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Slammiversary is in the books and the fall out is expected to be brutal. Aces and Eights lost more than they won, but Bully Ray did manage to retain.

As I start this week’s column, I want to send out special Happy Birthday greeting to two great members of the TNA Roster (one past, the other current). Thursday marked the birthday of TNA Knockout, ODB. I had the honor of meeting that special young lady, a couple years back, out here in Reno.

Friday, Mick Foley will be able to celebrate the anniversary of his entrance into this wild world of ours. Hopefully if things go as planned, I’ll be seeing him in just over two weeks at New England Pro Wrestling’s Fan Fest 3. On a side note, the VIP Packages for his show are officially sold out. Great seats are still available. For more info, you can check out the New England Pro Wrestling website at:

http://nepwhof.weebly.com/ (Click on the Foley Poster)

On to tonight’s action…

Jeff Hardy said he was going to end “This Guy” to Hulk Hogan. Who was Jeff going after? We’ll see very soon.

The show ran a fantastic Highlight Reel from Slammiversary. Taryn and Gail really stole the show, on Sunday. Kurt Angle was announced as the next inductee into the Hall of Fame. Kurt beat A.J. Styles. Bully Ray hit a Piledriver but Sting survived. Aces and Eights got so seriously involved. Bully Ray brought back the hammer to finish off Sting’s chances at the World Title.

Mike Tenay announced the Rampage Jackson was now a full member of the TNA Roster.

Bully Ray walked confidently towards the ring. He had the blue and gold strap hung over his shoulder. Tenay said it took six members of Aces and Eights, as well as the hammer, to remain champ. Taz gave Tenay grief for daring to talk back to the World Champ. Ray taunted the crowd, saying they were all happy to see him. He made sure everyone knew he was the World Champ and hailed from Hell’s Kitchen, New York. Ray was flying high after defeating Sting. Ray reminded everyone that Sting got jumped by Aces and Eights, last year. History repeated itself, this year. Ray actually took credit for beating Sting, all by himself. Really? Ray said there were no more heroes left. Ray then demanded to be placed into the Hall of Fame. He ordered Dixie Carter to come to the ring…

Instead, he got Hulk Hogan. Hogan was wearing a glove on his left hand. For those who may not have heard, Hulk severely burned that hand a week or so back. Hulk said they were in Hulkamania Country. Hulk said Ray was at the top of his game, last week. Hulk questioned Ray’s claim of no more competition/heroes. Hulk said Summer in TNA means the Bound For Glory Series. The 12 Names will be announced, next week. Hogan did a serious Foley Pop for Atlanta. Hulk made a match between Bully Ray and…Jeff Hardy! Taz just about lost it as The Charismatic Enigma strolled from the back. Ray jumped out of the ring and said Hulk couldn’t do that. Hulk said, as GM, he could do whatever the Hell he wants. Hulk said it was a Non-Title Match but there would be a “Monster Ladder” in the ring. Hulk said at the top of the ladder would be…the Hammer! Ray and Taz were irate at what Hulk just pulled off.

Tenay sent it to a Bound For Glory Series preview video. Bradley Jay is already in, thanks to his win, on Sunday.

In the back, Chavo and Hernandez talked. Chavo was frustrated at their lost. Chavo said he and Hernandez were going to be part of the B4G Series. Hernandez thanked Chavo for teaching him the “Guerrero Way”. Chavo looked a bit offended and said he taught Hernandez a lot, but not everything. Hmmm…feud in the making?

Hernandez vs Chavo Guerrero
Bound For Glory Qualifying Match

I guess Chavo’s comment about being in the Bound For Glory Series was a bit premature. Fist Bump to start the match. Go Behind by Chavo but he really couldn’t do much with SuperMex. Shoulder Tackle by Hernandez. Hernandez worked over Chavo’s arm but Chavo with a Back Jump Arm Drag. European Uppercuts by Chavo. Hernandez blocked the Monkey Flip but Chavo with a Dropkick. Arm Bar by Chavo. Scoop Slam, by Hernandez, but He missed a Splash. Hernandez lifted Chavo and put him in the corner. Chavo jumped off the ropes and got caught. Flying German Suplex, followed by a Clothesline, by Hernandez. Torture Breaker by Hernandez but Chavo got his foot on the ropes. Hernandez missed the Slingshot Shoulder Tackle. Chabo went for the Three Amigos but only got two. Chavo with a Cannonball Rolling Kick into the corner. Chavo went for the Frog Splash but Hernandez got the knees up. Chavo blocked the Gory Bomb from Hernandez but Hernandez with a Roll Up to get the pin.

