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Daniel Bryan wanted to show he is not a weak link. He put on an absolute wrestling clinic that should have made his mentor, William Regal, so very proud. Curtis Axel also wanted to face Triple H. Would he face The Fame…or someone else? All that, plus a McMahon Family Reunion!

The show opened with a flashback look at the Ryback vs John Cena feud. They will face off at Payback, in a Three Stages of Hell match. The video package also looked at Triple H’s collapse during his match against Curtis Axel. That was 2 weeks ago. Tonight, The Game Returns!

Michael Cole announced Curtis Axel vs Triple H as the main event.

Stephanie McMahon was introduced to the home town crowd. We were in Hartford, CT, this week. The announcers had no clue why The Billion Dollar Princess was there. Steph said it felt great to be back on Raw. She talked about the brutal steel cage match that her hubby had against Brock Lesnar. The very next night, HHH went at Curtis Axel. Steph said she made an executive decision to prevent HHH for fighting. The crowd were seriously hostile towards the decision. Stephanie said Axel was beneath HHH. Steph accused the fans of being selfish…

Out came Big Daddy, himself, Vince McMahon! Vinny looked in fantastic shape for a man pushing 70 years old. He Power Walked down to the ring. Vince has obviously found the Grecian Formula in the hair dye aisle. Vince had a personal request. He didn’t want his daughter to get booed…and they booed her like crazy. Vince said Stephanie was right about not wanting HHH to fight. “Triple H” rang out from the crowd. Vince said the McMahon cared more for HHH than the fans do. Vince reinforced that HHH would not be fighting, tonight. The crowd grew in their hostility. “Triple H” rang out, once again. Vince lost his cool and said the fans wanted too much. Vince said WWE “was not a Blood Sport” (Really? Sorry, Dr. Frankenstein but we are the Monsters that you have created). Vince talked about how Kofi was injured because of what the fans wanted. Vince said the fans were below HHH, as well.

Enter The Shield! The McMahons stood their ground as Raw went to break.

The McMahons had bailed out before the US and Tag Champs had entered the ring. There was no confrontation between The Shield and the McMahons

Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton, Kane and Daniel Bryan
Six-Man Tag Team Match

Daniel and Dean to open up the match. Collar and Elbow and Daniel with hard punches and kicks. Whip into a Kitchen Sink by Daniel. Yakuza Kicks and Elbow Drops by Daniel Kane with a tag and Slider Dropkick. Kane with a Scoop Powerslam. 2 count. Kane with punches and a Whip. Back Elbow by Dean. Daniel with a tag. Kane whipped Daniel into a Dropkick of Seth, who had tagged in. Kane tagged back in and kicked away. Corner Clotheslines and Whips by Kane. Sidewalk Slam by Kane for a 2. Kane went up top but Roman distracted Kane. Seth with a Running Dropkick that caused Kane to tumble. 2 count. Another break for Raw.

Seth cranked on Kane’s neck, as the show returned. Kane spun under to get to his feet. Kane with shots to the ribs and an Uppercut. Kane was Dropkicked into the enemy corner and Dean made the tag. Jumping Headbutt by Dean but Kane with hard kicks. Dean with repeated Headbuts and a tag to Seth. Kane blocked the Double Suplex. The Shield screwed up the Suplex but Kane recovered and flipped both guys over. Tag to Orton. He went wild on everyone in site. Snap Powerslam on both Seth and Dean. Randy wanted the Rope Assisted DDt and he got it…on BOTH Dean and Seth! The crowd was going ballistic. Randy went for the R-A-D on Roman but Seth with a kick to the back of Randy’s head. 2 count by Seth. Dean tagged back in and stomped away. Dean repeatedly stomped Randy’s chest and abdomen and then dropped an elbow. Rear Chin Lock by Dean. Randy with his own Headbutts but Dean with the Kitchen Sink. Randy easily kicked out of the pin attempts. Seth tagged in and stomped on Randy’s kidney area. 2 count.

Seth held Randy’s ankle to avoid a tag. Tag to Roman. Roman with Full Mount Punches. Seated Full Nelson by Roman. Randy struggled against the vicious hold. Randy dropped to his knees and seemed on the verge of passing out. Randy spun under to break the hold. Tag to Dean after Roman laid out Randy. Dean stomped Randy’s chest, over and over. Den even stomped on Randy’s hand. Randy was sent into the corner, where he collapsed. Tag to Roman. Brutal Headbutt into a Rear Chin Lock. Randy came back with a Back Drop Suplex. Seth took the tag and went to the top rope. Randy with a wicked Dropkick as Seth flew into the ring!

