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So, Payback is this Sunday. There were a few last minute additions to the card and most of the main players were profiled.

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Let’s get down to wrestling business.

The show opened looked back at the McMahon Family Reunion, last week. Stephanie and Vince refused to allow HHH to compete, last week. That ticked off The Game to no end. Vince went off on the crowd for wanting blood. Steph told her hubby that she saw him collapse and she would not let him fight. Vince backed her up. HHH bailed but told Stephanie that he would be in the ring, tonight, to wrestle Curtis Axel.

Tonight’s show was in Richmond, VA. The Game’s music went off and so did the crowd. The Cerebral Assassin was dressed for war.

Triple H vs Curtis Axel

The announcers debated if HHH should be in the ring. Paul Heyman and Curtis then arrived. The Selection of Perfection was ready to add another notch to his gun. The crowd was totally behind HH. Axel got in and HHH tore into the third generation star with wild punches and kicks. HHH with a hard Suplex.

Out of nowhere, Vince McMahon came out to interrupt the match. Really? HHH kept a Side Headlock applied. Vince walked around as HHH took a Shoulder Tackle. HHH pitched Curtis to the outside as Vince took the microphone and called for the bell. WTF? Vince gave the match to Curtis Axel by way of a Disqualification. Huh?

Your Winner (by DQ): Curtis Axel
Raw Ranking: 0.25

Heyman and Axel giggled as HHH went for the microphone. He threatened that if the match wasn’t restarted, some one was losing their job.

HHH vs Curtis Axel
Match #2

HHH with a Side Headlock. Out came Vince, again! Oh, come on! Shoulder Tackle by HHH. Vince went back to the bullpen and ordered the match to be deemed a Forfeit.

Your Winner (By Forfeit); Curtis Axel
Raw Ranking: N/A

HHH pulled the C.O.O. Card and made the match a 60-Minute Iron Man Match

HHH vs Curtis Axel
Iron Man Match

Here comes Vinny Mac. Sigh. Vince ordered Curtis to get out of the ring. Vince took the microphone and ring bell. This is just stupid.

Your Winner: No Contest
Raw Ranking: N/A

The announcers agreed this was the nuttiest thing they had ever seen. Nuttier than a squadron of squirrels.

Stephanie tried to calm HHH down. HHH was embarrassed by Vince’s actions. Stephanie begged HHH not to hurt her dad. She pushed how old Vince was getting. She brought up their kids and such. She was doing some serious crying. HHH told Stephanie to go talk to her dad because he would not handle it well, if he did.

Kane vs Dean Ambrose
Non-Title Match

Daniel Bryan and Kane had a major meltdown on Smackdown. There was still no ring bell. “DING DING”. Kane threw Dean into the corner nad then dropped Dean with a Big Boot. Slider Dropkick by Kane. Kane with Corner Punches. Dean reversed things and ran Kane’s face across the top rope. Backbreaker by Kane. Kane drove his knee into Dean’s back. Uppercut by Kane. Hammer Throw by Kane. Sidewalk Backbreaker into the Arch Stretch over the knee. The ring bell was brought back. The Bell got a pop from the crowd.

Kane threw Dean through the ropes and both men ended up on the floor. Uppercut by Kane. Dean blocked being sent into the steps. Dean flew off those steps and got an Uppercut for his trouble. Break time.

Dean had Kane trapped in a Side Headlock. He slammed Kane’s face to the canvas. Modified Dragon Sleeper by Dean. Dena with wild slaps and a Running Dropkick, against the ropes. 1 count, only. Dean stomped on Kane’s ribs. Dean locked up Kane’s legs na dtwisted them around. Kane yelled in pain. Kane slid over and got free. Goozle but Dean punched free. Kane blocked a Tornado DDT. Dean went after Kane’s legs and hit a Kitchen Sink. Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker by Kane. Double Clutch by Kane and a Throw into the corner. Corner Whips and Clotheslines. Kane threw Dean’s leg backwards and let Dean hit hard. Sidewalk Slam by Kane. 2 count. Kane went up top but got caught. Kane fought out of the Superplex. Kane Klothesline! Dean bailed out of the ring and Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns hit the ring. Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton rushed down to even things up. The Shield was sent packing. Seth landed on his head.

Your Winner: No Contest
Raw Ranking: 3.0

It was announced that the Free Pre-Show match, at Payback, would pit Sheamus vs Damien Sandow. The fans were asked to go to the WWE to pick who Daniel Bryan would fight. Whoever doesn’t face Daniel, will face Randy Orton.

