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Welcome to Destination X. Chris Sabin was set to face Bully Ray for the World Title. Plus, past, present and future TNA X-Division stars battled to get into next week’s Ultimate X match to determine the new X-Division title. Buckle up, campers, this one’s going to be wild.

The show opened with a video profile of Chris Sabin.

Bully Ray came out to address the crowd. Jeremy Borash took Taz’s spot at the announce table, this week. Why? No one seemed to know. Bully Ray did the Bruiser Brody-like yowl as he thrust the belt high in the air. Ray knew everyone “was really happy to see me tonight” (sarcasm, it’s a wonderful thing). Ray said there has been a lot of talk about Chris Sabin. “Let’s Go, Sabin!” rang out. Ray said Sabin didn’t have a shot in Hell of beating him. Ray said the fans should prepare a funeral for Sabin, after tonight. Ray knew he was the most hated man in wrestling and he liked it that way. Ray felt it was a perfect night for himself and the Aces and Eights.

Ray then called out “his wife”. Ray demanded that Brooke Hogan come out and speak with him. Eventually, she did just that. Brooke looked awesome in the black towel (oh, I guess that’s a dress) that she was wearing. Brooke told “Mark” that he tricked everyone and she was ready to move on. Ray reminded Brooke that he would allow her to move on when he decided to allow her to do so. Out came Papa Hogan. The Hulkster was in no mood for the ga-ga. Hogan felt enough was enough. Hogan said it was over for Ray and Aces and Eights. Ray screamed at Hulk and Brooke for turning and walking away. Ray said he would not give Brooke a divorce and he would never lose the World title.

Kurt Angle came on the Tron. He said the Mafia was there to destroy the Aces and Eights. Kurt said there would be a fair fight for the World title. Ray shrieked that he would never lose the World title.

JB and Mike Tenay talked about the night’s show. They showed how Austin Aries “Cashed In”, last year, to win the World title. Bobby Roode, in the back, was asked about last year’s Destination X. Roode said all he could think about was “Fluke”. Roode talked about having no points in the Bound for Glory Series, so far. He was determined to fix that problem, tonight.

Gail Kim was texting. She was sending messages through Twitter (or, Twitta, if you’re Bully Ray). Tenay updated the Bound for Glory Leaderboard.

Bobby Roode vs Austin Aries
Bound For Glory Series Match

The crowd was more behind Aries, in this one. Side Headlock by Roode. Aries with a Universal into a Deep Arm Drag. Aries missed a Dropkick after getting out of a Head Scissors. Side Headlock by Aries. Float Over, by Aries, into a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker by Roode. Roode tried to Suplex Aries in but Austin with Knee Strikes. Aries then Back Body Dropped Roode to the outside and hit a Modified Ax Bomber from the top to the floor. Aries threw Roode in and went for a Missile Dropkick. Roode with a Dropkick to Aries, on the fly. That was incredible. Aries went to the floor and Roode with a Clothesline off the apron. Break time.

Aries punched Roode’s ribs but Bobby with the Double R Spinebuster. Roode put Aries on the top rope and went for the Superplex. Aries blocked him and Rang the Bell, several times. Ouch! Roode fell off the ropes. 450 Splash. 1—2—No! Aries with straight fists. Roode threw a few, as well. Whip by Aries but Roode put on the brakes and then flipped Aries over the ropes. Aries with a Suicide Dive to send Roode into the ring steps. Roode had slipped to the outside, as Aries came back in with a Senton. Missile Dropkick by Aries. Running Hesitation Dropkick by Aries. Roode escaped the Brainbuster. Aries with a Roll Up but Roode locked in the Crippler Crossface. Aries and then Roode rolled over for a pin attempt. Backslide by Roode for two. Aries with a nice DDT. Both men were spent. Roode brought the boots up when Aries went for another Hesitation Dropkick. Roode went for a Spear but Aries caught him in a Front Face Lock. Roode, again, thwarted the Brainbuster. Clothesline by Roode into a two count. Aries blocked the Fisherman’s Suplex and hit a Roaring Elbow. The two kept countering until Aries finally nailed the Brainbuster.

Your Winner (+7): Austin Aries
Impact Score: 4.0 out of 5

Roode had a major meltdown, after the loss. He threw chairs and computers and even a soda.

Backstage, it was a reunion of Hernandez and homicide. Chavo showed major respect to Homicide. Chavo then talked about him winning the X-Title and Hernandez winning the World title. Next year, Chavo felt they would square off at Destination X 2014. I’d Really Really like to see the reunion of LAX. I still have an LAX shirt (though it’s getting a tag thread-bare, these days).

Aces and Eights talked, backstage. DOC has quit the group. Anderson asked the remaining members if they knew what they were doing, tonight. Everyone did.

