come out and give the title to him, now.

Sabin came out to a great pop. Ray didn’t want to say anything negative towards Sabin. Ray thought Sabin was out there to do the right thing. He thought Sabin was intimidated by Ray. Sabin explained that he was there to see how big a crybaby that Ray had turned into. Sabin talked about being on the shelf for two years. Sabin wasn’t about to just hand the belt to Ray. Ray told Sabin that he would get the belt back through a lawsuit. Ray whined, again, about being struck by the hammer. Ray called out Hulk Hogan to give him back his World title, or else.

Hulk didn’t have to be asked twice. Hogan had the legal writ from the lawyers. He thought about it and then tore it up. Hulk said Sabin would keep the World title. Hulk decided to give Bully his title rematch…at HardCore Justice (August 15th)…inside a Steel Cage!


–Jay Shannon
Twitter: JayShannonNV

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