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The Bound For Glory Series placed it’s final few players. There were definitely some shockers as it related to just who went in. Plus, another major player returned, after a year away. On top of that, Sting had a huge announcement that could well shift the balance of power within TNA!

The show opened with a look at the debut of “Rampage” Jackson. He immediately ran afoul of Kurt Angle. Several men made it into the Bound for Glory Series. Hulk Hogan almost attacked Bully Ray, but Brooke Hogan stopped him.

The Hulkster strolled from the back. Taz said Hogan was just out there to “put the screws” to Aces and Eights. TNA was still in Atlanta, GA, this week. Hogan said he was ready to strike Bully Ray with the hammer. Hogan sent Brooke home so she wouldn’t get involved. Hogan then said all 12 slots in the Bound For Glory Series would be filled before the end of the night. Hogan said both Jeff Hardy and Bobby Roode (past B4G Series winners) get free passes into the Series. Taz complained about the two guys getting “Grandfathered” in. Hardy came out first and said he was tired of Aces and Eights. Hardy said he was going to win the Series as well as the World Title. Bobby Roode cut off Hardy and came out to accept his free spot in the Series. Roode reminded everyone that he was the first winner of the Bound For Glory Series. Roode didn’t compete, last year, so he was going to make it 2-2. Hogan said the fans would get the decision, between Roode and Hardy, to see who would get the first “Call Out”, next week. Roode said he wanted the vote, so he could come down and call out…Jeff Hardy. Roode was ready to kick Hardy’s *ss, next week. Hardy wanted it to happen…Now!

The entrance of Aces and Eights stopped the battle. Ray demanded that the music be killed. Ray wondered why everyone was so mad at each other. Ray said whoever wins the Bound For Glory Series would have to face him. Ray then asked Hogan why none of Aces and Eights were in the Series. Hogan had an idea. He gave the Aces and Eights just one spot in the Series. Hogan set up a Battle Royal between all the Aces and Eights guys to determine which guy goes into the Series. Ray said whoever wins the B4G Series were targets. He then sent his boys, Bischoff and Brisco, to attack Roode and Hardy. They were dispatched, easily. Roode then jumped Hardy, before heading up the ramp.

Tenay and Taz ran down the rest of the night’s card. In the back, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian talked about the tag champs, Taylor Swift and going into the Bound For Glory Series. I’m going to do a special Crystal Ball column, later this week, to make my predictions as to how I see things working out in the Bound For Glory Series. First, however, we need to figure out just who is in. As it stands, right now, it’s:

Jay Bradley
Samoa Joe
Bobby Roode
Jeff Hardy

James Storm and Gunner (The GunSlingers) vs Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels (Bad Influence)
Bound For Glory Series Qualifying Match

Storm and Daniels opened up this one. Collar and Elbow to the corner. Clean Break. Storm with a wild Punch. Push Off by Daniels. Shoulder Tackle into a Hip Toss. Storm with a Suplex and Flying Kneedrop. Gunner got a shot in. Tag to Gunner. Double Shoulder Tackle, for two. Kaz got the tag and hit a few Forearm Shots. Fallaway Slam by Gunner. Kaz fought out of what looked like a Samoan Drop. Daniels tripped Gunner, from the outside. Kaz with a Springboard Spinning Legdrop. Daniels with the tag. He rode Gunner’s back and pounded the skull. Tag to Kaz. Nice Double Team by Bad Influence. 2 count. Double Whip but Gunner laid them both out with Clothesline. Tag to Strom. Inverted Atomic Drop into the Flying Neckbreaker. Shoulder Thrusts in the corner. Storm with the Alabama Slam on Kaz. Gunner took out Daniels with a Flying Clothesline. Gunner went for the Gun Rack but Daniels attack and threw Gunner out. Double Team on Storm. Storm with a Lung Blower on Daniels. Code Breaker to Kaz. Storm rallied the crowd as he got ready for the Last Call. Daniels cracked Storm with the tag belt, as the ref was distracted. Roll Up by Kaz to put himself and Daniels in the Bound For Glory Series.

Your Winners: Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian
Impact Ranking: 2.5

Crimson was back! He was asked what he was doing there. He didn’t give a definitive answer but suggested that everyone should wait and watch. Good to see him back.

Velvet Sky had a manilla envelope. She said the contents were a present for Mickie James that should make everyone happy.

