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The aftermath of Money in the Bank was brutal. The pieces began to fall into place for SummerSlam, including John Cena choosing his own opponent for the summer tradition.

Roll the opening credits.

Raw was live from Brooklyn, NY. The lights went out and there was a drum roll. When the lights came back up, Brad Maddox was there to welcome everyone to the show. Brad said it was the beginning of the Maddox Era. Brad put Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto Del Rio in a Money in the Bank rematch.

John Cena’s music silenced the new General Manager. John trotted down to the ring. John retained his title in an epic battle against Mark Henry. The crowd was definitely split in their support/hatred towards the WWE Champ. John said it was the only time that Maddox would be in the ring with someone who was hated more than himself. Brad told John that he would allow Cena to choose his own opponent for SummerSlam. John clarified that Brad was letting him choose who he wanted. John had fun throwing out names, including Dok Hendrix and Dutch Mantell.

His fun was stopped, cold, by the arrival of Randy Orton. Orton won the All-Stars Ladder Match, on Sunday. The announcers thought Randy was going to cash in, but he didn’t. Randy reminded Brad that Cena might not be the WWE Champ as of SummerSlam. Randy didn’t want to squander his title shot, so he would wait. He did warn “You’ll never see it coming”.

Out danced Fandango. The crowd went wild and started Fandango-ing all over the place. Fandango said he was going to take the WWE title from John Cena. Randy didn’t appreciate being updated so he cracked him in the face. Randy then tore into Fandango with a fury. Fandango fought back. Randy with a Thesz Press and Clothesline. Brad jumped in and decided to make the match of Randy Orton vs Fandango, right now…ok, after a commercial break.

Fandango vs Randy Orton

Orton was cutting loose with the Garvin/Orton Stomp as the show returned. Randy missed the Flying Kneedrop. Fandango stomped away and then choked Randy with a knee. Front Face Lock into a blocked Suplex. Randy hit a Suplex of his own. The two ended up on the floor. They went through the ring to the other side. Randy caught Fandango with a Clothesline. Side Drop Suplex sent Fandango into the barricade. Randy threw Fandango back in the ring and tried for a pin. He only got two. Whip by Randy but Fanny with a boot. Fandango choked Randy on the ropes. Knee Strike to Randy’s face. Cravat by Fandango. Randy blasted Fandango’s ribs to get free. Headbutt into a Back Body Drop by Randy. Summer Rae cheered her dance partner on. Corner Mount Punches by Randy. Standing Dropkick by Randy for a two count. Whip by Orton but Fandango sent Orton to the floor with an Enziguri. Fandango sent Randy into the steel steps. Fandango posed as Raw went to break.

Fandango with the Slingshot to send Randy into the bottom rope. 2 count. Fandango went back to the Cravat. Randy punched partially free but Fanny with Headbutts. Fandango blocked the Twisted Sister and hit a Side Suplex. The two traded punches. Randy with a Whip and Corner Clothesline. T-Bone Suplex by Randy. Randy’s left hand was bloodied. Randy Suplexed Fandango onto the turnbuckle. Superplex! Ouch!

Randy with Clotheslines and the Snap Powerslam. Fandango went to the apron and nailed an Enziguri to Randy. Fandango went to the top. Randy tripped Fandango and hit a series of Headbutts. Corner Assisted DDT. RKO!

Your Winner: Randy Orton
Raw Ranking: 3.75 out of a possible 5

The announcers talked about how A.J. Lee cost Dolph Ziggler the World Title. She got in the ring and blasted Del Rio with the Divas Butterfly Belt. Dolph walked away fro A.J. after the match. Forward to tonight and Dolph was walking backstage. A.J. came up and wondered if Dolph would start talking to her. Dolph said it was time to move on. A.J. went for a hug but Dolph went rigid. Dolph said it was time for him to move past A.J.. Elsewhere, Mark Henry walked. Mark had something to say, next.

