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TNA IMPACT Wrestling Wrestlers of the Week 6.13.13
By Neil Borenstein

Each week here at, I will select three of the top wrestlers from TNA’s IMPACT Wrestling and present them to you in inverse order as the show’s Wrestlers of the Week. In choosing the show’s top three superstars, performances from that week’s IMPACT Wrestling and any relevant preceding programming – such as Pay-Per-Views – will be taken into consideration.

TNA IMPACT Wrestling Wrestlers of the Week for June 13, 2013

3. Joseph Park – for upsetting the returning Crimson to earn entrance into the Bound for Glory Series:

It has been approximately one year since we last saw Crimson in TNA. Prior to his prolonged absence, he put together an impressive 470-day undefeated streak. His first loss took place at last year’s Slammiversary, where a returning James Storm answered an open challenge. For the past year, Crimson has dwelled on the first blemish to his record.

He returned on this week’s IMPACT Wrestling, participating in a qualifying match for the Bound for Glory Series. Those 470-day and 12-month marks have lingered for Crimson, and he wanted to right his ship starting with this qualifying bout. Having to face Joseph Park should have been an easy way for him to accomplish that.

Park has a way of surprising even the most daunting figures, however. Crimson came at him full force for a good portion of the match, but one simple mistake enabled Park to get the better of him. After being on the offensive for most of the match, Crimson looked to drill Park in the corner. He was sidestepped, though, and Park immediately followed up with a rollup that kept Crimson pinned to the mat for the three count.

It was an upset to say the least, especially since one would think Crimson should pick up a win in his first match back. Instead, he returned just like he left, and Park now has the chance to continuing surprising the world as he embarks on a chance to earn a World Heavyweight Title opportunity through the Bound for Glory Series.

2. Austin Aries – for moving on to the Bound for Glory Series with a victory over Eric Young:

Eric Young is another TNA wrestler that has spent a large time away from TNA television recently. His absence is largely due to his duties on a television show by Animal Planet. Still, he’s a part of the TNA roster and received an opportunity to join the Bound for Glory Series by going up against Austin Aries in a qualifying match.

Young, doing quite a bit of promotional work on this episode, always manages to make a big impact regardless of his unorthodox ways. Aries, however, is not one to be taken lightly and he is not easily outdone. There was quite a bit of offense from both competitors, but Aries’ quick wit gave him the advantage at the end of the match.

After launching himself onto Aries on the outside, Young was able to follow up inside the ring with a belly-to-belly suplex. Young got a two count on that and decided to head up top following the near fall. He got a little kiss from ODB for good luck, but it didn’t do him much good. Aries bolted back to his feet and hit the ropes to crotch Young on the top turnbuckle.

Young dropped to the mat and slowly got back to his feet, leaning against the turnbuckles so Aries could nail him with the running corner dropkick to the face. Aries immediately grabbed hold of Young for the brainbuster, and he covered up for the pinfall and entrance into the Bound for Glory Series.

Young, as always, is a game opponent after not spending much time in the ring recently. But Aries got the best of him on this night and is far more prepared to make a deeper run in the Bound for Glory Series. Aries stands a legitimate shot at claiming that title opportunity for Bound For Glory, and this was just step one in that process.

1. Magnus – for outlasting Matt Morgan, Rob Terry and Kenny King for a spot in the Bound for Glory Series:

While plenty of TNA superstars earned their way into the Bound for Glory Series on this week’s show, nobody had as hard a task as Magnus. He squared off against three opponents — two of which were incredibly big and powerful, while the other held an edge in the speed and agility departments.

Standing in Magnus’ way of getting into the Bound for Glory Series were Matt Morgan, Rob Terry and Kenny King. There really was no clear-cut favorite in this match and each of the combatants had something to prove. Morgan continues to be frustrated with the way he is treated. King wants to get back on the right track since dropping the X-Division Championship. Terry is a beast and would like to be more than that guy who destroyed Robbie E. And Magnus is one of the top rising starts in TNA.

This four-way bout really could have gone to any of those men, but only one could come out on top with the opportunity to shoot for the World Heavyweight Championship on the line.

Magnus thought he had the match put away when he delivered a big elbow drop off the top rope to King. The pinfall that followed was broken up by Morgan, however. Terry moved back into the ring and bulldozed Morgan into the corner, delivering some big shoulder thrusts against the turnbuckles.

Terry hit a few right hands, too, as the referee backed him off and each man stood in his own corner. King darted out of his with a spin kick to Magnus, but Terry put King down with a chokeslam. Morgan was up next with the Carbon Footprint for Terry, but he was sent over the ropes when he went after Mangus.

Magnus took a moment to stalk King, who he hit with a driver in the middle of the ring. He hooked the leg and got the three count to come out on top in a tough matchup.

Magnus’ potential continues to grow with each passing week and it was no small feat for him to come out on top in this match. He may not be a favorite going into the Bound for Glory Series, but he’s a nice sleeper pick.

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