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The 12 men in the Bound For Glory Series were pitted against each other in opening matches for the BFG Series. Also, one of the titles was vacated and Sting introduced the first member of his new and improved Main Event Mafia.

Sting arrived at the arena, dressed to the nines.

Welcome to Open Fight Night. TNA started by discussing the Bound For Glory Series. The Winner of BFGS2013 will get a shot at the World champ at Bound For Glory. I have my own thoughts on where this just might go. Working on a Crystal Ball column about who is going to win this thing and why.

10 of the 12 BFG Contestants were in the ring. Hulk Hogan came out and introduced Jeff Hardy and Bobby Roode. Hogan said Hardy won the fan vote and could “Call Out” any of the other 11 men in the ring. Austin Aries and Christopher Daniels both tried to convince Hardy to pick them. Actually, they were doing reverse psychology by saying he shouldn’t choose either or them (or Kazarian). Hardy said Bobby Roode made it personal, last week, and that was who he was calling out. The dozen men in the ring tore into each other. Taz was worried about Anderson. TNA went to break before the first match.

After the announcers broke down the scoring rules, Mr. Anderson came out to make the first challenge. There was no Drop Mic, which seemed to irritate him. Anderson knew he had a “guaranteed Dub”…he called out Joseph Park

Mr. (Ken) Anderson vs Joseph Park
Bound For Glory Series Match

Ken was amused at the sight of Park. Go Behind by Ken. Ken was just playing with Park. Ken told Park to take a Side Headlock. Ken easily reversed it into a Hammerlock and Double Trip. Park was already frustrated. Ken told Park to punch him in the face or take a Side Headlock. Ken easily went into a Hammerlock. Park with a nice chain of moves that put Ken on his butt. Ken took Park down and hit Crossfaces and stomped on Park’s hand. Ken with hard punches. Ken with a Corner Whip. Park with a Roll Up but only for two. Rolling Neckbreaker by Ken.Rear Chin Lock by Ken.

Park got to his feet to escape but Ken put him down. Ken went up top but missed a Top Rope Senton. Park with punches and a Back Body Drop. Ken dodged a Corner Splash. Park avoided the Green Bay Plunge and locked in a Boston Crab. DOC came out to distract Park. Ken with an easy Roll Up for two. Park pushed Ken down, over and over. Scoop Slam by Park. Park went up the ropes but DOC with a kick to the back of the head. Anderson with the Mic Check.

Your Winner (+7): Mr. (Ken) Anderson
Impact Ranking: 1.5

DOC and Ken argued over the match and who should replace D’Lo as the club’s VP. Bully Ray put the issues aside and said tonight’s focus was on his wife, Brooke Hogan.

Jay Bradley was in the ring, ready for his first fight. Jay wanted to go after one of the top guys…Austin Aries!

Jay Bradley vs Austin Aries
Bound For Glory Series Match

Jay tried to jumped Austin but Aries dodged and sent Jay to the outside. Aries flew off the ropes and then threw Jay back in. Springboard Senton by Aries. Aries couldn’t lock in the Last Chancellory. Jay kicked Aries off the ropes and to the floor. Jay with a knee to Aries’ chest. Jay with a series of Elbow Drops. 2 count. Jay punched Aries’ ribs. Biel by Jay. Jay got ready for the Big Boot but ended up striking the corner. Aries kicked away at the hurt leg. Aries with a Corner Dropkick. Missile Dropkick by Aries. Jay with a Big Boot as Aries charged. Discus Forearm by Aries. Aries with his own Big Boot. High Flying Backbreaker by Jay. Jay had “UNLV” on his tights. Aries with a wicked Crucifix Back Slam. Hesitation Dropkick into the Brainbuster!

Your Winner (+7): Austin Aries
Impact Ranking: 2.5

TNA looked back at Sting’s comments about bringing back the Main Event Mafia. Sting was asked if he meant business, tonight. Sting said he had a sit-down to attend to. Well, we know it won’t be Booker T that he’s meeting with. Unlikely that it’s Scott Steiner. Someone old, someone new?