Your Winner: Hernandez
Impact Ranking: 3.5

After the match, both men hugged and Chavo lifted Hernandez’s arm.

In the back, Rampage Jackson walked in and met with several of “The Boys”. Break Time.

Devon strolled from the back. Mike Tenay really pushed that Devon lost his TV title, on Sunday. Not sure where Todd was, this week. Devon got on the microphone and told the locals to shut up. Devon said Abyss stole his TV Title belt, at Slammiversary. He ordered The Monster to get to the ring and give him back his belt.

Joseph Park came out, not Abyss. Park told Devon to shut up. Park said Devon robbed him of his chance at gold. Park with a Double Leg Takedown. Park pounded away on Devon and asked Devon to get up. Shoulder Tackles by Park. Devon then took down Park and got ready to Testify. Devon cracked Park with the microphone. Devon picked up Park and punched away. They went to the floor and Devon ran Park into the ring post. Devon grabbed a chair and got ready to annihilated Park. Suddenly, Abyss’ music went off. There was no Abyss. Devon said “You don’t want to come out here, I’ll find you *ss, B*tch”. Park was bleeding from the mouth. He went into that alternate universe. Park went in search of the former TV champ, as Impact went to break.

I hope everyone will be careful if you decide to spend some time outside, this week-end. A big part of the country will be experiencing some wicked heat. Here in Northern Nevada, we are looking at Triple Digit Temps! I’ve got a ton of wrestling DVDs/Blu-Rays and the 10th season of Red Dwarf to keep me amused as the mercury rises.

Remember, light clothing and TONS of water. You are all like an extended family and I’d hate to hear anyone had a major medical issue due to the heat.

Devon and Knox were looking for Abyss. They couldn’t find him.

Robbie E vs Samoa Joe

Robbie, with his awful hair, said it was no secret that he was the MVP of the 2012 Bound For Glory Series. He reminded everyone that he beat Jeff Hardy, who won the Series. Robbie said he was so gonna win, Bro. Robbie didn’t care who his opponent was…

Samoa Joe was a surprise, and not a good one, to Robbie. Joe with a Big Boot to open things. Joe with a vicous punch and kick flurry. Joe popped Robbie and Whipped him into the corner. Jumping Enziguri by Joe. Joe went for the Muscle Buster but Robbie fought back. Robbie flew off the ropes but Joe stepped out of the way. Joe with a Running Knee and series of Knee Strikes and Drops. Muscle Buster! Kokina Clutch! Tap Out!

Your Winner (by Submission): Samoa Joe
Impact Ranking: 2.0

Impact looked back at Gail Kim’s attack on Velvet Sky. The announcers talked about Mickie James’ lack of reaction. Mickie had a TNA Lottery Ticket for Mickie. Mickie apologized for not helping, last week. She said Taryn stole the chance to help and also stole their match at Slammiversary. Velvet asked for her rematch. Mickie said she already had a match. Mickie just blew off Velvet, big time. Tenay said Slammiversary was an awesome show.

Tenay sent it to a video package about Hall of Famer, Kurt Angle. It was a very well-produced piece. Kurt has pretty much done it all in wrestling. Congrats to the Olympic Hero, Kurt Angle!

