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It was time for TNA-Vegas, Part II. TNA ran a Joker’s Wild Tournament for the Bound For Glory Series where the winner would get 25 points. Also, the Main Event Mafia grew by another member.

The show began, as usual, with a flashback segment. Austin Aries cheated his way into the X-Division title. He would lose it, last week, to Chris Sabin in a Triple Threat Match. Bully Ray wanted to make sure no one won the X-Title but the Main Event Mafia stopped them. Magnus was announced as the 4th member of the Mafia.

In the back, Bully Ray wanted to talk to the cameraman. Ray wanted to talk about his wife, Brooke Hogan. Ray was ticked off that Brooke got engaged to someone else. Ray would not allow her to move on until he said she could.

Aces and Eights’ music went off and Bully Ray strolled from the back. The rest of the pack was behind Ray. Ray made fun of Mike Tenay. Ray said it was time to take care of some business. First order of business was Chris Sabin. Ray explained that Sabin had the option of facing Ray at Destination X. Ray warned Sabin that he should not trade in the X-Belt for a shot at Ray. Ray said the Aces and Eights would be voting in a new Vice President, tonight. Ray made sure the fans knew that they would not be getting a vote. Ray talked about the Main Event Mafia’s challenge to a fight. Ray refused to have his boys face the Mafia…

The music hit and Sting and his “Family” strolled out to face Aces and Eights. Kurt Angle had the stick and said the challenge was a warning. Kurt said the Mafia was going to eliminate every member of the Aces and Eights, one by one. Kurt said Ray would have to face Sabin, all alone. Sting stepped in and said Ray was obviously nervous. Sting said the next member was a Heavy Hitter and he would be revealed, later in the night.

Part One of the Joker’s Wild Tournament was about to begin. It would be a Blind Draw Tag Team Tournament with the winners advancing to a final Gauntlet Match. So reminds me of one of my favorite concepts…BattleBowl.

Chris Sabin strolled backstage. Sabin will make the decision if he wants to cash in the X-Division title for a shot, next week, against Bully Ray.

Christy Hemme and Jeremy Borash drew the names for the first tag team match:

Jeff Hardy and Joseph Park vs A.J. Styles and Samoa Joe
Joker’s Wild Tag Team Tournament Match #1

Joe showed the new Mafia hand sign. Styles and Park to start. Styles dodged Park to frustrate the big man. Styles with a hard Kick. Park reversed a Whip but Styles slid under. Kick to the thigh by Styles. Hardy took the tag. Side Headlock by Styles. Push Off into a Hip Toss by Hardy. Hardy with a Stall Front Drop Suplex. Styles rushed Hardy into the corner. Tag by Joe. Joe exploded on Hardy with wild punches. Headbutt by Joe. Running Back Elbow by Joe to get a two. Joe ran Hardy into the corner and hit the Splash/Enziguri combo. Styles took the tag and he Snap Mared Hardy and kicked him in the back. Hardy started to fight back but Styles locked in the Calf Killer. Park made the save. Spinning Mule Kick by Hardy. Tags on both sides. Park ran down Joe but Styles attacked. Back Body Drop by Park. Corner Splash by Park. Joe pushed Park into a Springboard Flying Forearm. Joe then clamped on the Kokina Clutch. Park tapped out.

Your Winners: Samoa Joe and A.J. Styles (both men move on to the Gauntlet Match)
Impact Scoring: 3.0 (out of a possible 5)

Taryn Terrell warmed up in the back. She will battle Gail Kim in a Ladder Match, later in the show.

Jay Bradley and Hernandez vs Mr. Anderson and Magnus
Joker’s Wild Tag Team Tournament Match #2

Taz freaked out when Magnus was announced. Anderson and Hernandez looked ready to start but Magnus was tagged in. Jay took the tag, as well. Side Headlock by Jay. He dropped Magnus but Magnus came back with the Harley Race High Knee. Jay tagged out after a Kneelift. Drop Toe Hold by Magnus on Super Mex. Magnus wanted a tag but Anderson refused. Jay with the Pearl Harbor on Magnus. Taz trash talked Vegas. Jay tagged back in. He blasted Magnus, over and over. Magnus began to fight back but Hernandez with the Blind Tag. Springboard Shoulder Tackle by Hernandez.