Crimson vs Joseph Park
Bound For Glory Series Qualifying Match

Tenay talked about Crimson’s 15-month winning streak, which was ended by James Storm. Crimson mentioned 470 and 12. He said those numbers have been consuming him. The first number dealt with how many days he went undefeated. 12 had to do with how long he has been away. He was “Sent Home”. Crimson said he was over those numbers. He was ready to let Joseph Park “Dance with the Devil’s Own”.

Crimson with a hard punch and clubbing blows. Park slapped Crimson and then Hip Tossed Crimson. Crimson came back with a hard Clothesline. Irish Whip by Crimson. The two went to the floor and Crimson beat Park senseless. Crimson rolled Park bck into the ring. Cravat and Knee Strikes by Crimson. Modified Funk Neckbreaker by Crimson..Park weakly punched Crimson. Spinebuster by Crimson. Crimson wsted too much time before following up on the big move. Crimson missed a Corner Splash. Park with a Roll Up to advance intothe Bound For Glory Series. Really?

Your Winner: Joseph Park
Impact Ranking: 1.25

Mickie James couldn’t believe that Velvet Sky had something for her. She thought that was just so sweet. Mickie was ready to go get her pressie.

So, The Bound For Glory Qualifiers are now:

Jay Bradley
Samoa Joe
Bobby Roode
Jeff Hardy
Christopher Daniels
Frankie Kazarian
Joseph Park

Velvet Sky came out with her surprise. She asked Mickie James to come and join her in the ring. Inside the mystery envelope was her clearance from the doctor to return to action! Velvet demanded her rematch. Mickie wondered if the document was real. Mickie said it was dated, yesterday. Mickie felt that today, Velvet’s leg wasn’t good to go. Mickie kicked the knee of Velvet and applied her new submission finisher, a Backwards Figure Four with an STF Clutch. I really like that new move. I could see them calling it the “Hard Core Leglock”.

Matt Morgan grumbled about having to qualify for the Bound For Glory Series. Morgan said he had to deal with three “chumps” to get into the Bound for Glory Series.

A promo for Eric Young’s new series on Animal Planet. Ok, now I’d much rather watch that, instead watching The Real Housewives of the WWE…oops Total Divas.

Magnus vs Kenny King vs Matt Morgan vs Rob Terry
Bound For Glory Series Qualifying Match

This was under standard tag rules. There were no teams but to get into the match, there would have to be a tag. King and Morgan looked to start but King quickly tagged out to Terry. Shoving match led to Terry coming off the ropes with a Shoulder Block. Morgan did the same nad neither man moved. King distracted Terry and Morgan hit a Clothesline to the back of the head. Corner Punches by Morgan. King tagged Morgan out of the match. King pounded on Terry, who Hulked Up. King went to the eyes and tagged back to Morgan. Morgan with a Running Boot. Morgan attacked Terry’s lower back. King with another tag. Springboard Ax Handle to Terry. Rear Chin Lock by King into a Jaw Breaker. Lift Drop by Terry. Magnus tagged himself in and went wild on King, with Clotheslines. Magnus also laid out Terry and Morgan. Back Elbow by King. Magnus caught a flying King and hit a wicked Driver Slam. Magnus with the Savage Elbow. Morgan made the save. It broke down as Terry attacked Morgan. The ref shoved Terry back. King with a Flying Leg Lariat on Magnus. Chokeslam by Terry on King. Carbon Footprint by Morgan to Terry. Low Bridge by Magnus to send Morgan to the entrance ramp. MagnusDriver to King!

Your Winner: Magnus
Impact Ranking: 2.5

A profile of Rampage Jackson ran. Kurt Angle informed Jackson that this was His (Angle’s) ring. Jackson put his chain around his neck, in the back.