Sting was talking with a shadowed figure. Sting said a family trumps a brotherhood. Sting asked the guy if he was “All In”. A hand shake was the sign that the person agreed.

Chavo Guerrero, Jr. psyched up his partner, Hernandez, for Hernandez’s first BFGS match. Hernandez came out and said there was one guy in the Series that really p*sses him off. Hernandez then called out Christopher Daniels.

Hernandez vs Christopher Daniels
Bound For Glory Series Match

Daniels with a Dropkick to Hernandez’s knee. Daniels wanted a Whip but Hernandez blocked it. Hernandez pushed Daniels off the ropes nad then kicked him. Corner Splash and Overhead Throw by Hernandez. Daniels flipped out of a Suplex and took Hernandez down. Kicks and chops rocked SuperMex. Gorilla Press Drop by Hernandez. Hernandez ran through Daniels. Shoulder Thrust, form the apron, by Hernandez. Hernandez went for Air Mexico and nearly took Daniels out of his boots. Daniels got a boot up and flew into Hernandez’s arm. Daniels held on to the ropes and nailed a Back Kick Low Blow. BME by Daniels to take the win.

Your Winner (+7): Christopher Daniels
Raw Ranking: 1.5

Considering how these are considered the best of the company, these matches have been way below par, at least so far.

Frankie Kazarian was in the ring. He knew that Bad Influence was going to dominate. Kaz decided to call out the guy that everyone is seeing as the next break out star…Magnus.

Kazarian vs Magnus
Bound For Glory Series Match

Kaz went after Magnus but the Brit with had punches and a La Bandera Clothesline. Kaz tripped Magnus and pulled him to the outside. Kaz ran Magnus into the apron. Kaz with a Senton Elbow Drop after a pair of kicks. Cravat by Kaz but Magnus would not submit. Magnus punched away but Kaz with a Kneelift. Rolling Necking into the Dragon Sleeper, by Kaz. Magnus kicked Kaz in the face to escape. Clotheslines by Magnus. Magnus with a whip. Kaz flew off the ropes but Magnus caught him and nailed the Side Driver.1-2-foot on the ropes. Kaz stunned Magnus and went for a Missile Dropkick. Magnus with the Texas Clover Leaf. Kaz eventually tapped out.

Your Winner (+10): Magnus
Impact Ranking: 2.0

Hogan was talking with someone on the phone. Bully Ray walked up and Hogan slammed Ray against the wall. Hogan noticed that Ray was carrying the infamous hammer. Hogan told Ray to bring the hammer. Ray wanted to talk to Brooke but Hogan said his daughter was done with Ray. Ray reminded Hulk that Brooke stopped Hulk from cracking Ray with the hammer, last week. Hulk wasn’t sure how to handle that.

Brooke Hogan came out to deliver a Stare of the Knockout message. Brooke was proud of the Knockouts. Brooke really praised the girls and then said it was going to be a “hot summer”. Brooke said she had a few issues to deal with. She asked the Knockouts to come out to the ring. Eric Young was with ODB. They were brandishing the all-but-forgotten Knockout Tag Team belts. Gail was hesitant to get in the ring. Brooke had to do a special intro of the Knockout champ, Mickie James. Mickie thought she was going to speak out on the State of the Knockout Division. Mickie said she was getting a national commercial. Mickie took a verbal shot at “VelVel’s” knee. Brooke told Mickie that this wasn’t all about Mickie.