Jay tagged back in and punched Magnus’ ribs. Irish Whip by Jay but Magnus with the Back Elbow and Big Boot. Anderson again refused to tag in. Hernandez did get the tag but missed a Corner Splash. Clotheslines by Magnus. Jay kicked Magnus in the back. Hernandez blasted Magnus. Jay tripped Hernandez. Magnus took advantage and rolled up Hernandez. 1-2-3.

Your Winners: Magnus and Mr. Anderson (They move on to the Gauntlet Match)
Impact Scoring: 2.0

Anderson got a kick out of the fact that he ended up in the Gauntlet and never had to do a thing.

In the back, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode were talking. Aries was ticked off that he got ripped off of the X-Division Title. Aries wanted to know why Roode wasn’t out there to help him. Roode complained that he was 0-3 in the B4G Series. Kazarian and Daniels came in and said it would be Bad Influence vs Dirty Heels in the last match of the Tournament.

Gail Kim was warming up for the Ladder Match. Expect something off the charts from those two. JB and Christy drew the final tournament names…

Christopher Daniels and Austin Aries vs Kazarian and Bobby Roode
Joker’s Wild Tag Team Tournament Match #3

What a wild mix-up. Kaz and Daniels were to start but they just made a mockery of the whole thing. Aries wasn’t impressed and tagged himself in. Collar and Elbow into a Drop Toe Hold. Aries came back to work the arm. Kaz flipped on the ropes to escape. Shoulder Tackle by Kaz but Japanese Arm Drag by Aries. Aries used a Headstand to get out of a Head Scissors. Daniels came in and asked for Roode. Bobby got rocked with a hard punch after Daniels with the Cartwheel. Running Back Elbow and Scoop Slam and Flying Kneedrop by Roode. Kneelift by Daniels, who quickly tagged out to Aries. The two men stared each other down before going to war.

Roode and Aries both expressed that they wanted the World title belt. Standing Switches by both men. Side Headlock by Aries. Roode flipped Aries on the apron. Aries laid out Kaz but Kaz came back to take out Aries. Kaz ran Aries into the barricade as Impact took a quick break.

Kaz had Aries in a Seated Cross Bar Arm Lock. Aries Elvowed free and dove for a tag. Kaz with a Spinning Cutter for two. Nice Move. Aries with a Roaring Elbow for two. Daniels and Roode both tagged in. Kick by Daniels but Double R Spinebuster by Roode. Daniels blocked the Fisherman’s Suplex and hit a Uranagae. Aries took the tag. Missile Dropkick by Aries. Kaz took a tag and Aries crashed in the corner. Springboard DDT by Kaz. Daniels saved Aires! Aries went for the eyes and hit a Flying Dropkick. Small Package by Kaz. Aries couldn’t make the save.

Your Winners: Bobby Roode and Kazarian (They move on to the Gauntlet Match)
Impact Scoring: 3.5

Kaz and Daniels seemed to have minor meltdown but made it right. Ray, in the back, said it was time for the vote. Ray called for Taz to come to the back and join the voting process.

Hulk and Brooke talked in the back. Hulk knew that Ray had called her. Brooke said she just wanted to focus on her job. Brooke put her personal life on hold until after the show. Hulk told his daughter to take care of business…all of it.

Elsewhere, Bully Ray talked to his troops. Ray said they got rid of D’Lo, who was a problem. Anderson and DOC were both up for the VP spot. Ray said he would not vote. He would leave it to the members.