Lawler was in the ring to announce who would face Daniel Bryan He gets Seth Rollins. Seth got 66% of the vote. That means Roman Reigns will battle Randy Orton. These matches should be awesome. The announcers sent it back to Smackdown where Daniel Bryan accidentally Dropkicked Randy Orton. After the match, Randy with an EKO on Daniel. Randy admitted he did it on purpose. Kane told Daniel to back off from this fight. Kane told them to focus on their opponents. Randy admitted that Kane was right. Vickie Guerrero came in to tell them to pull it together. Vickie said Daniel Bryan would have to team with Randy Orton to go after The Shield’s tag team titles. Kane was so ticked off. The two bickered as Kane said it didn’t make any sense. Vickie told Kane he would get a shot against Dean Ambrose for the US title. Kane hugged Vickie nad then cackled.

The WWE Rewind looked at Wade Barrett vs The Miz. Fandango came out and distracted Wade. Miz with the Figure Four to get the submission win. That was last week.

Wade Barrett was at the announce table. It was made official that Fandango has a concussion and will not be allowed to fight at Payback.

The Miz vs Cody Rhodes

Miz with a Mr. Wrestling II Kneelift and Big Boot. Full Body Clothesline by Miz. Miz tweaked his knee after flying off the top rope. Cody went right after the leg. Wade Barrett will now face Miz, one on one, at Payback. Front Drop Suplex by Cody into a variation of the Indian Death Lock. Miz blasted the thigh of Cody to escape. Miz with hard punches. Cody spun Miz’s leg intothe ropes nad kicked the thigh. Cody twisted on the hurt leg. Mizz rolled through a Kneebreaker and cinched in the Figure Four!

Your Winner: The Miz
Raw Ranking: 3.0

Wade started to get into the ring but Paul Heyman came out to say that a new third person was put into the Intercontinental Championship Match…Curtis Axel! Axel said the “Perfect Ending” to the match on Sunday would be to walk out as the I-C Champ. His dad held the belt during his time in the WWF/E. JBL said Curt Hennig was one of the best I-C champs of all time. I have to agree.

Michael Cole said Mark Henry will return, next week. A video of Mark Henry aired.

Backstage, Chris Jericho walked towards the ring. Jericho had something to say, next.

Raw looked back at the Power Play between Vince and HHH.

Stephanie tried to talk to Vince but he was ignoring her. Stephanie said Vince walked all over HHH, out there. Vince was offended by her response that Vince was getting old. Vince said he didn’t give a damn about HHH’s pride. Vince told Steph to see it his way, as Business Comes First. Vince told Stephanie to keep HHH away from him. Vince mocked HHH’s comment about how he would respond to HHH. Stephanie looked very angry and you could see the wheels turning in her pretty head.

Jericho came out to a great pop. Raw looked at how Paul Heyman used C.M. Punk’s music to distract Chris Jericho. That allowed Curtis Axel to roll up Jericho for a shocking win. Jericho talked about all the great people that he has faced in the ring. Jericho said C.M. Punk was the one performer that really took him to the next level. There was a huge chant for Punk. Jericho said Punk really believes that he is the best in the world. Jericho said he also believed he was the best at what he does. Jericho said Punk vs Jericho III will be the culmination of one of the greatest feuds of all time. Jericho promised to bring his best to beat Punk. Jericho felt he had to beat Punk.

Dolph Ziggler cut off Jericho’s promo. Dolph came out with Big E Langston and A.J. Lee. Dolph felt it was the perfect time to make his return. Dolph said it wasn’t fair that he was almost stripped of the World title because of his concussion. Dolph announced that he would face Alberto Del Rio, at Payback. Jericho cut off Dolph’s ranting. Jericho said Dolph had several days to go before Payback. Jericho felt Dolph should shake off the ring rust. Jericho callenged Dolph to get in the ring and face him. Dolph agreed to a match…Jericho vs Big E Langston. Swerve. Dolph told E to “Get him!”

Chris Jericho vs Big E Langston

The fight had already started. The two were fighting, on the floor. Jericho hurt his knee, during the break. They got back in the ring and Big E blasted Jericho’s back and then twisted the neck of Y2J. Jericho got free but Big E charged. Jericho sent Big E over the top rope. Lawler talked about being at a Superman Convention. Jericho with a Double Slide Dropkick, through the ropes. Big E sent Jericho into the ring steps, shoulder first. Big E pitched Jericho back in the ring. Big E with Shoulder Thrusts. Big E pounded and kicked at the former World champ. Big E with a hard whip. Big E hit the ring post and almost got pinned. Big E quickly recovered and took down Jericho. Neck Twist by Big E.