Impact looked back at the Bully Ray vs Sting match at Slammiversary. Ray hit a Piledriver, on the wooden slats of the ring but Sting survived. Ray got a hammer and cracked Sting with it to prevent Sting from ever getting a future World Title Shot. Sting then came out to address the crowd. Sting was happy to be in Atlanta. Sting talked about the “Great Deception” by Aces and Eights. He grumbled, a little, about no one coming from the back to help him battle Aces and Eights. Sting understood that he couldn’t wrestle for the World Title. Sting said he was being forced to go down a road that he never thought he would go, again. Sting started talking about “Family”. Sting said it was time to create his own Family, yet again. Sting said he needed to build a family that he could trust. Actually, his own new “MAFIA!”. Sting said he was rebuilding the Main Event Mafia! Sting said the new Main Event Mafia would cause Aces and Eights to fall. Should be interesting to see just who Sting will recruit to join his new “Mafia”. I’m sure hoping we will see a couple of old “Outsiders” join the team. Could we possibly see Sting’s son become a wrestler? I know there are a couple of really great wrestlers out there in the indies that would just love the chance to join the MeMs. Several of them have been Main Eventers, in the recent past…up north.

Impact showed ODB guest starring on Eric Young’s new show on Animal Planet. It was a cute bit. They talked about the Knockout Tag Team Championships. Eric had a hat for his spouse. EY said he coming back to the Impact Zone to be part of the Bound For Glory Qualifying Series. They were talking at an Ice Bar.

Eric Young (w/ODB) vs Austin Aries
Bound For Glory Series Qualifying Match

The crowd was split in their support. Collar and Elbow into a Hammerlock by Aries. Fireman’s Carry by Eric. Leg Scissors by Aries. Clean break. Aries applauded his opponent. Aries wrenched Eric’s arm but EY flipped around to reverse the move. Aries with a Back Heel Trip into a Full Ride. Aries then hopped up on the top rope for a rest. ODB got in the ring and her and Eric had a little run, including patting ODB on the tushie. Eric did the Aries rest on the top rope. Dropkick, by Eric, to Aries. Aries missed a Back Elbow and Aries went out to yell at ODB. Eric tried to grab Aries but Aries snapped Eric’s neck on the rope. Aries with a Boot Choke and then he pushed Eric’s throat onto the ropes. Aries hopped over the ropes to snap Eric’s neck. Slingshot Senton by Aries for two. Aries pulled back on Eric’s face and neck. Aries with an Open Hand Slap. Aries then wet his hand and Slapped again. Eric came back with a Chop . Flair Flip on the corner. Eric slid in and punched away. Aries with his own Flair Flop but Eric knocked Aries off the apron. Tope Con Hilo by Eric.

Back in the ring, Eric with a Snap Belly to Belly Suplex. 1-2-no. Eric got a kiss and went up top. Aries hit the ropes and Crotched Eric. Running Dropkick, in the corner. Braingbuster!

Your Winner: Austin Aries
Impact Ranking: 3.0

DOC wasn’t happy with the plan for the Battle Royal Ray talked to him and said they had to do this. DOC reluctantly agreed to follow the plan.

Chris Sabin talked about his struggles, over the past few years. He understood that he had the option to surrender the X-Division title for a shot at the World Title. Sabin wasn’t sure if he wanted to give up the strap.

Garett Bischoff vs Wes Brisco vs Ken Anderson vs DOC vs Knox vs Devon
Bound For Glory Series Battle Royal Qualifying Match

All six men circled each other. Ken grinned and pointed at Wes. “Bang!” Wes played that he had been shot and jumped over the ring. Ken then did the Hogan “You! Ken then “threw” out Bischoff. Ken then set his sights on Knox. Ken pushed Knox over the top rope with a Deadly Finger Poke. Seriously? Ken then told Devon to go get a table. Devon eliminated himself while going to get the table. Devon cackled that Ken got him. DOC did not look happy as Ken danced around. Ken talked about his Magic Fingers and then pretended to throw out DOC> DOC wouldn’t go. The other Aces and Eights guys screamed at DOC. DOC started to leave but stopped. Dissention? I think so. DOC stepped back in the ring. Everyone told ODC to get out of the ring. KEN screamed at DOC to jump out of the ring. KEN got mouthy and DOC went wild on Ken. Ken with a Kneelift and legit toss out. Ken screamed at Doc, as did all the others.

Your Winner: Mr. Anderson
Impact Ranking: .5

Rampage Jackson and Kurt Angle talked. Kurt explained that Jackson had to train to become a wrestler. Kurt said Jackson couldn’t just step into the ring and go, just like Kurt would have to train if he were to consider an MMA career. All seemed cool, at least for now.

Aces and Eights, especially Anderson, went off on DOC. DOC finally agreed he was at fault and should have followed the plan. Ray didn’t like the tension between Anderson and DOC> Ken explained he drew the card to get the win. Ray said in-fighting would not go well with him. DOC said he wanted to exact revenge on A.J. Styles for refusing their offer. DOC wanted to take Styles’ *ss out.

