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Crystal Ball: Payback 2013

Jay Shannon draws upon all his predictive abilities to determine the winners and losers of a major upcoming wrestling event.

Payback is this Sunday. All the gold is on the line in this PPV. There are definitely a few last-minute changes to the card that should keep the fans guessing. Let’s see if I can sort through this jumbled mess and come up with the correct outcomes of the matches.

Sheamus vs Damien Sandow
Pre-Show Match


Damien took exception to Sheamus’ popularity. Damien has done his best to try and humiliate the Irishman. Most of the time, it has backfired and Damien ended up with egg on his face…or more correctly, a Brogue Kick on his face.


Damien Sandow is a talented wrestler but he hasn’t quite reached the level of a Sheanus…yet. I do think that these two will give seriously great performances. Cody Rhodes might get involved. I still think Sheamus is going to end up taking the win

Predicted Winner: Sheamus

Kaitlyn vs A.J. Lee
Divas Championship Match


Kaitlyn used to be A.J.’s BFF but that fell apart when Lee started acting all loony. Lee has been playing mind games for the last few weeks to shake Kaitlyn’s confidence.


Neither of these two are worth a tinker’s in the ring. Lee is slightly better as a wrestler than Kaitlyn. The Divas division is all but defunct, these days. Since Kaitlyn just hasn’t clicked with the crowd, it’s time for Lee to take the gold.

Predicted Winner (and New Divas Champion): A.J. Lee

Dean Ambrose vs Kane
United States Title Match


The Shield surprised everyone by taking both the US and Tag belts. Kane has switched his focus out of the tag ranks to that of the US title.


I’m a huge Kane fan. That makes this prediction a bit painful. Dean is on one Hell of a roll, along with the rest of The Shield. Dean is going to, somehow, survive the onslaught of the Big Red Monster and retain his title. It wouldn’t surprise me to see the other Shield members get involved.

Predicted Winner: Dean Ambrose

Wade Barrett vs The Miz vs Curtis Axel
Triple Threat Match for the US title


Wade and Miz traded the US title, rather quickly, around the time of Wrestlemania. Miz has been wanting the belt back. Axel was thrown into the match, at the last moment, as a replacement for the injured Fandango.


I expect to see Curtis Axel really shine in this match. He is likely going to let Wade and Miz fight it out and then swoop in the “Pick the Bones”. Axel will catch Miz with the PerfectPlex after making sure that Wade is on the floor.

Your Winner (and New Intercontinental Champion): Curtis Axel

Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan
World Tag Team Title Match


Rollins and Reigns ended the lengthy run of Team Hell No. There was a slight adjustment of talent and Daniel was partnered with Orton to form the new Team R-K-No.


Communication issues between Daniel and Randy are going to provide the downfall for Team R-K-No. The Shield will retain and Orton and Daniel may well end up feuding.

Predicted Winners: Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns

Chris Jericho vs C.M. Punk


Punk and Jericho have had a running feud for quite some time. Punk has been MIA since the night after Wrestlemania. Punk was, in fact, injured in the match against Undertaker (knee injury, as I’ve heard). Punk is ready to return and he has a huge challenge in front of him.


Punk is rested. Punk is going to be in his home city of Chicago. Expect Punk to possibly have a new look and new attitude. He is going to end up finishing off Jericho in a most dominant way.

Predicted Winner: C.M. Punk

Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto Del Rio
World Title Match


Ziggler cashed in Money in the Bank to end Del Rio’s championship reign. Ziggler was off, for several weeks, with a legit concussion.


I would imagine this little feud is going to run all through the summer. I’m thinking that Del Rio is going to catch Ziggler in the Cross Armbreaker. Suddenly, Jack Swagger is going to return and hit the ring. Jack will attack both men and the trio will face off, most likely at SummerSlam in some level of gimmick Triple Threat.

Predicted Winner: No Contest

John Cena vs Ryback
Three Stages of Hell Match for the WWE Title


Ryback turned on Cena, a couple months back. Ryback and Cena ended up with a No Contest at the last PPV. This time, there will be three matches:
1. Lumberjack Match
2. Ladder Match
3. Ambulance Match (if Needed)


Cena and Ryback will split the first two falls. I would imagine that the Lumberjacks will beat down both men but Cena will catch Ryback with the STF to force a tap out. The announcers will praise Ryback for being smart and not risking injury to the submission move. In the second fall, Cena will look to send Ryback through the table with the Attitude Adjustment. Ryback will slip out and put Cena through the table. I could really see that happen from the corner. Cena will appear completely spent after going through the table. Ryback will get all cocky and take his time dragging Cena over to the ambulance. Cena will have to fight against impossible odds to avoid going into the ambulance. I expect Cena to use the Attitude Adjustment to flip Ryback into the ambulance, out cold.
Predicted Winner: John Cena

In Conclusion:

This won’t be the best of Pay Per Views. It’s a minor PPV and basically a build up to SummerSlam. Those involved will give great performances and the fans will get their dollar’s worth but don’t expect any Wrestlemania-level moments.


–Jay Shannon

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