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Dixie Carter Tweeted, earlier this week, that we will finally learn just who is Suicide (at least this version). It won’t be quite as obvious as one might think. Plus, more Bound For Glory matches took place. Will another member join the Main Event Mafia? Read on…

The show talked about the beginning week of the Bound For Glory Series. Hulk went off on Bully Ray when he tried to bring Brooke to speak. Kurt Angle was announced as the 2nd member of the Main Event Mafia.

The music of the Main Event Mafia heralded the arrival of Sting. Mike Tenay asked Taz if he was worried about the growing Mafia. Taz admitted that the Mafia was a problem. Sting addressed Bully Ray that the Mafia would rise and grow. Sting invited Kurt Angle to join him in the ring. Taz stammered as Kurt walked out in his suit. Kurt said he and Sting were two of the Original Mafia. Kurt discussed what the original Mafia was all about. Kurt said Aces and Eights tried to take where the Mafia went and then on forward. Kurt understood that Sting would never wrestle for the World Title. Kurt considered himself “Family” with Sting and the others. Kurt said the Mafia had two goals: Destroy Aces and Eights and take the World title off Bully Ray. Kurt said the newest member of The Family would be announced, later tonight.

TNA looked at Chris Sabin’s win at Ultimate X, earlier this month. Sabin defeated both Suicide and Kenny King. In the back, Sabin was jumped by DOC. Sabin was pulled into a cargo hold. Bully told Sabin that he wished him well. Bully suggested that Sabin should “do the right thing” (which is not to cash in the World Title Shot). Bully said he was a bad person and Sabin didn’t want any part of him. They then let Sabin go.

Adam Ohriner was one of this month’s Gut Check contestants. Known as “The Big O” is his alter-ego. This dude is ripped and looks a lot like Chris Masters.

Chris Sabin vs Kenny King vs Suicide
Triple Threat Match for the X-Division Title

This Suicide looked different than the guy that was at Slammiversary. Taz ridiculed Sabin’s in-ring style. The winner of this match has the option to cash in at Destination X (July 18) to go after Bully Ray. King went after both men but Suicide with a reverse Whip. Double Dropkick to King, who was flying off the ropes. Go Behind into a Standing Switch. King kicked them both. 2 count on Sabin. King with a series of moves that ended with an Enziguri. Suicide with a Missile Dropkick. Suicide Whipped King into the ropes. King held on but Suicide with a kick and Cannonball Plancha to take out King. Sabin with a Slide Through Dropkick and Tope Con Hilo. Sabin threw King back in the ring as TNA took a break.

Sigh. And yet another bogus ghost movie is coming out. My daughters like that crap. I got dragged, kicking and screaming, to Paranormal Activity 3. Never again.

Sabin with a Drop Toe Hold. Sabin then put King in the Sullivan Tree of Woe. Hesitation Dropkick to send King into Suicide. Fireman’s Carry by Sabin. Suicide pulled King loose and hit a Corner Bulldog on Sabin. King tripped Suicide on the top rope. Sabin pushed King off the ropes. Sabin went after Suicide. Tower o’ Doom. King with the pin attempt, but only two. King went for the Royal Flush but Sabin got free. Step Up Enziguri by Sabin. Hail Sabin!. Suicide threw Sabin out and went for his finisher. King tried to fight free. Jumping Enziguri by King. King choked Suicide, in the corner. Float Over into a Spin Kick by Suicide. Small Package for two. Jawbreaker by King. Suicide rolled through the Royal Flush and rolled up King for the three.

Your Winner (and New X-Champion): Suicide
Impact Score: 3.75 (out of a possible 5.0)

The replay showed that Suicide was holding the ropes. Out came Hulk Hogan. T.J. Perkins was with Hulk Hogan. Hogan announced Perkins has been working as Suicide since Day One (well, not quite). Someone jumped Perkins and stole the Suicide suit. Hogan wanted to know who was playing Suicide. Suicide II took off through the crowd without revealing his identity. Hmmm…Frankie Kazarian? Christopher Daniels? Who might it be?

Hulk Hogan walked backstage. Hogan said the guy had until the end of the night to reveal himself.

Ryan Howe was then profiled. The guy plays 27 different musical instruments. Ryan knew that being nice never gets you anywhere.

Jeremy Borash was in the ring to bring Ryan and The Big O to the ring. Ryan did the Van Hammer bringing his own guitar to the ring. Taz even called him Van Hammer. He looked more like Bret Michaels meets Vince Neil. Adam then came out. Big O was ripped like crazy.

