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The Indy Buzz: What Happened at Reno Wrestle Factory’s Silver State Showdown, 2013?

It was a full house at the Neil Road Center on Saturday, June 15th. The Reno Wrestle Factory presented a half dozen top-notch matches that left the crowd anxious for more. I stepped in to substitute for the vacationing Jay Biggs as the Ring Announcer. Let’s take a look at all the action.

Match #1:

Z-Man Enterprises – Frank Lee Gorgeous and “Texas Hangman” Dalton Frost (with Manager Z-Man Brian Zane) plus a mystery partner vs “Black Dynamite” Virgil Flynn, “Flyin’” Ryan McQueen and Aidan

Zane explained to the crowd that the “Wrecking Ball” Paul Isadora is sidelined for possibly up to a year due to an Achilles Tendon tear. Zane said he scoured the country to find someone worthy of being associated with his organization, even if for only the one night. He brought back…Sir Samurai.

The match was filled with multiple high-flying daredevil moves, especially from Flynn and McQueen. The ending was a true shocker as Aidan turned on his two partners and took out McQueen, making him easy prey for his opponents.

Your Winners: Frank Lee Gorgeous, Dalton Frost and Sir Samurai. (with a major assist from Aidan)

Match #2:

Marcus Lewis vs “Golden Boy” Dylan Drake

It was a battle of two Californians. Lewis was definitely the fan favorite in this one. Lewis came very close to beating Drake but finally had no choice but to tap out to Drake’s Sharpshooter.

Your Winner: “Golden Boy” Dylan Drake

Match #3

“The British Messiah” Timothy Thatcher vs Jeckles the Jester

Thatcher was quite offended that he had to deal with the…well, unique…resident from CarnieVille. Jeckles kept Thatcher off his game for much of the match. His insane laughter creeped out Thatcher and several members of the crowd (including my wife, Dianna). Thatcher finally overcame the strange man with the painted face and took the win.

Your Winner: “British Messiah” Timothy Thatcher

Match #4:

Durty Money (“Original Gangsta” Mustafa Saed and Will Rood with manager Funky Brewster) vs The Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe and Luster the Legend)

The match was completely out of control from the start. The four men went all over the building. They nearly took me out when Rood was slammed onto the announce table where I was working. Rood was blasted with the ring bell. Durty Money lived up to their new team moniker as they cheated their way to a win over the Reno Scum.

Your Winners: Mustafa Saed and Will Rood

After the match, the four men tore into each other, yet again. The locker room emptied to try and keep the teams apart. Luster the Legend grabbed my microphone and said it was so obvious that Durty Money had to cheat to beat The Reno Scum. He proposed a Reno Street Fight for the next show, to be held in August. The request was sent to RWF Management for consideration.

It was time for a nice intermission. Lots of good food and a host of souvenirs. Spent a little time with my wife and quite a bit of time with some fantastic fans.

As we returned from break, Sir Samurai stormed from the back and demanded the microphone. He bragged about winning the opening match…all by himself (not quite a truthful statement). Sir Samurai said he wanted to fight someone else. That led to…

Match #5:

Sir Samurai vs Chicano Flame

The Masked Luchadore kept Samurai off his game for much of the match. Samurai used his superior size and strength to brutalize Flame. Eventually, Chicano Flame would overcome the odds and finish off Samurai. The frustration on Samurai’s face was quite obvious as many fans accused the big man of crying…which he denied in the strongest terms.

Your Winner: Chicano Flame

Before the Main Event, I took just a moment to thank the fans for being there. It was the first time that I’d stepped inside a wrestling ring in close to a year and to be honest, I felt so at home. I also thanked the RWF Family for allowing me this great opportunity to do something that I truly love to do.

Match #6:

“Hard” Cory Dayton vs “The Mexican Werewolf” El Chupacabra
Ladder Match for the RWF Silver State Heavyweight Championship

This match was absolutely insane. Dayton didn’t even want to start the match inside the ring. He went out into the crowd and challenged “Chupie” (as the crowd called him) to come and get him. He didn’t have to ask twice. The two men went at each other with a furor unlike anything that I’ve seen in a wrestling match, previously. They would eventually fight their way to the ring. The two hit some of the sickest moves on each other. Dayton was busted open, both in the face and on the back of his head, when he was sent into an aluminum trash can. A hooded figure rushed past security and slid into the ring. He pulled back his hood to reveal himself as Malachi (Dayton’s old tag team partner). Dayton screamed at Malachi that he didn’t need or want Malachi’s help. Malachi then attacked Dayton and hit several High Impact moves. Malachi then left the ring, disgusted, and yelled at several people as he made his way through the crowd. Chupie was able to recover, somewhat, during Malachi’s attack. Both Chupacabra and Dayton climbed up the ladder towards the suspended title belt. The two fought at the top of the ladder and Chupacabra was sent crashing to the canvas. After a struggle to finish his climb, “Hard” Cory Dayton removed the title belt…claiming victory.

Your Winner: “Hard” Cory Dayton

After the match, Dayton showed true class by praising his opponent for his performance in the match. He offered a hand shake and after some hesitation, El Chupacabra accepted it. It was a really classy way to end a night of fantastic action.

In Conclusion:

The crowd at the Neil Road Rec Center really got a night of fun and excitement. I want to thank the great people at the Reno Wrestle Factory for letting me step in for Jay Biggs and have a blast as their ring announcer for the night. I can hardly wait until August to see the next RWF Show.


–Jay Shannon

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