Homicide vs Petey Williams vs Sonjay Dutt
X-Division Qualifying Match

Yes! Petey got kicked in the thigh. Sonjay went for a Roll up but Petey kicked out. Homicide threw both guys out and then hit a Slingshot Flip Dive to the outside. Petey kicked Homicide in the back. Petey and Dutt with a Universal. Petey ended up on the floor. Dutt with a Hurancnarana to send Homicide to the outside. Slingshot Code Breaker by Petey to get a two on Dutt. Petey with an Indian Death Lock (on Dutt) and Hip Toss on Homicide. Homicide went to the top and hit the Benoit Diving Headbutt. The three men traded kicks and punches. Homicide with Corner Splashes and a Belly to Belly Throw on Petey. Gringo Kutta to Dutt to gain a two for Homicide.

Dutt and Homicide on the ropes but Dutt pushed Homicide down. Petey tripped Dutt. Homicide and Petey both tried for their finishers but they were blocked. Petey went up the turnbuckles but Dutt sent Petey flying with a Back Suplex (Dutt was still trapped in the ropes). Gringo Killer to Petey. Dutt with a Sliced Bread into the Backwards Warrior’s Way to move on.

Your Winner: Sonjay Dutt
Impact Score: 4.25

Kenny King vs Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs Manik
X-Division Qualifying Match

King went right after Manik. Manik sent King to the outside. King with a Low Bridge on Chavo. Inveted Atoic Drop into an Enziguri to the back of Manik’s hed. King with a Slider Dropkick to send Chavo into the outside barrier. Suplex by King to Manik. Tilt-a-Whirl into the Octupus on King. Drop Toe Hold by Manik into a Leg Grapevine. Chavo wnt to attack but Manik with a German Bridging Suplex, while still holding King. Manik went into the ropes and Chavo Dropkicked him to the floor. Chavo with a Tilt-a-Whirl Head Scissors and then a Missile Dropkick. 2 count.

Manik with Cross Body to both opponents. Chavo held Manik but Manik whipped Chavo into King. Manik went over Chavo to Dropkick King. Chavo broke out of Manik’s finisher and went for the Three Amigos. At two, Chavo switched to King. He hit the Three on King. Manik and Chavo on the ropes. King with a Double Knees to send Manik into the corner. Chavo pushed King away but King nailed a huge Enziguri. Manik took out Kenny King with his Mood Stabilizer (Butterfly Clutch into a Gut Buster).

Your Winner: Manik
Impact Score: 3.75

The Main Event Mafia talked strategy in one of the offices. Sting was fired up and so were the others. Rampage wanted to knock someone out.

The Chris Sabin promo video ran again.

Hulk Hogan gave Chris Sabin a pep talk. He asked Chris to bring the title home to TNA.

The Main Event Mafia music sounded off. The quintet strolled out to the ring. Rampage Jackson didn’t war the suit, like the others. The five men got in the ring. Sting called out to Aces and Eights. Sting said his family was “Custom Made”. Kurt said the fight was going to be more brutal than imagined. Kurt said the Mafia was coming after Aces and Eights. Kurt wanted to prove it, now. Magnus took the stick and said all five of them were ready. He just waned to know if the crowd was ready. They were. Magnus told Aces and Eights to come and face “The Family”.

Ken Anderson came on the Tron and “Mafia” rang out from the crowd. Ken said they weren’t coming down to the ring. Ken said the Mafia needed to come where they were. Samoa Joe said they would come back there, drink their drinks and beat Aces and Eights down. The Mafia headed to the back. It was a set-up. Kurt was singled out and thrown in the back of a black truck. The mystery driver took off with Kurt as the rest of the group beat down the Mafia. Break time.

Austin Aries was on Twitter and other social media outlets.

Rubix vs Rockstar Spud vs Greg Marasciulo
X-Division Qualifying Match

Ok, I had to go do some quick checking on who this Marasciulo kid is (because he looked so familiar). He spent several years in the WWE…as Trent Barreta. Greg has spent the last few months in Japan. Spud tried to talk to his opponents but they blasted him. Greg with a Side Headlock on Rubix and a Back Body Drop to Spud. Rubix sent Greg to the ropes with a Flying Head Scissors. Running Back Elbow by Greg. Knife Edge Chops by Greg. Spud held Greg’s le. Rubix with a Go Behind. Greg got free and Rubix flew through the ropes to take out Spud. Greg came around the corner to take out Rubix. Greg tried to pin Spud but only got a two. Spud with a measured punch to Greg’s face. Knife Edge Chop by Spud. Spud escaped a Shoulder Hold and went to Greg’s eyes. Spud kicked Rubix in the head. Rubix with a Spinning Slam and Running Knee. Spud went to the apron. Rubix ran Spud into the corner. Greg ran the ropes and laid out Spud. Rubix with an Enziguir into a Hurancanrana. Bridging Back Suplex by Rubix for a two. Rubix waited for Spud to get up. Rubix missed a Corner Splash. Spud stomped on Rubix’s hands. Low Enziguri by Spud. Spud was frustrated.

Spud danced but Greg with a Missile Dropkick, out of nowhere. Greg with one of the best Flip Dives that I’ve ever seen. Greg pitched Spud back into the ring. Rubix with a Superkick and Jumping Enziguri into Greg. Coast to Coast by Rubix on Greg. Spud tried to steal the pin but only got a two. Spud slapped Greg in the head, over and over. Spud attacked Rubix and then went back to Greg. Spud with a Headbutt. Greg with the Inverted Tombstone Piledriver.