Tag to Daniel. He went absolutely nuts on Dena. Daniel flipped out of the corner and hit a Flying Clothesline. Incredible kicks. Daniel with a Hurancanrana that sent Seth onto Dean. Daniel with a Suicide Dive on Roman and then a Missile Dropkick to Dean. No Lock! The rest of The Shield made the save. Roman Speared Kane. RKO on Seth! Roman pushed Randy into Daniel. Dean pinned the stunned Daniel Bryan.

Your Winners: The Shield
Raw Ranking: 4.0

Daniel, Randy and Kane were having a huge argument, in the back. Randy tried to apologize for the mess up in the match. Daniel continued to whine about everyone thinking Daniel was the “Weak Link”. Daniel said everyone felt it was his fault that he lost. Daniel grumbled about a lack of respect. Kane told Daniel that Bryan had lost touch with reality. Daniel said he was ready to earn the respect of others by having another match. He was going to bet the respect out of someone else to get the respect he wanted.

Triple H arrive and wanted to know where Vince’s office was. He stormed into his Father-in-Law’s office and wanted to know what was going on. Steph told her hubby that he was not going to compete in the ring. The two argued, back and forth. Vince accused HHH of not thinking straight. Vince told HHH to put his ego aside. HHH was determined that he was going to fight Curtis Axel. Vince refused to allow it. Stephanie had to step between the two bulls. Vince told HHH not to do something he would regret. Stephanie shut the door and talked to her spouse.

Jimmy and Jey Uso (The Usos) vs Titus O’Neil and Darren Young (Prime Time Players)

The Usos are now wearing face paint as they go into battle. Scoop Slam on Darren to open the match. DoubleTeam by the Brothers USO on Darren. Titus made the tag by got blasted. Big Boot by Titus and the Barking started. Scoop into a Backbreaker by Titus. Darren tagged back in and stomped away. Rear Chin Lock by Darren. I still have a hard time telling the twins apart. Titus back in with a wicked Inverted Scoop Slam. Titus went into the Rear Chin Lock, again. Titus with a wicked Clothesline after taking a couple of shots to the face. Kneelifts by Titus into a throw. Titus missed with a Corner Rush and struck the ring post. Darren got the tag as did the other Uso. Jimmy with the Samoan Drop. Jimmy got the chant going and hit the Running Rikishi Butt Splash. Superfly Splash on Darren to end this one.

Your Winners: Jimmy and Jey Uso
Raw Ranking: 3.25

WWE is partnering with the Special Olympics. Several of the great kids were there for the show.

Alberto Del Rio (w/Ricardo Rodriguez) vs Big E Langston (w/A.J. Lee)

Raw looked back at last week’s match, where Lee caused Langston to lose. This was the First Hour Turner match. Big E just exploded on Del Rio until he hit a La Bandera Clothesline. Del Rio hit the floor and Big E with a Steam Roller. Big E threw Del Rio into the barrier. Big E pitched Del Rio into the ring and then took him down with a Running Clothesline. Del Rio punched away and then flew off the ropes. Big E caught him and hit multiple Backbreakers. Wow. Rear Chin Lock by Big E. Big E rushed Del Rio into the corner. Big E missed a Corner Splash and Del Rio kicked away. Step-Up Enziguri by ADR. The two traded hard shots. Big E escaped the Cross Armbreaker but ate a Superkick. JBL brought up “Gentleman” Chris Adams. ADR slapped on the Cross Armbreaker. Big E kept rolling until he was able to lift Del Rio and put him over the ropes. ADR kept the hold on until the 4 count. German Suplex by ADR. ADR went right back to the Cross Armbreaker. Del Rio couldn’t make Big E submit so he rolled up the power lifter while still holding the Cross Armbreaker.

Your Winner: Alberto Del Rio
Raw Ranking: 2.75

Raw went back to Smackdown, where Damien tried to cheat Sheamus in the old “Shell Game” Sandow ended up getting blasted by the Brogue Kick.