Jeremy Borash was in the ring to do the honors. He brought out the newest member of the TNA Roster…Quinton ”Rampage” Jackson. The camera phones were going nuts as Jackson strolled from the back. Taz even gave positive reviews for the MMA Superstar. Jackson talked about growing up as a wrestling fan. Jackson quoted Ric Flair as he mentioned wanted to be the best by beating the best…

Out came Kurt Angle. Kurt took the stick and stared at Jackson. Kurt said if Jackson wanted to beat the best, he was looking right at him. Kurt said this was his ring and his world. Kurt said Jackson would have to go through Kurt to reach the top. The two men shook hands and then went literally nose-to-nose. Kurt’s music went off and then got all polite, again. The announcers talked about he mix of intensity and respect. Tenay said Kurt would take that fight. Tenay then sent it back to the announcement of the Main Event for tonight’s show.

Jeff Hardy said it was “all good” tonight. Jeff was ready to get back to business. The new tag and X Champs were on their way to the ring for a six man tag match. Get the Seat Belts ready!

The Aces and Eights couldn’t find D’Lo Brown. Ken suggested that D’Lo got “a Headache”. Ken hinted that he might be up for the Vice-President position. Ray really didn’t want to fight Jeff Hardy. Ray wondered why the Aces and Eights weren’t in the Bound For Glory Series. Ken wanted to know if Ray wanted a little “help”. Ray made it sound as if Anderson was the new VP of Aces and Eights.

Chris Sabin, Gunner and James Storm vs Kenny King, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode.
Six-Man Tag Team Match

A week from Saturday (the 15th), I’m going to have the honor of introducing Kenny King to the crowd at the Neil Road Rec Center, here in Reno, NV.

Sabin and King squared off. King with a kick and clubbing blow. Arm Twists but Sabin rolled through and hit a pair of Deep Arm Drags. King with a Whip but Sabin with a Tilt-a-Whirl Head Scissors. Dirty Heels jumped Sabin. That brought in the Gun Slingers. Sabin took out all three of his opponents with one Suicide Dive. Sabin with a Fireman’s Carry but King escaped. Aries with a Cheap Shot. Tag to Roode. Bobby with a hard shot to the ribs. Snap Suplex by Roode into a Flying Kneedrop. 2 count. Tag to Storm.

Storm with a Japanese Arm Drag into an Inverted Atomic Drop. Roode flipped Storm over the ropes. Storm with an Enziguri and a shot to King. Aries snapped Storm over the top rope and Roode took him down. Tag to Aries. Miz and Morrison-like Double Team for a two count. Aries wild wild punches. Aries ran Storm’s face over the top rope. Quick tags. First Roode and then King.Springboard Legdrop by King. Tag to Aries. Aries with a hard punch to the face.

Bobby tagged back in and the Dirty Heels tried for a Double Team. Storm sent Aries’ head into Bobby’s nethers. Tag to King and Gunner. Gunner went wild on everyone in site. Slingshot Suplex by Gunner to King. Dirty Heels with the Double Team. Roode whipped Aries into Gunner, who flipped Aries to the floor. Double R Spinebuster on Gunner. Storm took out Roode. Aries laid out Storm. Sabin took out Aries and then nailed Hail Sabin on Kenny King for the win!

Your Winners: James Storm, Gunner and Chris Sabin
Impact Ranking: 4.0

Mickie James was on her way out for a match.

Devon and Knox still couldn’t find Abyss. They rushed into a room that they knew would have to be where Abyss was.

A video package of Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell. Taryn with a Bulldog off the apron to win. It was so awesome. Brooke talked with Taryn and said she didn’t realize how much of a bad *ss Taryn is. Taryn said she wants the Knockout Title and knew she had to go through Gail. Taryn asked Brooke about her feelings about Bully Ray. Brooke really didn’t want to talk about it.

Mickie James vs Taeler Hendricks
Non-Title Match

Man, Taeler looked just red hot. Mickie applauded the Gut Check winner. The Birthday Girl, ODB, was the ref. Collar and Elbow and Mickie took Taeler to the corenr. Clean Break. Collar and Elbow and Taeler worked over the arm of the champ. Mickie Cartwheeled over and yanked on the arm. Fireman’s Carry by Taeler. Mickie was proud at Taeler’s abilities. Side Headlock by Mickie. Mickie blocked a Push Off. Shoulder Tackle by Mickie. Mickie Cartwheeled over. Taeler with the Matrix and a Dropkick. 2 count. Mickie was all smiles. Mickie with a handshake. Go Behind by Mickie. Mickie reversed a Whip but took a leg shot to the ribs. Mickie claimed a knee injury. Taeler was on the top rope but she came down. Mickie with a hard Uppercut. Mick Kick

Your Winner: Mickie James
Impact Ranking: 1.25

Knox was attacked, by Abyss. Abyss then threw Devon into a brick wall. Abyss told Devon that he was taking the belt into the Abyss. Taz was completely confused.