Brooke brought up E.Y. He had to admit that he wasn’t a girl (the beard was a good first clue). Brooke made EY discuss that he should not be the Knockout Tag Champion. He took ODB’s belt and handed them both to Brooke. Very unlikely that we will ever see those again, after tonight. Eric said he was the toughest dude in the ring. Eric said it was National Kissing Day. He played a serious round of Tonsil Hockey with his spouse. Brooke said Velvet was the glue that has held the division together. Brooke said that Velvet will get her rematch… Mickie interrupted to say that Velvet was too injured to compete. Brooke corrected Mickie that Velvet will be able to battle, next week. Gail Kim then said she was in line for a rematch and she wanted it now. Brooke said Gail vs Taryn was off the charts. It was excellent. Brooke said Gail and Taryn will have their rematch…a Ladder Match…in Las Vegas. Hmmm…Vegas IS only 500 miles south of here.

Hulk congratulated Brooke for doing a great job. He then asked Brooke to leave the arena. He didn’t want anymore drama related to her.

Jeff Hardy was warming up, in the back. Hardy is now in the new TNA Evolve Workout app.

A.J. Styles vs Samoa Joe
Bound For Glory Series Match

Styles actually talked! Styles said it was all about him and about the money. Taz really criticized Styles for his recent attitude change. Taz warned “he who stands alone…Dies alone.”

Joe then came out and shook his head in amusement. The bell sounded and the two circled each other. Joe went for a kick but missed. Joe blocked a Styles Kick. The two went for fists and Joe exploded. Styles with a series of Knife Edge Chops. Side Headlock by Styles. Styles would not release the Side Headlock on the Push Off. Styles kept the pressure on and took Joe to the mat. Joe wanted a Suplex but Styles shifted and took Joe over. Joe rocked Styles but missed the Running Boot. Styles with Forearms and Knife Edge Chops. Joe reversed a Whip but ate a boot. Clothesline by Styles.

Back Drop Suplex by Styles. Nice. Styles with hard kicks to Joe’s chest. Joe punched away and whipped Styles to the corner. Styles was rocked with a Joe Enziguri. Styles crumbled to the floor. Joe went for a dive but Styles moved. Joe tripped Styles, who landed face-first. Impact took a break.

Joe and Styles were styles hard at it. Styles with a Flying Knee Drop for a two. Joe with Forearms but Styles started to fight back. Back Elbow by Joe to level Styles. Joe with a wild bunch of punches but Styles stopped the momentum with a wicked Dropkick. The two went to the floor as Christy Hemme announced that time was running out in this match. Springboard Flying Forearm, for two, by Styles. Taz said Styles should have joined Aces and Eights. Joe blocked a Suplex. Styles flipped out of one. Slider Dropkick to Joe’s ankle. Styles went to the top but jumped off. Snap Slam by Joe. Joe with the Cross Armbreaker byt Styles rolled over to break it. Styles tried to get the Calf Killer but couldn’t lock it in. Joe set Styles for the Muscle Buster but Styles fought free. Back Hand Slap by Joe. Joe went up the ropes and went for the Superplex. Styles shifted and landed on Joe’s chest. The ref started to count both men down. Styles was the first to get to his feet. Styles went wild with punches until Joe just clocked him. Knee Strikes by Joe. Styles cinched in the Calf Killer. Joe slid around into the Kokina Clutch. Styles flipped over as the One Minute To Go announcement was made. The two went wild with all kinds of punches and forearms. Joe took Styles down and kept trying to pin him. Time ran out!

Your Winner: (+2 each): Time Limit Draw
Impact Ranking: 3.5

Styles with a post-match shot on Joe. Styles had a busted nose. “Five More Minutes” rang out but the ref ignored the chant.

Ray was talking. He couldn’t believe Brooke left the arena. Ray really wanted to see Brooke and asked her to come back to the arena and talk to him. Ray told Aces and Eights to be sure his back was watched and Brooke made it to him.

Hulk talked with Kenny King and Chris Sabin and Suicide about how hot the X-Division is. Hulk reminded Sabin that he would get the chance, if he retained next week, to decide if he wanted to trade it in for a July shot at Bully Ray.