Sheamus vs Cody Rhodes

Sandow joined the announce team with a book written by JBL’s wife. Sheamus pounded away on Cody and Whipped him to the corner. Float Over by Cody but Sheamus with a hard Clothesline. Kneelift by Cody into a series of punches. Sheamus blocked a Whip and pitched Cody on to the apron. Cody blocked the Crossfaces. Cody slammed Sheamus’ leg intot he turnbuckle and hit a modified Disaster Kick. Sheamus was sent to the floor. Cody with a brutal Knee Strike and the two got back in the ring.

Cody tried to take out Sheamus with a Cravat. Cody switched to a Front Face Lock. Sheamus got up and hit a Front Drop Suplex. Celtic Hammers by the Irishman. Million Dollar Kneelift into the Celtic Crunch Running Senton. Sheamus went to the top and hit the Battering Ram. Cody escaped the White Noise and tried to pull the tights on the pin. Sheamus kicked out but Cody hit a Neckbreaker when Sheamus missed the Brogue Kick. Sheamus blocked CrossRhodes. Sheamus dodged the Moonsault and connected with White Noise. Sheamus psyched himself up and blasted Cody with the Brogue Kick. Count to 100, this one’s history.

Your Winner: Sheamus
Raw Ranking: 3.25

Sheamus pointed at Damien Sandow and left the ring. Damien stood up and asked Sheamus to go away. Sheamus offered a handshake which Damien slapped away. Sheamus then smacked Damien with an Open Hand Slap.

A promo for Total Divas ran. I just don’t know if I can force myself to watch that show.

Triple H and Stephanie were still fighting about him getting in the ring. HHH was ticked at Vinc’s attitude. HHH said he was leaving so he didn’t have to beat Vince’s *ss on live TV. HHH told Steph to go tell “that old man” that he was going to be in the ring, next Monday, to open Raw. He was determined to beat Curtis Axel.

The announcers then showed how Kofi Kingston was injured, by Ryback. Kofi took three Powerbombs through tables. The announcers weren’t sure if Kofi would be able to return. Cole said Kofi had to undergo elbow surgery but should be back in a couple months.

Daniel Bryan ran into Ryback. Daniel got up in Ryback’s face. Ryback mocked Daniel’s smaller size. Daniel told Ryback he wasn’t afraid of Ryback. Ryback challenged Daniel Bryan. Bryan accepted and accused Daniel of being the Weak…soon to be Missing Link”.

Elsewhere, Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel ran into Vince McMahon. Vince shook Axel’s hand but not Paul’s. Vince said HHH would not be fighting, next week. They started to leave but Vince had a plan to put Axel in action…against John Cena. This time, the match will be a no-DQ match. Paul wasn’t thrilled. Vince asked if Paul needed him to say it in Yiddish. Seriously?

Fandango and Summer Rae walked backstage.

Fandango (w/Summer Rae) vs The Great Khali (w/Natalya)

She’s so cute, if not a tad skinny. Fandango has a new nickname, Mr. Skittles (due to his multi-color tights and vest). Raw looked at Miz taking out Wade Barrett and then Fandanto. Miz with a kick to Fanny’s face and gave Summer Rae a win over Fanny. The Lite Brite statue was back! Hornswoggle was also with Khali.

Fanny with a Duck Under and strut. Khali mocked Fanny with his own dance step. Khali trapped Fanny in the corner and hit an Open Hand Slap. The announcers compared Khali’s chin to Jay Leno’s. Fanny started to kick but Khali with a Back Elbow and Big Boot. Clothesline by Khali. Fandango bailed out to avoid the Khali Clutch. Fandango decided to take the count out loss but he was stopped by The Miz. Behind Miz, Wade Barrett laid out Miz with the Bull Hammer Elbow.

Your Winner (by Count Out): The Great Khali
Raw Ranking: .25

What a waste of a wrestling segment. Miz and Wade are supposed to fight, next. Will Miz be able to perform?

The Miz vx Wade Barrett
Non-Title Match

Miz had recovered and was ready to go. Miz with hard fists to Wade’s head. He also threw several hard knees. Big Boot by Wade. Full Mount Punches by Wade. Wade placed Miz on the top rope and pounded on the ribs. High Kick to Miz’s exposed mid-section. Miz with a Punch and a Low Bridge to send Wade to the floor.