Jericho with wicked Knife Edge Chops and a series of hard moves. Big E caught Jericho and hit the repeated Backbreakers. 1-2-no. Big E attacked Jericho’s ribs. Jericho got the boots up and flew off the top with a Crossbody for 2. Dolph got on the apron. The distraction allowed Big E to Brick Wall Jericho. He dropped the straps and got ready to finish things. Alberto Del Rio rushed down and attacked Dolph. Code Breaker on Big E, who had struck the turnbuckles!

Your Winner: Chris Jericho
Raw Ranking: 3.0

The announcers talked about the new digital version of WWE Magazine.

Sin Cara vs Antonio Cesaro

Zeb Colter was at the announce table for this match. Zeb questioned why Sin Cara wore the mask. Zeb felt he was being grilled.

Fireamn’sCarry by Antonio. Cesaro threw Sin Cara out of the ring. Antonio with stomps as Zeb continued to ramble. Sin Cara with a Hard Dscissors, off the ropes. Antonio tripped Sin as he went up the ropes. Antion stomped away and stood on Sin Cara’s face. Gut Wrench Throw by Antonio. Rear Chin Lock by Antonio. Powerslam by Antonio. Forearm Shots by Cesaro. Zeb mentioned that Swagger was injured. Zeb said it was a conspiracy to quiet him. Rear Chin Lock by Antonio. Zeb got a shot in on T-Mobile.

Antonio charged but got a Big Boot. Antonio went Cara to the ropes an hit a wild Spinning Headscissors. Sin Cara with a version of the Canadian Destroyer and n Enziguri. Antonio caught Sin Cara and locked in a Swinging Sleeper. Neutralizer!

Your Winner: Antonio Cesaro
Raw Ranking: 4.0

Michael Cole sent it to another video of the Wyatt Family. Yet another 3 man team. How long before the Six Man Tag Belts are reborn?

A preview of the new Total Divas show aired. I just can’t imagine spending an hour of my life with that show. I’d rather enjoy Iron Chef America or reruns of Happy Days.

Vickie and Brad was talking about Hardee’s food. She was enjoying the food and not letting Brad have any. I so miss Hardee’s. They had those back in Oklahoma. Vince came up as Vickie chowed down. Vickie tried to ask how Vince was doing. He told her to not talk with her mouth full. Vince said she was risking the main event by having a Face to Face between John Cena and Ryback. Vince told Vickie to think. Brad suggested that the Lumberjack were to come out and keep the two from tearing each other apart. Vince told Vickie to share food with Brad. She told Brad to shut up.

Randy Orton vs Roman Reigns

Daniel Bryan, for some odd reason, came out to watch the match. Raw looked back at Smackdown and the Shield vs Daniel and Randy. The two stared at each other as Raw took a break.

Both men were still in the ring as the show returned. Jerry Lawler joked how the announcers seem to get along better than anyone in the WWE. Seth and Roman both got in the ring. Charles Robinson asked the men not involved in the match to step out and then called for the bell.

Collar and Elbow into a Kneelift by Roman. Roman with Measured Punches by the big Samoan. Randy ran Roman into the corner and punched away. Standing Dropkick by Orton. Both of these men are sons of Hall of Famers. Roman’s dad is Wild Samoan Sika. Orton’s dad is “Cowboy” Bob Orton. Orton with a hard shot and a two count. Randy went to the floor to go after Roman. Randy ran Roman into the Ring Apron and then Back Drop Suplexed Roman onto the barricade. Orton Stomp on Roman but Randy missed the Flying Kneedrop. Roman stomped and stood on Randy’s chest. Headbutt by Roman. Roman with a sharp fist to Randy’s face. Roman picked Randy up, by the ears. Thesz Press by Randy into Full Mount Punches.

Randy punched into the corner and went for the Corner Mount Punches. 10 quick punches and more Headbutts. Roman reversed a Whip. Orton with a Crossface. Roman punched Randy and Orton tumbled down. Daniel came around to check on his partner.

Roman with a rear Chin Lock. Daniel rallied the crowd. Randy got to his feet and ought free. Roman dropped Randy over the top rope. Flying Clothesline b Roman, for only a two. Rear Chin Lock by Roman, yet again. Daniel got the crowd going, again. Back Drop Suplex by Orton. Roman missed a Corner Splash. Clotheslines by Orton into the Snap Powerslam. Orton fought out of the Samoan Drop and hit the Twisted Sister Backbreaker. Roman went to the apron. Rope Assisted DDT by Orton. Orton went to his special placed. Seth attacked Daniel and went after Orton. Randy sent Seth to the outside and hit a Suicide Dive. The ref called for the bell.