Your Winner: Greg Marasciulo
Impact Score: 3.75

Bully Ray talked with the driver of the black truck. Ray said Rampage hurt Wes Brisco, during the battle. Ray said it was time to make Kurt an offer he wouldn’t refuse.

Mickie James strolled out to the ring.

The truck drove back into the parking area. This time, Kurt was driving it. Hmmm…

Mickie was in the ring, bragging about her recent Nashville concert. Yawn. She sent it to a video about her catterwalling err….singing. Of course, some people thought Janis Joplin was a good singer. The crowd booed the video footage. Mickie almost broke her arm patting herself on the back. Jeez.

Thankfully, Gail Kim came out to shut her up. I just started liking Gail a lot more. Gail felt Mickie thought Mickie was delusional. Gail said the only thing that the fans were talking about was her match against Taryn Terrell. Mickie told Gail to step back. Mickie graded the ladder match as a 2 out of 5. Oh, I don’t think so. Mickie then said her concert was 5 stars. Not even close. Mickie went to slap Gail but Gail ducked. Gail slapped Mickie and then kicked off the shoes! Catfight! All Hell broke loose s Gail ripped into the Knockout Champion. Two refs held Gail back. The fight went to the floor as the refs kept the girls apart.

Austin Aries talked with Chris Sabin. He really pushed Chris but mentioned that he got to where he is thanks to Aries upping the game and testing people. Aries said Sabin has proven how great he (Chris) is. Aries said he was pulling for Sabin.

A.J. Styles talked about the X-Division. He stated that he put the X-Division on the map. Styles shared that he would fight Jeff Hardy, next week, as part of the Bound For Glory Series.

Chris Sabin vs Bully Ray
TNA World Title Match

Sabin got a monster pop as he entered the arena. Bully Ray then strolled out, cocky as always. Ray started yelling at Chris, even before getting in the ring. Borash did the official introductions. Ray gave Chris the option to walk away but there was just no way. Ray had more than 50 pounds on his challenger. Ray walked over and pushed Chris into the corner. Chris didn’t even blink, at first. Ray talked abut going after Chris’ knees (which have been an issue for years). Ray walked over to the opposite corner and Chris came over and got into Ray’s face. Sabin screamed that he would be the new champ. Ray pushed Sabin away.

The bell rang and Ray went right after Chris’s knee and leg. Ray pulled the left leg and spun Chris around. Chris kicked free and then hit Crescent Kicks to Ray’s side. Ray with an Open Hand Slap.. The two went back and forth with Kicks and Slaps. Sabin exploded on Ray with Strikes and kicks. Corner Mount Punches by Sabin. Ray dropped his weight on Sabin’s right leg. Sabin rolled to the outside. Aces and Eights came out to support their leader. The Main Event Mafia then strolled out to counter A&8. Impact took a quick break.

Ray yelled at Rampage Jackson. Ray kicked the leg of Sabin. Ray took his time, strolling around the ring. He even took time to taunt Kurt Angle. Ray snapped Chris’ leg and then Grapevinded it. Ray untied the laces of Chris’ right boot. Ray then pulled the braces and coverings off Chris’ right knee. Chris tried to fight back but a Clothesline dropped Sabin. Ray punched Chris in the face. Ray smacked Chris and went back to pulling off the kneepad. Leg Snap by Ray. The ref asked Chris if he waned to quit. Chris would never give up. Leg DDT by Ray. Ray screamed at Rampage and urged Jackson to hit him. That would have drawn a DQ, of course. Chris punched away but Ray kicked the leg.

Ray walked around and mocked the Hulk Hogan Ear Cup move. “Bully Sucks!” rang out. Ray kept working on the bad wheel of Sabin. This was getting painful to watch. Ray taunted Sabin and slapped him in the chest. Ray poked at the Mafia and then went back after Sabin’s leg. Crossface by Ray. Ray punched Sabin the face. Ray took Sabin to the corner and pounded away. Ray with a Whip but Sabin just collapsed. Ray grinned at the devastation that he had caused. Sabin got the leg up and then climbed the ropes. Ray hit the ropes and Sabin fell. Ray went up and hit a Superplex. Ray dedicated the brutal move to Rampage. 1-2-no. Sabin blocked the BubbaBomb and then kicked Ray in the head. Sabin climbed the ropes and hit a Missile Dropkick. Brian Hebner, the ref, was taken out in the move. Sabin has the pin but the ref couldn’t count. Ken Anderson got the hammer and gave it to Ray. The Mafia and Aces and Eights hit the ring. All Hell broke loose. Both teams fought up the ramp. Ray took the hammer but Chris with a Spin Kick. Brian was still down. Chris got the hammer. Bully lifted Chris for a Powerbomb. Chris cracked Bully in the skull with the hammer. Bully fell and Chris landed on top. Brian Hebner woke up and made the count!

Your Winner (and NEW World Heavyweight Champions): Chris Sabin
Impact Score: 3.0


–Jay Shannon
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