Adam Ohriner vs Ryan Howe
Gut Check Match

Collar and Elbow and they went to the corner. Adam tossed Ryan around like he weighed nothing. Go Behind into an amateur takedown by Adam. Adam threw Ryan into the corner. Bulldog Bounce by Big O. Adam with MMA Strikes to the Rock Star. Big O with a Whip but he ate a kick. Springboard Crossbody by Ryan. Vicious Clothesline by Adam. Shoulder Thrusts by Adam. Adam missed a Corner Splash. Ryan with hard Forearms and A Corkscrew Back Elbow and various Dropkicks to earn a 2. Adam worked out of a Funk Neckbreaker. Snap Powerslam by Adam to get the three.

Your Winner: Adam “The Big O” Ohriner
Impact Score: 2.25

Big O definitely deserves a contract. Maybe Ryan as well.

Backstage, Kurt and Sting talked about the growing Mafia and how it would be so much better than the original.

Bully Ray came up to talk with T.J. Perkins. Ray wondered if Perkins knew who he was. Ray thought Perkins has a great future. Ray wanted to know if Sting or Kurt put Perkins up to the whole switch thing. Perkins said he was jumped and his opportunity was taken from him. Perkins had no idea who jumped him. Ray told Perkins to leave. Ray thought that the Mafia was behind all this.

A look at the injury to Velvet Sky’s knee ran next. Mickie attacked the leg to take the Knockout title. Velvet wants her rematch but Mickie has been back peddling. Gail Kim thought she should be next to go after the title. Velvet showed medical clearance to compete. Mickie attacked Sky’s knee and locked in a new finisher.

Velvet Sky vs Mickie James
Knockout Title Match

After a quick break, it was time to get down to action. Taz sang along with Mickie’s theme music…way off key. Mickie took the microphone and apologized for the changes that the title has brought to Velvet. Mickie said her heart was breaking for Sky’s new attitude. Mickie gave Sky the chance to walk away. Mickie called Sky “a $3 stubborn pack mule”. Sky answered…with a Spear. ODB pulled Sky back.

Sky ran Mickie into several corners. Shoulder Thrusts by Sky. Mickie with a wild slap to the face and a series of hard kicks. Side Russian Leg Sweep by Sky for two. Mickie bailed out to the floor. Mickie tripped Sky and slammed the leg into the ring apron. 2 count.

Sky kicked out of a Leglock. Snap Mare by Mickie into a Slider Dropkick 2 count, yet again. Mickie pulled on Sky’s hurt knee but Sky kicked with the good one. Small Package Cradle by Sky for two. Mickie ran Sky into the corner and hit a series of Shoulder Thrusts. Hard Slap by Mickie. Sky kicked Mickie in the race. Mickie blocked the Leg Strike and twisted on the knee. Clotheslines by Sky into a Back Elbow. Mickie reversed a Whip. Running Bulldog by Sky. 1-2-no. Mickie bailed out to the floor. Mickie wanted some water. Tilt-a-Whirl Head Scissors, on the floor. Sky with a Spear and went wild on Mickie with punches. ODB told Sky to get back in the ring.

The two went to get back in but Mickie kicked the bad leg and hit a DDT to get a two count. Mickie was stunned that it wasn’t three. Mickie wanted the MickieDT but Sky got free and snapped Mickie’s neck. 2 count, only. Mickie attacked the bad knee, again. Mickie cinched in the new Finisher. It’s like an Inverted Indian Death Lock.

Your Winner (by Submission): Mickie James
Impact Score: 1.5

Christy Hemme tried to talk with Velvet Sky but Sky had a major breakdown. It didn’t help that the fans were screaming “You Tapped Out!” Sky thought her knee was ok but she was just heart broken at the loss. She cried as she went to the back.

TNA looked back at “Suicide” winning the X-Title. It wasn’t T.J. Perkins that won the title. Hulk demanded to know who this new Suicide is.

Kurt and Sting were in the back when Bobby Roode walked past. He smiled, as did Sting and Roode. Is Bobby the next member?

This Saturday, TNA will be in my old stomping grounds…Las Vegas. By the way, on August 5tth, I will be at Jones Beach in New York (unless something changes) for an upcoming indy event. More details on that as I get them.

Hulk Hogan asked one of he refs if he could figure out who was under the Suicide mask. Hogan said the phony Suicide would either unmask or would be stripped of the X-Title.

Bobby Roode vs Magnus
Bound For Glory Series Match

Collar and Elbow. Both men tried to jockey but were stalemated. Clean break by Magnus. Roode worked Magnus’ arm. Magnus spun under to reverse the move. Over Hand Wrist Lock but Roode reversed it into a Hammerlock. The two went back and forth with counters. Push Off by Magnus but Roode with a Shoulder Tackle. High Knee by Magnus for a two. Roode got to the roeps to avoid the Texas Cloverleaf.