Mark Henry got in the ring, dressed to the nines. The announcers discussed how Mark just man-handled John Cena for most of the match. He did make Mark tap out to the STF. Mark threw major credit to John for being a great competitor. Mark said he came “this close” to winning. “You Tapped Out!” rang out from the crowd. Mark admitted that he tapped out and said Cena could make everyone tap out. Mark said he had no excuses or apologies. Mark knew Cena had the choice of opponents to face at SummerSlam. Mark put his name in the hat for consideration.

Suddenly, The Shield’s music went off. Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns came down to ringside. After a long pause, Mark Henry attacked them. Mark did well, at first, but the numbers were just too much. They beat down on Mark and then took him out with the Sword of Justice Triple Powerbomb. “Holy ****!” rang out from the crowd. I have to agree.

Brad was talking to his mom on the phone. Chris Jericho came in and talked with him. Jericho questioned Brad’s age. Brad decided to let Jericho impress John Cena by facing a former WWE Champ…Rob Van Dam! Sweet!. Jericho said it would be R-V-D vs Y-2-J. Jericho thought Brad just might have a great future ahead of him.

Alberto Del Rio vs Dolph Ziggler
Non-Title Match

The announcers argued as to whether Del Rio would have won the World title match if A.J. hadn’t interfered. Dolph then came out, ready to battle Del Rio with a kick and clubbing blows. Dolph showed his frustration, right away. Whip by ADR but Dolph side under a Clothesline and nailed a Dropkick. Neckbreaker by Dolph. The announcer talked about Damien Sandow winning the World Title Briefcase. Dolph with a series of Elbow drops to get a two. Del Rio sent Dolph into the turnbuckles and then kicked Dolph in the head, several times. Del Rio put Dolph on the top turnbuckle. Del Rio with a Top Rope Back Drop Superplex. 2 count. Wow! Del Rio choked Dolph with the boot. The fans were chanting for Dolph. Dolph missed a Corner Splash but Dolph didn’t. Clothesline by Dolph. ADR reversed a Whip but took a boot. Del Rio flipped Dolph over the top rope and hit fell hard to the floor. Raw took another break.

Del Rio had Dolph in a Rear Chin Lock but Dolph quickly escaped. Del Rio pounded away. Del Rio went for a Superkick but didn’t get it. He settled for a Lift Drop and stomp. Dolph flew out of the corner and nailed a Tornado DDT. The two traded hard punches with Del Rio getting the early advantage. Del Rio held the ropes off a whip. He punched Dolph right in the face. Del Rio charged and ended up sliding through the ropes. Dolph with a Dropkick to Del Rio’s shoulder. German Bridge Suplex b Dolph for a two. Del Rio with close to a dozen quick Headbutts. Del Rio let everyone know he was ready to go after the Cross Armbreaker. Dolph reversed it into a Rolling Funk Neckbreaker. 1-2-no. Del Rio threw Dolph into the corner and nailed the Step Up Enziguri. 2 count, yet again. Del Rio put Dolph in the Sullivan Tree of Woe. Del Rio charged but Dolph with a Sit Up. Del Rio crashed into the corner. Dolph with a Second Rope Famouser. Suddenly, the bell rang. It was A.J. Lee, playing a prank. Del Rio caught a distracted Dolph with a Superkick. Del Rio pins Dolph.

Your Winner: Alberto Del Rio
Raw Ranking: 3.0

After the match, A.J. Lee got in the ring. Lee had loony eyes as she slapped away at her former boyfriend. Dolph did his best not to strike her. Big E Langston came in the ring and Clotheslined Dolph into the middle of next week. Big Finish by Langston. Guess we know who Dolph will be fighting at SummerSlam? A.J. then lifted Dolph’s head and kissed him off.

R-Truth came out to party with the crowd. Now I remember why I hate rap music. Give me Randy Travis or George Jones, anytime. Speaking of which, I want to send out special get well wishes to Travis, who is recovering from brain surgery, following a stroke.