Anderson: Himself
DOC: Himself
Wes: Anderson
Devon: DOC
Bischoff: Anderson
Taz: DOC
Knux: Anderson

Anderson got the nod 4 votes to 3. This so plays into my thoughts on the Bound For Glory Series. DOC was beyond ticked off. I smell an Aces and Eights split, in the near future.

Mickie James came down to watch the next match. My buddy, Rick, was still at ringside and his blood pressure just shot through the roof as she got near him. ODB was in the ring to serve as the ref for this number one contender Ladder Match.

Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell
Ladder Match to determine the Number One Contender to the Knockout Title

Gail jumped Taryn, just before the bell. Boot choke by Fail. The contract was above the ring. Taryn with a Snap Suplex and then threw Gail to the outside. Spear through the ropes by Taryn. Kneelift by Gail. Gail got the ladder and put it in the ring. The two fought over the ladder and Taryn used it to run Gail into the corner. Taryn drove the ladder into Gail’s ribs. Gail stomped the ladder out of Taryn’s hands. Taryn ran Gail into the ladder, which got put in the corner. Gail tried to grab Tarn but Taryn sent her towards the ladder. Gail ran the ladder and went for a Crossbody. Taryn blasted Gail, on the fly. Taryn set up the ladder but Gail stopped her. Gail with a Body Scissors and then sent Taryn into the ladder. Gail set the huge black ladder in place and started to climb. Taryn pilled her down and the fight continued. Drop Toe Hold sent Taryn into the corner. Gail went for the Figure Four around the post but Taryn kicked out. Impact went to break.

Both women were on the ladder as the show returned. They fought like Hellcats. Both of them fell and struck the top rope. Gail got the worst of it. Taryn whipped Gail under the ladder and then sent the ladder into Gail’s face. Ouch! Gail was twisted in the ladder. Gail finally got free as Taryn found another ladder, under the ring. Tarynslid the smaller ladder into the ring. Taryn pulled Gail off the ladder and punched and stomped away. Taryn put Gail on the smaller ladder, which was suspended between the big ladder and the ropes. Gail got off the ladder. Gail trapped Taryn in the Figure Four, in the ladder! Gail started up the ladder but Taryn got the leg. Gail went to the other side and climbed. Taryn came up and the two fought up top. Taryn hung Gail over the top of the ladder and then Taryn dropped her. Taryn was mere inches from the contract. She couldn’t reach the contract. Gail struggled to her feet. Taryn with a Crossbody off the top of the ladder. Both women were laid out. “One More Time!” rang out. Taryn adjusted the ladder into a better spot. Taryn and Gail were on the same side of the ladder. They fought on the horizontal ladder. Gail fought out of a Cutter. Taryn blocked Eat Da Feet. Taryn cinched in the Dragon Sleeper. Gail tied Taryn’s hair around the middle rope. Gail slipped free and went up the ladder. Taryn was stuck. Gail got the contract, just s Taryn got free.

Your Winner: Gail Kim
Impact Score: 4.25 (yes, I gave it THAT high a rating score)

Mickie James did not look happy that she woul dhave to deal with Gail Kim.

Sting and Kurt were thrilled that Magnus and Samoa Joe were in the Mafia. Sting was still waiting to hear from the Fifth guy. That person called Sting. Kurt was happy that the guy called back. Who is the 5th member? Wait and see.

Sting said “He” would be there, soon.

TNA Gauntlet Match.

A.J. Styles vs Magnus

The two spent some time trying to figure each other out. Knuckle Lock into a Go Behind by Styles. Magnus powered out and worked over Styles’ arm. Styles reversed it and went into a Hammerlock. Fireman’s Carry by Magnus. Magnus took back control of Styles’ arm. Standing Switch by Styles. Styles flipped out of a Back Drop Suplex. Standing Switch into a Magnus Clothesline. Scoop Slam to put Styles on the Apron. The next person arrived.