The two stared fighting, on the floor. Magnus dominated that fight. Roode jumped Magnus as they got back in the ring. Roode ran Magnus into the corner. Knife Edge Chop by Roode. Roode with the Slingshot to send Magnus into the middle rope. Roode slammed Magnus’ neck and chest into the ring apron. Roode with a Forearm Shot to the face. Roode got back in the ring and nailed a Funk Neckbreaker. 2 count. Rear Chin Lock by Roode. Magnus punched free. That led to a Back and Forth Punchfest by the two. Back Drop Suplex by Magnus. Clotheslines by Magnus but Roode with a kick. Magnus returned with a Clothesline that laid out Roode. Roode got his boots up and flew off the ropes. Magnus into his wild variation of the Attitude Adjustment. Magnus went to the top but Roode caught him. Roode punched away and climbed the ropes. Magnus pushed Roode off and hit the Savage Elbow for a two. Double R Spinebuster by Bobby. Fisherman’s Suplex blocked. Magnusdriver!

Your Winner: (+7): Magnus
Impact Score: 3.0

What an upset!

Aces and Eights wer in the locker room to go after several guys. Chavo, Robbie E and Jessie G were questioned about whether they were under the mask. Ray warned everyone who would listen that Suicide was in trouble.

James Storm and Gunner were in the ring. Storm said he and Gunner weren’t scientists but he did know the formula for one Hell of a good time. Storm said his partner, Gunner, is good at watching his back. Storm said you don’t have to like your partner to be successful.

Storm was cut off by Robbie E, Tara and Jessie Godderz. Posers Personified! Robbie wanted the stick. Robbie couldn’t believe that Storm and Jessie thought they were tough. Robbie said he and Jessie were the toughest guys in the locker room. Robbie was offended that Storm rejected him. Robbie said his train had sailed down the road. Robbie said he and Jessie were now a tag team. He called them the “BroMance” That got the crowd going. Robbie said it was the “Bro-Mans”. Storm still thought it was the BroMance. Jessie then showed off Tara. Storm called Tara a “Butter Face”. That chant broke out. I love it. Gunner laid out Jessie. “Sorry about your Damn Luck!”. Kinda of killed the Butterface Joke, but What he Heck!

Sting and Kurt was asked about Suicide and the Mafia. Sting was loving this night. Kurt suggested talking to the Mystery Guy.

HardCore Justice II premiers on July 5th on Pay Per View.

Samoa Joe vs Mr. (Ken) Anderson
Bound For Glory Match

The two locked up and went to the corner. Clean break. Another Lock Up led to the corner. Ken kicked away and punched Joe. Knife Edge Chop and hard Punches by Joe. Joe punched Anderson down, in the corner. Whip by Joe into the Jumping Enziguri. Ken fell and was able to kick out at one. Ken with a Drop Toe Hold to send Joe into the corner. Ken threw Joe to the outside. Ken with a kick to the ribs. Ken drove Joe’s ribs into the apron. They got back into the ring and Ken tried for a pin. He only got a two.

Ken worked over Joe’s arm. Joe with Palm Strikes to get free. Ken with a Neckbreaker. Ken with a Knife Edge Chop. Joe exploded on Ken with a Big Boot and Backsplash Senton. 2 count. Ken tried to punch but Joe with a hard Back Body Drop. DOC and Knox rushed down to the ring. They didn’t get in but distracted. Ken with a DDT for two. Joe with a Snap Slam. Sting and Kurt rushed down to take out DOC and Knox. Kurt ran DOC into the steps. Sting did the same with Knox. Joe with the Kokina Clutch! Tap Out!

Your Winner (by Submission) (+10): Samoa Joe
Impact Score: 2.5

Sting and Kurt got in the ring to celebrate with Joe. They raised Joe’s hands. Joe made the Double “M” sign.

Hulk Hogan was ready to get the final answer of who was playing Suicide. He would get the answer next…or else.

Sting and Kurt officially welcomed Samoa Joe into the Main Event Mafia!

Hulk Hogan then came out for the final segment. Hulk wanted the X-Division title guy to make the decision if he wanted to go after Bully Ray. Hulk called out Suicide. The new version of Suicide squat walked to the ring. Hogan wasn’t amused. Hogan knew Opportunities could turn to Gold. He brought up The Iron Sheik (Sheiky Baby). Hogan ordered Suicide to unmask. Suicide shook his head “No!”. As Hogan was about to strip Suicide of the belt, Bully Ray came out. Ray said he and Hulk were on the same page. Ray ordered Suicide to remove the mask. He shook his head “No!” again. Ray wanted to know if Suicide wanted the title shot. Ray say he put the fear of God…no wait…the Fear of Bully Ray… in Chris Sabin. Ray said he was a bad guy that does bad things. Ray ordered Suicide to leave. Hogan said he was tired of the crap. He demanded that Suicide unmask. Suicide rambled all cryptically about choices and options. Suicide said he was there to do the “Right Thing”. Suicide asked Bully Ray if he knew who he (Suicide) is. He said he has beaten him before. Suicide ripped off the mask and said he was going to cash in…again! It was Austin Aries! Taz was losing his mind as TNA went off the air. I love a good swerve!


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