Your Winner: No Contest
Raw Ranking: 2.75

Daniel Bryan vs Seth Rollins

It was an immediate start. Seth went right after Daniel with punches and a Whip. Daniel ran the ropes and hit a Flying Clothesline. Daniel with hard kicks. I am so glad to see Daniel getting this push. Kitchen Sink by Daniel. Elbow Drops and Kicks by Daniel. The crowd motivated Daniel into going ballistic. I really like the new Daniel Bryan. The “American Dragon” is breathing fire, yet again. Surfboard blocked when Seth reach the ropes. Dropkick by Daniel. Slider Dropkick by Daniel. Knee Trembler, off the apron, to lay out Seth. Roman screamed at Daniel. Daniel sent Seth back in the ring and got a two count. Seth rushed Daniel to the corner and hit Shoulder Thrusts. Seth with a nasty Faceplant into the corner. Seth with the Surfboard. The announcers talked about how painful that hold is. I’ve been in it while helping with training at the old Training Facility and it’s agonizing. Daniel with the Surfboard with a Dragon Sleeper. I love it! Seth got free, somehow. It was time for another break.

Seth with a modified Rear Chin Lock with Arm Extender. Daniel Elbowed and Punched free. Seth laid out Daniel with a Flying Forearm. Snap Mare by Seth, back into the Rear Chin Lock. Daniel got to his feet and broke loose. They traded punches and kicks. Daniel got the better of it. Daniel countered an Enziguri into a Half Crab. Dang, this match is awesome! Daniel with wicked kicks and the Running Corner Dropkick, twice! 1-2-no. Daniel with brutal kicks to Seth’s chest. Seth dodged the last kick and hit an Enziguri. 1-2-no. Seth grinned at the carnage he just caused. Seth with a set of kicks to Daniel’s chest. Standing Switch by Seth but Daniel countered. Seth with a Corner Powerbomb for two. Seth was so frustrated. Seth ran Daniel into the corner. Seth with a Corner Splash but Daniel flipped Seth over the top rope. Daniel went for a Suicide Dive but got blasted. Seth flew off the ropes. Daniel with a Chaos Theory and hard kick to the face. Daniel went up top and got ready to fly. Seth caught him and crotched Daniel on the top rope. Seth went all the way up but Daniel slid under and went for the Back Drop Superplex. However, Seth turned, in mid air. Both men were seriously stunned after that move. “That is Awesome!” rang out. Randy took out Roman and Daniel with a Small Package for the win!

Your Winner: Daniel Bryan
Raw Ranking: 4.95

Seth tried to attack but Daniel caught him and Randy hit the RKO. Welcome to the birth of, as Cole called them “Team R-K-NO!”

Cole sent it back to the opening segment where Vince screwed over HHH, multiple times.

Kaitlyn is about to learn who her Secret Admirer is. I can’t imagine anyone coming out that could make the segment actually interesting.

Speaking of female wrestlers, I do want to send out heartfelt congratulations to West Coast wrestler, Crystal. I got word from a couple of friends from Sacramento that she is taking some time off…to become a mom. I wish for you an easy pregnancy and a very healthy and happy little one.

Michael Cole sent it a video about the Special Olympics. The WWE were at the Olympic Games in CT, over the week-end.

Kaitlyn was in the ring, barely staying in her top. Kaitlyn was ready to learn who her admirer was. She felt a bit silly. It was Big E Langston! He came out with a bouquet of flowers. Was this some kind of swerve to mess with the Divas Champion. Big E actually looked nervous. Big E gave her the flowers. He acknowledged that he has been her admirer. Big E knew it was odd to come out and break character to be tender. Big E said he cared about her. She didn’t get it. Big E realized that she had the right to be skeptical. Big E said Kaitlyn was all he could think about. He took her hands and went in for a big kiss. He spun her down and went in…only to drop her. Yep, it was all a game by A.J. Lee. Didn’t take a Rocket Scientist to see that one coming. A.J. said Kaitlyn was broken and alone, just like Lee was when Kaitlyn abandoned her. Lee talked about all the men who used her. Lee said her best friend bailed on her to go after the Divas title. Kaitlyn said A.J. was crazy. A.J. said it was smart not crazy. Lee said she now gets to push Kaitlyn off the pedestal that Lee put her on. Lee called Kaitlyn “Trash”. Lee said Kaitlyn had no love, no friend, nothing except the Divas title. Lee said she was taking that, on Sunday. Lee said Kaitlyn would not like how the story was going to end. Lee called Kaitlyn a “Cow” and the Divas Champ exploded on her. Lee took off at warp speed. Lee blew Kaitlyn a kiss as Kaitlyn fought back the tears. The announcer tried to make sense of the insanity.