Vs Kazarian

Styles went wild on Kaz with punches. Kaz with a wicked Spinning Inverted DDT.. Kaz punched away on Magnus and nailed a Dropkick. Kaz flipped Magus into the corner and punched away. Styles kicked Kaz’ calf. Kaz ran Styles into the corner. Styles with a Snap Suplex that sent Kaz into the corner. Nasty. Magnus tried to throw Styles over the top rope. Styles fought back. Back Drop Suplex by Kaz. Kaz with Knife Edge Chops on Magnus. The countdown was on.

Vs Samoa Joe

Joe exploded on Kaz with an Inverted Atomic Drop. The Mafia members worked together to annihilate Kaz. Magnus tried to throw out Styles. Kaz came back to battle Joe. Kaz flipped Styles onto the apron. Styles flipped Kaz over the ropes and to the floor.

Kazarian has been eliminated.

Impact took a break.

Anderson joined the mix, during the break

Vs Mr. Anderson

Vs Bobby Roode

Roode entered just seconds after coming out of break. Joe through Anderson over the ropes but onto the apron. Anderson fought his way back in. Roode through Magnus onto the apron. Styles sent Anderson to the corner. Haymaker, by Styles, to Roode. Styles with hard Knife Edge Chops on Roode. Snap Powerslam by Roode. Roode tired to throw Styles out. Anderson Clotheslined Styles off the ropes and to the floor.

A.J. Styles has been eliminated.

Joe tore into Anderson with strikes. Joe then ran Anderson’s head into the corner. Anderson then wetn after Magnus. Joe took himself and Anderson out with a La Bandera Clothesline.

Samoa Joe has been eliminated
Mr. Anderson has been eliminated

High Knee by Magnus. Roode with a kick. Double R Spinebuster by Roode for a two. Roode with the Crippler Crossface but Magnus would not submit. Magnus rolled over and almost pinned Roode. Magnus locked in the Texas Cloverleaf. Roode reached the ropes to force the break. Kneelift by Roode. Roode with a Knife Edge chop. Rodoe put Mgnus on the top rope and punched away. Roode took too long to go for the Superplex. Magnus fought back and shoved Roode off the ropes. Magnus missed the Savage Elbow. Roode wanted the Fisherman’s Suplex. Magnus reversed it and pinned Bobby Roode.

Your Winner (+25): Magnus
Impact Score: 4.5

It was decision time for Chris Sabin. Hulk Hogan came out to hear if Sabin would “Cash In” to get the World title shot. Hogan popped the crowd, huge. Next week, TNA will present Destination X. It’s all about the X-Division. Hulk invited Sabin to join him in the ring. Hulk pushed how great Sabin is. Sabin said he never thought he would compete after tearing the ACL twice. Sabin said wrestling was his dream and he would never give up on it. Sabin said he wanted to be the World Champion. Sabin surrendered the X-Division title just as Bully Ray strolled out.

Ray ordered Hulk to tell Brooke that there was unfinished business to deal with. Ray then turned to deal with Sabin. Ray told Sabin not to turn the title over. I guess the surrender wasn’t complete. Ray reminded Sabin that he (Ray) was a bad person that does bad things. Ray warned Sabin that he was going to beat “The Living P*ss” out of Sabin. Sabin told Ray to shit the Hell up. Sabin reminded Ray that he pinned Ray in Team 3D’s retirement match. Sabin also reminded Ray that he was the only man to kick out of the Team 3D finisher. Sabin felthe only needed one chance to beat Bully Ray. Sabin will then ask Ray if he knew who he is…Chris Sabin, the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Ray ordered Sabin not to hand over the belt. Sabin did just that. Ray said Sabin just signed his death warrant. Ray said Sabin would also be fighting his whole family (Aces and Eights).

The Main Event Mafia music hit and the quartet strolled out. Sting told Ray that the Mafia was going to neutralize the Aces and Eights. Sting said their newest member would also be there…Rampage Jackson! Seriously? This version of the Mafia is just so NOT as good as the original.

Fade Out.

–Jay Shannon
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