Baseball Slide Dropkick by Miz. Miz slid out to the floor and ran Wade into the ring barrier. Miz threw Wade back in and went up top. Wade caught him and punched away. Wade went for a Kneelift but ended up striking the post. Dropkick to Wade’s knee. Wade kicked out of a knee attack. Winds of Change for a two. Fandango came back to dance. Whatever. Wade looked totally confused. Wade yelled at Fandango to leave. Miz tripped Wade and slipped on the Figure Four. Wade tapped out!

Your Winner: The Miz
Raw Ranking: 2.5

Jerry Lawler was in the ring for the Contract Signing for the match between Chris Jericho and Paul Heyman. Lawler brought out both parties. Lawler was ready to get right down to it. Paul looked over the contract but he wanted to say something before he signed. Paul bragged about how great C.M. Punk is. Jericho cut him off and mocked Heyman and Punk’s tattoos. Jericho said he didn’t care about any of that. All he wanted was Punk, in Chicago. Heyman quickly signed the contract. He then told Jericho to sign it. Heyman did want to ask Jericho if he was truly prepared to face Punk, in Chicago. Heyman wanted to remind Jericho that Punk would be the Home Town Hero in Chi-Town. Heyman said Punk makes liars out of others who try to claim the title of “Best in the World”. Jericho thought about it for a moment. He said they should fight somewhere else, maybe. Paul refused to have the match anywhere else. Jericho then signed the contract. He said he was going to treat Punk like the Jackass that he acts like. Jericho was curious about what to do with the contract. Jericho came around the table and got up in Paul’s face. He ordered Paul to stand up. He then told Paul to shut up and unbutton his jacket. Jericho then rolled up the contract and shoved it down Paul’s pants. He then told Heyman “See you in Chicago” (using a very childish voice). Jericho then left the ring.

The Bella Twins and A.J. Lee vs Naomi and Cameron (the Funkadactyls) and Kaitlyn
Six-Diva (God, I hate that term) Tag Match

The announcers talked about Kaitlyn’s secret admirer. Lee and Kaitlyn to open the math. Leel smacked Cameron and tagged out to Nikki. Cameron also took the tag and hit a Deep Arm Drag. Naomi with a tag and Flippng Senton. Naomi missed a Cross Body and struck the ropes. Nikki slammed Naomi into the canvas, several times. Arm DDT by Nikki. Tag to Brie. Brie dropped her weight on Naomi’s arm. Brie worked over Naomi’s arm until Naomi started to punch back. Brie threw Noami donw by the hair and went back to the arm. Naomi with an Arm Drag to get free. Naomi crawled towards her corner and had to use an Enziguri to get free. Tag to Kaitlyn. Flying Forearm by Kaitlyn into a modified Cutter. Brie with a hard knee.A.J. Lee refused the tag. Kaitlyn with the Spear!

Your Winners: Kaitlyn, Naomi and Cameron
Raw Ranking: .50


Daniel Bryan was warming up. Kane told Daniel that this match was a mistake. Daniel was confident that he could do this. Kane said Daniel has heart and willingness to fight. Kane said Daniel didn’t have to prove anything to anyone. Daniel said Kane was wrong and he had to prove something to himself. He demanded that Kane stay away from the match. Kane said he was “outta here’. Kane told Daniel to call him once Daniel found his mind.

The announcer had another video from the Wyatt Family. Here seems to be a whole herd of these weirdoes.

Daniel Bryan vs Ryback

This was a definite David vs Goliath kind of match. Raw looked at what brought Daniel to this point. Ryback then came in inside yet another annoying ambulance. Big Hungry got a decent pop from the crowd, despite his recent heel turn. Ryback looked so confident. Daniel with a Flying Knee and hard kicks. Ryback pushed Daniel back and slammed him into the corner. Daniel came back with a gazillion kicks to Ryback’s legs. Big Knee by Ryback. Ryback went for a Big Splash but Daniel got the knees up. Daniel with the kicks. Ryback blocked the No Lock. Ryback stomped away on Daniel. Kneelifts by Ryback and a clubbing blow to Daniel’s back. Ryback stood on Daniel’s face. Ryback stomped on Daniel and drove a knee into Bryan’s back. Daniel fell to a Thesz Press but slid through into a Single Leg Crab. Daniel pulled the leg in ways it just shouldn’t go. Daniel switched to an Indian Death Lock. Daniel held the hold and went wild with Forearm Shots. 2count.

