Posted July 14th, 2013 by jshannon

The Finish:

One of the turnbuckles got exposed and Mark Henry was run into it. Cena clamped on the STF but Mark got to the ropes to force the break. Mark “accidentally” pushed Cena into the ref and then nailed Cena with a Low Blow. Cena barely managed to kick out. Mark lifted Cena for a World’s Strongest Slam but brought Cena up a little too high and Cena slid over Mark and took the behemoth down. Cena went back to the STF and this time Mark couldn’t reach the ropes. He tapped out.

Your Winner: John Cena

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  1. By Archangel, posted

    If nobody knew that Superman Cena was gonna win this match must have been born before the match started.

  2. By eddie cheslock, posted

    john cena is love by some hated by some but overall he is your wwe world heavyweight champion so learn to like it learn to respect it and most of all learn to love it cause its going to be around for a long long time

  3. By Joe, posted

    I do not understand the thought behind Cena keeping the title when the fans are no longer solidly behind him.

  4. By jeff, posted

    what I don’t get is why it seemed like Cena had such a problem giving mark Henry the attitude adjustment so many times leading up to money in the bank, he’s did it to big show many times and show is just as big as henry, heck I remember a ppv a few years ago back where Cena had BOTH Edge AND the Big Show on his back for a few minutes and was going to give them a double aa before Edge slid off but I forget, we fans aren’t SUPPOSE to remember things that happened in the past.

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