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One of the most exciting and important announcements on the Independent Wrestling scene took place just last week. Wrestling On Fire and East Coast Professional Wrestling, the two most prominent and successful independent wrestling organizations in the northeast have agreed to a joint effort in promoting and marketing their two organizations into one powerful company. Mario Savoldi & Gino Caruso have had many discussions over the last few months and came to an agreement that will be a win-win for all, especially the wrestling fans. Gino and Mario have over 75 years of combined experience in the wrestling business and are in total agreement on a path and plan for their newly formed organization, since they both men believe in the strong wrestling traditions of the past.

Currently, Wrestling On Fire brings more than 10 million TV viewers with their contracts with TUFF- TV, ME-TV, MY-TV and numerous cable and satellite stations throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and parts of Europe and in August they will bring parts of South America into the fold. On Fire also brings a very strong presence in New England wrestling events as ECPW concentrated only in the tri-state area. When you combine the 90 Events that ECPW ran in the tri- state area and the numerous events On Fire ran in New England, the new organization truly becomes the strongest independent organization in the Country.

East Coast Professional Wrestling brings a very strong roster, a strong street team, a great fan base, as well as a propensity for always holding the most wrestling events in the tri-state area each and every year. It appears that the record of ninety events held last year will definitely be broken in 2013. More importantly, ECPW also brings a wrestling school, under the guidance of head trainer, Gino Caruso, where wrestlers can be trained and additional wrestling talent can be developed and a TV Studio where future TV programming will be shot at the newly remodeled ECPW Arena in Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey beginning this fall. The fans will benefit tremendously as they will see the best talent on each roster combined for future TV Tapings and house shows. For additional information and updates beside our website you can also go to

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