Another Wyatt Family video ran. Dustin “Goldust” Runnels, on Facebook, shed some light on who these guys truly are. Very interesting.

Raw looked back at Sheamus’ attack on Damien Sandow and a computer on Smackdown. Sandow fought back and laid out Sheamus.

Damien Sandow vs R-Truth

This match was sponsored by Hardees. Sandow bellowed that he had beaten Sheamus in intellectual battles. On Sunday, Sandow is prepared to physically dominate the Celtic Warrior.

The two men locked up and Truth with a Side Headlock. Truth with a Shimmy and a punch. Kick and Clothesline by Damien. Sandow with repeated Elbow Drops. Sandow threw Truth out of the ring. Sandow ran Truth into the ring apron. Sandow with Crossfaces, on the apron. Sandow stomped away on Truth. Sandow pulled on Truth’s face and extended the arm. Headbutt into the Side Russian Leg Sweep by Sandow. Elbow of Distain to Truth’s chest but only a 1 count. Rear Chin Lock by Sandow. Truth fought back with a Leg Lariat. Sandow reversed a Whip but got Head Scissored over. Front Drop Suplex by Truth for two. Sandow clipped Truth’s knee. Sandow with the Silencer (A Uranage Side Slam).

Your Winner: Damien Sandow
Raw Ranking: 2.5

Sheamus came out to confront Damien. Sheamus said he was going to kick off Sandow’s head at Payback.

Stephanie walked backstage. She asked one kid to find Vince and another to find HHH. She wanted both men to be told it was urgent and they should meet her in the office.

Michael Cole sent it to a video package he called the “Ryback Rampage”.

Dozens of WWE Superstars came down to surround the ring. I even saw Ted DiBiase, Jr. in the group. The confrontation between John Cena and Ryback was on deck.

Triple H, Vince McMahon and Stephanie McMahon were all in the office. HHH and Vince were grumbling at each other, until Stephanie shrieked at both men. She told them to work this out. Vince told HHH he was so much bigger than Curtis Axel. Vince explained that he wanted HHH to be in the office, running things. HHH finally understood. Vince told HHH he could fight Axel, next week. HHH agreed he was above Axel and declined to take the fight. Vince then really wanted to see HHH beat Axel. HHH said he didn’t want it. The grumbling rose again and Steph returned. She wanted a group hug…a family hug. Neither man wanted to hug. Eventually, they hugged. Vince and HHH slapped each other on the back, just a touch too hard. Both men just blew off Stephanie nad walked away. Just a bit of fluff fun.

Back to the arena. John Cena came out to a decent pop. He told the camera “Payback’s Coming.”. Cena brandished his WWE Title belt. Cole talked about the 3 Stages of Hell match. Stage 1 will be a Lumberjack Match. Stage 2 will be a Tables Match. Stage 3, if needed, will be an Ambulance Match. I’ll have my Crystal Ball Predictions up, later this week. What a great Father’s Day Present to order for your Dad.

Ryback came out but went up to the stage. Cena figured Ryback didn’t understand the “Big Words” of Face to Face. He told Ryback to “Waddle your *ss down here and face me”. Cena cut Ryback’s rant off. Cena talked about how he was going to dominate Ryback, on Sunday. Cena accused Ryback of being scared of him. Ryback responded that he could tear through everyone in sight, if he wanted to. Cena knew Ryback has been sending messages. Cena got the message the Ryback Does Damage. Cena did not feel the Ryback deserved to be WWE Champ. Ryback whined about how he almost won the title, three times. Ryback thought that he got “Too Good, Too Fast”. Whatever. The fan started chanting “Boring”. This segment definitely was boring. Cena really went off on Cena for his whining. Cena said champions don’t need Guardian Angels to protect them. Cena told Ryback to quit blaming others for his (Ryback’s) failures. Cena was confident that he would leave Chicago as champion. Ryback told Cena that John was full of crap. Ryback would never back down from Cena. Ryback went on and on about how he was going to destroy the legend and legacy of John Cena. Ryback said he was going to take Cena’s spot, at Payback. Cena tore off his shirt and cap and said “This Sunday, for one of us, Payback’s a B*tch” Cena tried to rush Ryback but the Lumberjacks stopped him. Ryback rushed down and they got in the ring. The Lumberjacks had to get in the ring to hold Cena back. Ryback asked for Cena to be held back. Nice to see William Regal.


–Jay Shannon

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