The Wyatt Family showed up to confront R-Truth. It was Bray Wyatt, Eric Rowan and Luke Harper. I’m not sure if Rowan and Harper will end up with a surname of Wyatt or not. Truth did fight back against Luke and Rowan. Truth then wanted to battle Bray. Bray got in the ring and looked at Truth, who was clutching a chair. Truth was annihilated, again. Bray planted Truth with the Dream Breaker (Spinning Face Plant). Prior to the beatdown, Bray rambled on with a bizarre rant about the father turning his back on his children. He so does the Svengali mind twister character well. The fans really seemed to like the Wyatts. Bray told Truth “You are not the Truth we seek. Kane, follow the buzzards”. Ok, that was weird.

Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger have now been officially named “The Real Americans”. Hulk Hogan, they ain’t. They are good, though. The Real Americans will face either The Usos, Tons o’ Funk or The Prime Time Players, next. The fans were allowed to vote for the match.

Michael Cole sent it to Tampa, where the new WWE Performance Center opened. It’s really a spiffy place.

The Real Americans (Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro) vs The Usos

Zeb rambled on for what seemed like forever about non-Americans. Zeb said he wanted John Cnea to pick either Cesaro or Swagger to face at SummerSlam. Jerry Lawler made the announcement that the Usos would get the chance to battle with a 55% vote. Jimmy and Jey came out and did their Samoan entrance.

Cesaro started the match as Jey took a few shots before Jimmy came in. Cesaro with the Gut Wrench Throw. Tag to Swagger. Swagger with hard stomps. Swagger Bomb! Jack bashed away as Lawler got a “Dutch” joke in (Zeb is, of course, Dutch Mantell). Cesaro with a Rear Chin Lock. Jimmy with wild punches. Tag to Jey. Flying Crossbody for a two. Swagger got laid out. Cesaro with another Gut Wrench Throw but Jey converted it into a Roll Up for the three.

Your Winners: The Usos
Raw Ranking: 2.5

Raw ran their Be-A-Star campaign.

I am proud to announce that I will be part of an upcoming event at Jones Beach in New York. Rivalry Championship Wrestling, in cooperation with Integrity Booking, will be presenting “Commotion by the Ocean” on Monday, August 5th. You can go to the website: www.RivalryChampionshipWrestling.com to get more details. Plus, I’ll be posting a full press release, later this week. Our show is being done to help promote the Anti-Bullying message.

Damien Sandow came out with his blue briefcase that guarantees him a future World Title Shot. The announcers discussed how Sandow stabbed Cody in the back to get the briefcase. Cody was ready to grab the briefcase but Sandow pushed Cody off the ladder and took it himself.

Damien Sandow vs Christian

Christian’s teeth were heavily damaged at Moneyin the Bank.

Collar and Elbow and Sandow with wild Headbutts. Sandow bailed out of the ring. Christian chased him. Sandow missed an Elbow Drop. He did push Christian and send him over the top rope and to the floor. Sandow put Christian on the ropes. Tornado DDT by Christian. Christian with a Flying Forearm to Damien’s face. Christian hopped over the ropes and blasted Damien with an Uppercut. Flying Crossbody by Christian. 2 count only. Christian with a hard right into the Morningstar Uppercut. Damien fought out of the KillSwitch and hit the Side Russian Legsweep. Damien went for the Elbow of Distain, only to have Christian counter it with a Jackknife Pin.

Your Winner: Christian
Raw Ranking: 2.5

Damien called for his briefcase. He bragged about having the briefcase. Cody Rhodes hit the ring and tore into Sandow, with a passion. It took several refs to hold Cody back. Sandow took off through the crowd to escape. The crowd actually chanted for Cody Rhodes.

Raw ran a fun 1 800 Fella video with a guy who has hiccups gets Brogue Kicked by Sheamus. I think it was the same guy who gets the daylights beaten out of him by Ultimate Warrior in the new WWE 2K14 video.

The announcers then talked about Vickie Guerrero. She was out protesting, earlier, to get fans to vote for her to be reinstated. Some darn fool gave her a megaphone. People started signing her petition.