Tenay sent it back to Sting’s announcement of the creation of an all-new Main Event Mafia. Taz felt Sting was grasping at straws.

Kurt Angle vs A.J. Styles
Bound For Glory Series Qualifying Match

Styles has new music and new graphics. Taz said he didn’t like either guy in this match. He did throw out respect to both men for their abilities. This was a Slammiversary Rematch. The two locked up and went to the corner. Clean Break. Go Behind by Kurt. Standing Switch by Styles. The two went back and forth with Styles getting a Side Headlock. Kurt sent Styles to the ropes. Shoulder Block and neither man moved. Dropkick by Styles. Snap Mare and Yakuza Kick by Styles. Whip by Styles. Corner Flying Forearm by Styles. Backbreaker by Styles. Styles with Forearms and clubbing blows. Kurt began to punch back and moved Styles into the corner. Kurt with hard stomps and a Boot Choke. The ref ordered Kurt back. Styles with a Knife Edge Chop and Snap Suplex. Styles ran Kurt into the corner. Kurt blocked a Suplex and punched to of the move. Styles kicked and Suplexed Kurt…into the corner. Rampage Jackson watched on the monitor. Impact went to break.

Kurt fought out of a Seated Rear Chin Lock. Styles with a Back Elbow to send Kurt to the floor. Styles with a Slider Dropkick to send Kurt into the announce table. Hard Forearm Shot by Styles. Styles then slammed Kurt into the ring apron. Styles rolled back in the ring. Kurt dodged a Tope Con Hilo and hit a Release Over Head Belly to Belly Suplex. Kurt threw Styles back in the ring. Scoop Backbreaker by Kurt for a 1. Kurt drove his knee into Styles’ back and pulled back on the head. Styles pushed to his feet and pushed Kurt’s face. Styles with a pair of punches. Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker by Kurt. Reverse Gut Wrench by Kurt. Styles got to his feet and Back Elbowed out. Taz brought up that Kurt won his Gold Medal in Atlanta. The two men, in the ring began to punch away. Styles with a wild flurry of strikes, including a Spinning Back Fist.

Clothesline and Back Elbow by Styles, followed by a big kick. Kurt flipped Styles onto the apron. Springboard Flying Forearm by Styles. Hat Trick German Suplex by Kurt. Styles folded up. Styles countered Kurt’s Angle Slam into a DDT. 2 count. “This is Awesome!” rang out. Styles missed a Corner Splash. Angle Slam. 1-2-NO! Angle Lock! Styles rolled under and locked in the Calf Killer. Kurt rolled through and went back to the Angle Lock. Styles spun under to send Kurt into the corner. Spinning Kick to drop Kurt. Kurt lost his mouthpiece, during this segment. Styles went up the ropes but Kurt ran the ropes. Styles flipped out of the Back Superplex. Corner DDT by Styles. Kurt was seriously hurt on the landing. Kurt wasn’t moving. Aces and Eights rushed the ring. Styles and Kurt went after the guys. Styles took advantage and rolled up Kurt to take the last spot in the Bound of Glory Series.

Your Winner: Kurt Angle
Impact Ranking: 4.0

Anderson, DOC and Knox came in to attack Kurt. Rampage Jack rushed down to protect Kurt. Jackson was swinging his chain like Bruiser Brody circa 1980.

Fade Out.

So the Final 12 are now secure:

1. Jay Bradley
2. Samoa Joe
3. Hernandez
4. Bobby Roode
5. Jeff Hardy
6. Christopher Daniels
7. (Frankie) Kazarian
8. Joseph Park
9. Mr. Anderson
10. Magnus
11. Austin Aries
12. A.J. Styles

Well, my friends, time to start the roller coaster for me. The next 10 days are going to be fun but wild. If you happen to be in the Northern Nevada area, you can join me at the Neil Road Rec Center on the 15th. I’m proud to say I will be announcing the Reno Wrestle Factory show. The following Saturday, several months of behind-the-scenes hard work will finally come to fruition as Mick Foley performs at the New England Pro Wrestling’s Fan Fest 3. While I won’t be in Fairhaven, MA, my spirit will be sitting in the front row.


–Jay Shannon

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