Daniel kept kicking the leg. Daniel was sent to the outside with a La Bandera Clothesline. Time for a commercial break.

Daniel with Forearms as Ryback held a Bear Hug. Ryback rushed Daniel into the corner. 2 count. Ryback drove his knee into Daniel’s back. Ryback then stomped on Daniel’s stomach and taunted his foe. Rear Chin Lock by Ryback. Daniel started to fight back but ate a Back Elbow. Daniel tried to shake off the wear down but didn’t get much time to breathe. Ryback screamed at Daniel and Bieled him by the beard. Ouch! Daniel moved and Ryback struck the ring post. Daniel with a Running Dropkick that sent Ryback into the corner. Daniel with a pair of Drpkick to get a two count. Daniel went up top and hit a Double Boot Missile Dropkick. Daniel went back to the perch and hit the Benoit Flying Headbutt. 2 count, again. Daniel with more kicks. Ryback caught Daniel and hit a Powerbomb. Ryback grinned, through broken teeth, and stood over Daniel. Ryback went for another Powerbomb and Daniel clamped on the No Lock! Ryback struggled like crazy to try and reach the ropes. He finally reached the ropes to force the break. Ryback rolled out to the floor. Both men were wiped out. Daniel went for a Suicide Dive but Ryback spun Daniel into the announce table, head first. Ryback put Daniel back in the ring and thought about his next move. Ryback went out to find a table. Ryback set up the table to send a message to John Cena. Ryback with a Powerbomb to send Daniel through the table. The ref called for the bell.

Your Winner (by DQ): Daniel Bryan
Raw Ranking: 4.75

John Cena rushed down to protect Daniel Bryan. That brought out Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman.

John Cena vs Curtis Axel
No-Disqualification Match

Cena tore into Axel and whipped him into the corner. Heyman tripped Cena as John went for the Bulldog. The two ended up on the floor and Axel with the Flying Clothesline, off the apron. Axel sent Cena back intothe ring and tried for a pin. Axel didn’t get it nad started punching and kicking away. Cena started punching back but Sidewalk Backbreaker by Axel brought a two. Axel called for a steel chair. Cena blocked the chair shot and waffled Axel with it. They ended up on the floor, again. Cena threw Axel over the announce table. The ref was counting. Cena pitched Axel back in the ring. Axel blasted Cena’s ribs with the steel chair. Axel went for a chair shot, on the floor. Cena dodged it and Axel struck the post. Cena ducked a charging Axel. Cena Dropkicked the chair into Axel. 2 count. Axel dropped Cena and got another Near Fall. Axel choked Cena with the boot. Axel with a hard Crossface and taunt. Hammer Throw by Axel. 2 count, yet again.

Axel hyper-extended the arm and pushed on Cena’s face. Cena worked up to his feet and turned into Axel. Kneelift by Axel. Axel then stood on Cena’s head. Cena started fighting back with hard punches. Cena went Vintage on Axel. Five Knuckle Shuffle. Axel escaped the Attitude Adjustment. Cena charged and struck a steel chair that was wedged in the corner. Cena fell outside and just barely made it back in. Axel was all over the WWE Champ. Axel slid out of the ring to recover the steel chair. Axel blasted Cena’s back. 2 count, Another chair shot, another 2 count. Heyman really pumped up Axel. Chair shot to Cena’s ribs and back. Axel drove the chair into Cena’s mid-section.

Axel with his old Running Neckbreaker finisher but only a two count. Cena didn’t quite work that move correctly. Cena fought out of the PerfectPlex and locked in the STF. Heyman screamed at Axel not to submit. Herman gave a computer and gave it to Axel to crack Cena in the face with. On the floor, Cena went for the AA onto a table that was set up earlier by Ryback. Heyman begged for mercy. Cena dropped Axel and went after Heyman. Axel tried for the Pearl Harbor but John was ready. He wasn’t ready, however, for an attack by Ryback. Ryback drove Cena through the propped up table. The ref counted Cena out!

Your Winner (by Count Out): Curtis Axel
Raw Ranking: 3.0

Ryback taunted Cena as Raw went to black.


–Jay Shannon

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