Brie Bella vs Naomi

This was basically a match to promote Total Divas on E! Network. Go Behind by Naomi. Brie threw Naomi down by the hair, twice. Both times, Naomi with a Kip Up. Modified Japanese Arm Drag by Naomi. Wicked kick to Brie’s face. Brie tripped Naomi, on the apron. 2 count. Brie stomped away on Naomi’s back. Hair Toss by Brie. Brie with a Camel Clutch, in the ropes. Brie pulled Naomi off the ropes. Rear Chin Lock by Brie. Naomi battled free and hit a sweet Sunset Flip. Brie came back with a Flying Clothesline. Brie pulled on Naomi’s neck, again. Naomi tried to fight free. She hit a Flying Head Scissors on Brie. Good Dropkicks by Naomi. Rear View! Yummy. Brie flipped Naomi onto the apron. Naomi with a High Crossbody for the three.

Your Winner: Naomi
Raw Ranking: 2.25

Michael Cole brought up Paul Heyman’s screw-over of C.M. Punk. Heyman refused to discuss the matter, after it happened.

C.M. Punk came from the back to get answers. He was beyond angry. Punk knew that Heyman was in the building. He also knew Brock Lesnar was there. Punk called them both out. Paul Heyman emerged from the back and got booed like crazy. Heyman said he was looking at an empty ring because in “his world”, C.M. Punk does not exist”. Heyman said the WWE had no vision for Punk, the C.M. Punk character was created by Heyman. Not true. Heyman talked about how much he sacrificed to make Punk a star. Heyman tried to take the majority of the credit for Punk’s success. Heyman said Punk was only the best because he had Heyman at his side. Heyman said the truth was a hard pill to swallow. Heyman blamed Punk for failing “us” when he didn’t beat the Undertaker. Heyman said Punk came back with a Better than You attitude towards Heyman. Heyman said he played Punk. Heyman explained he dumped Punk, not the other way around. Heyman brought up Punk’s lack of family. Heyman told Punk that all Punk had was the WWE Universe. Heyman said Punk took Paul’s best friend away, so Paul took Punk’s title chance. Paul said he was a bad person to deal with. Heyman said it was his kids that made Paul realize how bad Punk was to be around. Heyman said he betrayed Punk because he knew Punk couldn’t beat Brock Lesnar.

Punk starred daggers at Heyman. There was a long pause and then Punk wanted to know if Heyman was done. Punk said the truth does hurt. Punk said he trusted Paul and all it got him was 13 staples in his head. Punk said Paul knew how relentless Punk could be. Punk swore that he was going to get Heyman. Punk swore on Paul’s kids that he would get Heyman and all of Paul’s associates. Punk said he was ready to rip apart anyone that gets in his path to Heyman. Punk said Paul would not have a future in the WWE. Punk called Heyman an “SOB” and asked Paul if he was lying.
Paul said Punk wasn’t lying but he did tip his hand. Paul wanted to show Punk his immediate future. Heyman mocked Punk’s “It’s Clobberin’ Time!” entrance to bring out Brock Lesnar. Lesnar and Punk tore into each other like there was no tomorrow. Paul Pearl Harbored Punk, to start, but Punk kept going. The two fought on the floor until Lesnar ran Punk into the ring post. Lesnar then launched Punk onto the announce table with an F5.

The announcers discussed the Lesnar vs Punk fight. Then they sent it to a preview of Total Divas. Whatever.

John Cena walked backstage. Great Khali came up and talked to him in his native language, Farsi (I think). Cena answered in the same language. Whatever John said, it made Khali happy.

In the office, Brad and Stephanie McMahon chatted. Stephanie asked HHH how Brad was doing. Some far, HHH liked what he saw. They wanted to know if Brad ran these things through Vince. Brad said he couldn’t find Mr. McMahon. They questioned Brad’s decision to let Cena choose his opponent. They didn’t think Vince would approve. HHH and Steph did think Brad was doing good. He looked like he needed a new pair of drawers after that.