Impact looked at Sting’s failure to beat Bully Ray. Ray tried to break Sting’s neck with the Piledriver. Ray won after cracking Sting in the face with a hammer. Sting will tell the world his future plans, next week. Taz and Tenay ran down next week’s card.

Jeff Hardy vs Bully Ray
Ladder Match with a Hammer as the Prize Match

Whoever gets the hammer can use it. They use to called it a BLANK on a Pole match (Coal Miner’s Glove, Kendo Stick, whatever). Wrestling has replaced those great matches with these Suspension Matches. Good and bad trade off, depending on how you look at it.

Hardy flew over the ropes as Ray talked to Taz. Jeff rolled Ray back into the ring and wailed on Ray. Stinger Splash by Hardy. Ray reversed a Whip but hardy with a Head Scissors. Hardy with a Dropkick and Flying Clothesline off the apron. Hardy’s face paint went right down his chest. Hardy slammed Ray’s face, over and over, into the steel steps. Hardy went for the ladder, under the ring. Hardy slid it into the ring. Hardy rallied the crowd. Ray tripped Hardy and slammed the leg into the ring apron. Hardy ended up falling into the announce table, face first. Quick break.

Ray had Jeff Trapped in the corner. Headbutts and an Open Hand Slap to Hardy’s chest. Corner Splash by Ray. Ray snapped Hardy’s leg and knee. Hardy punched and kicked until a Back Body Drop planted him. Ray picked up the black ladder and slammed it into Hardy. The ladder fell weird and struck Hardy in the eye. Ray continued to work on Ray’s leg. Ray screamed that he didn’t need a hammer. Hardy fought from his knees. Big Boot by Bully Ray. Ray mocked his father-in-law with the Hulk Hogan Ear Cup. Ray picked up Hardy and tried to put on a Full Nelson. Hardy reversed it into a DDT.

Both men were laid out in the middle of the ring. The two got to their feet and traded hard fists. Hady rocked Ray with the punches and with a Flying Forearm. Inverted Atomic Drop into a Face Dropkick. Taz was nervous. Hardy started to place the ladder. Hardy started up the ebony rungs. Hardy jumped down and hit a Mule Kick. Ray jumped over the ladder but Hardy Dropkicked it to Ray’s crotch. Ouchie!

Hardy started back up the ladder and Ray was pretty much out. Ray pushed over the ladder. Ray screamed about is b*lls hurting. Jawbreaker by Hardy into a Flying Clothesline Hardy reset the ladder, once again. Hardy was heading up at a good clip but Ray pushed over the ladder, again. Back Elbow by Hardy into Whisper in the Wind. Taz actually praised Hardy for his work in this match. Hardy tried the ladder, yet again. Hardy had is hands on the ladder but Bully yanked the ladder out from under him. That was a nasty fall. Ray put Hardy in the corner and set the ladder. Ray clutched his groin as he started up the ladder. Ray got the hammer and climbed back down to use it.

Ray just tried to toss the ladder out of the way. Ray stalked Hardy but Twist of Fate. Hardy recovered the hammer. Taz begged Hardy not to use the hammer. So did Ray. Ray ducked the shots and took off up the ramp. Hardy tripped as he tried to go up the ramp. Hardy clutched his lower back. Hardy asked the ref for some help. Ray went to the back and wanted his belt. Hulk Hogan suddenly walked from the shadows. Hulk was about to crack Ray when Brooke rushed in and screamed at her dad not to hit Ray.

Fade to Black!


–Jay Shannon

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