Back to the arena…

Bobby Roode vs Jeff Hardy
Bound For Glory Series Match

The two started fighting on the ramp. Hardy threw Roode into the ring and Shouldered him. Roode reversed a Whip but took a Flying Forearm to the face. Corner Splash by Hardy. Bobby reversed a Whip but Hardy with a Flying Headscissors. Inverted Atomic Drop by Hardy but Bobby cinched in the Crippler Crossface. Hardy reached the ropes to force the break.

Bobby stomped on Hardy’s back. The ref moved him back. Bobby with a Slingshot to send Hardy up into the middle rope. Hardy fell out to the floor. Bobby went out to get Hardy and slammed him into the ring apron. Roode then pitched Hardy back into the ring. Bobby with a Snap Suplexand Flying Knee Drop to the chest. 2 count.

Hardy was thrown into the corner. Hardy with measured shots to the ribs. Hammer Throw by Roode into a Corner Clothesline. Knife Edge Chops by Roode into a hard Whip. Back Elbow by Hardy. Hardy with a Falling Splash for two. Bobby reversed a Whip and tried for some sort of off the shoulder move. Hardy escaped and hit the Inverted Atomic Drop and Double Leg Drop. 2 c ount, again. Bobby converted the Twist of Fate into the Double R Spinebuster. Hardy blocked the Fisherman’s Suplex and connected with the Twist of Fate. Hardy went to the penthouse and flew. He missed the Swanton. Roode locke din the Crippler Crossface. Bobby really pulled back, hard, on the gruesome move. Hardy rolled over to almost pin Roode. Hardy rolled through another Crippler Crossface and planted Bobby Roode with Twist of Fate.

Your Winner: (+7): Jeff Hardy
Impact Ranking: 3.5

Bully Ray was on the way out to speak with Brooke. Sting was walking. Sting said he had business to attend to…Family Business.

Bully Ray came through the Aces and Eights entrance. Taz and Ray with the Bro-Hug. Ray then took the microphone and got into the ring. Ray ordered the music to be cut off. Ray liked that 12 guys were fighting each other for a shot at him on the line. On top of that, 3 X-Division competitors were going at each other and the winner there would have the chance to go after him. That makes 15 guys that want a shot at him. Ray talked about what he did against Hulk and Sting. He knew no one wanted to fight him. Ray said he wanted to call out someone, but not for a fight. He said he was a lover and wanted to talk to his wife, Brooke. She didn’t show. Ray again asked his wife to come to the ring.

Instead, the old Main Event Mafia music went off. It has a new twist to it. I like it. Sting came out in his suit. Ray didn’t know what to think. Sting got in the ring with Ray. Taz was having a hissy about Sting interrupting the World Champ. Sting said he went back to his family to help with Aces and Eights. Ray told the fans to shut up as he tried to talk. Ray wanted to know what Sting knew about “Family”. Ray reminded Sting that he couldn’t fight for the World title, thanks to Ray. Sting said he could still get retribution. Ray said Sting had nothing left in the tank. Sting started to take off his tie and jacket. Ray said he could snap his fingers and his family would rush out. Sting then took off his jacket as Sting ignored the ranting Bully Ray. Ray said Aces and Eights could snap Sting’s neck. Ray called out Aces and Eights but they didn’t come out. Sting took off his shit and threw it in Ray’s face. Ray kept calling for Aces and Eights. Sting showed on the Tron that all of Aces and Eights were laid out. Ray started to go up the ramp, only to run into…Kurt Angle! Kurt was in a Mafia Suit. He locked in the AngleLock. Sting screamed at Ray, asking him “What did you think would happen?” SO we have two…more Mafia to come!

Time to disappear into my office to put the final touches on the Mick Foley show at the Seaport Inn and Marina for Saturday Night. If you check earlier posts, you can get all the info about this fun adventure as part of New England Pro Wrestling’s Fan Fest 3.


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