Rob Van Dam vs Chris Jericho

I so thought RVD was going to take the Money in the Bank. There was a break before this top-notch match got started.

The two went into the Collar and Elbow but pushed off. Go Behind by RVD. Standing Switch by Jericho. Arm Drag by RVD. Jericho with a Head Scissors that RVD quickly escaped. Jericho with Forerarm and Chops as the fans chanted “You Still Got It!”. Universal into a Jericho Dropkick. ECW chants broke out. Whip by Jericho into the RVD Roll and a Roundhouse Kick. Spin Kick by RVD. Shoulder Thrusts by RVD. Whip into the Rolling Monkey Flip by RVD. Standing Moonsault by RVD for a two. RVD with a Float Over but Jericho with the Jumping Enziguri. 2 count. Back Drop Suplex by Jericho. Slider Dropkick by Jericho. Raw went to break.

Body Scissors by RVD. Knee Strikes by RVD into a Whip. Roll By Roll Up by Jericho. Jericho wanted the Walls of Jericho but RVD wouldn’t turn. Jericho turned it into a Slingshot. Jericho stomped away on RVD. Jericho with the Slingshot to send RVD up into the bottom rope. Jericho stomped away and then worked the crowd. Slider Dropkick sent RVD to the floor. Jericho pulled RVD onto the apron and wanted a Suplex. RVD blocked it and tried for one, which was blocked. RVD flipped through a Suplex and laid out Jericho with a nasty Round Kick. RVD went back to the Body Scissors. Jericho spun around to try and get free. RVD with a Figure Four Head Scissors. Jericho nearly pinned RVD and then hit a Powerbomb. 1-2-no.

The crowd broke out with a “This is Awesome!” chant. Jericho with Knife Edge Chops. RVD held the ropes to avoid a Dropkick. RVD put on the brakes during Rolling Thunder. He ended up hitting a Moonsault, off the apron and to the floor. Raw took another break.

Jericho had RVD trapped in a Seated Abdominal Stretch. RVD got to his feet but took a knee. RVD reversed a Whip and hit a Flying Leg Lariat, into the corner. RVD with a Shoulder Tackle, Clothesline nad Spin Kick. Jericho came back with Shoulder Tackles. RVD threw Jericho over the ropes. Jericho with an Ax Bomber. Running Bulldog by Y2J. Jericho wasted time before going for the Lionsault. He missed it. RVD nailed Rolling Thunder. 1-2-no. RVD wanted a Whip but Jericho reversed it. RVD missed the Springboard Thrust Kick but Jericho did connect with a DDT. Double Leg Trip into the Walls of Jericho attempt. RVD spun around to send Jericho flying. RVD with another kick to Jericho. RVD with a Whip but he ate a boot. Jericho wanted a Bulldog but RVD sent him flying into the corner. Five Star Frog Splash…missed. Jericho connected with the Lionsault. Could be…might be…no!

Jericho tried to run RVD into the corner but took a kick to the face. RVD went up top but Jericho nailed the ropes. Jericho wanted a Superplex but RVD fought out with a Headbutt. Cannonball Senton by RVD for a two. Damn, that was a thing of beauty. Jericho escaped the Scoop Slam. Jericho went for a Hurancanrana but Jericho put RVD into the Walls of Jericho. RVD barely made it to the ropes to force the break. Jericho pulled on RVD’s leg until the ref moved him back. Windmill Kick by RVD. RVD was exhausted but he still managed to nail the Five Star Frog Splash! Count to 100, this bad boy’s history.

Your Winner: Rob Van Dam
Raw Ranking: 4.85

Almost every member of the WWE Roster was on the stage, except Mark Henry and C.M. Punk. Those two were injured, earlier in the night. Cena then came out to make his choice. He got the crowd into voting for various people. He left out Daniel Bryan but the crowd let him know that they wanted him to battle Cena. Cena finally gave in and named Daniel Bryan as the man he would face at SummerSlam! Yes! Yes! Yes! Daniel rushed to the ring and eagerly accepted the match.


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